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Iran 'planning attacks on US bases in Germany'

The Local · 1 Dec 2011, 17:36

Published: 01 Dec 2011 10:47 GMT+01:00
Updated: 01 Dec 2011 17:36 GMT+01:00

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The Bild newspaper reported on Thursday that experts with the Federal Criminal Police Office believe in the event of a US military action against Iran, the Iranians would attack US military airfields in order to disrupt supply and logistics operations.

Federal prosecutors have launched an espionage investigation against a German businessman possibly connected to the plot who they believe has maintained conspirational contact with the Iranian embassy in Berlin, Bild reported.

However, a prosecution spokesman said later on Thursday that no evidence of a plot had been found.

"There is the beginning of a suspicion of an espionage activity for the purposes of sabotage. There were investigations which failed to support this suspicion," the spokesman said.

And the head of the Federal Criminal Police Office, Jörg Ziercke, stressed: "We do not see any immediate danger right now."

A US European Command spokesman said all threats to American interests on German soil were taken "very seriously".

"Commanders at every installation ... have the option to increase force protection measures based on their local security environment. We do not discuss specific security measures or any specific threats," he added.

There are approximately 55,000 US military personnel in Germany, not including their family members or civilian employees.

The report comes as tensions between Iran and the West have ratcheted up dramatically in recent days. A report on November 8 by the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency charged that Iran was likely trying to covertly develop its nuclear weapons program.

And on Wednesday Berlin temporarily recalled its ambassador to Tehran following the storming of the British embassy there by hard-line protestors.

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Western diplomats have said that Iranian authorities could have prevented the overrunning of the embassy but failed to do so.

A series of mysterious explosions has also recently bedevilled Iran’s weapons facilities, although they have all been attributed to accidents.

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Your comments about this article

15:13 December 1, 2011 by nemo999
Why just the US bases in Germany?

How about the US bases in Italy, Crete, Spain, Norway, Portugal, and the United Kingdom?

While we are on the subject why not the ones closer to Iran, why not Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain, and Turkey, and the ever popular Afghanistan?
15:47 December 1, 2011 by arbeitsbiene3
A perceived or manufactured treat of attack in Germany, along with fear and ignorance is the warmongers propaganda to encourage people to support a war.
16:33 December 1, 2011 by bernie1927

You are so right. That's exactly how it started with Iraq. I can't blame Iran for working on a nuclear device as long as bellicose Israel is armed to the teeth. What would you do?
16:33 December 1, 2011 by Englishted

So it was only " fear and ignorance "and" warmongers propaganda".

Thank goodness for that I had thought that the British embassy was attacked.

Just goes to show I should not watch propaganda but should listen to arbeitsbiene3 .
16:48 December 1, 2011 by frankiep
"I can't blame Iran for working on a nuclear device as long as bellicose Israel is armed to the teeth. What would you do? "

Exactly. I can't tell you how tired I am of hearing about Israeli aggression and how they keep promising to 'wipe Iran off of the map'.

Oh, wait.....
16:55 December 1, 2011 by ChrisRea
@ Englishted

Are you able to distinguish between the actions of a mob and the actions of a country? Well, try again.

@ frankiep

I am definitely tired to hear about that mistranslated expression. Did the propaganda machine not come up with something new? Did you fail to notice Israel's repeated threats to bomb Iran?
17:46 December 1, 2011 by SchwabHallRocks
@Chrisrea is obviously referring to the mob in Iran that protested the absurd outcome of the Iranian elections a few years ago. Hee hee...

On a more curious note - I only lived in Germany for 6 years and really do not know the following. How is the Bild considered, as a newspaper? Serious / Non-serious? Left / Right?

I always had the impression that it was the equivalent of a a "sensational tabloid" paper and not considered serious. Yet, over the years, I've seen it quoted many times. Is the Bild a so-called "paper of record"?
18:07 December 1, 2011 by Nutt
Iran = Theocracy

Israel = Democracy

You right, Israel is the problem in the region, democracies are troublesome. We need more Arab dictator/mullah/mufti's running the show like the good old days.
18:08 December 1, 2011 by CensorThis
Was there any mention of why this embassy was stormed?

Do any of you ever have the sense that you are not fed the full story and often misinformed? How about this Euro crisis that seems to always have a solution right around the corner?

All of these Middle Eastern countries are not just falling out of sheer chance. This is all a very well coordinated decade long plan to readjust the balance of power in the region. Iraq just happened to be the unlucky stepping stone. This embassy may have been the base for propaganda and influence.

These countries are also pushing influence into the west via their mosques. Mosques cost money and somebody is funding all these mosques and islamic schools just as someone is funding the insurgency (democratic revolution) in the Middle East.

Check out Nentanyahu's paper "Securing the Realm". Then go over to YouTube and look up the Democracy now video of Wesley Clark back in 2007 titled "The Plan -- according to U.S. General Wesley Clark "

What Iran did may be akin to a radical mosque being shut down in London.

I have had three accounts banned on this site for making "anti islamic" statements. It is truely pathetic that some of these "don't hurt anyone's feelings" morons on here can report you as abuse and get you banned "forever" based on something they do not like. I keep telling myself I am done with this site, but have a hard time not checking it every once and a while and reading the stupid comments.
19:10 December 1, 2011 by SchwabHallRocks
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
19:50 December 1, 2011 by carlm
Anyone who sides with Iran over Israel, the US or whomever is an idiot and should be "wiped off the map."
19:56 December 1, 2011 by wxman
This dovetails nicely with my comment on the neo-nazi article above.
22:07 December 1, 2011 by arbeitsbiene3
@ Englishted #4

arbeitsbiene3 had nothing to do with the lies and false information for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the war that continues today.

Whatever weapons the Iranians have or do not have, the government and the people of Iran are better prepared to defend themselves from aggression.

Using Israel as a reason and excuse to conquer and control the peoples of the region and their natural recourses is obvious for individuals that do not have cataract conditions.

In the 1970s it was the US embassy in Iran. Today its the British embassy in Iran?

At least, the Iranian students in 2011 have learned an international diplomatic lesson and did not take hostages. They did not repeat the mistakes of the 70s by taking hostages and providing the UN, US and EU governments justification to start a war immediately.

Most Europeans and Americans have short memories between their Governments continuous attempts at European world domination activities in the name of religious freedom, democracy and human rights.

Israel is a European proxy state, established by British and US interests to have access, influence and control in the Middle East.

Most Western European countries, like Israel do not have sufficient natural rescues to maintain their super power status without aggression and land expansion.

@carlm #11

Ignorance is bliss and your flower has blossomed.

In other words, lack of knowledge results in happiness.
00:22 December 2, 2011 by jg.
"Israel is a European proxy state, established by British and US interests to have access, influence and control in the Middle East."

So, according to you, at the end of WWII, Britain gave up absolute control of almost all of the Middle East (including Iran), just so they could revive the state of Israel as a proxy, to have more influence in the region. Really?

Israel has apparently had nuclear weapons for at least two decades but has never used them on anyone - and while Israel has never attacked Iran, the Iranians have been happy to actively sponsor attacks in Israel and elsewhere.
03:17 December 2, 2011 by padu
I always wondered why America is exempted for the crimes it committed until I found the answer here:

07:45 December 2, 2011 by Englishted

"Are you able to distinguish between the actions of a mob and the actions of a country? Well, try again."

And you say I believe propaganda ?,

Was kristallnacht the actions of a mob then?

I ask again why are not the Muslim's out on the street protesting against the Iranian action (burning flags etc.)
08:48 December 2, 2011 by frankiep

"Are you able to distinguish between the actions of a mob and the actions of a country? Well, try again."

It seems pretty obvious that you have no clue what you are talking about.

I'm guessing that forgot about when, not too long ago, there were widespread protests against the government in Iran. Do you remember what happened? Any and all dissent or disobedience to the government was brutally and violently dealt with. This episode - which, again, happened not long ago - served as a strong reminder that no sort of mob action in Iran can take place without the explicit approval or support of the Iranian government.

Anyone who thinks that this "mob" was acting without the support of the Iranian government is stunningly ignorant on many different levels.
14:35 December 2, 2011 by arbeitsbiene3
@ jg.

So, according to you, at the end of WWII, Britain gave up absolute control of almost all of the Middle East (including Iran), just so they could revive the state of Israel as a proxy, to have more influence in the region. Really?

Yes, really. And no, not according to me, it was the British foreign office that giveaway Palestine to the founding fathers and mothers of the State of Israel.

The deal was made before WWii, with some minor but very important promises that the new landowners respect the rights and religious beliefs of the existing people living in Palestine.

I assume this is the best, the merciful Gods of the British Empire could do at the time for the people of Palestine and please the empires chosen people?

As for the British relationship with Iran? According to recent news reports, the British embassy staff in Iran received their walking papers out of town several days ago. Similar to the American embassy staff in the late 1970s.

From the actions and behaviors of Israel, Iran, the US, Arabs and Islamic religious and political extremists, inside and outside the Middle East.

Using war, genocide or a nuclear bomb to protect their ancient ideologies and prophecies or whatever else is of self-interests will be justifiable.

Time will tell? And it seems the war games are about to begin.
15:16 December 2, 2011 by storymann
I read where the attack on the British Embassy resulted from the internal tensions between Ahmadinejad and Iatola Komani , the Republican guard is very loyal to Komani and were sent to make him look like a leader not in full control.

Ahmadinejad is open to dialoge , and not as anti western as the cleric who really holds the power.
11:23 December 3, 2011 by Legenhausen
The article was about the ridiculous story that Iran is planning attacks on US forces in Germany.

Of those who comment, some point out that this is war propaganda. Brilliant observation.

Others make irrelevant claims about the British embassy fiasco, who holds power in Iran, democracy, Israel, etc etc etc.

Back to the original topic, some plain common sense was reported by Deutsche Welle:


1 day ago ­ German investigators have said they can find no evidence to corroborate claims that Iran was planning to attack American targets in Germany, ...

So, one wonders about what is behind what gets published as "news" just as much as one wonders about what motivates comments.
21:58 December 5, 2011 by mos101392
My insight as an American retired soldier.

We meddle in affairs that are not our business. And making business/money for the benefit of the rich is not the same as defending my country for which I signed up for and is not my concern!!!!

There is a Wall street saying, "big risk, big return"-with that idealogy, I say the American soldier that risks life and limb for "liberating or democrosizing a foreign country, should get a percentage of the profits that any American Business benifits from the newly "liberated" atmosphere. For those who say the American soldier is not a mercenary, then I say let the CEOs and bankers fight on the front lines.

As recent as the revolution in Libya, promises were made for the NATO countries involved for lucrative business contracts. How much of that money will go to the ones who made the greatest sacrifices that enabled these new busness ventures? How much will the NATO soldier recieve? Or will it go only to the politicians as kickbacks?

History has shown that the poorer class are the ones on the front lines and the first to die, while the elite sit on their high horses and continue to profit. Society has created the illusion that for the poor, there is a way out through enlisting in the military but the reality is we are given scraps from the elite and the elite benifit much, much more from your sacrifices.

Iran has made their threats, Israel has made their threats. Iran and Israel are sovereign nations. The west has nuclear weapons, Israel has nuclear weapons. Who am I, (with nuclear weapons), to dictate what another does or not does?

What my neighbor next door does... is his business as long as it doesn't effect me...not my business!

However, if Israel initiates the first strike against Iran, (and I hope they are not in an illusion that big, bad America is standing behind them),


If Iran strikes first...give them no mercy!

If Israel strikes first-Again, count me out!

I gave my allegiance to America and not to Israel!
22:18 December 6, 2011 by Major B
The membership fee for "The World Anti-Israel Lobby" must be inexpensive. The cheap, ignorant and utterly basely anti-Israel arguments often posted on the Local are embarassing, especially for a publication coming out of Germany.

"Bellicose Israel". Just when I thought I'd heard everything.

Good points "Englisted" and "Frankiep" and I sometimes disagree with you two.

Iran's Latest and Greatest Hits:

- Destroyed British Embassy

- Crushed their "Persian Spring" revolution. Have thrown thousands in prison. Have killed hundreds and has their domestic intell agencies monitoring the activities of its people.

But, the inner Iranian revolution isn't over and we should all encourage the Iranian people to fight for their rights and freedoms, ridding themselves of their despised Mullah rulers.

@ mos101393 _ I agree with most of what you say. Especially the points about the big corporations and fighting for their interests. Agree also on "who" fights our wars. Yep. But, my friend, and I think I have an affinity here ......if you were in Israel's place what would you do?

No one will say it but the reason there is an Israel was because of European fecklessness before and during WWII. Not American. The British intelligence most certainly knew about the holocaust. The American's just decided not to tell their soldiers. There was documented collusion among every nation the NAZI's conquered in identifying Jewish citizens and turning them in. The truth is, many throughout Europe are living in dwellings and homes formerly owned by Jewish citizens in those nations. My final point is that ALL have a role in the circumstances surrounding the establishment of the Jewish state

May the evil government of Iran fall on its evil face
16:49 December 13, 2011 by Jimbob_77
Iran is growing more potent almost by the month. At some point it will become too formidable for the U.S. and Israel to deal with and although we haven¦#39;t reached that point quite yet, the door is closing. The New Holy Roman Empire led by Germany will wipe the middle east clean of terrorism according to prophecy...."The Trumpet" ....Type it in and read what's coming in the future very soon....
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