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Berlin welcomes departure of Qaddafi

The Local · 21 Oct 2011, 07:58

Published: 21 Oct 2011 07:58 GMT+02:00

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In Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was “an important day for the Libyans” as the way was finally free for a new start in peace. “Germany is relieved and very happy about that,” she said, adding that Germany would “accompany and support Libya on the road to democracy, rule of law and national reconciliation.”

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle spoke of a turning point.

“We hope Libya begins a new era,” he said. “Qaddafi was a dictator who violated human rights and waged war against his own people.”

Qaddafi was killed on Thursday after being captured in the town of Sirte, where he fled after being forced to leave the capital Tripoli under military pressure from rebel fighters.

It was not immediately clear how he died. Pictures appeared to show him alive but wounded, but rebel leaders said later that Qaddafi had been killed in crossfire after his capture.

International organisations called for a full accounting of his capture and death.

Some German politicians said it would have been better if Qaddafi had been brought to face charges in a court like others before him including former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and Liberian President Charles Taylor.

“Unfortunately with Qaddafi’s death, a legal reappraisal of his crimes is no longer possible,” said Gernot Erler, a Social Democrat MP, a sentiment echoed by Green parliamentary leader Volker Beck.

Others took the opportunity to repeat their criticism of the lack of German involvement in Qaddafi’s overthrow – unlike many of its allies, the country refused to participate in a NATO bombing campaign in support of the rebels.

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“The decision was not right,” said Philipp Mißfelder, a foreign policy expert with Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. Yet he said the damage to Germany’s reputation abroad was minimal.

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Your comments about this article

10:56 October 21, 2011 by storymann
For Muammar it was probably the best way to end his tenure , I doubt that being in the Hague for crimes against Humanity would suit him, or worse being publicly executed in LIbya.

So much for how much is people loved him.
11:07 October 21, 2011 by MaKo
That's a flattering picture of Qaddafi. Much more so than the one on the Bild Zeitung.
11:19 October 21, 2011 by TheCrownPrince
Disgusting. The Chancellor should have said nothing at all to this obvious lynching. Should be enough that one has to see Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy, all rejoicing in front of the cameras. Despicable, really. If this is the new Libya, well, then congratulations. Gaddafi may have been a brutal tyrant, but for that very reason he should have been dealt with under the rule of law, because otherwise his murderers are on the same barbaric level as he is/was. That shows once more that Merkel only says what US, UK and France want her to hear instead of defending her initial decision not to interfere in Libya, which was absolutely right considering the pictures of this bloodthirsty savages.
11:52 October 21, 2011 by raandy
Qaddafi has no one to blame but himself. The protest started out peacefully,he escalated it with violence claiming these were al Qaeda militants.

He favored one tribe over another ,giving perks to one and problems to others. He lived lavishly beyond belief while his people lived in poverty and isolation.

His spawn were living like Kings with no rules or borders traveling with the ultra rich breaking the rules everywhere they went with impunity.

No, I think the time for leaders like him is over and the world is better with out him.
12:23 October 21, 2011 by freechoice
Next Stop!

12:58 October 21, 2011 by adipk
i dont think so next is Syria. Coz Syria is not oil producing country.

all about oil and resources politics. now the new (imposed) government has already made deals with oil companies. waaaooo
14:11 October 21, 2011 by TheCrownPrince
Well, they are uneducated, tribal Arabs after all, so what did one expect? Maybe everyone of those savages has a mobile phone, but unfortunately there still is no "civilization app" coming with it.
15:16 October 21, 2011 by oldWine
Did the contractors of Germany who earned millions of Dollars from Muammer Gaddafi for buiding his house and the bunkers welcomed also?

There is a proverb when the elephant fells sick evena mouse does is not afraid to kick its butts. Gaddafi was a tyrrant leader it is a fact, but there are many people who are living a good life because of his mercy to give them big contract to wrok in side Libya.

These contractors boot leaked to Gaddafi to get these contracts and buidl these bunker to hide. All of a sudden these musk changing people ( the people who changes their color like chameleons or like to swim with the waves ) are welcoming that.

If you (contractors) and the people were honest then would have supported the deprived Libyan people from the beginning. But you did not. Because at that time there was alot of honey around the tyrannic leader.
15:22 October 21, 2011 by catjones
TheCrownPrince...my guess is you live in a free country far from the daily fears of life that people who reside in dictatorships. You sit in your comfortable and safe world and pontificate about others far less fortunate than you.

What have you done to 'civilize' the world?
16:51 October 21, 2011 by Englishted

Putting everything down to oil ,is rubbish there is no oil in Afghanistan is there ?.

What would you have the west do?

If we don't help thats wrong when we do thats wrong.

Should we leave Syria to it's own course or not?

Because I feel no matter what is done you will find it wrong.
16:56 October 21, 2011 by Major B
@ The CrownPrince

You are wrong. The people of Libya have decided for themselves. Perhaps it's your name. A Crown Prince of course would side with royalty, the exalted ruling class, those of the "divine right", over the "will of the people".

As significant as this event is, notice The Local doesn't give it the coverage it deserves. Why? Because of Germany's muted and feckless response to the whole situation. Instead of looking at the situation for what it was, and realizing here was another "just cause"(can never say war/krieg), the German government turned its back on its allies and sided with Russian and China, the biggest human rights abusers in the world. It sided with China, who has smothered Tibet, the Xighurs and countless of its other minorities. After Russia's recent actions in Georgia it doesn't even belong on the UN Security Council. And we'll have a Quadaffi look alike, Czar Putin, in power for the next 20 years. That will so much fun for Germany, watch out. But back to the point.

Good points by OldWine and Storyman.

You are probably right in your response about Merkel. Stick to your original decision, be quiet and get the European debt situation right.

Let the French continue to lead you in international relations Frau Merkel since you've decided they deserve to be the Foreign Ministry of the EU. Sarkozy and Cameroon were vindicated and you have egg on your face. It's that simple.
17:15 October 21, 2011 by TheCrownPrince
@Major B - Considering international law the intervention in Libya was as wrong as to claim that 2 and 2 equals 5. Sadly Russia and China this time were on the "right" side, so I don't see a problem that Germany stood aside, too. Notice that Brazil, India, and South Africa were not amused as well, to put it politely. If the USA, UK and France want to jump from bridges and out of windows by making war after war every 2 or 3 years I see - regarding Germany - no sense in following them in their folly (exception: wars of defense, and I mean REAL wars of defense).
23:10 October 21, 2011 by wenddiver
All debts paid with a single piece of 9MM lead. I guess we finally know if the people love the little Colonel.
15:29 October 22, 2011 by Sastry.M
@The Crown Prince,

All your comments are well said. Acts of barbarism are committed due to emotional upheaval or strong egoistic aggrandizement. Civilian society only suffers from them, but recovers slowly over a period of time because of an innate toughness, supported by respect for law and order. The fall of famous World Trade Centers did not bring down the spirit of New Yorkers, who soon recovered from the debacle. It is the surprise that U.S, the most powerful nation on earth, could fall prey to the terrorist acts of a few wayward miscreants of Afghan Caves,summing up their courage to commit organized crime , that still haunts civilized people the world over.

Then followed a second threat, the WMD's of Iraq,the obscured vision of a famous old scientist Hans Blix and the pocketed vitamin capsules of Saddam Hussain, the despotic Dictator. They amply served to invigorate courage and initiate a pre-emptive war against assumed national threat and helped bring down the tyrant. However, both the wars, protracted with oblivious definition and prolonged with contractual supplies to war effort , caused a great drain on U.S economy which no European nation would dare to sustain.

That Germany stayed away from these deliberations, in my opinion, is not with a selfish motive but due to the bitter past experiences under a dictator and the "Mit Schuld" certified upon her and renewed to date with a pious virtue by her former victors and present day partners.

19:48 October 22, 2011 by ChrisRea
So there are still people who claim that the NATO intervention in the Libyan civil war was legal, even if it had little in common with the spirit and the exact words of Security Council's resolution? That's laughable.

Germany was right not meddle between the bloody confrontation of two equally barbaric sides. Nobody could expect the rebels to deal with Qaddafi otherwise than in the retarded way they did. The only good news is that as Qaddafi is dead, less people are expected to die.
14:48 October 23, 2011 by storymann
ChrisRea, come on,, Germany sells 250 tanks to the Saudias, German weaponry has been turning up everywhere there is a conflict, so spare us the "Germans are benevolent " rhetoric. Germany made a mistake not helping her allies, as has been stated by many in the reistag.

The truth is Germany believed that Qaddafi would win out, and there by favor Germany with huge oil contracts.

If Germany had voted with her allies and not participated,in the conflict we all would have been understandable.
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