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Hitler's birthplace revokes dictator's citizenship

The Local · 8 Jul 2011, 16:12

Published: 08 Jul 2011 16:12 GMT+02:00

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The local council in Braunau, north of Salzburg, agreed unanimously to the move in a sitting on Thursday night, several Austrian newspapers reported Friday. Hitler was born in the upper Austrian city, whose full name is Braunau am Inn, in 1889.

Mayor Johannes Waidbacher said he was pleased with the unanimous vote, which had been a matter of priority for all the political parties in the city, daily Die Presse reported.

Uncertainty as to Hitler’s honorary citizen status had reigned even among experts right up until the vote. Relevant documents from the years 1938 to 1945 were missing from city archives. As a result there was no proof of the dictator’s citizenship.

However it is regarded as certain that Hitler received his honorary citizenship from what was then the independent neighbouring town of Ranshofen. However, Ranshofen was subsequently annexed to Braunau in 1939. The decision Thursday night therefore technically scrapped Hitler’s honorary citizenship of Ranshofen.

The city council explicitly distanced itself from national socialist ideology. The terrible results of the Nazi period must never be forgotten, the council’s resolution stated.

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Hitler was originally Austrian but applied successfully for his citizenship to be revoked in 1925. He was stateless for seven years but in 1932 gained German citizenship as a holder of public office in the free state of Braunschweig. In 1938, Germany annexed Austria.

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Your comments about this article

17:16 July 8, 2011 by lunchbreak
They should act too hastily. You never know when Austrians might want to rehabilitate him.
17:26 July 8, 2011 by FIUMAN
Interesting article about another attempt to absolve the debts of the present incurred by the actions of the past. Despite the pointlessness of this action it highlights the simple fact that this was not done in Hitler's lifetime, when it counted. Braunau was a shrine to Hitler during the National Socialist period and that fact is not diffused by the denouncement of today.
17:38 July 8, 2011 by Englishted
17:43 July 8, 2011 by MJMH
How silly. All this article does is keep Hitler's name alive in the press.
17:44 July 8, 2011 by neunElf
Typical politicians, long on symbolism, short on substance!

Glad to know things are so doing so well in Austria today that their civic leaders can indulge in this self-flagellation!
17:46 July 8, 2011 by GolfAlphaYankee
@Englishted what´s the point?

the comment section will be shutdown faster than you can say ....H$%& H%$#@

17:49 July 8, 2011 by Redwing
This report makes me laugh. Hitler was a native Austrian and that is all that matters. Stripping him posthumously of his honorary citizenship does not make him any less Austrian. It seems to me that this is just another attempt to whitewash Austria's history.
17:52 July 8, 2011 by Englishted

Thats not quick because I cannot say it.

The way I type it is also pretty slow ,with one finger.

p.s. thats the first time I've done a face shows I'm not to old to learn :-).
18:03 July 8, 2011 by DrStrangelove
That was fast - in typical Austrian fashion. "Siehst a Schneckn, bückst di... husch, sans weg..."
19:08 July 8, 2011 by harcourt

Hitler who??
21:53 July 8, 2011 by Asgarli
"Hitler's birthplace revokes dictator's citizenship"

And who cares? Whom does this help?
22:01 July 8, 2011 by wood artist
While I agree this is a bit late, and probably somewhat pointless, there is one significant element that shouldn't be ignored.

Many terrible things happened during WWII. Acts were committed by all sides that shouldn't have happened. While they are not all "equal" they were equally despicable. The Russians slaughtered and raped civilians, the British firebombed Dresden, the Japanese enslaved Koreans and used prisoners as test subjects for biological warfare, the Americans interned citizens of Japanese ancestry, and so on.

Although it's been a needlessly slow process, many of those nations have formally apologized, and in the case of Germany even established some programs to make some effort at restitution. This is just another small step in that process. Notably, the Japanese have never done so, partly because of the cultural bias against "losing face." The Russians continue to deny anything unless someone else "proves it" and even then they refuse to really acknowledge the facts.

Late? Certainly. Pointless? Almost. Nonetheless, at least they made an effort to admit that they made a mistake, even if those who made it have long ago passed on. It may mean very little, but...it's something. That's more than others have done.

23:56 July 8, 2011 by Logic Guy
Well, the thing that I find most impressive about the German people is that although they enjoy intense debates, however, at the end of the day, they have the intelligence necessary to follow the truth and logic. For this reason they are able to accomplish so many things.

Hitler actually did some wonderful things for Germany. But like others historical leaders, he became too greedy. Every mighty empire will fail, once the people lose focus of morality. I hope members of America's Ruling-Class are listening.
01:21 July 9, 2011 by Ludinwolf
oh! just let him burn in piece!
01:59 July 9, 2011 by Persian=Anti-Arabism
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
03:43 July 9, 2011 by MyOpaWasFromBayern
@Logic Guy

America's ruling class are only listening to the jerks telling them how to preserve their power and money.
06:14 July 9, 2011 by Eric Best
Hi Logic Guy, I can't agree with you when you say Hitler simply became too greedy. From the beginning his driving ideology was one of ethnic (rather than Marxist 'class') conflict. Protecting and purifying "Aryan" culture by removing or subordinating its (perceived) threats, was his mission and Germany was his tool for accomplishing this. This mission set Hitler apart from his western European contemporaries and German predecessors: rather than advancing normal, finite, state political and economic interests (through fair means or foul), he was remaking the world and sacrificing millions of lives to do it.
08:24 July 9, 2011 by harcourt
Eric Best;

A very valid comment. Unfortunately Logic Guys comment is too simplistic and verges on the old old story of sweeping the horrors under the carpet ! By the way I personally don't consider following logic is a good or wise thing to do!!
11:52 July 9, 2011 by Ludinwolf
I can see that this ´hitler´ name, give some ppl the feeling of being attached to something/someone powerful.

In general, we all have this i guess, till certain point, but the thing is, hitler if ever did great to germany was not more than his obligations(someone else would do it anyway). now worse, with the idea of preserving a certain race does not give it a reason to exterminate other races... we are not ants.

And last... whoever cheers anything about hitler has certainly not past thru losing thier beloved ones under the boots of merciless characters. It is easy to point at the stars as they are far but give us a special feeling... this same individuals wont want to be near the sun. (philosophy).

Hitler failed and is taking with him numbers of blind ones too.

...no matter little ones that still love him and his atrocities, he is certainly at most cursed forever.
12:07 July 9, 2011 by lunchbreak
Hitler was too greedy Logic Guy?


Hitler was a megalomanic who only wish was to bring on the apocalypse by all means possible including the disintegration of his own people. Everything he did , autobahns etc., was conceived to that end. The only thing he accomplished for germany was its destruction.

The notion that Hitler was just a good natured guy that got carried away is wrong and a disservice to the german people.
14:59 July 9, 2011 by piatnek
Politicians love to apologize for errant history, but when do they ever apologize for

their own mistakes?
22:40 July 9, 2011 by Ich
Good Grief! This is ridiculous! The guy had to be born somewhere.

"Oh, No, He didn't! He was dropped by an evil Stork!"

I mean, this is supposed to do what? Make us all feel better, worse, indifferent, multi-culti, liberal, Dali Lama, early Druid,,,what?

It's stupid.
08:10 July 10, 2011 by wenddiver
Gosh, you don'y think they're being to hard on him, one would think he littered or something. When all he did was murder uncounted millions of people while destroying most of Europe, North Africa and Asia, while maiming an entire generation in the process of the greatest loss of cultural items in the history of the world. Sarcasm.
12:06 July 10, 2011 by StefanMuc
@wood artist - it's bizarre, but Japan has apologized for war atrocities many, many times - there is a whole list of these apologies on Wikipedia. It's just that for some reason people still believe they never did.
15:31 July 10, 2011 by Al uk
@ wood artist the USAAF also bombed Dresden. It wasn't just an RAF raid.
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