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Jihadist killer deserves life say prosecutors

The Local · 9 Jan 2012, 16:15

Published: 09 Jan 2012 16:15 GMT+01:00

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Arid Uka, 21, who was born in Kosovo but grew up in Frankfurt, "wanted to make his personal contribution to the holy war" but not knowing how to get to Afghanistan to fight alongside the Taliban, opted to act closer to home, the federal prosecutor told the court.

He should serve at least the usual maximum sentence in Germany of 15 years, argued prosecutor Jochen Weingarten, saying the case involving two charges of murder and three of attempted murder was a particularly severe one.

Defence lawyer Michaela Roth did not contest Uka's guilt but argued extenuating circumstances, describing the difficult background of the "shy, quiet and well meaning" young man who had never previously been aggressive and was "without future prospects."

The March 2 attack took place at Frankfurt airport, where Uka allegedly opened fire on a group of US soldiers on their way to fight in Afghanistan. Airmen Nicholas Jerome Alden, 25, and Zachary Ryan Cuddeback, 21, were killed. Two more soldiers were wounded.

Uka remained silent with his eyes lowered or closed at Monday's hearing.

At the opening of the trial in August, Uka confessed to the killings and said he wanted to apologise to his victims and their families for what he has called "total idiocy" that contradicted his religious beliefs.

He said he was influenced by "lies" and "propaganda" after seeing a video on the Internet purporting to show US soldiers in Afghanistan raping a local woman.

Roth has argued that the video may have brought back a childhood trauma to Uka, who she said was molested at the age of six.

Prosecutors believe Uka acted alone and did not belong to a terrorist network.

They say he picked out a group of American soldiers who had just flown in from Britain and who were about to travel by bus to the US airbase at Ramstein where troops often take military transport to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Uka is said to have cadged a cigarette from one of the soldiers and asked if they were on their way to Afghanistan.

Prosecutors say when the American said yes, Uka loaded his pistol and followed the men towards the waiting army bus.

He fired into the back of the head of one soldier at point-blank range, killing him. Then, shouting "Allahu Akbar", he rushed on to the bus and shot dead the 21-year-old driver before opening fire on two more soldiers, aged 21 and 25, who were both seriously injured, prosecutors say.

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He is believed to have taken aim at another man cowering behind a seat, but his pistol misfired and he ran off into the airport terminal, pursued by a soldier. Police arrested him shortly afterwards.

The killings have been regarded as the first motivated by Islamic extremism on German soil. A verdict is expected on January 19.


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16:49 January 9, 2012 by heyheyhey
It is no surprise to me that this killing happened. The US feels justified in starting wars and policing the world while using brute force far more often than the international community agrees with. America's George Bush did much to cause intense hatred toward that nation. Not only did he initiate a totally unjustified war, but then the US citizens elected him to serve a second term.

It is no mystery that the USA is so hated that extreme groups of people are willing to attack service people. Perhaps it is abhorrent to do what this man did, but it is also abhorrent to do what the US has done.

I hope that the American people look deeply into themselves and understand that there must never be another leader like Mr. Bush, at least not if the US wishes to rebuild its reputation in the world.
17:01 January 9, 2012 by storymann
As far as I am concerned this was a cowardly act, by a misguided individual pumped up on religious fanaticism. To shoot unarmed people or blow up unarmed civilians is the worst kind of cowardice. Then to say they did it for Islam is another falsehood.

It is fear, hatred, & prejudice that have to be carefully taught. ... T. S. Eliot
17:26 January 9, 2012 by boopsie
@ heyheyhey, instead of blaming President Bush for guiding the US into the thankless task of saving the middle east from a much greater chaos in which it now finds itself the Arab World should get down on its knees to beg his forgiveness for all the abuse. With Saddam & and the Taliban still in control its doubtful the middle east would experienced anything close to the "arab spring" of the past year at the very least. At the worst that part of world would now be afire in a state that would make the present situation look like a tea party.

Send George a card apologizing for your ill considered abuse. I'm sure he would appreciate it even from someone as badly informed such as yourself.
17:36 January 9, 2012 by be4real
FIFTEEN YEARS for MURDERS that were OBVIOUSLY THOUGHT OUT AND PLANNED!?? oh thats RIDICULOUS - does this article mean 15 for EACH?? even at that i dont think thats a just punishment - a person that takes a life should have to forfeit HIS - with mandatory LIFE IN PRISON -
18:30 January 9, 2012 by maxbrando

You need to stuff your head up your a.. Or someone will do it for you. Suppose you got shot? Using your logic,it would be ok, becauseGeorge Bush is to blame. One can only wish about the likes of cowards like you.
19:30 January 9, 2012 by Englishted

Which of the two wars was "totally unjustified " and which was just ?.

Playing the devils advocate here.
20:05 January 9, 2012 by carlm
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
21:53 January 9, 2012 by ChrisRea
How come that those that attack heyheyhey here have no argument?
23:22 January 9, 2012 by boopsie
@ ChrisRe

You mean like the cogent argument in your post?
00:44 January 10, 2012 by lewis69
I'd say it has somthing with to do with the fact he was muslim just today another former Yugoslavian muslim was arrested in the U.S for ploting to blow people up im sorry but look at the Spain subway bombings, 9/11 this guy in the article like come on people.

Yes that guy in Norway was a evil crazy dude but the fact is he was a nut job just like that dude in Belgium who went on a rampage a month ago disturbed people do disturbing things.
13:07 January 10, 2012 by insight101
After living in Germany a number of years, I can't count the number of times I have received a preachy and condascending explanation of the view that we don't have the right to take a life even if a criminal has done so numerous times, and therefore, the death penalty is a horrible atrocity that takes place in some American states. Yet here they argue that it is understandable that these two men (nationality not important) were murdered, because America is involved in "starting wars" and "policing the world". Does anyone else see the hypocritical inconsistency in that? And does anyone else feel the poisonous and warped hatred of Americans that people in Germany have somehow developed after too many negative portrayals of their media (which doesn't seem to cover the positive stories from actions of soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq). Also, I should think you would be happy that Americans police the world since individual Germans themselves enjoy policing others in their country when they don't do "was Mann macht". The world needs policemen. You might also mention that there have been a number of genocides or other oppressions where America sent in most of the help to actually stop the problem, because no one else would. So if you don't want America to solve things her way, why don't you Europeans show us how to stop the genocide either with your open discussions (which have really worked so well in each of these genocides or other political upheavals) or by making the bigger military sacrifices yourselves? And lead the world in solving all our problems since if you read the papers or watch the news in Germany it is clear that Germany has solved all the basic problems that the rest of the world faces...(sarcasm thick). Maybe you are a little brainwashed too about America eh, heyheyhey? It's funny that you say we are cowboy Americans and then express your joy if any of us are killed. I'm not sure if a cowboy is really what you imagine him to be, but it seems like you are endorsing the very things you condemn. I think that's enough for now. It gives you reason enough to insult me with expletives and put downs to prove what a truly good people you are...
13:33 January 10, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ boopsie

Since when a question need to contain an argument? Or maybe I should ask you first if you know the difference between asking a question and stating an opinion? However, you still did not come up with an argument to support your opinions, so I guess you have none. So heyheyhey might have a point here.

@ insight101

You really see no connection between the Frankfurt airport attack and the atrocities done by the American soldiers? Understanding why the attack happened does not mean it was the right thing to do, so I wouldn't say heyheyhey was hypocritical here.

I wouldn't say either that Germans hate Americans. Otherwise all the US military bases in Germany would have been gone since quite a while. Americans are actually pampered with the moniker "Ami" (which sounds like the French word for "friend").

Anyway, what US does is not policing the world, but using its military force to pursue its economical interests (well, actually the interests of the clique paying the politicians). To see that, it is enough to seek the common points of the countries attacked by US.

"It's funny that you ...express your joy if any of us are killed."

Neither heyheyhey or other commentator on this thread did that. Why do you try to provoke people? By the way, why do you assume that heyheyhey is German?
13:42 January 10, 2012 by boopsie
@ heyheyhey

My crystal ball seems to work a lot better than your ignorant and pointless ranting.

@ ChrisRea

Your right, your facetious question should have simply been ignored.
14:04 January 10, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Boys, boys, boys (cause no girls read this hokey www site for sure)

Obama has launched far more drone attacks than Bush.

Obama has deployed soldiers to additional / incremental countries.

Obama's defence budgets have been as high / higher than Bush's.

Obama's deficit spending (the US is now $16,000,000,000,000 in debt) makes Bush look like a miser. (That's $16 trillion for @Heyheyhey).

Obama gave the order to shoot the pirates off Somalia and Osama Bin Laden.

But - he has better presentation skills than Bush and thus receives none of the scorn.

At some point we (you, me, all of us) need to look a little deeper into the policies, rationals, etc. and not just the Texas accent, or black skin, to analyze world affairs.
14:18 January 10, 2012 by auslanderus
I am an American living here in Germany now for 13 years and yes there are "people" here that do dislike what America does around the world but what has Germany done around the world? You disagree what the USA does but look at yourself first and ask yourself what have you done to protect the world? As for this "man" killing two men and almost killing two more, you think 15 years in "boy scout camp" will be enough? If it was your son that was killed would you feel the same way? What is ones life worth, is 15 years enough for murder?
14:30 January 10, 2012 by boopsie
@ SchwabHallRocks

Thats a good point about Obama's increasingly active support for interventionism. But hey, if the USA doesn't do something to keep entropy at bay those countries, power and religious blocks that will quickly try step in its shoes are sure to bring chaos. We may live today in the sunset of the twentieth century's pax americana but at the very least we be thankful from where it came.
15:20 January 10, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
@ Boopsie (Boopsie??? - Beety Boop fan???)

Pax Americana -

Step 1 - Destroy the German nation's willingness / inferiority complex so that it stops waging war (1870, 1914, 1939... bit much, no?)

Step 2 - Contain Communism until it basically collapses under itself in 1990, but for China which has at least started diluting the Communist Kool Aid. Not sure if they will use military to advance their economic concerns which are divided up among the top politicians like Robber Barons of old.

Step 3 - Regarding the Arab / Persian / Paki Muslims - I think you are spot on but it would be difficult to prove objectively. Yet, can one imagine voting in Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya giving up the nuclear program 5 years ago, the Cedar spring in Lebanon a few years ago, Qatar's large voice and hosting a World Cup, change in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, street protests in Iran last year, Syria's Assad under pressure, Algerians rejecting Al Qaida, etc. without the US and its very few allies removing Saddam and then staying for 10 more years (and probably another 50 just like in Germany, Japan, South Korea)?

Regarding World War Z by Brooks and the forthcoming Zombie Wars... just have to wait and see. (Great book. Never thought I would read something like that.)
16:02 January 10, 2012 by FarooqAnwar
I am Muslim from Pakistan. I think this person had his reasons to do what he had done but that is not justified. I beleive that all wat other people have done is also not justified during war in IRAQ Afghanistan and Pakistan. I just want peace in this world but for that every one should understand what is write and wrong, which we people are not ready to accept.

There would be more hard times to follow. Specially after US recently have accepted Taliban as war heroes. What a stupid country and stupid decision is that.

This will justify all others aswell who sacrifice themself in name of Islam (totally stupid).

I have seen war in my own country and i wish it doesnt come on any human being. Please respect and love each other that is the best thing to do in this unhumanly world.
16:23 January 10, 2012 by heyheyhey

Please tell us the difference between an individual drone attack against a very specific target and attacking a nation that was presented to the world as "shock and awe". Americans are not the only people who view news about your leaders. How many people are now dead in Iraq?

If your Obama could seek out and destroy Osama Bin Laden in a targeted manner with your military, then why did your president Bush need to destroy Iraq?

I believe that at least what Obama has done is more precise and surgical in execution. He appears to understand that there is a difference between removing a person vs. destroy a nation.

I know that several months ago I read an article which stated that 75% of the US people now disagree with the need for the war in Iraq. It is that war that has smeared feces on the image of the US.

I believe that you make arguments against your current leader because of your political leanings, not because of reason. I think that your current president had to refocus US military involvement back into Afghanistan while trying to extricate the US from IRAQ? This would be expensive. I believe that the international community did not have fury and disdain for the US when Afghanistan was the target of military intervention due to it allowing terrorist training amps to exist. Those of you who continue to support the actions and decisions of your president bush are fools. He was a damn fool, and an arrogant one! He surrounded himself with others who were willing to expose even your intelligence people in acts of anger and revenge. He had a swaggering and condescending Don R. who mocked the legitimate questions of the world.

Why is it not possible for the US military people to see this? Instead of defending your prior administration you should critically examine its decisions. If you do not do so then your grandchildren will do so.

@boopsie.......I will send you some German glass cleaner for your crystal ball. It appears to have a thick film that needs wiping! If you do not like my pointless rantings that is your choice. But please understand that threats from your side of this issue will not intimidate me. I believe that the US needs to have its face screamed into.......it does not listen very well to reasonable dialogue! I do trust the decisions of the international community much more than the decisions of your president Bush.
17:11 January 10, 2012 by boopsie
You' re mistaken heyheyhey. I'm not threatening you, I'm laughing at you.
17:38 January 10, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Hello HeyHeyHey

Some quick thoughts…

1)Nany less Iraqi and Iranian people are dying, on average (on average), after Saddam was killed than before. That is a statistical fact. Interpret it as you will.

2) My point comparing Bush and Obama is that Obama is not criticized because his personality is more agreeable You prove my point when you refer to Bush¦#39;s personality as ¦quot;arrogant.¦quot;

3) America¦#39;s strength is that we did expose and prosecute the criminal soldiers at Abu Ghraib. The problem was of the individual and was not systematic. That you find exposing them as a weakness suggests you prefer the inappropriate treatment of prisoners be allowed to continue?

4) At the time of Iraq war 80% of the US Senate . 65% of the US Representatives, and 75% of Americans in general voted for the war. Bush did not unilaterally start a war.

5) That Americans do not approve of the Iraq war now is due to many reasons. One large reason is that they think that Arabs and /or Muslims are no longer worth liberating.

6) My American grand children will be broke. The national debt is now $16,000,000,000,000 (trilion) and growing fast. They will be slaves to the Government.
17:47 January 10, 2012 by boopsie
Well thats right. The arabs are not worth liberating because they neither appreciate was has been done for them nor can they hold on to what was given to them. However, the world is a much smaller place than it was even 50 years ago so so sad to say action in the middle east was and will continue to be required whether or not the locals profit from it.

Its like keeping a fractious family from each others throats for the good of the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.
18:38 January 10, 2012 by Englishted
Here is a shock ,I agree with heyheyhey, .

People were conned into the Iraq war ,but many indeed most supported the U.S. action in Afghanistan.

However with the thrusts and parries of the comments we have lost the original focus ,what this man did was wrong in all our opinions (please say if you disagree) he killed two people what ever his motives where he was wrong and deserves the full weight of the German law thrown at him.
19:01 January 10, 2012 by boopsie
And I don't agree with you or with heyheyhey. No one was conned into anything, we went to war on the best available evidence. Not to mention that Saddam was a danger to the region and his own people. We are all, Iraqis, arabs and the world better off without him.
19:49 January 10, 2012 by ChrisRea
Heyheyhey and Englishted are right about Americans being conned into the Iraq war. Bush used false (and disputed) information (the admitted lie from an important CIA informant in Iraq called Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi) to claim that Iraq had WMD. Although the Security Council did not approve the use of force, Bush launched the war. After the war, the truth surfaced and the Americans realised that it was an unjust war so they changed their opinion and now they disapprove it. That also why Bush had one of the lowest popularity (34%) among all US presidents when he left the White House (he teamed here with Truman and disgraced Nixon).

Englishted is also right that the initial focus is about the regrettable doing of Arid Uka and the just penalty requested by the prosecutors. It does not hurt however to understand how similar act could be avoided in the future by understanding the mistakes of the past.
19:51 January 10, 2012 by Gretl
Boopsie - what a short memory you have! Most Americans were conned by the NeoCon's Paul Wolfowitz's stovepiping of unvetted "intelligence" to the White House, and using a venerated, credible former general, Colin Powell, in his new position as Secretary of State to go before the UN and sell the lie about weapons of mass destruction, in conjuction with Jack Straw doing the same in the UK. I saw it for what it was - I have a bad case of Cassandra syndrome, which is why I no longer work in my field.

Saddam Hussein was the man Reagan created, someone to harrass Iran and keep them busy. The right diplomat may have been able to solve Iraq's debt crisis after the Iran-Iraq war and achieve some disarmament, but that's water under the bridge now. By the way, it is against US las to interfere with the internal affairs of foreign countries or kill their leaders.
22:08 January 10, 2012 by boopsie
Perhaps you no longer work in your field Gretl because you can't accept the truth unless it is embellished with conspiracy theories. Saddam Husein was out of control by any definition and the coalition was fully in the right to act. Good thing it did too or the middle east and the west would be in far worse circumstances than they are now. And Obama continues the legacy of involvement in the region despite all of his campaign rhetoric because the US and its allies have no choice. You might apply for a job with the Democratic administration but it might soon be out of a job itself come November.
22:16 January 10, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
Great discussion boys (cause no girls are going to be found at this hokey www site.)

Greti, Chris Rea, and Enlightened - you seem well read, especially on foreign affairs. Maybe you've heard of Neo Cons, Scooter Libby, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Kagan, et al. But, I am certain most Americans have not, even now. These persons had zero influence on the population at large.

Also, if we must argue with precision, Bush did not go to war i.e., declare war on Iraq. The USA did not declare war in Mexico in 1916, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan.

Regardless, Bush required and received the consent of Congress who were elected by the citizens of the USA to authorize the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Surely you noticed Pres Obama didn't dictate health care?

Not sure why so many people percieve the President of the USA as a one-man show who can do as he wishes. Read Eisenhower's Memoirs on how much less line authority he had as President, vs. a general.

Finally, the President AND congress acted with the best information they had at the time. I am guessing most of you are MBAs and had courses in Objective Decision Making. You surely understand that where numerous variables are involved, one must provide relative weightings. To unilaterally decide, in 2012 and 10 years later, which variables are more important relatively speaking, is only a self-serving exercise in hindsight.
22:36 January 10, 2012 by neunElf
Am I the only one who senses the irony in the headline of this article?

A murderer deserves life?

I can think of a lot of things this murderer deserves, but life surely isn't one of them!
23:17 January 10, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ SchwabHallRocks #28

You are right, the information you have influences the decisions you make. Even more significant are the interests you have. And, in the case of the false WMD, how you can manipulate the information and use the governmental agencies that report to you. You are also right to bring into discussion the Neo-Cons like Wolfowitz, because their interests dictated the Iraq adventure. In short, if you follow the money, it is about oil and weapons.

You are also right about latest US wars being technically not wars. The last time US declared war was against the mighty Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, back in '42. So the wars in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan are good examples of how the spirit of the law was eluded by the US administrations.

So, now that the case of Arid Uka reminded us these problems, what do we learn from this? How can we enhance a democratic system so that less misuses of power happen (I doubt that they will be ever eradicated)?
00:03 January 11, 2012 by Mark S.
This article is about a guy who shot some people in an airport in Germany.

Does heyheyhey live in Germany? If so, how does he feel about retaliation against the US taking place where he lives?

If you think your children should be safe from accidentally being shot by Muslims who are aiming at US soldiers, then the only reasonable way to treat Uka is as a criminal. If you say "Hey, that was a reasonable thing to do", then you invite his ideological friends to do the same thing.
01:02 January 11, 2012 by Whipmanager
Much of what is opined here is like sitting in the UN and listening in on some of the conversations being held by various groups with loyalties to various leanings of thought.

1. Heyheyhey is a loud mouth with little to say of any intelligence and just rants.

2. ChrisRea can put his thoughts into intelligent and defensable words/positions and so, while I disagree with him on many points, at least I see how he got to a conclusion.

3. Weapons of Mass destruction were found by the tons. In fact, there is now evidence that tons of them were sent to Iran and possibly to Libya.

4. There were great reasons to go to war with Iraq, but I don't think any of them were appropriate since they left us exposed to Iran and that country has a legitimate power base and skills at manipulating the Middle east, and can support operations to meet their tangible and intangible policies.

5. All of this aside, the german equivilent of full weight of the law being applied to this guy is too weak. This man should be executed. that way he can never get out, and he will serve as a poster child to all who think about doing it again.

5. If we would just fight a war and destroy everything in our path until the other side surrenders unconditionally, there would be no 10 year wars. One of the best Militaries in teh world, the Germans only lasted frmo 39 until 45, and most of that demise came about from 42 until 45. We have more capabilities and better targeting to do it than we did back then. And lastly, I would love to see verified proof that hundreds of thousands were killed in Iraq or anywhere else in teh middle east. Many talk about the tens of thousands that were killed, but how many were by the allies and how many at the hands of the very people we were trying to save?
04:02 January 11, 2012 by heyheyhey

It angers you that I state the truth about you. You are a loudmouthed fool.

@ others

All of the information presented here, regarding the buildup to the invasion of Iraq is known to me. Historical information regarding past wars is known to me.

I do not post here to reiterate known facts.

I post here to state my opinions, which I base upon the facts that I know.

In my opinion, the US congress was told, repeatedly, by mr. Bush and Cheyney " you are either with us or against us. You are either with us or with the terrorists.". This message became the chant of the day in the US, and God help any of your citizens who would dare to openly state their opposition. Do you not recall the stories, in your own newspapers, regarding people who just vanished into the bowels of your justice department interrogation machine? Do you not recall the televised programs where it was made clear to the Congress of the Us that failure to support the decision to go to war with IRAQ was a vote to support the enemy?

Surely I am not the only one who can recall the fear that many US citizens held with regard to even stating their concerns about or objections to the IRAQ war. Your Bush administration waged a war of psychological terror against its own nation in order to garner "coerced" support for the war.

Certainly you cannot be such fools that you did not see this, and you are not so senile that you do not remember. The entire world watched the manner in which the American people and their congress were adeptly manipulated with words and threats.

It is because this was all so obvious to many in the world that the world began to experience some revulsion with the behavior of your country. The fact so blatant a falsehood was propagated regarding WMD indicated to the world that the US was a danger, not unlike an animal with rabies.

That helps explain WHY people like the man in this article will murder your soldiers. You must begin to understand how the world sees you if you wish to prevent the mistake you made.

This is not a difficult concept.
08:05 January 11, 2012 by insight101

It appears one of heyheyheys comments was taken off the thread, but I printed it out when I read it. He said it doesn't bother him when US military personnel are taken out...I know you guys like things "Wortlich", but that is basically the same idea as saying that he is pleased about it. And come on. You ask why we try to provoke people? Do you see the long list of insults also coming from the other side? I wasn't trying to provoke. But you still haven't answered my question: Why doesn't Germany take the lead and fix all the world's problems, since it's people keep expressing the fact that they know better how to handle things. And what was Germany's advice about handling terrorism? 2) Americans are on German soil not because Germans love them, but because it was mandated that way. And that fact that American, British, and French troops have been on your soil for the last 60+ years is exactly the fact that allows Germany to sit safe in its little high moral perch and position of no war you bad USA. And I think we all know why Germans take that safe moral ground...to distance themselves as far as possible from the not so distant past. It is no problem if you disagree with the military decisions of the American government, but that you have such a deep anger and scorn for the American people is a bit hypocritical to me. How can 60 years ago your country have been responsible for the greatest atrocity in history, and now you be so condemning of "the Americans"? Do you also hate your grandparents and their children?

@those who say that it was clear to the rest of the world the manipulation with wmd..I think hindsight is always 20/20 vision, but as far as I know the British prime minister and the Russian intelligence agencies were also claiming wmds. So, apparently not all the world could see as clearly as some of our dear European friends.
09:16 January 11, 2012 by heyheyhey

You obviously do not understand the difference between having a reaction that is "unbothered" vs. "enjoyed".

To be unbothered is to essentially view something in a neutral light, such as walking down the street and seeing leaves fall from the tree. To enjoy is to walk down the street, see leaves fall from the tree, and to smile at the beauty of falling leaves with their wide array of colors and variable manner of falling from the tree to the ground.

I do hope that now you can comprehend such a simple concept. You should, please, change your name to clueless!
10:25 January 11, 2012 by insight101
So you responded with another insult and failed again to answer my questions.

And I actually do understand what is meant by the words. Of course, you wouldn't dare use the word "enjoy", but the underlying meaning of the words is: I'm glad to see you guys get what you had coming to you. When you say in English that you aren't bothered by something like that, the word unbothered means you aren't troubled by it. What is actually be said is that you are glad about it. But why are we actually quibbling about words when the whole import of your message is so clear? You did the same with another blogger. You wrote that Bush led them into an unjustifiable war. Since they went into two wars, the implication is that the other was not unjustified. But you also However, if you didn't mean to express it that way, I apologize for the misunderstanding. Can't help but wonder why you took that blog off though...hmmm.


Good point about the wmds, and there was also increased traffic into Syria at the time just before the invasion of Iraq. Also, good point about the far greater number of civilian casualties coming at the hands of their own people, not from the soldiers.
10:56 January 11, 2012 by Stefan_the_Brit
Regardless if you believe that America or America and it's allies were involved in wars which were not necessary, regardless if you hate American and George Bush, the problem here or the debate here is about a person taking the life of other persons.

This guy, regardless of religon, colour, political views murdered other human beings.

He should be punished............how severe also appears to be a question, he needs to be given a punishment which is in line with the laws of the Country where he commited the crime, in some States in America, the death sentance, in Germany life ( 15 years ), we can all argue that both are right, both are wrong and have our views but we have no say, the sentance is determined by the laws of the Country where the crime took place.

I would actually send him to America and give him a lethal injection but it is not my call, I love George bush, many don't, but my individual opinion does not matter.

I sincererely hope this guy rots in jail and my thoughts go out to the family and friends of the American soldiers who can have no say on this topic.

PS: I do not believe that Germans hate Americans.
11:10 January 11, 2012 by heyheyhey

Germany has learned from the past. The US has not. That is your answer. That should have been obvious???

My opinions are not about what the people of Iraq do with regard to their personal conflicts between sects. My opinions have to do with the US using lies and coercive verbiage to go into another nation and begin a war that is viewed as abhorrent by much of the world. I would believe that oil was the real issue, and WMD only a smoke screen.

isn't it a tragedy that so many of your own brothers died for oil?
11:57 January 11, 2012 by boopsie
Germans don't hate americans Stefan_the_Brit, heyheyhey hates americans. But the upside is that he can entertain us here with his "coercive verbiage" (!) on all the reasons why.

Don't let heyheyhey try to make you feel guilty for western civilization's need for oil by the way. All great societies need and have needed energy resources to fuel their growth and protect themselves from heyheyhey and people like him.

As to dying for oil, a lot more arabs have died by arab hands than died from american lead coalition's to bring the middle east into the 20/21 century.
12:30 January 11, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ insight101 #34

"Why doesn't Germany take the lead and fix all the world's problems, since it's people keep expressing the fact that they know better how to handle things."

Really? Can you give me some example of such people? I do not know any German that would fit your question/statement.

"It is no problem if you disagree with the military decisions of the American government, but that you have such a deep anger and scorn for the American people is a bit hypocritical to me."

Again - really? If I criticise the actions of the US government it means that I have a deep anger and scorn for the American people? You might want to put your concepts in order.

"How can 60 years ago your country have been responsible for the greatest atrocity in history, and now you be so condemning of "the Americans"?"

I see - you assume I am German. That's interesting, because I never said that. How much of your theories are based on similar assumptions and twisting the words like in the case of heyheyhey?
13:15 January 11, 2012 by boopsie
I hope you're german ChrisRea because if english is your native language you don't use it very well. If the latter is true then perhaps being a member of the undereducated class would explain your feelings of estrangement from intelligent western thought. Then again you might just be a kid. If thats true please don't waste our time.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste and envy is very debilitating emotion.
13:52 January 11, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ boopsie

Well, you caught me. My native language is not English, so I guess I joined you in the category of people making mistakes when expressing their thoughts in this language. I will be grateful for you if you will point out my mistakes so that I can avoid them in the future.

However, please be aware that there are more possibilities than being German or having English as a native language.
14:08 January 11, 2012 by boopsie
I'll help you out no problem ChrisRea. Just be aware its not so much the language mistakes I mind as much as I do your mistaken opinions. Be that as it may, for a non native speaker you do very well. In using english at least.
14:31 January 11, 2012 by insight101

I actually went back and had a look at what I printed out from your blog and it was much worse than what I wrote. You wrote and I quote from 9:10 on January the 10th: "I have no sympathy for any US military people who get taken out by those that hate the US." You also wrote: "You fools are so brainwashed about the US I swear to God you do not have 1 brain cell among the group of you..." and further "..."the best you have to offer the world is killers in uniform..." (funny that you say that as you are using the Internet...) I assume this blog was taken off because of your use of "coercive verbage" (lmao), but it is too bad, because your comments should remain there visible for all to see.

@ChrisRea I meant those comments about a large percentage of Germans. The comment was directed to you, but not about you. And there are a lot of Germans who aren't that way too. As far as your learning from your past, I don't see it that way. I see that you had thousands of years to learn from your past and didn't do so until you were absolutely forced to. And now because the past is so utterly shameful, you have all naturally gone to a morally comfortable place from which you can criticize one of the nations who liberated you in the first place and which then protected you from becoming an extension of Russia...Still, as I said, I don't have a problem with criticism, but it is the spirit with which it is given in Germany that I have a problem. I'm not going to name people on the Internet, but I have had extensive contact with thousands of Germans and with thousands of them been confronted with these issues here addressed and the general attitude seemed to be a bit poisoned and warped.
14:42 January 11, 2012 by SchwabHallRocks
1)Unfortunately most persons cannot get past their belief systems or George Bush's personality to look at the Iraq War objectively.

2) Unfortunately, few persons on this blog understand the powers invested in the President of the USA. It is incorrect to refer to this a Bush's war. It is the USA's war.

3) The U.S.had agreement from the intel services of France, Germany, England, etc. regarding WMD's. (Indeed I even have the interview with Jaque Chiraq oof France in my office, stating such.)

4) The intel agencies failed. While I expected the CIA to fail (for reasons to lenghty to dicuss here), I did not expect the French, German, and British to fail because of a long history of human intelligence capabilities in the area. Germany especialy has links to Afghanistan. (Old World Country's have long history of spying. USA is a new country and separated by two oceans.)

5) It's nice go see France, Germany, and England to finally decide they are worried about Iran getting the A Bomb. Of course, how do we know their Intelligence is correct? Or, is that relevant since we like the personalities of the Prime Ministers and Obama more than Bush's?
16:51 January 11, 2012 by Gaffers

You are aware that there are German troops stationed (and dying) in Afghanistan right? They are the third largest provider of troops behind the US & UK. While I disagree with heyheyhey and his failure to acknowledge how abhorrent this act was to any decent human being I believe your postings are warped by your obvious patriotism (Patriotism is not a bad thing but it is when it clouds your judgement). IMO the war in Iraq WAS about oil (contracts for rebuilding Iraq were created before the war began) and the issue of WMDs was a smoke screen to try to justify it.

I find your rants against the Germans insulting and bigoted to be honest. I live in Germany and don't know anyone who hates America let alone a large percentage. Bringing up WW2 is just plain hypocritical. The German people are ashamed of this part of their past but the US has elements of its own history to be ashamed of too. People in glass houses....

@heyheyhey Any decent human being would abhor what this guy did and not be "unbothered" by it or find ways to justify his act.

My view is that this guy should be locked away in a darkened cell never to see the light of day again. Death would be too quick a punishment for him and would make a martyr out of him. Let him spend his life suffering as the families of those killed are suffering.
17:12 January 11, 2012 by shahislam
Leaders with mentality like Assad, Gaddafi or his sons, you have killed or approved killings only for staying in power and the Global Public has watched; so, you have to pay the price! It's your bad luck that UN is not yet able to declare general amnesty for you; in fact, as you are doing now, many fathers and mothers of nations have committed same crimes against humanity too in the past and got away.

The killing of humans by humans is a *crime and no human is above this common-sense driven natural *law.

Global public opinion -out of sick grip of old media (e.g. NY times) is now more powerful.

Voting system now may become very simple, no fund raising will be needed if votes can be casted electronically using the social medias such as Face-book. The virtual President (US) of the World should be elected each year by the Public of the World or interested Global folks with minimum intelligence (e.g. of using a cellphone device or maintaining a digital identity), in most economic and accurate ways in the near future and that ¦#39;New Model¦#39; is to be followed by all the Sub-governments and municipalities in the World under a truly humanitarian UN power headed by less-greedy individuals such as Writers like me and you in ProPublica, Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Obama etc. and never again by animal-like selfish and money hungry businessmen of War machines, religions, guns, drugs and Oil.

With a decade-long empty US government coffer (negative balance sheet for credits) a benevolent dictator could now make better adjustment of the Left and Right things. Lots of regulations need to be modified and not by malfunctioning old heads but by the spirit and opinions of today¦#39;s younger generations using inexpensive, easy and accurately precise digital tools.

17:53 January 11, 2012 by Gaffers
Shahislam, you haven't thought this through at all.

How would a tribesmen in Africa vote if he doesn't have the technology. He surely has a right as mush as anyone else to determine his governance.

A world leader for a year would not be able to effect change in such a short space of time.

The french would vote for a French person, the British for a British person etc. so we would end up always being governed by the Chinese on pure weight of numbers.

How would these people campaign across the numerous different lanuguages?

It would not work because of cultural / religious differences. It would require all the world to be the same. It isn't. Would a Muslim accept laws passed down from a Christian or aethiest president or a Christian accepting laws based on Muslim doctrine?

Even if the World President were honest there would still be corruption further down the chain in the countries. Where there's power there's money and where there's money there's corruption

I could go on but I hope you get the point...
17:53 January 11, 2012 by Whipmanager
there are so many incredible and also incredulous postings after mine:

I think most germans are ok with the US, even us US citizens have problems with many aspects of our country and of current and past leaders. I believe George Bush#2 will be treated much better when history is written and the effects of what he started are evaluated from hind sight.

I think Heyheyhey is radical and if he were removed from the human gene pool, society would be better off, but, he has a right to post his opinions and we should all listen and read them. You can see the works of a madman, and study them to see what he is about. Then you know how to deal with him and be aware that he may slip and become a weird sorry old person with a gun going crazy and trying to take people out. I am sure that as the world's police forces and intelligence assets look at the internet, they are now aware of who he is, where he is and if he is a real threat or just a sad impotent man taking out his anger on the US.

People who read Chrisrea postings may not agree with him, but note he is lucid, well educated, and supports his comments with very well thought out points. It is an honor to disagree with him and I truly reflect on my own thoughts when I read his counters and other posts. He is the kind of guy you may sit in a bar with, enjoy a great Spanish wine with, talk for hours on end about your differences, but still respect afterwards and look forward the next conversation/verbal sparring.

I have to re-read postings to go further
21:15 January 11, 2012 by lewis69
You just have to love immigration from third world countries.
21:43 January 11, 2012 by Whipmanager
Comment: Gaffers, your post said a great deal. The rest is this: No one other than an American should ever rule Americans. The concept was tried by the Romans, and their empire killed many and had a lasting effect on the rest of us, not to mention desolation of many lands. The poor countries should ahve no say in anything outside of their lands. I mean like tribal countries in Africa. They have had more time than most of us to get it together and get rid of the greed and killing, yet you still have Rwandas, liberias, Congos, the problems may have been ignighted by Europeans, but the underlying problems are still based on the natural political systems in each of these countries. They have access to education yet have produced no major minds to speak of. Those few that do appear learn quick and leave. You cannot have a jealous rabble leading the world and telling the educated and advanced societies that brought us voting and math and others (I know the Persians are amoung this grouping) and tell us what we should be doing with regards to the advancement of the world. I do think that the UN is just a place where many underprivilleged and under-educated gather to beat up on the powers, but if that is how they need to be heard, ok, I just dont want them talking to me about what I MUST DO.

heyheyhey, I will sadly attend your funeral someday, and remind anyone else that may be there, though there will be few people in attendance, that you were at least classifiable as being of the hunam species, and as such, the humane treatment of what ever remains of your body (probably your end will come as an act of mercy to the rest of us) should be put into the cleanest of bio-heaps in the local trash dump.

Immigration serves a purpose, but one must question, why let someone into a country that refuses to integrate? The biggest forms of conflict are from those that come to a country and expect the new adopted home to adapt to them instead of them adapting to the new host country. Am I a racist for stating that, certainly many will say so. Next you have a problem of this young fool being taught to forget civility and take matters into his own hands. Next you have a culture that refuses to allow the common person to arm himself and carry weapons- which if anyone ha dbullets charged and ready, this guyy might have gotten off only a couple of shots before meeting allah and getting to experience his 72 virgins (gay male virgins I hope).

I know of few Germans that Hate Americans. I know of so many that think we are ok and don't mind us for our foibles and allow us to interact with them at the Stammtisch, or Schwimbad, or discos or other places where Germans tend to congregate. All is not lost, but this guy sure is and should
22:23 January 11, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ Whipmanager

Thank you for your kind words.

@ insight101

"... one of the nations who liberated you in the first place and which then protected you from becoming an extension of Russia..."

One more proof that you know nothing about my country. It also makes it more probable that your tirades come from Fantasy World.

@ lewis69

If you call Kosovo/Serbia a third world country, then you have no clue what this expression means.
23:15 January 11, 2012 by boopsie
>> You just have to love immigration from third world countries.
08:17 January 12, 2012 by insight101

yes, i do know that germany has some token troops in afghanistan, but as far as i know they don't see combat. so, is there are only a few troops and they don't fight, how much of a sacrifice is it, really? besides that, though, i was talking about germany leading the process of solving the world's problems or the lead roll in stopping for example, a genocide instead of letting the u.s. do it and then bitching about what is done when no valid alternative was suggested. for example, they could have demonstrated their prowess in yugoslavia, darfur, rwanda, etc., but instead they tried diplomacy while people continued to be slaughtered in great number. the same with iran's enriching uranium. how many years have discussion, diplomacy, sanctions, etc. been used to stop this development to no avail? and when the time comes, if it comes, that the u.s. takes military action, the germans will be first in line to criticize it, but why haven't they solved the problem then? they are now talking about sanctions. well, let's see if that does the trick. just so you know, i'm not that patriotic. i as an individual, would not participate in war, but nations don't have that luxury as far as i can see. i would say about the problems in the world, i don't know what to do, because i don't know all the facts. i only know what i am told. and i might still not know what to do if i had all the facts. that's the kind of humility i would like to hear from europeans instead of what seems to be an arrogant, hah-you-made-another-mistake-when-we-knew-better-all-along attitude.
09:37 January 12, 2012 by Gaffers
Nearly 5,500 troops is not a token. They are based in the safer areas but they have still had casualties nevertheless.

Diplomacy should always be the first approach. Only if this fails should military action be taken. No one country should be the world police though. That is the job of the UN regardless of how well they may do that job. It is not for the US to decide where their military intervention is required. If the US was really so worried about the fate of oppressed individuals they would have many other oppressive states to focus on. How about China? Oh that's right. Too much trade going on with them to risk the financial (and not to mention human casualties) damage a war with them would result in. It is like the school bully who only picks on the smaller kids.

While the world is a better place without the gaddafis and husseins of the world it does not mean that this was the only or primary reason for the war in Iraq.

I think your opinion of Europeans is wrong. It's not arrogance (except maybe the French :-) ). It is more tolerant if anything. I would suggest the fact the US feels they are the ones to police the world reflects arrogance. That their way is the right way.

The US may be a strong world power at the moment but history teaches us ALL empires rise and fall. It is only a matter of time before the US position in the world changes.
10:56 January 12, 2012 by heyheyhey
@ Whipmanager.....

Go to YouTube to see the most recent evidence of what the world sees when the US military is in their country......the video is US Marines defile..........

You may not like that I speak my mind, but you cannot defend what you advocate in earlier posts, or this video.

As I watch this video I understand why I am not negatively affected when US soldiers reap the rewards of the behavior that continues to be exposed. Remember, you are supposed to be better than the enemy, isn't that what you essentially say in your posts? And, you believe that you are better than those who NAME YOU what you are.

You, and those like you, will never understand how abhorrent you are. But the world will understand. AbuGraib was not an isolated incident that occurred because of a few rogue soldiers. There is a culture of contempt for those you fight that is so obviously rampant in your military.

You would be well served to spend your time worrying about how to, once again, salvage the reputation of your military rather than focus your hatred in my direction.

I would also add that seeing corpses urinated upon does not bother me. But it does make me think!

I wish for you a life of thoughtfulness.
19:18 January 12, 2012 by Gretl
@Schwabhallrocks - I am the token female here. And thanks! My degree is in International Studies with a concentration in American Foreign Policy.
21:39 January 12, 2012 by Whipmanager
heyheyhey: I am a retired Professional Soldier. While the Ignorant bad Terrorists killed, dismembered and defiled our soldiers and contractors in many places, I abhor the urinating on the rightfully dead terrorists the US SOldiers killed in Combat. Those dead terrorists are neither legal combatants nor are they professional soldiers. They are a rabble of hill people out to fight for a cause but are not even of any particular organized or recognized country so they have no rights according to the geneva convention. Having said that, I have and would again give people like them rights they do nto deserve because that is what Professional soldiers, like my British and German professional counterparts would also do- it is right and we are a rightious Military with a correct mission. You ahte that but that is ok, you see, I would even protect you and your rights to be a disagreeable twit even if I totally dont even think you are capable of going to the bathroom and cleaning yourself properly afterwards.

Idiots filmed this and they all should be punished. But the US, brits, french, germans nor any other Ally has done anything comparable to the masses that these SOBs have done to their own people, with total disregard for their rights.

You should get down on your knees every day and pray that we still exist and have the ability to fight off the bad guys-Americans Brits and germans. Because if some day we are not, you will see in Germany what happened to the Giorgians and the middle eastern cultures. there is a very bad storm coming and you better hope and pray we are here to help you out.

I could not be so thoughtful or more so as I am now.
03:37 January 13, 2012 by boopsie
Well said Whipmanager. Don't any of these posters upset you in any way as the vast majority of them know less than nothing beyond what they see and hear on television. A major storm is headed our way threatening to push us back to the dark ages and its fostered both by the changing world outside and by the virtually unrestricted immigration mandated by our misguided leadership. Hold on tight, its going to be a very rough ride before its over.
07:57 January 13, 2012 by insight101
@ gaffers

I think you chose a good word to describe the attitude towards the I have seen living in Germany. Tolerant...in other words, we don't like your kind, but we have to "tolerate" you. That's fine that you don't think people in your country are generally as arrogant as any other country, but I do based on my experiences over many years. 'We have the best bread, the best cars, the best beer, the best football team..we know that you did it the wrong way and we know the right way'..no, you're right- they aren't arrogant. And just as a side point-though what everyone says about the French being arrogant may be true, I have never experienced it personally in my dealings with them. Wish I could say the same for Germany...
09:32 January 13, 2012 by heyheyhey

You have an obsession with clean genitals????? I wonder if it has anything to do with your past marriage?

That being said, you also are obsessed with people being down on their knees? Interesting, isn't it? What kind of games?

Now, to return to the point I have been trying to make....the US has, in fact, caused the hatred that is directed toward the US soldiers. If you do not yet understand this concept then you never will. As a professional soldier you have spent much of your life denying what it is that YOU actually do. Instead you play mental and verbal games to protect yourself from the truth. That will likely not change as you have a litany of excuses and justifications for why your behavior is not as bad as the real bad guys.....the enemy. Of course, believing as you do that the US is a righteous military you are even more frightening and dangerous than those you scorn and kill. A righteous military, fighting a righteous war, telling all to get down on their knees and be thankful.......Jesus Christ, man, you are one scary fanatic. There is nothing good or righteous about being willing to kill.....to murder others. Killing is murder whether you wear a uniform or not. Rather than say "I fought in thenwar
12:30 January 13, 2012 by ChrisRea
heyheyhey makes a very valid point with the urinating soldiers video. After all, Arid Uka's actions were triggered by a similar video in which US soldiers in Afghanistan were raping a local woman. Abu-Ghraib, Mahmudiyah, Maywand District, Hamdania, Haditha, Ishaqi, Mukaradeeb are only a couple of similar well-known cases of US soldiers raping and/or killing innocent civilians. Considering how frequent such cases are reported (it is also safe to expect that many go unreported), it appears to be the rule rather than the exception. If they receive much publicity, there is a chance that the criminal soldiers go to jail. If not, they get a slap on the wrist and life goes on (see the case of U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Christopher Van Goethem killing Teo Peter).

It is hard not be angered by such behaviour of US soldiers. But one has to see the bigger picture. It is not only the local civilians that are targeted. The Guardian reported that it is more probable for a US female soldier in Iraq to be sexually attacked by a fellow soldier than to be killed by enemy fire (http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2011/dec/09/rape-us-military). While it appears to be a systemic problem, the solution is not to kill whatever US soldiers comes into range like Arid Uka. Obviously there are also good US soldiers (like probably Whipmanager was), so it is the guilty ones we should make sure are punished and that the penalty matches their crimes. The longer we leave this problem unsolved, the more likely attacks as Arid Uka's will be. Any idea how shall we do this apart from more of public aware of what is happening?
13:28 January 13, 2012 by Gaffers

Tolerance does not necessarily mean dislike. It also mean disagrees with. This definition is from the Oxford English dictionary. I can disagree with someone but it doesn't mean I dislike them. Please do not twist my words to suit your argument.

I am really sorry you had such a bad experience in Germany. Based on mine and many people I know the Germans are fine people and no more or less arrogant than any other nation. The examples you give can be found in just about any nationality. It's national identity not arrogance. The belgians believe they have the best beer. The Spanish the best football team. The french the best food etc. We know the British have the best cars :-)

Please take note of the smiley aft my comment about the French....
17:21 January 13, 2012 by Whipmanager
Desecration of any dead is wrong. We spoke many months ago about the Article about female us Soldiers being sexually assaulted, and I also remember quoting that the rate in the military was still lower than any of the typical societies outside of the military. We can all admit tht a soldier is just a reflection of where he comes from, and not apart from it. So, if there are rapes, fights, prejudice in a uniform, it means it exists out of uniform in the country the person came from. You see less of the actions in the US military than in the civilain american world because the military doesnt tolerate it, nor does it allow things, once known, to be pushed aside.

that being said, soemtimes, a general may feel a certain way, and if something happens under his watch, he may be in a position to shield offenders if he agrees with the actions. That is generally why, when something major happens, the leadership is replaced, since some how, the people felt they were ok to do it and that the officers above them wouldnt necessarily mind. You cant say that is what happens when something similar happens in the civilian world. Ultimately there is more accountability for people i nuniform throughout the world. Justice is usually fast and furious. The marines are to be charged today, and we hav eonly known about the incident fo ra bout a week, so, HEYHEYHEY you miserable sicko, what do you think about that? You may say it is because of publicity, but I believe it is about saving face and getting justice equally.

How do you stop this? It has gone on for Millennium, we are nto the first, nor shall we be the last. did the world get all in an uproar when the people in Iraq chopped up and destroyed the remains of the US Military people? Nah. so urinating is bad and will be punished, but it is the least that happens. Soldiers get mad, they kill, sometimes indescriminately, but if there are no uniforms, and the MUslims tend to hide in the crowds of civilians (Illegal combatants) How can you tell anymore? they use kids in Palestine to shield them from bullets, they used babies to hide grenades in in vietnam (Not Muslims), war has changed, but people havent. they get tired of the crap and get angry. they have guns in their hands and sometimes, not often, they think the are getting even. They lose their souls at that one vulnerable moment and never get it back. Ask them later, they willtell you they cant forget.
18:06 January 13, 2012 by heyheyhey

You seem to believe that I support and endorse what the murderer in this article did to your soldiers. I did not say that.

I said that I understand.

Others who think as you do have stated that I enjoy knowing that US soldiers are killed. I did not say that. I said I am not bothered. I also said that I am not bothered by seeing corpses urinated upon.

I have seen enough in my lifetime to not be surprised by these behaviors. I do expect that humanity acts regularly in inhume ways and engages in what is described as abhorrent behavior.

I challenge you to sit b,ack and observe the world. Witness, with a still mind. Do this so that you come to UNDERSTANDING. It does no good to react with defensiveness or justifications or comparisons of your bad behavior to their bad behavior.

I will continue to believe that the US soldiers do harm in the world. Not everything they do is harmful. However, when your nation decides to invade another nation and you justify that invasion using examples of the abuses perpetrated upon the citizens of that nation by its leader,then it is absolutely incumbent upon your military to walk to moral high ground, not just speak about it.

It does not matter to people such as the killer in this article whether your nation can recount endless lists of ways it has helped others.

You must understand what they see in you.

One video such as the one that recently surfaced does more harm than thousands of acts of kindness.

I would argue with you regarding the abuse that the US military subjects it's female soldiers to. There is more date surfacing regarding the numbers of female soldiers raped and the manner in which that has been silenced and the women coerced and threatened into silence.

I would say that just as the Roman Catholic Church would not admit its abuses until there was no way out of the denial and coercive coverup, so too will the US military continue it's denial and coverup, until there is no way out.
18:29 January 13, 2012 by djhartmannn

(at least when Islam is involved)

Oh, sorry ... you already knew that.

20:07 January 13, 2012 by soros
Excuse me, but does it say he may get 15 years? Are you kidding? Is life in Germany so cheap? Someone who commits incest should get 15 years; murderers like this, no matter what the motive or how poor and lost they are should get mandatory life without parole or the death penalty. Fifteen years is not justice. It is blatant disrespect for human life.
21:31 January 13, 2012 by Whipmanager
Heyheyhey: Finally your post is more mature, more content heavy. I agree with a great deal of what yo usay in your last posting. It is true that it matter not what we have done, when one as stupid as the guy of this article doesnt care, he just wants quick fame and that is coming via killing Americans. People who do irrational things based on faulty ideology will always be victims of their own short-sightedness. There is a great American Politician that is coming into the lime light over this incident:


read this and it says it all.

Getting back to our friend Arid Uka, his final crime is breathing the same air as the rest of the world after having done this senseless act. He would have been better off taking that talent to a battel field and shooting his own comrades that are true criminals. But, what do I know? Or really what do any of us know? Outside of Heyheyhey, who knows so much and has seen so much, and is smarter and able to read muslim minds, and see and feel the pain of the world, when it comes down to it, none of this matters to the families of those killed by Arid. They will ahte islamists, they will teach their families to hate them, and when an opportunte time comes, just like has happened in Serbia, that family will kill those that hurt it. A never ending tale
21:38 January 13, 2012 by ChrisRea
@ soros

If you a US soldier, the life you take can be much, much cheaper. See the case I quoted before (U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant Christopher Van Goethem killing Teo Peter; Van Goethem was driving while drunk, ignored the red light and crushed into the cab carrying Teo Peter; to get an idea about his morality, that happened right after he committed adultery). He did not spend a day in jail. The US military authorities made a laughable compensation offer to the family - $11,500 (about the price of two funerals). Can you go cheaper than that?
08:34 January 14, 2012 by heyheyhey

So, when you AGREE with someone then their post so more content heavy?????


You need to find someone who values your opinion, and that would not be me. As long as you continue to see the world through the eyes of the military we have little in common.

Your sarcasm is wasted if it is intended to offend me, as I could give a rat's ass what you think of or mock about what I say. I have more important concerns.

This post is being written shortly after I read the article re. All the thousands of US soldiers who will be pulled out of Germany. High time!

Soon the German people can have their country and of course they will suffer without your money......yawn

Please whipmanager, can you leave Germany???? YOU sir, leave.
15:47 January 16, 2012 by insight101

I was not twisting your words. I was telling why to me that was a good word choice, not to you. I also know a large percentage of nice germans. And my examples regarding cars and beer and so forth were not meant to be the serious examples. I notice you didn't mention any of those examples in your defense. You also in a previous blog gave your view that 5,000 troops is not a token and that you changed what I said, which is that they aren't in actual combat as far as I know, and you said they are in less dangerous areas. There is a difference between fighting in less dangerous areas (why are they doing that though) and not being in combat in the first place. If some are killed by suicide bombers while they build a bridge, that is not the same as taking the lead in fixing things in troubled spots in the world. I was not just saying they should be more involved. I was saying since so many Europeans seem to think they know better how to solve the world problems, why don't they do it? Take the lead.
19:58 January 17, 2012 by Whipmanager
heyheyhey: I left germany in October 2000. I come back to see friends and family, but I haven't lived there in years. I left with my head help high, my country was and still is the greatest in teh world, and I am an egotistical American Soldier for the rest of my life.

No one values my opinion any more than they do yours. I do not believe I am any smarter or dumber than the average Poster, but, in your case, I am sure I am Smarter and have more world experiences than you do. I have seen a great deal and taken part in much of what will be in history books (surly changed to suit many like you by the modern day revisionists) from 79 until 2000. But I volunteered fro adventure and danger. You probably never even did any mandatory time in any uniform, and or if you did, it was probably spent trying to find a way out of work. May my god Bless your pitiful life and we will actually argue against one another in future posting. So I look frward to more of your idiocy ...take care my frenemy
08:33 January 20, 2012 by heyheyhey

Please do hold your egotistical military man head high. We can then see you coming.

The US is not the greatest country in the world; FAR from that. You will soon realize this truth as your children continue to receive inferior education, as your citizens receive ever more expensive and useless health care, with poor outcomes compared to many countries. You are losing your middle class so rapidly that one might think an epidemic had struck. Your elderly rot in old people homes due to the greed of the owners who will not hire adequate staff. The list of failures is too great to write here, as there is a limit on the number of words.

Stay in denial, old man. The only world experience that you have that does exceed mine is in the shooting of people with whom you have disagreements. Be proud of that. it will serve you well when sit in dung in your diapers in the old persons home.
19:18 January 23, 2012 by Whipmanager
heyheyhey: You write:

Please do hold your egotistical military man head high. We can then see you coming.

So, your side would rather shut up/threaten soemone like me than debate me? Fear of my point of view being taken serious, having credence, and being more logical than yours?

This article is old and finished. You want to see me coming, sounds like a threat. I smile and walk taller now, thank you.
17:52 January 31, 2012 by heyheyhey

Hold your proud head high so that the rest of humanity can turn away, walk in an other direction, and avoid the stench of death. You may feel proud of yourself, old man, but you are a pitiful and sorry excuse for humanity.

I do not threaten, old man. I speak truth that you run from.

There are many who find your beliefs disgusting, and I am one of them.

Please return to your brothel and bury your head in what you think you do best!
Today's headlines
Long-vanished German car brand joins electric race
Photo: DPA

Cars bearing the stamp of once-defunct manufacturer Borgward will once again roll off an assembly line in north Germany from 2018, the firm said Wednesday.

Eurowings cabin crew union to strike all day Thursday
Photo: DPA.

UPDATE: A union representing cabin crews on Lufthansa's budget airline Eurowings has announced that strikes will last all day Thursday as ongoing contract negotiations continue to falter.

Hesse hopes to set example by building Iraqi orphanages
Refugee children in northern Iraq. Photo: DPA

The wealthy central German state of Hesse has set aside €1 million to build a school, family homes and an orphanage in northern Iraq, in an effort to help refugees there.

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10 German clichés that foreigners get very wrong
David Hasselhoff. Photo: DPA

Whether it be efficiency, humourlessness or a love of a certain Baywatch star, there are many cliches stuck in the heads of foreigners about Germany. But how true are they?

Fake Germanwings victim relative convicted in Cologne
A torn piece of metal at the crash site in 2015. Photo: DPA

A German court on Wednesday gave a woman a year's suspended jail sentence for posing as the cousin of a victim in last year's Germanwings plane crash and obtaining compensation offered by the airline.

Couple accused of torturing, murdering women go on trial
The so-called 'house of horrors' in Höxter where the couple allegedly tortured and killed women. Photo: DPA.

A couple accused of luring women to their village home with personal ads started trial on Wednesday over charges that they tortured and killed at least two of their victims.

After July attacks, govt drafts new video surveillance law
Photo: DPA

The Interior Ministry is drafting a law which will enable public spaces to be filmed for surveillance purposes as a reaction to deadly attacks in July, according to a newspaper report.

Merkel: murky internet giants distort perception of reality
Angela Merkel. Photo: DPA.

Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Tuesday for internet giants to make public their closely-guarded algorithms, claiming that they are not giving people diverse enough information.

Pegida leader 'paid court costs with group's money'
Pegida leader Lutz Bachmann. Photo: DPA.

The leader of the anti-Islam movement reportedly used money from Pegida's coffers to pay for two personal court cases, German media reported this week.

Anger as Berlin scraps Turkey concert on Armenia genocide
The Dresden Symphony Orchestra. Photo: DPA

Germany's foreign ministry Tuesday scrapped a planned symphony performance on the Armenian "genocide" in its Istanbul consulate, sparking accusations that it was caving in to Turkish pressure.

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