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Last gay survivor of Nazi death camps dies aged 98

The Local · 4 Aug 2011, 17:02

Published: 04 Aug 2011 17:02 GMT+02:00

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"Rudolf passed on peacefully in his sleep at dawn on August 3," at an old people's hospital in Bantzenheim, eastern France, said Philippe Couillet, a friend and associate of the deceased.

Brazda, born in 1913 in Thuringia, was sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp in August 1942 and remained there until it was liberated by US troops in 1945.

After the war he moved to Alsace, the eastern French region that borders Germany, and lived there until his death. He was awarded France's Legion of Honour in April this year.

Tens of thousands of people were convicted under Nazi Germany's laws that made homosexual acts a crime.

Those who were sent to concentration camps had to wear a pink triangle on their prison clothes that identified them as being gay.

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French local officials said Brazda would be buried next Monday in Mulhouse in eastern France.


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Your comments about this article

17:26 August 4, 2011 by GolfAlphaYankee
rest in peace Rudolf.
18:57 August 4, 2011 by Wise Up!
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
19:09 August 4, 2011 by Timec
Wise Up! - I'm not sure how to tell you this, but "The Pink Swastika," from which you seem to have gotten most of your "facts," is not actually a history book. It's a work of a virulent homophobe who wanted desperately to legitimize his fear and hatred of homosexuals, so, finding an unfortunate lack of historical data to back up his fears, he decided to make things up. Unfortunately, folks like you have fallen for his malicious propaganda.

Though I am very amused by your attempt to discredit the modern gay rights movement by linking it with Deh NaZIs!!1!!
19:30 August 4, 2011 by whpmgr
Ahhh the timeless argument...is he gay or not and who cares. Why should any of us know who is gay and who isnt. Seems that there could be no argument if people kept that part of their life secret and didnt try to force us to accept them and worship their choice.

I, for one, think that it is ok to be gay, just dont expect special status because of it. I do not have to see it.
19:40 August 4, 2011 by LecteurX
Wow, @Wise Up, what an impressive amount of horsecr*p. Having a problem with homosexuals, aren't we?

Ernst Röhm was gay, but wasn't the "founder" of the SA, they existed already at the time of WW1, and became more important and closer to the NSDAP in the early 1920s, at the time when Röhm became their leader. The SA was NOT a "notorious" (sic) homosexual organization, it was a paramilitary organisation with a gay man at the top. Can you tell the difference?

Please prove that the Nazi Party was founded in a gay bar in Munich. Considering how many lies you spread, I won't take your word.

The Society of Human Rights was created in Chicago in 1924 by Henry Gerber, a German immigrant who had arrived in the US in 1913 and even served in the American Army during the 1st World War... I just googled this and it took 2 minutes. Is that your "Nazi connection" between the gay rights movement and the Nazis?

How utterly ridiculous.
21:29 August 4, 2011 by GolfAlphaYankee
@whpmgr: news flash for you, we're here. we're queer, get used to it !

we will not hide who we are just to not offend your feelings
00:57 August 5, 2011 by Wise Up!
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
01:26 August 5, 2011 by yourholiness
@ GolfAlphaYankee

You may very well be here and homosexual but that doesn't mean the rest of us have to pay attention.
03:12 August 5, 2011 by Gretl
@yourholiness and wise-up: I don't know what you are so afraid of.

Equality is just that. You're wanting to ignore or demonize the 10% of the population that are homosexual. Lefties also comprise 10% of the population (but no correlation with homosexuality, for those of you missing a couple brain cells). They make left-handed scissors for lefties and left-handed desks. Are you planning on re-demonizing lefties? Or redheads? What is so difficult for you about treating people equallyand with dignity?

BTW - when did you decide to become hetrosexual?
08:57 August 5, 2011 by freechoice
why do i have an impression that gays are being persecuted or potrayed as victims here in Germany?
09:00 August 5, 2011 by Talonx
A Wiseup

The Sternbräueck was definately not a gaybar. Röhm was killed, partially because he was gay. Concentration camps had 'joy divisions' filled with women, not men. Self-hating homosexuals on the far-right are not a new phenomena and thier violence probably has a lot more to do with repression than anything else. Wise up Wiseup!

We could keep going with this, but at the end of the day, you just need to read books about history and not some pseudo-intellectuals crazy conspiracy theories.
09:21 August 5, 2011 by frankiep
This has to be one of the dumbest discussions I have seen here.

I'm sure that there were plenty of people in Nazi leadership positions who were gay. And I would also be willing to say that they were not Nazis because they were gay - and they were not gay because they were Nazis.

Besides, who the hell cares anyway. They were Nazis - trying to apply reason and logic to what they did is kind of pointless.
12:45 August 5, 2011 by ECSNatale
First and most importantly, RIP Herr Brazda.

To whpmgr & yourholiness and anyone that thinks like them... yes you do have to see it and whether or not you pay attention is entirely up to you. I have a news flash for you... you live in a greater society with different types of people. Just like I have to look at headscarves and crosses, different color skins, children, people of different political beliefs and economic status; I must co-exist with single parent families and uneducated teenagers whose poor behavior and petty criminality affects my town, I must live with young lovers kissing on trains and old people squabbling in the park... there are many different types of people with varying levels of social aptitude. As a member of society we must see many things.

What makes me better than either of you, is that I can accept that there are people who are different than myself and I still believe in equality for all; even for ignorant fools.
17:29 August 5, 2011 by Wise Up!
Interesting how The Local censors anything that veers from their ideological bias.

Those who deny history are only dommed to repeat it.
18:43 August 5, 2011 by JSD
Well, I'm sure that anyone can be "dommed". But they do censor lunatics making up stories and calling it history. Why shouldn't they censor blatant, sophomoric stupidity?
21:08 August 5, 2011 by whpmgr
ECSNatale: My dear, you are no better than anyone, especially me. BUt, the saving factor here is I am no better than anyone either. I respect your right to be gay. I respect your right to do anything in the privacy of your home you want to do. I respect your right, with soem exceptions of holding hands, public displays of affection whatever you wish as long as it is in good taste.

I do not grant youthe right to tell my 7 YO son it is ok to be gay. In fact, he should not be told anything of the sort. He should see it, when it happenes in front of him, question, learn, make his own decision with the help of his moral compass, his mom and dad. The teachers of liberal life have no right to demand that my son knows anything about gays. He will learn as he gets older. Little children are still learning the boundaries of normal life, when to stand up, talk out of turn, etc. The social order. So sexual education is something that needs to wait until they are mature enough to know what they want, not hav eit pushed on them.

That is really where I am going with this. Straights are the normal behavior that made society expand, and spread across the world. Gays were an anomaly that until recently were not allowed to be open. They have come out of the closet and into our faces- maybe to get even for all of the denail. I understand why they do it. I and they ahve a right to be free-if our government accepts that. To do as we wish up to and until it interferes with soemthing someone else wants to do. Many in the Gay world want to tell us and educate our kids that everyone is a bit gay- it is true I am part lesbian, but as a man, which of us isnt? Except a gay man. I have a few gay friends. Not because they are gay, but because they are exceptional people and I love them for that.

So, I have a moral ground, and you do too. I am ok with your point of view, but you Left wingers hate when someone talks against your side, you have no tolerance for diverse opinions.
22:45 August 5, 2011 by wxman
The last pink triangle. There are still several yellow stars walking around who remember.
00:30 August 6, 2011 by GolfAlphaYankee
@whpmgr: honey ! why are you worrying about your 7 YO hearing that some people like men, others like women and both are OK? I can assure you it will not turn him gay ! hell ! all my life, all I heard is how wonderful sex between a man and a woman is supposed to be, it didn´t make me want to tray it.

your son needs to hear that being gay is OK because if he is in fact gay (0.5 out of 10 chance) he is not alone and he has nothing to be ashamed of.

if your son is not gay (most probably he is not) then he also need to understand that there is diversity in life and bulling gay kids is wrong.
10:47 August 6, 2011 by MiriamSPia
The reason it is useful to know whether or not someone is homosexual or bisexual or heterosexual is to understand their needs and to adjust expectations regarding their romantic lives. Also, it does make sense that as a society we would figure out how to properly socialize homosexuals in the sense that: there are so many situations where the genders are separated because of sexual identities, that reviewing what these are and how to handle kindly and sensibly the people who have the issue of being romantically attracted to the same kind of people they would ordinarily be lumped in with when we are trying to avoid exposing people to those to whom they are naturally attracted....There is a real sociological issue. I am LBGT friendly and that doesn't make the issue disappear. Anyways, that's why.
15:21 August 6, 2011 by Bruno53
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
20:43 August 6, 2011 by whpmgr
There is a time for kids to think about sex. each one will get there at their own pace. I do not want nor need seomone to start educating my son about it at teh ripe old age of 7. So, I repectfully decline society trying to tell my son what is right or wrong at this stage. Teachers should teach reading, writing and arithmetic. Later they can teach science, geography, and biology. My son will hear of things, have questions adn then ask for or seek answers. no one should try to tell him anything except to be kind to people and to respect differences.
22:13 August 8, 2011 by avictor
For those who accuse gays of putting it in everyone's face...

If gays had equal rights then they wouldn't need to educate society.

Not to long ago society blamed gays for AIDS it was a 'gay disease'.

Why should they hide when so many put out false information? They are not trying to rub anyone's face in it they just want the same basic rights as straight people have.

They do get discriminated at work, can't marry their partners despite marriage is a legally binding contract issued by the government. And then we have silly adults who want to pretend to their children gays don't even exist.

Human beings by nature are social creatures who suffer greatly when rejected or do not feel acceptable in the society they live.

When being gay is no big deal then they won't have to educate the non-gay public anymore.
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