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Alice poster girl could be sacked for Qaddafi comments

The Local · 30 Oct 2011, 13:03

Published: 30 Oct 2011 13:03 GMT+01:00

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Vanessa Hessler, who has long been the face of the telecoms firm told a magazine that not only was the Qaddafi family normal, but that the rebels who ousted the dictator were financed by foreigners and that the Libyan people had prospered under him.

“It was a passionate story; we were together for four years,” the 23-year-old model told the Italian magazine Diva e Donna, speaking of her relationship with Mutassim, who was killed on October 20.

“At the moment everything disgusts me apart from Libya. I don’t like to think that it is true. It is all very sad.”

She said the Qaddafi family were “normal people.”

Foreign powers had interfered in the country, she said. “We – France and Great Britain – financed the rebels. The people don’t know what they are doing,” she said.

The Libyan people were not particularly poor nor fanatic, she said. “You must not believe everything you hear.”

Alice owner, the Spanish firm Telefonica, said it expected her to distance herself from the comments. Spokesman Albert Fetsch said they were private comments which in no way reflected the opinions of the company. “Everything is being considered,” he said of her future as poster girl for the Alice firm.

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Your comments about this article

14:31 October 30, 2011 by storymann
Perhaps she should heed her own advice when it comes to not believing what you hear or see.
14:43 October 30, 2011 by Landmine
Her age tells us she is full of wisdom and knows everything about the "family"
14:50 October 30, 2011 by derExDeutsche
The al-Qaeda flag is now flying over Benghazi. So we shal see if the new Governance is any more 'normal' or prosperous than its predecessor.
17:48 October 30, 2011 by kiaat
stay out of politics honey! stick to what you know best : showin T&A and flippin hair... had you stuck around it would have only been a question of time before your boyfriend started to kick your ass ... as his other brothers (except the gay one) have been known to do to women.....
18:54 October 30, 2011 by jg.
When they were smuggling guns and explosives to the IRA or shooting WPC Fletcher in the back while she was guarding the Libyan embassy in London, the Qaddafi regime did not look like "normal people".

Despite Libya's substantial oil revenue, prosperity has been spread to Qaddafi's family, friends and tribe but most of the rest of the country haven't seen much of it.
19:07 October 30, 2011 by JDee
From the stories I've seen she is probably right, certainly you can't demonise an entire family and anyone who supports them due to the actions of one man, whatever he did. I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how he is any different to Tony Blair or Donald Rumsfeld. Leaders who authorised torture and extra-judicial killings. Who did Gaddafi kill? And remember he was there for 40 years. He was framed for Lockerbie ( It was Iran, Syria and the CIA were complicit in their inaction ). He was also framed for the Belin bombings where it was again the CIA who murdered 2 American soldiers in order to justify the bombing of Libya. Nobody who knows anything disputes this. And you still here Obama repeating the lies. Regan bombed Libya and killed Gadaffis adopted daughter. 20 years later he was willing to forgive and forget, he invited the US government into his home and helped them. Then he was double-crossed and ultimately murdered. Seriously wake up people, who are the bad guys? Wake up, do your own reasearch.
19:08 October 30, 2011 by luckylongshot
Gaddafi's regime was actually given intelligence by the British and the relationship with the west was cosy right up until he started selling oil to countries that did not pay in US dollars. Then all of a sudden things changed .... the money trail says she is right!!!
20:51 October 30, 2011 by JAMessersmith

How quickly we forget about Tunisia, and Egypt, and Syria, and Yemen, and Bahrain, etc.. These movements have much more to do with the oppressed people in these countries than US dollars. The US, for one, didn't even want some of these dictators removed, like Mubarrak in Egypt or Ben Ali in Tunisia. So this goes much deeper than mindless peasants chasing a carrot on a stick.

As for this girl, she was some brutal warlord's wench, so what do you expect her to say? But, I would contend that if anyone's life is dictated by money, it would be hers. I'm sure she was dating Mutassim for his incredible personality, and stunning good looks, rather than for his money and power. You know the story, a girl from a small town in Germany falls in love with a brutal Libyan warlord with billions of dollars. It's a love story for the ages (*gag*).
23:28 October 30, 2011 by wxman
I don't claim to know whether or not the family was "normal"or not, but the fact is Libya was the richest, best educated country on the continent of Africa who's population enjoyed the highest standard of living, highest pay and was also the best educated in Africa. Facts are facts.
08:43 October 31, 2011 by golfcricket
@JDee ~ I can only assume that you're one of them to include a crack smoking thug. Where in the hell did you buy your drugs at and who in the hell put you in the mind world you're in now?? You are a trip!
10:17 October 31, 2011 by KEM
very well said JDee!

whether or not this girl is "just a stupid model" like some of the previous comments were trying to imply. but she is right in one point: the Lybians were not poor, they have a relatively very high literacy level, and they were the only people in the world who did not have to pay taxes!!!

we will see what this new democracy brought to all these countries from west will bring... I would hope not, but i can only see that it will bring new civil wars (like in Iraq), and new more fanatic Islamic regimes, and this is already showing in Egypt and Tunisia and soon in Syria if they keep on persisting...

and what will this bring to christians and other minorities in the area???

being one of them i'm already scared about my future and my family there...
12:13 October 31, 2011 by hardly
Lazy journalists and opportunist politicians like stories with heros and a villain. Even if there are hypocrites among us, this does not make Quaddafi normal. She could have chosen a more sophisticated approach the topic.

Quaddafi developed Libya's infrastructure and it's economy. Many of his close family members were complicit in the political agenda.

Quaddafi committed horrible things at different times in his career. Quaddafi was a tyrant. Following September 11 he became more allied to the anti-terror zealots in the U.S. which allowed his regime to develop normalized relations with many powerful nations. Quaddafi was eccentric and clearly people in Libya were tired of his rule.

Regional discontent seemed geniune, but obviously the rebels would have lost if they had not collaborated with powerful allies.
12:14 October 31, 2011 by raandy
Interesting comments, I am not convinced that Qaddafi was evil and egotistical and a brutal leader.I think the west gave him a lot of bad press.

He supported the struggle against the racist regime in South Africa. If he had been an egotist or evil he wouldn't have risked the wrath of the West to help the ANC both militarily and financially in the fight against apartheid. This was why Mandela, soon after his release from 27 years in jail, decided to break the UN embargo and travel to Libya on 23 October 1997. He did more for Africans than any other world leaders.

He was his own man to the end.

@derExDeutsche,you are correct, it will be interesting to see how this plays out, It may not be better but worse.

I think he felt betrayed as a leader when the protest started and handled the situation poorly. Organizations like al-Qaeda moved in quickly and radicalized the protest, and gave the West a golden opportunity to get rid of an independent and non compliant leader.
13:30 October 31, 2011 by JDee
@golfcricket uh?

Anyone interested in learning some of the backstory should watch the fascinating video on youtube called "The Maltese Doublecross", which deals with Lockerbie. The quality isn't great and it is long and complex story, but absolutely worth the effort, I saw this about 15 years ago on Britsh TV and was shocked.
16:03 November 1, 2011 by ron1amr
I think the Spanish company needs to have a good look at themselves and not live a life of lie. Why would this woman lie about her association with a member of the Gaddafi family? And she should not be sacked. Yes Libya has a lot of money and Gaddafi did a lot for his people certainly he did not deserve to be killed along with one his sons the way he did. Start of with Mugabe. Oh wait a minute he hasn't got anything we want lets leave him alone. There is one person who did a lot worse than Gaddafi ever did yet there is no mention of him why?
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