Police pinch pug-pilfering pensioner

Police pinch pug-pilfering pensioner
Photo: DPA
A 93-year-old Frankfurt lady was overjoyed to welcome home her pug Tuesday, after police found it in the home of a 74-year-old woman who had offered to take the dog for a walk.

According to the police report, the “completely distraught” 93-year-old appeared at a police station on January 10, saying that two “respectable-looking” women had offered to take her beloved pet for a walk.

The trusting woman then allowed her pug to go off with the two strangers, who never returned.

After the intensive, round-the-clock police investigations began, the woman received a mysterious message on her answering machine a few days later.

“The message did not demand any ransom payment, but it offered no hope of a reunion, since the dog was now reportedly ‘in the best hands,’ ” the police report said.

But as with all master criminals, the kidnappers made one fatal error: they took their victim to a Frankfurt vet for a check-up. Since the canine abductee had been fitted with an identity chip, police were able to trace him back to his real owner after an extensive search.

Asked why she committed the dastardly deed, the kidnapper described herself as an “animal protector” and believed she could offer the pug a better life.

The dog declined to comment and has requested privacy following its ordeal.

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