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Friedrich warns of hidden far-right threat

The Local · 27 Jul 2011, 11:52

Published: 27 Jul 2011 08:31 GMT+02:00
Updated: 27 Jul 2011 11:52 GMT+02:00

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His warning came as a police union, the Federation of German Criminal Police (BDK), suggested that an alarm button be set up for the internet so that web users could report extremist content or threats quickly. It is one of a growing number of calls for greater scrutiny of web-based extremism.

Friedrich told the Wednesday edition of the daily Rheinische Post that although far-right organisations appeared to be suffering membership losses, the number of violent, unattached nationalists and neo-Nazis was climbing.

Security services were watching the far-right scene closely, he said. Yet Friedrich added that he could never rule out an attack in Germany of the kind that has shaken Norway because there were always extremists who lurked in the shadows.

Avowed Norwegian anti-immigration nationalist, Anders Behring Breivik, killed at least 76 people in a shooting rampage and a bomb attack last Friday. Most of his victims were young members of the ruling Labour Party attending an island summer camp.

“Even if we monitor the scene intensely, we cannot rule out that lone, self-radicalised individuals go unnoticed,” Friedrich said. “We know there is some danger in the right-wing extremist scene. But the problem is not those who we have in our sights but those who radicalise themselves in secrecy.”

Breivik appears to have been active on the internet and claims to have had contact with right-wing extremists in other countries. However he was not an active or well-known member of Norway’s far-right and went unnoticed by security services, save for his purchase of large quantities of fertiliser to make explosives - purchases he covered by renting a farm.

BDK chairman Klaus Jansen told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung that an alarm button for the internet would enable people who came across dangerous content to report it quickly.

“People who discover right-wing radical content, Islamist ideas or indications of a mass murder have to be able to freeze the page and transmit (the information) to an emergency centre,” he said.

The emergency centre would need to be “staffed around the clock by specially trained police, sociologists or psychologists,” he said.

The Norwegian killer, Jansen pointed out, had spread his ideology on the internet via Facebook and other sites.

“Something was concocted there that many people on the internet were aware of.”

Greens co-leader Cem Özdemir also criticised the lack of accountability on the internet and said it should not be exempt from the laws of the constitution that applied to other areas of life.

“The internet is not a punishment-free zone,” he said. “There are definite problems with servers that are in other countries. There are problems where national borders are crossed. In these cases, we need to do more to ensure security.”

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Friedrich said he was also concerned about so called “free nationalists,” who do not belong to any far-right party or organisation and therefore are less predictable and harder to observe. They are thought to number at least 1,000 in Germany and are considered to be more violence-prone.

Reports from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) show they are rising in number and of greater concern than traditional, organised right-wing extremists.

Free nationalists follow the model of left-wing extremists, so-called Linksautonomen, who are shadowy, less predictable and less observable, the BfV has said.

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Your comments about this article

08:52 July 27, 2011 by harcourt
At Last !! Somebody has woken up !!
09:09 July 27, 2011 by freechoice
will they shift the manpower from leftist monitoring to rightist monitoring now? what about extremists who don't go on to the internet?
09:28 July 27, 2011 by oldWine
please closely monitor the neo nazis whose faces are already know to the police.

Check their bank details what they are doing ( transferring money ). Check their phone calls if possible embed spies among these groups. And arrest them before if there is evidence of doing something bad.

And punish them ( please don't follow the privacy law for them, i.e don't hide their name from the media) put their names printed. And punish them harshly and publish the punishment on the newspaper.

At the same time it can be that there are good hearted people also who are simply lazy and brain washed ( for them create a mental rehab ) to bring their lives to the light world.

Arrest the brain washers too.
11:39 July 27, 2011 by michael4096
"...And arrest them before if there is evidence of doing something bad..."

Ah! Finally! The chance to be a tyrant...

Having different laws for one group of people over another doesn't work - whichever way round it goes.
12:34 July 27, 2011 by freechoice
everybody yield to the might of corporations!

consumerism brings "different" people together!

everybody united as one, through FaceTime Ipad app! LOL!
13:42 July 27, 2011 by harcourt
The guy in the picture, Friedrich, looks as though he has just met a terrorist with a gun !!
14:09 July 27, 2011 by DOZ
In that case let me be the 1st to push the button on Canada's Extremist Prime Minister.
14:36 July 27, 2011 by Al uk
Just what the left has been waiting for. Let the smearing begin!
15:18 July 27, 2011 by harcourt
DOZ #7

Have I missed something subtle, where did Canada come from ?? Perhaps you are commenting on another story by chance
16:01 July 27, 2011 by freechoice
the anti war on terrorist flu is spreading to europe! hilfe!
16:26 July 27, 2011 by catjones
Hey Hans, the button already exists. It's called 112.
16:46 July 27, 2011 by thepeacelover
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
17:05 July 27, 2011 by freechoice
During Anders Behring Breivik childhood he suffer from multiple divorces of his parents, imagined being rejected so many times as a child. He didn't get love from his family, could this be the trigger which everybody neglected? He couldn't get pass this deepest hatred left in his innermost being.
17:41 July 27, 2011 by StoutViking
Hidden far right extremism? Why? Had they finished dealing with the OPEN far left extremist? The kind that throws molotov cocktails and torches cars?
17:50 July 27, 2011 by michael4096
@freechoice - wow! deep!

and, I thought I was the hippy here

pass the pipe, sounds like good stuff...
19:53 July 27, 2011 by Scuba Steve
Um, how about a plan to CLOSELY scrutinize first time (or all) buyers of large quantities of Amyl Nitrate? Operative word here being CLOSELY. Now, let's talk about weapons and specialized ammunition for those weapons.......
20:28 July 27, 2011 by whpmgr
WOW. MOnitoring, and the postings here that support extreme monitoring. How about thinking that when too much Culture clashes, you have to decide if you are one world, or several countries. If you are one world, no more borders, Culture, no more herritage- just one conglomerated mess of people- so then you can't recognize any one in particular for their culture, as we are all one....

We need to bring back punishment. I heard that this guy may face a maximum of 21 years for his crimes? Wow, "76 lives and all I got was this 21 year sentence"...I can see the t-shirt. Shouldn't you start making punishment fit the crime? SHouldnt there be death in some extreme cases?

And why not start to release names, data etc about the criminals.

Lastly, many people ahve gone through divorced parents, molestation, problem childhoods, and most of them nevre come close to being mass murderers. They are responsible, unless you have proof soemone held power over them, and they need to be blamed for their actions. They can repent and be changed into nice people in Prison, but we have so much of this going on since there are no more gallows to rid us of them. Grant it I mean extreme cases, not life in jail for stealing a pizza 3 times. BUt real sentences to punish not to give light sentences to Rehab everyone. If there is no accountability, there is no reason not to commit the crime.
21:09 July 27, 2011 by knabbjalf
A world that supports the "eye for an eye" will soon become a blind world.
21:23 July 27, 2011 by danamcmahon
That man, rather asking his sexual preference was, real monster. Those beauitful young people he murdered are our parents migratory ancestors, your best of life, their best of things, the worlds best of man and woman. The better of things planned, the better of two people that produced a woman and a man.
21:44 July 27, 2011 by whpmgr
Post#19; What is it that you are saying, or trying to say. I know English is not your first language, that is ok. The kids he killed are, at the moment-as far as we know, innocent. And did not deserve this type of death. Ask why it happened and you will have a million answers. Ask what happened, and why so many are dead and you have a few. No country can plan for and pay for a protection force large enough and equipped enough to defeat any problem that may arise. The cost is not affordable, nor is there enough equipment that you could maintain and support for any lengthy period that would have precented the incident.

This article talks about the right wing radicals and we dont know who they are. It tells us we need more monitoring. We need to have everyone spy on everybody. We need to take guns away, we need to bring back tolerance and so much more.

Tolerance brought us to this point. The world is in a clash for what order it will conform to. Are we all one being, brothers and sisters of soem common God? Are we so homogenious that there is no difference, so we have no right to a particular culture, or opinion, or language? Is someone an extremist because they speak of soemthing they do not like? IF so, and you are against eating meat, and tell people not to do it, are yo unot an extremist? Even if you never lift a gun or hand or weapon against anyone who eats meat?

Do not over react. Be sad for the lives lost. Seek a reason to why a major city in NOrway didnt have the means to react. Why did a news helicopter sit on top of the scene looking at what was going on, buyt not go to the mainland and get at least one sniper who could have killed the assassin? Where was the priority? It was on News and sensationalism and not worried about fellow man. There are many guilty here.

The police said they did what was needed to be done. THe courts will give this ghuy a few years jail time, and we hope that the doctors will rule him not capable to be with society, but they may say he has repented.

I agree with Knabbjalf, but, I also believe that if you do nothing, you are doomed to repeat the same incidents. This man must pay for his actions, but all right wing people in the world should not, unless they too, are on the verge of doing soemthin gthis radical. Do we want a government to tell us what and who is extremist? They are more than willing to if we give them the permission, and you may fund your name on their list some day.
22:07 July 27, 2011 by Scuba Steve
Er, ammonium nitrate, I meant.....
02:26 July 28, 2011 by neunElf
Hey Scuba Steve, your first comment made me chuckle!

I was giving you credit for what I thought was a poke at the all encompassing surveillance state so many people seem to think is necessary.

Not me though, there is a great statement attributed to the American revolutionary Benjamin Franklin;

Those who choose security over freedom, deserve neither.
05:19 July 28, 2011 by freechoice
Come on there is plenty of rooms to share in Norway, why get so upset over some foreigners? So when are they gonna release a full name list of all the people killed?
06:20 July 28, 2011 by heyheyhey
@whpmgr #20............have you lost your flippin mind? You sound like a freakin psychotic! Maybe it is only that you are an old man with a feeble and easily confused mind.

Please don't comment any more. It is very tiring seeing your biased posts.
13:16 July 29, 2011 by n230099
"¦quot;People who discover right-wing radical content, Islamist ideas or indications of a mass murder have to be able to freeze the page and transmit (the information) to an emergency centre..."

Where does radical Islamist violence fall in the convenient but outdated "right/left" spectrum we continue to use?
00:12 July 30, 2011 by Coalbanks
So how open are some immigrants? How open to integration? How open is Islam? Does the KORAN not tell Moslems to convert & rule others?
00:32 July 30, 2011 by whpmgr
HEYHEYHEY: I have a bias? Ok, I admit it, and you ahve one too, If being 50 is old and feeble, ok, I am.

n230099: Islam would fall under a conservative/right wing category. They are religious, very conservative, and they profess modesty, chastity, and humility. Fascism is right, as I believe it is considered. I may be wrong. They definitely do not sound very left wing.
04:46 July 31, 2011 by Domdeone
That repressed psycho in Oslo had his own jihad.

In Iraq or Afghanistan this goes on; 100,000+ in Iraq alone. War on Terror my arse.

That guy saw muslims on Norway as a threat just as muslims see USA as a threat in their own countries.

Cant see similarly what muslims killing muslims proves either?

People have got to be allowed to air their grievancies openly or it comes out as raw anger!
15:06 August 1, 2011 by Hans Tuga
"Spy agency doubts far-right network exists" -- Off course.. They are the far-right network... Who were the founding members of the Federal Secret Service: SS's and Gestapos
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