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Authorities to keep tabs on Islamophobic scene

The Local · 27 Sep 2011, 08:47

Published: 27 Sep 2011 08:47 GMT+02:00

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According to a report in the Frankfurter Rundschau daily on Tuesday, several German states have asked the president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution Heinz Fromm to address the issue at a meeting on Thursday.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia told the paper that Islamophobic blogs are currently not being observed by the authorities. But he said the recent attacks by Anders Breivik in Norway showed that such blogs are now a cause for public concern.

He added that the opinions and comments published in such blogs could be regarded as anti-democratic, and some are calculated to incite young people to violence.

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Your comments about this article

10:02 September 27, 2011 by Edin
"He added that the opinions and comments published in such blogs could be regarded as anti-democratic..."

Every time there is a mention about Islam or Turks here, there are comments which are least to say anti-democratic. I can only imagine what goes on on NPD, neo-nazi etc. forums and blogs.

Someone should definatelly check up on it.... and now lets read some more of those bellow:
12:21 September 27, 2011 by raandy
anti-democratic, how so ?,because Turkey is moving towards an Islamic state?

Lets debate the Islamophobic scene.

I assume Edin that you do not consider this a move towards extremism.
12:26 September 27, 2011 by Simon_Kellett
Headline (definite): will keep tabs...

Story content (2 levels of doubt): several states have *asked* someone to *address* the issue at a meeting.
12:52 September 27, 2011 by Englishted
This is just a response to Islamic extremism better world all round if we did not have either.
13:23 September 27, 2011 by michael4096
@raandy - anti-democratic in the sense that many islamophobes, even on this forum, suggest different rules depending on who your parents are or where you were born. How many times have people here stated that immigrants and the children of immigrants should be treated differently to 'ethnic' germans - whoever they are.

"All men are created equal" is a necessary condition for democracy everywhere.
13:48 September 27, 2011 by Edin
@raandy - you are exactly the example of what I was relating to. There are many here that under all sorts of excuses bend the Democracy so much that it becomes even worse to their initial excuse.

I think it is most typical neo-conservative Bush era American view of the Democracy, ie: As long as it is in service of your own globalization policy it is worth fighting for with all possible means, even if you crush some basic principles of it, along the way. In Europe we see it differently, at least I hope so.
14:23 September 27, 2011 by slawek
@michael4096 - immigrants in Germany and their children are being treated differently, and discriminated against. In the first place they have no opportunities whatsoever in the school system. So people who could easily get a Ph.D. end up running kebab shops.

But if you start addressing the issues you'll soon end up being referred to as islamophobic, politically incorrect, anti-democratic, racist or worse. There are problems we are simply not allowed to talk about and we are forced to keep silent.

As for Brevik - the way I understand it, the major problem in recent years in the scandinavian region was a wave of rapes by muslim immigrants. Even though the police addressed the issue, which in Germany would be unthinkable being considered racist, the islamophobia in scandinavia only got worse, ultimately producing Brevik.
14:37 September 27, 2011 by freechoice
the mass media should be responsible for creating mass hysteria over the moslem world.
14:52 September 27, 2011 by Edin
@slawek You are very wrong, and swapping the thesis. German Police is very good and efficient on those matters. There are problems there like honor killings and they are very much exposed in the media which love this kind of material. So Immigrant problems are not only addressed, but even exaggerated.

One good example is the German Minister of Family etc Kristina Schröder, who argues that German kids are now being bullied by the immigrant kids so that some of them want even go to school. I mean.... how low can some people go???

It is all called a democracy...
15:02 September 27, 2011 by slawek
@edin - the honor killings are quite obvious single cases and you can't hide them. If the German police is doing a good job why don't they also address the issue of rapes committed by Turks, which in comparison to the few killings are rather a mass phenomena large cities? They simply hide it, and we are not allowed to discuss it.

You're right the immigrant problems are being addressed constantly, however from the point of view of someone protecting the privileges of the middle class.
15:10 September 27, 2011 by raandy
michael4096& Edin,

I assumed you would react,

What opinion did I state? did I say I agreed or did I disagree.,because I said you did not consider this a move towards extremism , by no means, means I do.

michael4096, I totally agree with you.
16:04 September 27, 2011 by catjones
True germans: where 'all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.'
16:44 September 27, 2011 by derExDeutsche
The future of Europe belongs to Muslims. Democratic enough?
16:49 September 27, 2011 by n230099
What the hell is 'islamophobia"? is it like heterophobia, semitophobia, christophobia? Adding "phobia" to other words does not make a scholar of someone but a 'baiter' of some kind. This piece is just stupid.
22:20 September 27, 2011 by wxman
I've got a better idea. Keep "tabs" on the Islamofascists. Everyone will be safer.
23:24 September 27, 2011 by Englishted

"This piece is just stupid. " or stupidphobia.

you comment was the opposite of wittyphobia or as the Germany new spelling would write wittyfobia.
23:27 September 27, 2011 by delvek
The "reset" of globalization is coming soon. History has taught us many lessons, nothing we discuss here is new under the sun.
01:09 September 28, 2011 by Wise Up!
With attitudes like this, it won't be long before Germany becomes a Muslim state. Assalamu alaikum, anybody?
07:56 September 28, 2011 by delvek
There is no doubt much Islamaphobia but there is literally no way the world or a Western country will succumb to anything remotely close to an Islamic state.

Because people are lazy and unmotivated until the crap hits the fan doesnt mean media should stoke the phobic fire.

In due time when we reach the zenith the pendelum will swing it needs no assistance from instigators.
10:31 September 28, 2011 by michael4096
@delvek - but the further the pendulum swings the more people get hurt. Better to keep those swings short...
15:37 September 28, 2011 by LecteurX
Where is "yourholiness"? On holidays? Banned from the site? Transmogrified into "Wise Up!"? I almost miss him :-)

@n230099, did you sleep through the summer? Missed out on Breivik, did you? If you can't figure out what "islamophobia" is, then well, you could just ask politely and we'll be happy to fill you in.
05:04 September 29, 2011 by nathan45
This is craziness created by over political corectness that makes an enviroment for it seem wrong to be anti immigration from non western countries.How many people have been charged with terror related charges in europe over the last few months and years like planing to blow up innocient people by the dozens?

Just in the last few weeks terror arrest in the U.K, terror arrest in Spain, just today terror arrest in the U.S a man was going to try to blow up the pentagon and White House all of these guys where Islamic so sorry if people are geting fed up any one remember 9/11? Where is the real threat here? We had one psycho who shot a bunch of innocient people in Norway yes but that was one incident compared to many islamic nut jobs who leterally want to destroy democracy and western culture.
08:42 September 29, 2011 by Carlos Hausner
@slawek "So people who could easily get a Ph.D. end up running kebab shops."

Most people with PhDs are incapable of running a kebab shop, or a whelk stall, or even a 'piss-up' in a brewery.
10:59 September 29, 2011 by ChrisRea
@ nathan45

Most of the terror attacks in Europe have little to do with Islamists and more with separatist groups. Quote from "The Europol Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2011" presented in April (https://www.europol.europa.eu/sites/default/files/publications/te-sat2011.pdf):

"Islamist terrorists carried out three attacks on EU territory. Separatist groups, on the other hand, were responsible for 160 attacks, while left-wing and anarchist groups were responsible for 45 attacks." (In 2010 there were a total of 249 attacks, which resulting in the death of 7 people)

So the "incident" (as you call it) in Norway resulting in a "bunch" of deaths was much more lethal than all terror attacks in couple of previous years.
12:29 September 29, 2011 by Carlos Hausner
A "phobia" is an irrational fear.

If you are a Jew, a woman or a homosexual then a fear of Islamists is perfectly rational and in terms of self-preservation even healthy.

The term "islamophobia" tends to be deployed by the PC brigade in order to prevent any discussion about the negative consequences of embracing an alien "culture." A culture which is totalitarian in nature and brutally repressive in practice as can be seen in every country ruled by sharia law and theocracy of clerics. Egypt and Libya are in for a nasty shock!

Whilst on the topic of phobias, the construct of "homophobia" actually means a "fear of the same." Another stupid term from the PC school.
13:22 September 29, 2011 by ChrisRea
@ Carlos Hausner #25

Irrational fear is not good. It might make you do things that actually put you in danger. If you have an irrational fear towards dogs, they will sense it and will act aggressively (because you subconsciously show a negative behaviour towards them). If a homosexual has an irrational fear against Catholics, it might make him act aggressively when locked in a room with many Catholics.

All monotheistic religions are totalitarian (the god cannot be questioned). So Islam is fully comparable with Christianity or other monotheistic religion.

To say that Islamic culture is brutally repressive in practice proves ignorance. The list of most repressive countries according to the latest report of Freedomhouse has on top Burma (Buddhism), Equatorial Guinea (Roman Catholicism), Eritrea (50-62.5% Christians, 36.5-50% Muslims), Libya (Islam), North Korea (irreligious with Buddhist and Confucian influences), Somalia (Islam), Sudan (Islam), Turkmenistan (Eastern Orthodox Church), Uzbekistan (Islam). Then come countries like Belarus, China, Cuba. On the other end of the top, Indonesia (the country with most Muslims) is rated as free (not as partially free, but free). So the religious culture is not very relevant in order to determine if a country is repressive or not.

So the term "islamophobic" was coined in order to name people like you, who due to ignorance or shady reasons, try to spread hate against Muslims.

"Homophobia" was used for the first time in 1966 by George Weinberg, who cannot be consider "PC school" (actually the phrase "political correctness" was significantly adopted in 1970).
14:33 September 29, 2011 by Al uk
I have chrisrea-phobia (not the singer mind) a classic case of left wing PC liberal nutjob.

Some good points Carlos (25)
15:00 September 29, 2011 by Carlos Hausner
Chris Rea,

Your list countries doesn't include Iran or Saudi Arabia which calls into question the criteria upon which this "freedom survey" was assembled and also invalidates your position.

You then go on to talk about irrational fear whereas I was talking about perfectly rational fears and concerns based on overwhelming empirical evidence, current and historic. You then make dark accusations and innuendos against me which are quite untrue.

Summarising, then, the content of your post I'd have to say it consisted of 90% misrepresentation, inaccuracies, dissembling and slur. Whether you are one or not, it was a triumph of leftist technique. My hearty congratulations to you!
16:08 September 29, 2011 by ChrisRea
@ Al uk

Besides fearing me, you obviously fear reality, as you are unable to support your opinions with data.

@ Carlos Hausner #28

My post included only the top repressive countries (7 out of 7). If you want to check where are other countries, take a look at http://www.freedomhouse.org/uploads/fiw11/CombinedAverageRatings(IndependentCountries)FIW2011.pdf. To indulge you, Iran is rated with 6 and Saudi Arabia with 6.5 (so also regarded as repressive countries, but not like the ones mentioned above; all countries with rates of at least 5.5 are considered not free). A friendly advice - it does not take much time to check public information and it saves you the shame of making uneducated statements.

Islamofobia is irrational, as any other phobia (here you were right). The rational fears you mention are invalidated not only by empirical evidence, but also proven theories.

Why do think I make dark accusations and innuendos against you? The only "accusation" is that you show ignorance and that it proven true with every post you made until now.

Using "leftist" as an insult proves that you do not believe in all people being created equal (this is what, by definition, leftists support). I hope you are not American, because that would mean you feel uncomfortable with your own Constitution.
10:42 September 30, 2011 by Carlos Hausner
ChrisRea, #29

I used the term "leftist" in a purely descriptive manner. The fact that you took it as a pejorative says more about you than it does about me and my use of the word.

You keep calling me ignorant yet you keep wilfully misinterpreting what I have written. Those inadequately derived indices that you keep quoting are simplistic to the point of being pure baloney. One doesn't have to look far for evidence to support that view. One is either 'free' or not free. There is no state in between.

In addition to other markers, another feature of the 'leftist' mindset is that they love to produce codify and categorize everything because ultimately everything must conform to their rigid Weltanschauung. Using their false constructs they can then preach from a lofty perch of moral certitude to vilify and marginalize any dissenters.

I have only commented about what you have written. You can continue with the personal comments if you like. I don't care, I wont be silenced and I'm not going away. Have a nice day.

PS. The American Constitution was not written by Marxists, although I'm sure that they would really love to rewrite it.

PPS. If you are reading this then I hope your diligence is noticed and rewarded, Comrade. :-))
18:14 September 30, 2011 by McNair Kaserne
Amazing, radical Muslims are planning terrorist acts, western civilization and it's values are under assault by a tidal wave of immigrants who insist on bringing Sharia law with them and you are worried about silencing people who have figured this out??

You are too stupid to breath. Germany will not exist in recognizable form 100 years from now unless this situation is halted and reversed. They will breed you out of your own country by then. And the leftist dhimmi's and other soft headed types who do not see the world and history as it truly is are the ones leading the way. Germany and Germans need to wake up before it is too late, if it is not already.

Look how many Turks there were in Germany 30 years ago vs. how many there are now. This is your future, the wailing of an Imam from the minaret of the neighborhood mosque. You will be slaves of Allah wether you wish it or not unless you can muster the will to resist.

Freedom is not free!
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