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Should more be done to protect German?

Should more be done to protect German?
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A group dedicated to maintaining the German language’s purity is upset that a dictionary maker’s “Youth Word of the Year” is derived from English. Does German deserve a little more respect - or even need protection? Have your say.

Though Germany is not as protective of its language as some countries – such as France, where laws prescribe its use in culture and everyday life – there are those charging that German is being improperly diluted by foreign influence.

Take the Verein Deutsche Sprache, which has previously slammed Deutsche Telekom for using English words and this week took aim at dictionary-make Langenscheidt for picking the word “Swag” as “Youth Word of the Year.”

But what are your thoughts? Do you think Germans should do more to protect their language? Would following the French model ever make sense? Or is German enriched by words and phrases from other languages?

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