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Man stabs dog to death after row with wife

The Local · 1 Jan 2012, 14:50

Published: 01 Jan 2012 14:50 GMT+01:00

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The couple brought their seven-year-old Alsation with them when they visited another married couple in the western German town of Siegen to celebrate the New Year.

In the course of the evening, a row erupted between the 39-year-old man and his 40-year-old wife, during which she said she wanted to end their marriage.

According to police, the man then stormed out and stabbed the dog to death outside. He then damaged the host's car and drove away, though it is not known where.

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Your comments about this article

16:32 January 1, 2012 by mikel taylor
do ya think alcohol had anything to do with this??

How about the name of this idiot so the towns people know who he is and what he did, a little street justice would be justified
18:46 January 1, 2012 by Gretl
I think we now know why they are getting divorced; someone has a serious anger control problem. Bad for the dog, but good thing it wasn't his wife or the other couple.
07:49 January 2, 2012 by mos101392
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
09:49 January 2, 2012 by heyheyhey

Are you saying it is better that the innocent dog died?

If so, please explain why.

The dog had nothing to do with this pathetic marriage, except to likely love both people.

I suppose you think it is always better that an animal die if the choice is between an animal and a human?

Comments like yours sicken me.
13:32 January 2, 2012 by jmclewis
The man and his wife need a nice prison cell together. Oh wait that is their marriage..... They should be in a pit with rabid dogs until their end.
14:44 January 2, 2012 by Englishted

I do think "it is always better that an animal die if the choice is between an animal and a human?"

I am quite happy for animals to die when I want to eat them too,and I wear leather .

Sad that the dog died in such circumstances but to rage against human kind because of it is questionable.
17:10 January 2, 2012 by heyheyhey
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
18:40 January 2, 2012 by Englishted

Oh I am sorry did I offend your sensibilities ,fancy questioning your animal like logic.

But as you can see from may comment before unlike yourself I don't find it necessary to be rude and personally insulting to put across a point.

If you find that superior you are welcomed to say so.

I would then say you do have a point maybe always is wrong change it to mostly.

However I have reported your abuse.

I would also recommend you seek treatment for your anal fascination before you really offend somebody.
08:16 January 3, 2012 by golfcricket

You definitely need some professional help. You are one twisted individual and really don't make a bit of sense.. Domestic animals are treated equally treated as humans and for someone to brutally kill any domestic animal should be treated as if they've killed a human being..

This is a English speaking forum and if you have difficulities expressing yourself in this language then I would advise keeping your pathetic mouth shut.. You are the one that has offended!!!!!!
08:20 January 3, 2012 by heyheyhey

You are a mindless fool. Examine your first comment in the above post.....of course, you would not be rude or insulting, as you are English, correct? You know what I mean..........that continent of people who believe they have all the answers, that they ARE the answer, that they are master and lord of this planet. You are, unfortunately, a very poor specimen as humans go. Even the uneducated and illiterate among us realize that animals are no more, and no less than humans. Children today understand what your feeble mind seems incapable of comprehending.......it is attitudes such as yours that have ruined this planet and caused the elimination of multitudes of species, because, after all, what could be more important than the desires of the human species? What could be more important than filling the fat guts of the citizens of Western society?

As far as I am concerned I believe that neither you or any human has been given

The right to name yourself as more important than other species existing with us on this planet. If you were even slightly educated you would know that YOU also are an animal. You simply walk upright and are named human.

08:33 January 3, 2012 by delvek
step away from the mouse and keyboard and get some fresh air!

Heyheyhey and golfcricket you guys really need to get outside and enjoy life, way too much hate and anger festering inside you, not healthy or positive.

You should change your face to a smile with the New Year! :)
16:43 January 3, 2012 by Englishted

"Domestic animals are treated equally treated as humans and for someone to brutally kill any domestic animal should be treated as if they've killed a human being.. "

So life imprisonment or hanging for the man in the report?

Please .


"Even the uneducated and illiterate among us realize that "

England is not ".that continent "

Please feel free to tell us where you are from ,as I would find it interesting to understand what is or was the basis that formed your opinion (which unlike yourself I believe you are quite entitled to hold).
17:12 January 3, 2012 by raandy
This guy had a really bad night. His wife wants out , he is invited to a friends of his wife for New Years. he is drunk and hates himself and the world , goes out and stabs his best friend to death and screws up the host car for being a weasel and now the world wants to hang him from the highest structure. Bad slide into the new year.
17:52 January 3, 2012 by heyheyhey
@delvek.........I am only home for several hours daily. I do get lots of sunshine. However, I literally want to vomit when I read some of the stupid and pathetic comments that people make on this site. There is no excuse for them, at least because they present themselves as intelligent.

@Englishted"........the place in which I reside has little or nothing to do with my beliefs. My beliefs are formed based upon exposure to a multitude of ideas and extensive years of experience working with both humans and animals. My beliefs are formed after considering many things, least of which is the Ethics associated with situations. Again, I will say that animals, no matter what species, all play a very important role in this life on this planet. To consider them as less important than yourself is the belief of a fool, and a poorly educated one at that.

The lack of knowledge re. The depth and breadth of intelligence and feeling of animals is absolutely a reflection of the fact that humans have not known how to "test" these areas, until of late. If you read most of the more recent research you would know that we humans have grossly ignored what is obvious to many. Animals are very intelligent and have deep and rich emotional lives.

Make a mockery of this if it fulfills some sick need you have. But please don't expect that all readers will simply laugh at or agree with your comments. You will be challenged!

Beliefs based upon ignorance are not something that you are " entitled" to hold. It is your responsibility, as a member of this planet, to learn the truth so that your behavior does not negatively impact those you encounter. Spend more time studying and less time running your mouth.
22:14 January 3, 2012 by Batucadababy
Why is it such a stretch of the imagination for people to realize that a man who has no qualms about taking an animal's life like this, would most likely have no qualms about taking a human life. Even some of those sadistic idiots that work in slaughter houses have no problem with torturing a poor animal before he puts it out of it's misery..and .had the animal jumped up and kicked the lining out of it's torturers butt, it still would have been killed for defending itself.
18:30 January 4, 2012 by Englishted

The environment you live and /or were you spent you formative years will effect your beliefs , that has been proved.

I have no problem with your ideas on animal welfare ,however I will not hold them up as being equal .

As I have stated I eat them and us their produce be it skin or egg and milk ,I don't find it right that they should suffer unduly for me.But I could not do as I do if I believed them to be my equal no more than I could do it to a fellow human.

People who hold these beliefs vegans and Buddhists for example I hold in high regard as I do with anyone who holds deep beliefs that harm nobody else.

I have re-read my first comment and do not find it as offensive as you do,I said in my second post that on second thought I would change the word "always".

As @raandy #13 pointed out it was a bad start to the year all round sadly more so for the dog ,but I think we have gone off track ,and will just have to agree to disagree.
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