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Twins born: One white, one black

The Local · 3 Jan 2012, 10:49

Published: 03 Jan 2012 10:49 GMT+01:00

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According to a report in the Bild newspaper, 40-year-old dentist’s assistant Grit Funke and her Nigerian partner were completely taken by surprise at the birth.

“First came a light girl, and then out popped a dark girl!” the happy mother told the paper. “The midwife couldn’t believe it either.”

“My boyfriend and I didn’t actually want any more children,” Funke told the paper. “We already have a son together, and I have two boys from my first marriage. But then we found out about the pregnancy, and then came the news that it would be twins.”

The two Funke girls, named Leonie (white) and Louisa (black), are both healthy, and Funke says she has already identified differing character traits. “Louisa is a lot quieter and undemanding and sleeps longer,” she said. “I always say that’s the sunny African genes.”

“I’m looking forward to the looks we get from people on the street when they’re older and the whole family goes for a walk,” she added. “I suppose a few people will be a bit confused.”

There have been two other instances of black and white twins in Germany in recent years, one in Berlin in 2008 (pictured above), the other also in Leipzig in 2005.

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Your comments about this article

11:26 January 3, 2012 by supernova
East Germans do need this. I wanna see them being racists to their own children because if their color. Nature has beautiful way of teaching humans!
11:37 January 3, 2012 by Ind-Deutsche
Will they become Stinson brothers?:-)

I wish the parents and 2 kids a wonderful life ahead.
11:44 January 3, 2012 by Johnne

Thank you very very much for that comment! Yes nature has beautiful way of teaching humans. Today is a bright day for me, a happy day :-D and I will celebrate this chidren´s birth. It shows us that we are all the same afterall, and it´s only red blood that runs through our inner system. I thank this couple! and especially it´s a Nigerian-German couple!! hiiiihhaaa!! See how we gonna be inproving the Nigerian-German relationship, African-European, and the Black-White. It shows that no matter what we humans do, God & nature will always show us the right way and the truth in life. I congratulate the couple, and I congratulate my white brothers and sisters. Happy New Year and God bless!!
12:15 January 3, 2012 by freechoice
cute Leonie looks more like Asian than White to me.
17:05 January 3, 2012 by Englishted

Hold on and read ,this photo is not of the newborns it is from Berlin in 2008.

I wish the entire patchwork family well.
20:13 January 3, 2012 by Major B
Oh geez. This article is inaccurate and misleading, especially the title. What you have hier ist children of mixed race heritage, in this case, caucasoid and negroid, where one child is light skinned and one child is darker skinned. These twins aren't identical and the same could happen if their births were separated by a year or more.

These different skin colors aren't even uncommon for children of so called light skinned black(some african heritage) people and darker skinned people of African heritage.

Perhaps the mother can learn the wisdom of disregarding racial stereotypes as she raises her children.

The lighter skinned child will NOT be considered white by the Eastern German population as it becomes older and its facial features become more prominent.

There certainly were hundreds of offspring of such combinations, especially after 1945 or so in Western Germany, right?

Will this couple ultimately have to leave Eastern Germany? Hope not and if not that will speak volumes about the growth of tolerance in that part of Germany!
21:40 January 3, 2012 by trevzns
@ Englishted

Whether it was in the Garden of Eden, 001BC or 1210AD, its now 2012…. get over it.

Europeans are a patchwork family of human beings and the world is aware of this. And, other human beings wish the entire European patchwork family well. That is if, the patchwork family does not destroy us all?
22:44 January 3, 2012 by ngwanem
Geez Major B, are now a renowned geneticist or a scientific racist? What do you mean by "The lighter skinned child will NOT be considered white by the Eastern German population as it becomes older and its facial features become more prominent. " Do you now know that only a few genes are responsible for the physical genetic traits and it is very difficult to use physical characteristics to describe a race.

I guess you would faint if they carried a genetic test on you and discovered you carried genes of the other groups, you feel uncomfortable to be associated with...

@trevzns: well spoken!
00:37 January 4, 2012 by LecteurX
@ Major B - sure they aren't identical twins, wow you must be a genius for finding this much out. And then, what do you know? There have been quite a few well publicised occurrences of black and white twins around the world, so that you can find out for yourself what happens when they grow a little older. Here follow the link. You won't have to read the whole thing, just the picture will disprove your rant entirely.


01:27 January 4, 2012 by bolingo
What´s all this debate all about ?Guys we are all human beings and we reamain that , the human RACE black or white
18:11 January 4, 2012 by Englishted

Hello I only pointed out that the photo was not of the children in the report !

What is to get over?

I still wish the families well .
03:00 January 5, 2012 by Pille17
@supernova and Major B I can't believe how you think about east germany....As if only Nazis would live here. ridiculous....
07:24 January 5, 2012 by lewis69
If every one breeds with immigrants which number around 25 to 30 million in Europe like in this article and another 25 to 30 million baby boomers die off with no one to replace them because Europeans aren't having enough kids and the 25 to 30 million immigrants have huge familys (which they do) that becomes around 60 million and then they mostly all breed into the population that means Europe is out 90 million people. NOT LOOKING GOOD GUYS.

ps im not a raceist I am just worried about the future of my people im canadian i have many native american friends and they are hardly native at all they have blue eyes and have lost their culture and genetics because of European immigration just as Europe could lose theirs to immigration one day.
15:55 January 5, 2012 by trevzns
@ Englishted nothing to get over.

Sorry, my misinterpretation.
16:56 January 5, 2012 by septiSeverus
@ lewis69

Why do my Native American friends have blue eyes? Who specifically are your people?

You may not be a racist? Perhaps, may be just ignorant of European history in America…. if you are of European descent?

The history of Europeans introduction of slavery, diseases and the rape, plunder and genocide of the indigenous Indians in American are well documented.

Consider reading a different world history of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans that fallowed him to America and the Caribbean.

Start with Spain and Portugal and get a map of Europe and Scandinavia, close your eyes and point to a European, Scandinavian country on your map.

This version of European history is most likely not taught at Kindergarten school levels in America.
23:19 January 5, 2012 by lewis69
@ septi serverus I am of European decent my native american friends have blue eyes for the reasons you stated their culture was destroyed because we destroyed it nothing im proud of obviously i have had many conversations with them about these things.

And I cant do it with my eyes closed but i can point to any Scandinavian country on my map not sure why you asked that one.

And yes that history is well taught to us from a young age along with black history and any other culture but our own its like its a bad thing to learn about the good parts of European history here if your a minority in canada your so set.
10:25 January 6, 2012 by septiSeverus
@ lewis69

Not sure why there is so much concern and phobia regarding the increase populations of non-Europeans around the world?

Nature provided us a simple and very pleasurable solution to increase the populations in Europe, Canada and the US…etc.

The Indians in America were naive. The Indians naiveté, gentle and humble humanity cost them their lives and civilizations in the Caribbean.

It seems some people in Western Civilization view themselves as the human race and not apart of the human race.

As it was then, as it is today, Europeans are still hungry and on nation building religious crusades.

And, take the bibles they wrote literal. Their Sun-God and God-Sun, made them and their religions master of all life on earth, skies and seas.

Once a nation building crusading missionary, always a crusading missionary. The apple does not fall far from the tree.
11:03 January 6, 2012 by Dom har glömt
@septi Severus

Dont be blind. Europeans have had their fair share of suffering. History books will point to the white man of being the bad guy for all that he did. While leaving out the good that they did and the bad that the non-white did. Just to name a few. The natives of New zealand ate the explorers that were white people. The Huron indians and Moehikons Boiled white people alive olong with other groups. The country of Barbadoes had white slaves. White people didnt come in the middle of the night and take slaves. The government of Africa sold the slaves. Ok, the white man did invent cures for diseases along with enventing technology and the like. You should be thankful for this. Not comlaining about it.
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