Dangerous stowaway spider likely dead

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11 Jul, 2011 Updated Mon 11 Jul 2011 10:50 CEST
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A potentially deadly spider that stowed away in a box of Colombian bananas is assumed to have been killed after a supermarket in the western German state of Saarland was fumigated with pesticide.

The store in the town of Bexbach was evacuated over the weekend after a spider thought to be a highly venomous Brazilian wandering spider jumped out of a fruit crate while it was being unpacked.

“We haven’t found the spider yet, but according to the exterminator it’s dead,” said Albrecht von Truchseß, the spokesman for the Real supermarket chain, early Monday morning.

Thirty people searched the entire store after it was fumigated, but its dessicated body will likely never be found. “It probably found a small dark hiding place,” said Truchseß, adding that store will have been thoroughly cleaned before reopening on Monday.

All of its fresh fruit, vegetables and meat have been disposed, although the pesticide is considered harmless to people. “That is a considerable financial loss for us,” the spokesman said.

A police spokesman said there was a chance the tropical spider immediately fled the supermarket, however, it would not survive long outside because the German nights are too cold.

Wandering spiders are considered some of the most venomous on the planet. Growing up to 13 centimetres in size, their bite can be life-threatening to humans. The arachnids are also knows as banana spiders owing to their affinity for hiding in bunches of the fruit during the day.

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2011/07/11 10:50

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