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Bestiality brothels spur call for animal sex ban

The Local · 3 Feb 2012, 16:54

Published: 03 Feb 2012 16:54 GMT+01:00

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Madeleine Martin, the animal protection official for Hessian state government, said the law needed to be changed to make sex abuse of animals – known as zoophilia – a crime.

“It is punishable to distribute animal pornography, but the act itself is not,” she told the Frankfurter Rundschau daily paper on Friday.

“There are even animal brothels in Germany,” she said. Sex with animals was being increasingly seen as a lifestyle choice, and thus more acceptable.

“The abuse seems to be increasingly rapidly, and the internet offers an additional distribution platform,” she said.

She said the justice authorities had found it exceptionally difficult to convict a man from Hesse, who had offered pictures and instructions for animal sex abuse over the internet.

“Zoophilia must be completely banned in the reformed animal protection law,” said Martin, referring to the governments plan to rework that section of the law.

Sex with animals was banned until 1969, when the animal protection law was introduced, but failed to include a specific ban on zoophilia, the Frankfurter Rundschau said.

Martin said the current legal situation makes it too difficult for authorities to intervene – an animal has to be shown to have massive injuries before the animal protection laws prescribe action.

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Your comments about this article

17:11 February 3, 2012 by Beachrider
This activity has no legal controls/sanctions currently?
17:28 February 3, 2012 by Englishted
Some countries list laws very clearly, such as the United Kingdom, which specifically prohibits penetration of a human being by the penis of an animal, and penetration of an animal by a human's penis.

So we are not always behind then .
17:45 February 3, 2012 by wwill
Get this law passed!
18:31 February 3, 2012 by mos101392
Only two words....sick/disgusting.
19:08 February 3, 2012 by raandy
wow when you read this disgusting crap ,you want to say "stop the world I want to get off"
19:39 February 3, 2012 by Bigfoot76
Quit looking at my hamster like that!!!
20:56 February 3, 2012 by achernar
I think it's hypocritical for somebody who KILLS animals (by eating meat) to condemn somebody sexually assaulting them. Murder is worse than rape, plain and simple. (What you find disgusting or not is irrelevant, just as people who find gay sex disgusting cannot prevent gay people from having sex.)
21:07 February 3, 2012 by raandy
mikel taylor and achermar where you from boy , kpax. we are talking about perverts molesting animals not people eating a burger, wake up.

achemar You have no class or tact your a ugly person.
21:08 February 3, 2012 by Bigfoot76
@achernar I am confused about where your thoughts are on this matter. Are you saying since people "murder" animals they should also have sex with them so they are not hypocrites? Or are you saying that Vegetarians love animals too much?
21:18 February 3, 2012 by achernar
No, I'm saying people who eat/kill animals do not have the moral authority to condemn people who rape them. I speak as a meat-eater and as someone who finds sex with animals gross. What you and I find disgusting, however, is inconsequential - people should have the right to be as disgusting as they want within the confines of their homes.
21:50 February 3, 2012 by Murkan Mike
Although I find it perverse and disgusting, animals do not have rights (otherwise you couldn't own them and eat them) and having sex with an animal, although disgusting and perverse, is no diffgerent than having sex with a car muffler, or a plastic doll or any other possession. Animals are possessions, and possessions do not have rights. If you believe animals have rights, thwen think about your owning or eating them, or keeping them confined and caged. There is no 'half right', it's all or nothing. If animals are incapable of expressing or protecting their 'rights' , then they have none. You don't have rights you can't express or defend.
22:13 February 3, 2012 by pwoff
@Murkan Mike and achenar

If one follows your logic it is acceptable to torture animals that one owns . Is that your argument?

If not, then your assertion that there is no" half right" is rubish.

There must be degrees of acceptability in society . The consequences of acting otherwise are unthinkable.
22:17 February 3, 2012 by Gustav Jung
Eating animals is just as disgusting as raping them. It is much healthier, and better for the planet, to be vegetarian, after all, bulls for example are vegetarian, and no one thinks they are wimps.
22:34 February 3, 2012 by Eastard
Folks... I believe many of you are missing some very important things about animals... They all feel pain and many feel pleasure. Killing an animal raised to be food should be done to minimize the pain and is rarely done to an animal raised as a pet. having sex with a pet is wrong anytime anywhere under any religion or lack thereof... This does not require allot of thought processes or rationalization. Animals have rights very different from people... Torture and other deliberate mistreatment should be illegal in any civilized country... There is no excuse to be otherwise... Killing an animal raised as food in a humane way is not torture and anyone who connects this as not OK is simply foolish. Our world is having a problem dealing with morality as defined by civilized cultures... Many advocate that people are above the responsibilities of moral behaviour.. There in lies the delimma.... These people want to have their rights respected yet they disrespect the rights of others... In this case animals... Pets are not slaves and are not food.... and should be treated as such... Why not just masturbate and leave them alone..
22:48 February 3, 2012 by Bigfoot76
Eastard said: "Why not just masturbate and leave them alone.. ". Preferably NOT while looking at any animals.
23:34 February 3, 2012 by Runnerguy45
This is beyond revolting. Any society that is doing this activity is a society that has lost its way.
03:28 February 4, 2012 by wwill
Humans have a temporal lobe that allows the development of complex language that is much more complex than animals, and a frontal lobe that makes it possible for humans to reason, empathize, and control impulses. Animals do not appear to have the ability to develop complex language the way we can, but they can form thoughts----Thus, none of us know what animals think because we can't communicate with them. We don't know what sex with humans does to animals so making any assertions what animals "think" or "feel" about sexual contact with humans is speculation. BUT---geez what the hell goes on in the minds of a human that wants to have sex with an animal? Nothing human as far as I'm concerned!!!!
04:54 February 4, 2012 by volvoman9
@ achernar, "rape is not as bad as murder" When was the last time you were raped? This is ok s long as you do it in the privacy of your home? Personal experience?
08:26 February 4, 2012 by achernar
@volvoman, I'm just saying that a murderer calling a rapist a horrible person is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Face it, nearly all meat produced in the world is through cruel and inhuman means, just look at some of PETA's propaganda videos on youtube if you're curious.

Animal cruelty is bad, yes! I've tried to reduce meat-eating to a minimum for that simple reason. (VERY hard living in bavaria, believe me) But I do eat meat, which is a crueller act than some sad-ass dude raping his horse. And so I leave the bestial folks to their business, however unpleasant it may be.

Oh and Islamic societies find gay sex just as disgusting as people on this thread find animal sex. Does this imply our tolerant western society is revolting/decadent/has lost it's way??
09:10 February 4, 2012 by Hicham1st
Three words: That's really SICK!
11:00 February 4, 2012 by Eimerk Hunt
What a crazy world. How can they possibly ensure that you don't get an ugly one?
11:50 February 4, 2012 by Bigfoot76
If the animal is underage would there be additional criminal charges?
12:24 February 4, 2012 by bassail
Any one who's setting up a bestiality brothel is one sick puppy.
12:51 February 4, 2012 by Eimerk Hunt
I wouldn't pay for it.

I'd expect stud fees!
13:24 February 4, 2012 by boopsie
Gay marriage and bestiality brothels. Hey, whats the problem, its all good.
13:54 February 4, 2012 by mos101392
There is no argument or comparison that can be made about eating or raping an animal. They are two separate things. I eat meat, and I can and will judge anyone who mistreats an animal...THAT IS MY RIGHT! And NO, it is not YOUR right to do anything disgusting in the confines of your own home. If I was your neighbor and found out you were having sex with animals or stomping on them with your high heels or whatever, lets just say you would not want me as a neighbor.

And just because an animal doesn't express itself in the same way a human does, is not a base for some idiot to say they have no rights.....................

As long as there are people that are disgusted with this behavior, then those that condone it are not able to have it their way, and therefore the animals will have rights.

So to those vegies, I can and I have spoken against this and it is my right!
14:11 February 4, 2012 by Hicham1st


I agree 200% with you!
16:54 February 4, 2012 by XFYRCHIEF
So lets take it from the top:

1. The term "murder" is reserved for humans killing humans - not humans killing animals or animals killing humans. Perhaps you have watched too many Disney movies and really believe that Bambi could talk to Thumper in English (or German.)

2. If you consider a human (animal) killing an animal for food murder, then if a bear (animal) kills another animal for food, is that also murder?

3. Learn about human anatomy - if you examine a human's teeth you will find that they are designed for eating meat; that's why we have canines and incisors for tearing flesh.

4. Some believe that vegetables have feelings, as well. So last night my wife and I tortured and murdered a potato. We first skinned it alive, then plunged it into boiling water. Finally we ate it with butter and salt - so I will be on the lookout for the potato police coming to arrest us.

How anyone can twist a story about sexual perversion into a diatribe about eating meat is just plain nuts.
17:07 February 4, 2012 by wwill
To xfyrchief (#28) Perfectly said.
19:22 February 4, 2012 by bugger
The degenerates will do anything to satisfy their urges. Abuse of the helpless is their game which makes them hot.

Animals cannot be consenting 'partners' in sexual games.

It will not abolish civil liberties if Germany outlaws legal sex with animals.
19:56 February 4, 2012 by poiuytrewq12
I'm moving to germany!
20:19 February 4, 2012 by michael4096
Questions remain unanswered: as this seems to happen despite most people's revultion then would banning it stop it from happening? Or, is driving it underground where people can't see it and be revolted sufficient benefit?
22:27 February 4, 2012 by dantanner
Why is this different from "gay rights"? It had to happen. Want to marry your schnauzer?
23:49 February 4, 2012 by wwill
Comment: to michael4096 #33: I think the answer to your question is based upon what you think is "moral" or "right." For some, animals have rights and thus deserve protection. For others, animals do not have rights and thus do not have a right to protection. Based up your beliefs, enacting a law may be appropriate or not appropriate.

The idea that laws don't stop "bad" behavior is valid., However, not enacting a law because some person or group of persons will not obey the law would mean no laws. I think fair and just laws have a place in a society--from regulating traffic to food safety to voting rights, etc., etc. Just laws serve to protect and to provide recourse for violations of others rights (speaking generally about laws). Again, your beliefs about whether animals have rights or not will dictate whether you think a law should be enacted or not. To me, that is the fundamental debate that is taking place in these postings.

I, for one, think that animals deserve protection under these circumstances as I believe that animals must be protected from other forms of abuse that humans can inflict (the meat debate is for another discussion).
01:31 February 5, 2012 by lenny van
I am confused. I thought whatever we do is O.K. as long as nobody gets hurt. Since we hunt and slaughter animals, obviously they don't count. Opposing sexual perversion has been an issue that liberal members of our society defend as normal.

People opposing same sex marriage are criticized as being intolerant. We know that the important thing is that the couples love each other, not whether they can make babies. Why shouldn't this apply to people marrying other species, as well. The most obvious combination is the humanoid and the canine. Obviously, there is so much love between people and their dogs that it would not be fair if they were not allowed to marry each other, and, by extension, have sex with each other. Why should they have to forebear and gay couples' rights are respected.

I believe that the movement that has already been started with respect to sex and marriage will spread until every creature (We are all one) has the freedom ito perversiicate.
02:26 February 5, 2012 by bartschaff
Well said, lenny van.

Just a bit more of common sense:

1. It's clear the term for killing an animal is not "murder" (just look it up in any dictionary), likewise "rape" doesn't apply either, as "slavery" also doesn't, and egg farming isn't kidnapping.

2. Torturing animals should be prohibited - and, well, it is. That's the whole point: in any case where having sex with an animal causes suffering to it, the act is already punishable. There is no need for extra laws for the particular case of sex.

And there are many instances where sexual interaction won't cause any harm to the animal. In routine artificial insemination procedures, the veterinarian shoves an arm up to the shoulder up cows' vaginas - a human penis can't hurt a big animal. Dogs penetrating or licking their owners also won't suffer any pain either.

For those opposing zoophilia on moral grounds: get a life. And leave other people sexual lives alone. Check wikipedia, and you'll see that at least some 5% of the population had sexual contact with animals (that's about as common as homosexuality is), and the figure gets much bigger when opportunity increases (like when living in a farm). If no one is hurt, their option (orientation?) is simply no one else business.

Of course, rational arguments alone won't convince religious fundamentalists and other bigots, but that's really their problem.
03:25 February 5, 2012 by wwill
While I can appreciate # 36 and # 37's points, there is one unknown that complicates this discussion. No human knows what an animal thinks or feels or if they do!!!!!! We are left with making decisions about sex with animals without all the information------so until we know more about animals, I will stick with putting my penis in an consenting adult human.

Think about this: If you had to tell your mother that you were having sex with an animal, how would you feel?
08:13 February 5, 2012 by chicagorefugee
#38 - Well, if you don't want to sex with animals, then don't. What right do you have to impose your personal morality on someone else? Keep your laws off [other peoples'] body. Their body, their choice. Etc., etc., ad nauseum.

After all, why jump out of the pot now? The water's just getting nice and warm.
09:30 February 5, 2012 by cowdogmoof
You mean, I really CAN have sex with my steak?

10:09 February 5, 2012 by storymann
It is amazing how low a person's morality can go. It is morality that keeps a society functional. You can justify this anyway you want but in my mind you are one demented, in need of help ,sick person.

Whats going to be acceptable next month ,incest?
10:53 February 5, 2012 by Yah right
Calling Whipmanager

Go get them, sir. The brothel expert to the rescue!!!!!

Yes hah!
18:03 February 5, 2012 by Englishted
I believed that there is a health risk involved as well ,bringing unknown sickness across species .

However I don't know the details and I am not going to google "sex with animals" because I dread to think what would come up,and don't tell me.
19:20 February 5, 2012 by cheeba
Who hasn't had a male dog who tries to hump humans? In this case it is the animal who is trying to initiate sex with a human. Eastard remarked in an earlier post that animals can feel pain and pleasure. Who is to say the animal is being abused and not pleasured? Personally I find the idea disgusting, but if the animal initiates the contact and the human submits, is either at fault? If so, why?
19:56 February 5, 2012 by thequeen09@att.net
Having sex with animals is WRONG! Gays can at least consent by talking, animals cannot talk and agree to this. Why would any normal human want to perform such a disgusting act? what is wrong with your own kind? If you were meant to mate with a dog you would have been born a dog. This should be stopped and yes I believe animals have the right to live their life without abuse and they are ALIVE. They feel pain, hunger, fear just as we do. Just because they cannot talk doesn't give humans the right to abuse them.

00:16 February 6, 2012 by boopsie
These replies are a scream, I haven't laughed so hard since I heard the pig joke. You know the one - a stranger comes asks a farmer why a pig on his farm has only 3 legs and the farmer says " With a pig that tasty you don't eat him all at once!"

Substitute your own punch line when the stranger asks the farmer why his pig is dressed in high heels...
01:41 February 6, 2012 by lenny van
Me, too. Is it because the pig is perverted. the pig is perverted. the pig is perverted?
05:50 February 6, 2012 by Artiewhiltefox
I wish humans would see that they are right with whoever judging themselves to see if they are right with whoever. They will have answerer for what they did, and not another. Perverted words comer out of the mouth. Perverted, defiled, abomination, and blasphemy according to the KJV are related. None of them are connected to sex of any kind. The devil is all of them, and he is deviant in the way he speaks.

K,J,V, Philippians 2:3; Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. Those who war, and persecute the bestialist zoosexual are seeking vainglory. Heavenly beings were in lots house minding their own business. The humans outside were not minding their own business. The oppressors of the zoosexual, and others others are using the legal system emulating the Gomorrahean,s who rushed lots house not minding their own business.

Jesus in whoever would not care about what kind of sex you did anymore than your pooch. Matthew 25;40And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Oppress anyone, and oppress Jesus at the same time. This means the abusers are the ones against the zoo acting like the humans that harassed Jesus when he walked among men. Jesus is in the zoo. That is why they are being harassed.

We all have sex with an animal of one kind or another because we are a beast. K,J,V, Ecclesiastes - Chapter 3 ;I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the sons of men, that God might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts. God is a saying we are a beast. Have sex with a animal that is born,and dies,and have sex with an animal of some kind. Humans are highminded, and that does not change the fact scientifically, and Biblicaly that we are animals.
09:05 February 6, 2012 by Yah right

Are you really that stupid?

A dog humps your leg to show dominance, you damn fool!

It has nothing to do with sex.

What a bunch of retards psting here.


You are one pathetic b@stard......go screw your mom if you want to be a pervert. Leave the animals alone. Do you even know who your mom is? Yup, she is probably the hooker down the street.
12:19 February 6, 2012 by charlenej
Some of you really need to seek treament.

I would have never thought there would actually be people who would read this article and write some sort of "explanation" for bestiality. And then, of course, the gay marriage comparison on top?? You mean the discussion would have to start waaay back to why there should be no comparison between gay marriage and bestiality? And eating meat is worse than raping an animal?? What are you talking about? What are you smoking? This is crazy!

Seriously,seek treatment.

I'm done with comment sections. They always make me want to weep for humanity; 9x out of 10 make me feel far worse about the state of mankind than the original article.
13:19 February 6, 2012 by Dixiewife47
I never thought I would live to see the day when I read a post in the newspaper about a country legally having bestiality in it's brothels.

What a sick , disgusting , perverted generation we live in. These people really do need some kind of help/ therapy.

To those who actively pursue this lifestyle. Whats wrong? Are you really that low or disgusting to others that you cant have sex with a human? No one wants you?

And although animals can be perceived as posessions and treated any way we feel like, alot of people.. me included, feel their pets are family.

Anyway, get this law passed, and ENFORCE it. This is one case where the enforcement of the Muslims Shair'a ? law would be nice to see. Anyone having sex with an animal should be castrated immediatly !
15:32 February 6, 2012 by boopsie
@ charlenej

There are some of us who might think that gay marriage is a form of bestiality.
16:16 February 6, 2012 by raandy
This is a real eye opener,I would not have believed a society could go this low.I have sent this article to everyone on my email contact list.

I would not talk,eat,ride work or do anything with any pervert that sexually molest animals. If these pervs have children they should be immediately removed from the home. These people deserve sharia law, and I would pay to throw the first stone.
20:41 February 6, 2012 by charlenej

Believe me, I know that there are many who equate gay marriage with bestiality. . Anyone who thinks a loving, committed relationship between two consenting adults is the same as a person having sex with a dog is a moron. I really can't sugarcoat it.
01:31 February 7, 2012 by boopsie
Well, homosexuality and bestiality are both perversions of human sexuality, loving or not. Lets go on from there...
10:49 February 7, 2012 by brianne0321
How do some people not get this? I don't care if you think homosexuality is wrong, gross, etc, it is a CONSENTING adult. And who says these animals are initiating it? All the people arguing that this if fine keep contradicting each other. They initiate it, yet they are possessions and you can do what you like with them? Animals feel fear, pain, hunger, happiness, sadness, etc, etc. I feel it is wrong to torture an animal regardless of what the form of abuse. If you eat meat, you should kill it in the least painful and quickest way possible.

To me, raping a dog is closer to child molestation than homosexuality. Children and dogs can neither one express consent. Adults can, regardless of gender.

And those who said this wouldn't hurt the animal, we have no way of knowing what it does to them, but obviously in some cases it's causing enough damage that they are able to file pet abuse charges, so obviously it is hurting them. A small dog isn't meant to be with an adult.

We are supposedly the intelligent life form, and after reading these comments, that scares me. Even wild animals know to stay to their own species...I hope they do something to stop this! Disgusting..
11:05 February 7, 2012 by emejota
I can't believe people comparing CONSENTING sex between two humans (homosexuality) to raping an animal. This is really proof that people are just sick!

If you do not know whether an animal WANTS to have sex with you, you should let it alone and let it have sex with another one of hits species.

While homosexuality IS normal - actually many animal species such as storches do live in homosexual partnerships - zoophilia is at least doubtful. I do not blame these people to be sickos or perverse. But at least they are selfish since they use animals to satisfy their needs without knowing if they want or not. So let's better compare this act to rape rather than homosexuality!
13:03 February 7, 2012 by boopsie
Homosexuality is NORMAL? Not on the planet earth I live on. Its an unfortunate condition that exists but most people would hardly call it normal. Confused more likely. Bestiality is indeed shocking and is also perverse but it further entails taking unfair advantage of creatures that have no right to refuse, putting it almost on a level with sex with childern.

All this stuff is grotesque but as has often been shown through out history there is no limit to the level that human nature can sink. Or the heights either thank God.
14:13 February 7, 2012 by emejota
Thank God? Which God? God does not exist. The belief in God is not normal! Ever seen any other creature but humans building temples and worshipping a supernatural almighty being, that shall have created all in 6 days, about 6,00o years ago?
15:45 February 7, 2012 by boopsie
Thank God is just an expression we have in english. The existence of God seems to be a big issue for you though. Not sure what God has to do with this discussion.
20:12 February 7, 2012 by Eastard
The article was only on the concept of organizing sexual activities for profit against non-human animals... Much interesting comment has been made... however this is less a religious or moral question and more a society/cultural question. Obviously there are some people that perfer this sort of sexual expression even when there ample supply of humans... This is not now or ever will be a normal event. I am not aware of any horney animals every knonw to attack and rape a human... so leave it to the more advance and cultured species to behave below the animals standards.. I vote for cultured societies to not accept this in any form ... for profit for just kicks... There is absolutely no connection to gay behaviour or marriage... or the Chatolic Church... or Islam ... This is just too many mice in too small a cage...
04:03 February 8, 2012 by Yah right

You are simply afraid that you really want that handsome boy next door to reach into your pants, right? We all know WHY people like you shout these extremely homophobic tirades....."you are, in fact, homosexual and you just can't deal with it. So, my suggestion to you is that you shut the Fukup before you reveal anymore info about yourself that you wouldn't want your boyfriends to know.

Kiss, kiss, kiss to you my dear lad.
16:41 February 8, 2012 by J4K2
Everything about this story is just wrong!

And to justify it and compare it and further try to justify it....when is it just enough and a line can just be drawn that say...you will not do this!

To me it has nothing to do with the bible..or if you eat meat or don't eat meat.....it is just gross!

Is the person so pathetic that they cannot find a person to interact with? That they go to an animal?

I am very sorry I read this stupid sick story and I can never unread it from my brain. I had NO clue about this festish and would absolutly remove myself from anyone I know who participated in this.....
18:49 February 8, 2012 by dackelpoop
There should be no need for debate.

Sex with animals is morally repulsive and repugnant in every manner one can possible consider such deviant, abnormal border-line human being can act in such a way.

There are health issues which endanger the general populace as well.

Such deviants are in the same sorry class as pedophiles- and their arguments for condoning bestiality are the same the pedophile apologists.

Such deranged people are in need serious enforced emergency psychiatric help if they believe any sexual contact with animals/children is excusable.

As for homosexuals- it is a moral question.

I may find it repugnant and unnatural- however what one consenting adult deviants does with another consenting adult deviant is entirely their own affair- and the state has no right to enforce a morality code on human sexual behaviors.

Moral affairs are the domain of Church, not State- and this is where the major confusion of separation of Powers lies- too many moral policing/enforcement are taken up by the State.

The State's role is to uphold the law, defend property rights and defend the Rights and Privacy of the Citizen.

As Christ said, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's".
00:56 February 9, 2012 by Artiewhiltefox
Humans are not acting like Jesus toward the zoosexual, bestialist whatever name you want to call it. That means be like Jesus is,and cease, and desist being like Jesus saying peace be still.
02:00 February 9, 2012 by wwill
One last post. Get online and google Huffington Post. ( Today 2-9-2012) There is an article and a video entitled "Sick puppies walk into human hospital, receive medical care." Yeah, animals are just dumb and don't know anything------------
00:02 February 10, 2012 by cheeba
To the brilliant commenter who noted that a dog humping a human's leg is simply asserting dominance; What of a human male mounting a human female? Could one not say the same? If allowed, it should be noted that the dog continues humping the human until he achieves release and then he falls back, satisfied, very similar to a human lighting a cigarette after the act. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.....
02:45 February 10, 2012 by marcy_townsend
Are you serious? These men if that's what you want to call them have stooped to the lowest they can go. There is plenty of woman to satisfy their needs. That is animal cruelty and probably they don't think about the size of the dog, it's probably hurting the dogs internally. Why would they let this go on, some how some way this has gone to STOP! If the men think this is satisfaction then they need that part of the body cut off and the pain they would endure would be their penalty for doing such an act!
07:59 February 11, 2012 by Yah right

If you has a fukkin brain in your worthless head I might think you could be dangerous.

The fact that you are so ignorant about animal behavior would indicate tome that you should keep your sh!t filled mouth shut.

I would imagine you look like an ape, and swing from trees.

I am flabbergasted that idiots like you would even open your stupid mouth in a forum.

Go screw yourself you fool.

Get some education while you are at it!!!!
01:14 February 13, 2012 by theduderesideth
this is the most hilarious comment section i've ever read.

forget about the animal sex...

how about we prevent people from having sex with other people until they start treating each other better.
09:48 August 31, 2012 by CitizenK9
I think the thing about sex and sensuality is (or should be) all about consentuality...

Whether you are straight, gay, bestial or otherwise, it needs to be an act of mutual consent. All personal morality aside, when a Girl decides she wants to be penetrated by a Dog, it is clear that "Boys will be Boys" and the dog is under no delusions about what he wants. Many involved would say it makes their existing bond even greater. Male penetration of an animal on the other hand can never be viewed in the same light, as although an animal may not be protesting, it does not necessarily amount to consent.

If a girl finds pleasure in being taken by a powerful beast from another species, I don't think the dog is going to be "pining for puppies" in 4 months time, and therefore in the privacy of her own home, that's their business. If she allows herself to be filmed for the pleasure of other ADULTS (and not to feed a drug habit) that is also her business and should not be legislated against.

Penetration of an animal (or human) who can not, or is too traumatized to refuse, is abuse and should be legislated against. Should people be allowed to pay to watch an act of bestiality in the same way they can pay to watch a human peep show? Hmmm, OK. Should men be allowed to pay to penetrate animals? In my definition of consent? Definitely not!

That is my moral opinion and you are welcome to comment on it.

(Personally, I find a lot of radical monothiastic religious beliefs far more abusive and demeaning to mankind and beast...) Citizen K9 :)
06:46 September 13, 2012 by paki777
I am in shock of those who do not see this as rape. You say that it's not rape because the animal cannot object to the event verbally. So let me get this strait..if you tie up a child, tape their mouth shut, and then rape them it is not considered rape because they could not object to it. A little child who does not know about rape is being raped..is not considered a crime because they did not speak out!!!!??? THE POINT IS IT IS WRONG PEOPLE!!! You are controlling an innocent voiceless animal, that is abuse against it's will. How the hell do you know the animal does not want to have sex with you...and how is this even the issue? How dare you question whether or not they want it. It should not be even thought of. The action is disgusting and cruel. If you have sex with animals then you are a rapist and support human rape just the same. You who support it should be removed from this planet and those who even question animal rights should be removed of their own rights and treated with cruelty just as an innocent animal would be. SICK BASTARDS!
06:40 September 25, 2012 by Curiosity7980
Paki77, while I don't deny that many animals are forced, abused and harmed during instances of bestiality, it simply makes no sense to label all human-animal sexual relations as rape. Animals don't have the same complex emotions centered around sex and rape. If they aren't physically harmed, they aren't going to feel the same sort of trauma a human experiences after an unwanted sexual encounter. Animals can and do have sex with humans of their own voilition. They can't object OR consent to sex verbally, but if a dog walks up to a person and penetrates them voluntarily, how much more consent do you need? To a dog it's just an act that provides them momentary physical stimulation, they are not going to analyse the situation afterwards and feel regret. If an opportuntiy presents itself to have sex, with a human or otherwise, many animals will instinctively take it, so how exactly is that rape?
20:53 December 19, 2012 by me100

The way i look at this story and zoophilia in general , all of us in this world should be able to love who we want, no one can help who they love, as long as the animal is not hurt, and the are loved and cared for and not hurt, then why not.i know some hurt animals, and that is very VERY wrong, but you have sex crimes with human and human relationships, but do we place a law to stop humans having sex with humans??? no we don't, we just catch and arrest the ONE that's done the crime, so why should we arrest all zoophilia people just because of the ones that do crime against an animal, that's wrong.... and you say a zoophilia person is cruel.... well, when a human and animal lover are found by police they take animal away and put the animal to death... how is that not cruel??? as euthanasia is far from a peaceful death..... the body dies long before the brain..... so the animal knows that his or her heart has stopped, his or her lungs don't receive the air the animal knows it needs, and the animal dies while screaming in his or her brain knowing death is next as the dark closes in around them....

"now who is the cruel one"

From what i have found out from talking and searching of the truth of the life of a zoophilia person, the animal is loved and they would die to save the life of there partner..... hell, i wish my wife would die for me to save my life, but hell, we know that wont mostly happen to any of us, so a zoophilia's commitment is far more than most human on human relationships... how can that be wrong.

And one more thing..... most reply with "SICK", "CRUEL", "SICK BASTARD" and many more, but that is just the answer from a person that would not do such an act and has a VERY closed mind, that's OK, as that is totally up to that person if they do or not do that act, but why judge another for something just because you would not do it, if you really sit there and think of something you have done at some time in your life, did another tell you that you were "mad" or "sad" or "cruel" or maybe even "sick", if so, how did you feel about it, did you think the name they called you was wrong, just because they would not of done the thing you did......

"To compare homosexuality or heterosexuality with beastiality is insulting to both homosexuals and heterosexuals"....
04:58 February 15, 2013 by Artiewhiltefox
Why ban sex of whatever kind?. Judge yourself. The -person fining would not want the tables turned on the kind of sex they have. Be equal. All sex is one beast to another. People eat, drink, poop, piss, eukaryote cells, physiologically, biologically, scientifically, chemically, microscopically, fight flight, territorial instincts fences, no trespass signs. KJV, Ecc 3;18-20. Argument against the zoo have holes big enough to drive a galaxy thorough. Negative spirit against the zoosexual is the same religious negative spirit against Jesus.

There is a universal war against all kinds of sex, and nudity. Adult humans are arrested if a young person sees them having sex. Open your eyes. There is a full fledged war against all forms of sex. Stop warring for pity sakes. Judge yourself
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