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Merkel sees birth of 'true political union' in Europe

The Local · 14 Dec 2011, 15:46

Published: 14 Dec 2011 15:46 GMT+01:00

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"The vision of a real political union is beginning to take on contours," she told lawmakers in an address to the lower house of parliament, the Bundestag, following last week's EU summit.

"I expressly say that there's more to a political union than just creating a stability mechanism. A political union also means generating common growth and in particular sustained growth," Merkel said.

European Union leaders from 26 of the 27 member states agreed on Friday at a high-stakes Brussels summit to back a Franco-German drive for tighter budget policing in a bid to save the eurozone.

After Britain, which does not use the euro, blocked changes to an EU-wide treaty, the other 26 EU states signalled their willingness to join a "new fiscal compact" imposing tougher budget rules.

However, the Czech Republic has since put the deal on hold until the text is finalised.

Merkel warned in her speech to MPs that the road to overcoming the crisis that threatened the future of the euro would be long and would face setbacks as there was no quick and easy solution.

"Getting over the state debt crisis is... a process. This process won't last weeks, it won't last months, it will last years," she said. "This process will be accompanied also in future by setbacks."

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Merkel also voiced regret at London's decision to stay outside the pact but stressed that Britain remained an important partner including on issues of competitiveness, climate change and trade.


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Your comments about this article

16:07 December 14, 2011 by boopsie
Ha! So Merkel is about to accomplish in europe what the germans could not 75 years ago. And again Britain is the fly in the ointment.
16:34 December 14, 2011 by Steve Potts
The Euro will not work without large transfer of resources between nations as the inhabitants of more competative nations like Germany are forced to support the less effiecient ones. Voters in countries doing the supporting, like Germany will naturally demand control of the decisions nmade by those that they are supporting and the voters in the countries being supported will resent the restrictions that are being imposed on them.
17:09 December 14, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Typical 3rd World Logic: The system is corrupt, we need a bigger and more powerful system.

ah yes, and leave the door open for some 'Climate Change' revenue talks. Wonderful.
17:10 December 14, 2011 by Jimbob_77
I would run the EU Community like the USA. Every EU country state would be responsible to their own country thruogh spending, taxes and entrepreneurship. If they fail to plan and save, while paying their share to the federal govenment, then starvation and mayhem will occur.....New state governments would be elected....
17:29 December 14, 2011 by storymann
A little politics, this a bit premature. The markets are not showing a strong favorable opinion to this, yet. The treaty has not been ratified,, the problem is not so much the treaty as it's enforcement,the old treaty required debt to GDP to be 3% , even Germany got a pass to exceed this.There is a long curvy road until finalization by the present 26 members , many of whom are worried about a German Europe as opposed to a Europe with Germany.

Even with unlimited political will, this is a recipe for prolonged recession and stagnation in Europe. Mrs Merkel is making this clear in her back handed way by saying it will take years to come out of this debt crisis.
19:11 December 14, 2011 by michael4096
History says it's inevitable. More a question of "when" than "if"
22:20 December 14, 2011 by Aasvogel
There will be democratically accountable political union in Europe. Any other form of political union is bound to fail - witness the disintegration of Yugoslavia and the USSR. The reasons are historic, ethnic and tragic.

Unless Merkel reads the odd history book there is bound to be trouble ahead, followed by disintegration. There is no demos in Europe. An open trading relationship, friendship, commerce but no political entanglements between sovereign nations is the only way forward.
00:42 December 15, 2011 by neunElf
Isn't Germany in violation of the stability pact even today, not to mention France?

I find it laughable to be lectured on financial rectitude by Frau Merkel while her government cannot abide by the rules of the Maastricht treaty.
05:42 December 15, 2011 by mike_1983
this is just a western version of the USSR...... it will not end well, the politicians are once again doing something that the people are against!

funny how germany has managed to get more control of europe now than 70 years ago..... in eager anticipation to see how this all plays out!
11:20 December 15, 2011 by Nemesis
For those of you stating that apolitical union is doomed to fail, a simpel question. Where is your call for the break up of the USA as your hypocrisy in not calling for that is blatant?

The sooner there is a United States of Europe, the better.
11:54 December 15, 2011 by Sastry.M
To the 70 years of European history one must also reckon 20 years of agony and destitution Germany suffered after ww1. The glee of decimating Germany after her defeat reminded no plea for human values to victors and neighboring Europeans. Embargoed and embittered, these central Europeans were made to struggle for basic existence with a depreciation of economy augmented by the great Depression of 20's. The Weimar democratic governments made only vain gloried political shows of promising sponsorships and never addressed or done anything practical to the needs of hungry millions.

Hitler's 7 year Glory resulted only more in an abuse and destruction of unimaginable dimensions. And yet the German spirit revived to hope even in the midst of hopeless destitution, more due to the firm grip of a grand child holding Opa's hand while walking among ruins( H.Boell--Billiards at half past nine) than due to Marshall bail outs, which are any way extorted under various monetary compensations.

If the people survived and held out an economic miracle, it was because make shift schools were set up among ruined buildings and God returned along with children going to school , probably on the third day of cessation of hostilities.

Praise the virtue of people who extort money to compensate for their past misery and abuse the people whose misery propelled to human survival and economic recovery. Probably Germany can go on alone.
16:42 December 15, 2011 by frankiep

Exactly. I am getting so sick of these ridiculously biased comments about how Europe is destined to fail. The telling thing though is just how adamant so many of these comments are. "The EU is another version of the USSR." "The EU is Hitler's plan come to fruition." "The EU is never going to survive". It's ridiculous, yet the longer the EU continues to survive and navigate through growing pains, the louder these so-called internet experts become.

Good comparison to the US by the way, since the EU as it is structured today is very similar to the US in it's infancy under the Articles of Confederation (prior to the Constitution).

Honestly, it is beyond annoying to still be hearing these self appointed "experts" constantly telling everyone that the EU will fail spectacularly. What really gets me though is that so many of these people seem to be rooting for it to fail, as if a properous and united Europe would be less desirable than fractured, crowded continent where each country looks upon its neighbors with suspicion and where competing alliances are formed for protection. I seem to recall that we've been down that road a couple of times already and that the results weren't all that great.
17:18 December 15, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@ frankiep

HAHA. How does it feel that the shoe is on the other foot? Miserable, narcissistic Europhiles take any opportunity to declare the US or the UK a 'failed state' or cheer the collapse of Capitalism, along with various childish insults. Well, your seeds have been sown. Hate begets hate. And here we are, the fruits of your labor.

We've had to watch and listen as they've pranced around spouting 1 falsehood or bad prediction after another. NONE of which has come to pass. We've watched you, we've listened to you, you've shown us how to slander, belittle and moralize from above. Now its our turn to criticize. Only this time, there's truth to it.
17:30 December 15, 2011 by raandy
derExDeutsche,,well said.

France and Germany, continue to fail to realize that their time as bedmates has not yet arrived. Perhaps later, after a longer period of wooing, the situation may allow for an accommodation to be created. But France¦#39;s leaders still smart from the defeats of past wars and their frustration of dominance over Germany, is always at or near the surface. France wants desperately to be a world leader. They have not yet learned how to do this. Leadership is by example. France is a poor mentor when leadership is a required ingredient.

With the old Soviet system Germany was ever mindful of the need for protection supplied by the United States. Germany would like to resume a place of preeminence in Europe but is unsure how to accomplish this in view of their aggressive history with their neighbors.
17:47 December 15, 2011 by frankiep

I have to ask: what the hell are you talking about?

The US and UK as failed states? - Ridiculous

Cheer the collapse of capitalism? - Wrong again, on so many levels

Various childish insults? - ???

My seeds have been sown? - Again, what the hell are you talking about?

Maybe you would be better off if you refrained from putting people into little groups where, if they think a certain way about one thing that it must automatically mean that they think a certain way about something unrelated.

But if being presumptuous and jumping to all sorts of conclusions about someone's thoughts on a number of different issues based on their thoughts one issue then good luck with that.

And here I was thinking that the tone of those who assure us that the EU will fail is overly adamant and biased. Silly me for ever coming up with that idea.
18:18 December 15, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@ frankiep

First of all, when I say 'you', I don't necessarily mean JUST 'You', frankiep. I'm talking about Europhiles who bash the US and the UK. there are countless examples of that type of commentary here on thelocal.de.

so, don't go living in glass houses.
05:01 December 16, 2011 by wolfgang60
derExDeutsche I read comments here for a long time now, there are more who bash Germany/Germans here than US and UK.So don't be so sentimental , the truth in this time of crisis Germany is in a better condition compared to US and UK.
11:45 December 16, 2011 by shahislam
1st topic:

Let¦#39;s change some policies and begin banning private ownership of all kinds of

weapons. The sooner we can start taking private guns away from the global streets the lesser will be the need for security measures in the global societies. If we won¦#39;t be resisting too hard the criminal minded violators-they¦#39;ll die down gradually. Not drugs but gun production is controllable by collective wise minds because it is not a natural product.

Human body can handle almost all the reactions cause by any type of atomic particles found on this earth; so, don¦#39;t worry too much about nuclear power, fuel for energy shortage, global warming, pollution etc.!

There is something more powerful than the only century long and personal monetary gain oriented knowledge of Scientific researches.

The source of my understa

2nd topic:

Please note and think about the following:

What kind of animal mentality the be-headers in Saudi Arabia have? How can a sane mind expect that there may exist some humanly sane judges or Western type justice system in jungles or deserts where animal-like (e.g. not better than the instinct of a tiger) terror is the power of governing over a rapidly learning and evolving populace.

This is a matter of unforgettable shame for International community: the global public, for not reacting with common sense to a group of Mullahs and thugs -doing heinous crimes against humanity in the name of religious laws that are in other words: laws of thousand-years-old-politics. (In old barbarian style, these dumbs are still beheading Saudi-women this week, 8 Bangladeshi men last month etc. without proper administration of justice.)

This is a timely awakening of 'now interconnected sane new generation of humans on earth'. The voice in this digital era will be globally heard as soon as logically thought, spoken and discussed and unlike old days, killing spree of even terrorizing thugs won't be able to suppress the demand of time.

Wise guys in the West, please rest assured that none of the religious thugs, with or without institutional and /or private sign-boards, is capable of starting crusading type wars of ancient times.

History of uncivilized, barbarian times will never be repeated again because human brains, especially of the hard-working active and healthy ones, have evolved so much in the meantime, in comparing with e.g. dull mental faculties of privileged, lazy hereditary style rulers of isolated public / humans.

Awareness generated uprisings all over the World will continue for a long time until old style methods of judgments and the old minded human judges are removed from their positions and hopefully, by peaceful surrendering and without any bloodshed.

The knowledge of upcoming change is extraordinarily clear and free of any confusion in the minds of guys like myself. So, please support the leaders of the World leaders and positively change the World.
17:38 December 16, 2011 by leuteleute
some comments here like come from another planet.Maybe time to take medicines.
21:48 December 16, 2011 by mountbud
The EU is supposed to consist of 27 members and merkel/sarkozy are 2 members of 27 dictating terms and conditions to the other 25 members and treating them like "Donkey!s" in the process who just nod their head in agreement.In Ireland we will have a referendum on the new treaty and I will be voting NO because I want to "Kick Ass" because our goverment said one thing before feb2011 election and did something different afterwards when they got all our votes,Growth is what is required in the EU not Deflation,and I think Cameron perhaps was correct in what he did.Sure Sarkozy is only out for Vive La France and no one else.The core countries gave money like drunken sailors to PIIGS countries ,where was their regulators during this time? The PIIGS countries are wrong too with their regulators not doing their jobs,and as the saying goes"Ity takes 2 to Tango",so all sides should sit down and sort out the mess which was created by all sides in my view
08:03 December 19, 2011 by Oliver Jones
@ derExDeutsche

I'm quite happy to bash the US, UK and the EU. I'm an equal-opportunity basher, if you will.

No country/region is above reproach - especially in this crisis. Some are more prepared than others, but nobody is really taking anything seriously yet.
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