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'Forest boy' rejects help to find out who he is

The Local · 28 Sep 2011, 16:56

Published: 28 Sep 2011 16:56 GMT+02:00

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“It appears like he doesn’t want our help right now, but we’re still investigating,” Berlin police spokesman Michael Maaß told The Local. “We’re still deciding the next step forward.”

Police have spent weeks trying to identify the boy who says his name is Ray but insists he does not know anything else. He told them he and his father Ryan had been living wild, largely in woods, for the last five years – having abandoned society when his mother Doreen died.

When he found his father dead one day, apparently from a fall, he said he made his way to Berlin, walking for two weeks before he reached the city hall where he arrived on September 5 and asked for help.

He only speaks a little German, but is fluent in English – although experts have failed to ascertain whether he’s a native speaker – leading to speculation about where he might be from. He says he does not know.

The case has attracted international attention, with British newspapers particularly keen to find and identify him.

On Wednesday the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that he was not interested in finding out who he was, citing Berlin police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf.

But Maaß told The Local the police could still release Ray’s photo to the public later this week or early next week.

Police and youth officials confirmed to The Local that Ray has been appointed a legal guardian in order to help make decisions for him. But they warned that they were trying to avoid exposing him to further publicity.

“We have decided we will not be making any more details about him public. This is in order to try to protect him," said Angelika Schöttler, a spokeswoman at the youth protection office in the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district of Berlin, which has organized care and accommodation for the boy.

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“We are concentrating on trying to work out his identity and on trying to do something for his future,” she said.

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Your comments about this article

18:13 September 28, 2011 by nemo999
How convenient, that he now does not want to know who he was. Just one question then if he does not want to know who he was and we do not know who he is, then what is his immigration status?

How do we know that he is 18 years old as he claims. I do not know but I had to provide fingerprints for my passport, and I had to provide them for my children over the age of 6 for their passport. If his fingerprints are not in any of the systems, then he either entered the country when he was under the age of 6, he and his family were smuggled into the country, or he was already a resident of the Federal Republic.

A full dental, and skeletal exam and possibly a Telomerase analysis could at least narrow down is age to at least a 2-5 year window. Additionally there are other analysis techniques (heavy metal hair analysis, Cs 137, and Sr 90 Bone studies) that can be used narrow down the area that he has lived in for the past few years and months.

Why not release his picture. Someone somewhere just might know who he is.
19:29 September 28, 2011 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
Who gives a crap about his immigration status? All things being equal, assuming he's not a crazy serial killer (I'll have to trust the Police on that one), I'm sure there's room for one more.
20:22 September 28, 2011 by catjones
What about all the English speaking boys who go into the woods? What about them?
23:20 September 28, 2011 by pepsionice
Hoax....end of the story. The kid will stick around for two months and then disappear.
05:36 September 29, 2011 by Shirazz
One of the looters from London that swam across the channel and made it to Berlin to spy on how professional looters here burn people's cars at night......Mission complete, now needs a plane ticket to go back. (would make paper back sitting on the rear shelf).

But outside the fiction, I think he was looking for cheap fame (conveniently bumping into Youth center, etc), and found out that not only did he not get one but he's facing hassles of Germany's strong goodwill to help him.

(We'll take of him, ja wol!!)

But then again, he could really be from the woods but liking what he's getting now and doesn't want to know who he was and go back to where he was to do what he did with people he didn't like.
09:08 September 29, 2011 by moistvelvet
"if he does not want to know who he was and we do not know who he is, then what is his immigration status?"

Really you bring immigration into this? Who gives a toss about his legal status, have you no compassion for a boy who has lost both parents.
10:09 September 29, 2011 by mos101392
Another reason for swabbing every newborn and keeping DNA in a worldwide database. Also would help to later identify kidnapped children or criminals. Yes, I know there are those who are obsessed with privacy issues....but there are more positive reasons than negative for keeping DNA on every newborn. If you are still not convinced, just remember if you do nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about..period!!! Again, for those who are obsessed with privacy...if you have a problem with this then why do we need passports, ID cards, finger prints, blood transfussions, CCTV video cameras in shops, banks, street corners ect ect...why don't we all just live in the woods and not care who anyone is? I hope we all get smart one day and swab every newborn child and store their DNA in a central database.
11:29 September 29, 2011 by storymann
mos 101392 Can we be certain that our DNA will be protected from hackers and misusers,wikileaks ect,In the near future it will be possible to determine your approximate

life span, sexual preferences, physical development, mental development, and

possibly even likes and dislikes. Basically, at birth your life will already

be known to a certain extent. Imagine knowing from birth that your child is

gay, or is going to be very sick, or live a short life. How would you feel?

Would you be able to treat that child the same as if it was a normal child?

How would society deal with these sudden predispositions about a persons

future? Will this information effect my future employment,? Will this segment society? all questions I would like an answer to before I jump aboard.

Canada has one of the few DNA data bases in the world ,but to my knowledge only from criminals, not a new born.
13:31 September 29, 2011 by ECSNatale
Wow, from a mysterious appearance you all get immigration issues, hooligans on the run, DNA swabbing and hoaxes. I'm not sure why the appearance of this boy is such a big story, but it isn't for any of the reasons in the comments above. How silly.

What I find strange, is that a young person who is clearly in their teens, to say that they have no idea of who they are or where they are from. Most of us can remember at least some elements of our childhood. If the father died from an apparent fall, could it be that the boy has amnesia?

Maybe he wants a TV reality show: Finding No-Me.
13:55 September 29, 2011 by MissCalifornia
"Who gives a toss about his immigration status?"

Well, perhaps the people who had to apply, and wait for, legal permission to live and work in the country, and whose tax dollars (along with the even greater share coming from natural citizens) now support this kid, who many people suspect may be lying....

Maybe he "lost" his parents--or maybe he killed them, or made the whole thing up, or any number of alternative stories to the one he is telling. The public does have a right to know if he is dangerous, has committed a crime, etc., before they just let him go about his life....

As someone who is trying to immigrate to Germany legally, should I take a page from this kid's book? Should I just show up with some cockamamey story? Will you defend me and my right to be in the country with no means of support, no work visa, no passport, and so forth? No?
15:14 September 29, 2011 by jakegh
locatethe father,exhume the remains and start ur investigations from there
17:00 September 29, 2011 by mos101392
@storymann-I knew someone would have an issue with this. In respect for those anti big brother views-yes, America did land on the moon, and not only one time! Believe it or not Elvis is dead and so is Amy Winehouse. All that you mentioned does not qualify against swabbing everyone's DNA for "POSITIVE" reasons . I suggest if we all follow your phobia, lets get rid of any identification and move in the woods and simply yell, "hey you", to get someone or anyone's attention.
04:00 September 30, 2011 by mikel taylor
English speaking doesn't necessarily mean the UK, is he white? we had a kid disappear from a boy scout outing in Vermont in the US about two years ago and perhaps it's him, he could have walked to Nova Scotia built a canoe paddled to Greenland, waited for an ice burg and floated to Iceland and stowed away on a flight to Berlin, sound crazy, well maybe, but not impossible. What if he's an ancient alien and was sent here from another planet to take back DNA samples to repopulate his world, or more likely he dropped some acid when he ran away from his parents home and they are both blind and unable to communicate and haven't reported him gone because they are both tied up in a chamber he built in the basement of the family castle in Waldkraiburg. Just trying to be helpful while I'm siting in this dump Comfort Inn in Keamh, Texas waiting for a flying saucer to land in the WalMart parking lot and take me back to my fatherland Deutschland,,, or I could just book a flight on air France, but then id have to have an ID to get through security at the airport and ,,,,OH I forgot i been living with my dead wife for the past five years, dog finally dug her up in the back yard during a company bar BBQ, how embarrassing that was,, I think Germany should give him 1000 euros and send him to Greece noboddy there will notice another lost homeless boy with a stupid story
07:57 September 30, 2011 by JCBearss

Brave New World here we come. Humans have gotten along rather well without DNA being kept on state record. I think another agency tried that with smell in the DDR if I recall, maybe you do too?
08:08 September 30, 2011 by biker hotel harz
It's OK, I know who he is
17:44 September 30, 2011 by glenhope
Interesting case. We assume that nobody can live undetected in places like Germany, where everyone's existence is controlled and documented. So, maybe it's a hoax. However, due to efforts of Greenies etc, there are large areas of wilderness, so if you know the rules of survival, you can live undetected for years, especially if you are nomadic.
19:16 September 30, 2011 by aaron28
I find the comments very intelligent. Off subject, but can anyone tell me if this online paper is owned by the Mudochs...the family involved with the hacking scandal in UK. I know they own German papers and media stations.
21:44 September 30, 2011 by lordkorner
Kids got talent ,bring him along to RTL studios with all the other wannabies....
13:28 October 5, 2011 by Sastry.M
To know the reality of truth about oneself is the goal of all humanity, and if the one doesn't want to know who is may be a means of curious employment1
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