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How to get dumped in Deutschland

How to get dumped in Deutschland
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On this Valentine's Day, we at The Local are romantics and hope our readers enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate. But for those of you in whom February 14th induces a rash of unromantic cynicism, here's some advice on jettisoning your German.

As foreigners, we know that relationships with Germans, whether on Valentine’s Day or other times of the year, aren’t always “a bed of roses.”

Our German lovers can be direct, often like strange food and enjoy watching sports that many of us find a little strange.

But, admittedly, we can get under Germans’ skin too.

From mixing up football with football to making politically incorrect

comments about the most intimate things, at some point you’re likely to blurt something out that Germans’ find decidedly unromantic. So memorize our list and try to avoid a life-changing mistake!

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