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Germany tops group with win over France

The Local · 6 Jul 2011, 05:29

Published: 06 Jul 2011 05:29 GMT+02:00

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Goals from Kerstin Garefrekes, an Inka Grings double, and a last-gasp Celia Okoyino da Mbabi effort saw Germany win the tournament's highest-scoring match with Marie-Laure Delie and Laura Georges getting two back for France.

But both coaches were furious with Finnish referee Kirsi Heikkinen who handed our five yellow cards in addition to Sapowicz's red after a dangerous tackle on Fatmire Bajramaj.

"I think it was overdone," said Germany coach Silvia Neid. “Bruno Bini (France coach) got really worked up because he got three yellow and one red. You didn't dare to do anything after that. I think it was too much.”

Bini added: "The first two yellow cards, the players were just playing the ball which is what they do. If you apply her (referee) logic there should be 20 yellow cards in a game."

Both teams were already qualified for the last eight with two-time defending champions Germany next meeting Japan, who finished second in Group B after losing 2-0 to England in Augsburg.

Second-placed France next play Group B winners England.

The Germans made most of the early running in a tense first half on front of a sell-out crowd of 45,000.

Skipper Garefrekes broke the deadlock after 25 minutes when the Frankfurt midfielder rose highest to pick up a freekick and head in her second goal of the tournament.

Six minutes later the hosts were 2-0 up after Duisburg striker Grings latched on to a Simone Laudehr cross to head into goal.

France were however transformed in the second half with substitute Delie getting one back after 56 minutes heading in a Sandrine Soubeyrand corner just a minute after her earlier effort had been held by goalie Nadine Angerer.

A Grings free-kick on 60 minutes was held by Sapowicz, but minutes later the Paris Saint Germain goalie was sent off for a dangerous tackle as Bajramaj raced towards goal with the Turbine Potsdam midfielder stretchered off.

Sapowicz was replaced by Celine Deville and Grings stepped up to convert the penalty on 68 minutes.

Four minutes later Georges reduced the deficit with a powerful header off a corner, and moments later they were almost levelled as Delie shot just wide from inside the box.

In the dying minutes of the game a Grings free-kick hit the side-netting, and a Bajramaj effort was cleared off the line, before Okoyino da Mbabi put the result beyond a doubt a minute from time.

Neid said her side were just beginning to relax after difficult wins against Nigeria (1-0) and Canada (2-1).

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"I think they feel really liberated now," she said. "From the beginning they showed how they really like playing and how they really wanted to win the game. It was really fantastic and that's a compliment I've already paid my team."

Bini added: "We had a timid first half. We made it very difficult for ourselves. We couldn't really show what we wanted to show. Today we really had to draw on all our resources. Playing at home is a totally different story."

Germany top Group A with a maximum nine points with France second with six, Nigeria on three and Canada zero.


The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

05:46 July 6, 2011 by german-guardian
God bless Germany. We will win the world cup
10:29 July 6, 2011 by marimay
No you won't. :)
11:21 July 6, 2011 by trash head
> No you won't. :)

France just got pwnd, i know its pain in your ass
11:33 July 6, 2011 by adipk
who ever wins but its a sexy cup. people not only watching football but .....
12:09 July 6, 2011 by marimay
Sorry, trash head, I really don't care. lol
12:29 July 6, 2011 by Englishted

Here is a song for you just fill in the gap .

Two World *** , and one World Cup ,doo da,doo da, (repeat)
13:33 July 6, 2011 by manotso
to german-guardian,

God bless all of us.

Germany is only one country.

Good luck at the world cup.
13:50 July 6, 2011 by trash head
> Sorry, trash head, I really don't care. lol

14:30 July 6, 2011 by Lachner
I think that the favorites to win the World Cup are Germany and the United States. Yesterday, the Germans played very well and showed that they have what it takes to win the Cup. Nonetheless, the US National Team is very strong and is currently playing very well. I think that Germany and the US will face each other in the Semifinals on June 13th in Frankfurt!!! That's going to be an awesome game!

The final game will be either Germany vs Brazil or the US vs Brazil. I hope that Germany wins it!!!!
17:25 July 6, 2011 by lordkorner
I really thought France would do better after watching their first two games (why not,most of them are easy on the eyes),however I was delighted with the way Germany took the game to them,and how they came back stronger than ever after the French scored,great character and skill. As for englishted comments above,is that the best you can do?
17:55 July 6, 2011 by IYWMTS
@ Englishted:

This is a song for the past. At present and in the future it has to be changed to:

No World ***, and NO World Cup, doo da, doo da...

Best regards
18:16 July 6, 2011 by Englishted

So you are rewriting history are you?

It could be " no more world ****, and only one world cup,"

but I hope the first part is true but not the second .

I hope for a England German final but that is a bit dangerous with my family supporting the "wrong" side.

Thank you for your regards I reciprocate.

p.s. It was only to tease you know who I didn't mean it O.K.
18:35 July 6, 2011 by IYWMTS
I'm not rewriting history at all, as I merely wanted to express that from now on (or to be more precise from 1966 on) there has been/ will luckily/hopefully be no world war anymore.

Same with the World Cup.
18:50 July 6, 2011 by reallybigdog
The top three are Germany number 1, the USA as number 2 and Brazil as number three and that's all we will see in the final. The rest have yet to cross the line of greatness but the future does look bright for many up and coming teams.

Germany has the deepest levels of talent by a wide margin and with a clear victory in the U19 championships last month over Norway by 7 goals they continue to stock pile a perpetual bevy of talent for years to come. No wonder in women's football the Germans are considered to be the best. The Germans also just outed AGAIN the English in the U17 mens championships in Mexico.

Further credit to GERMANY as the first and foremost country to truly launch the women's game onto the world stage in truest sense of style and class. They have set the bar high for all other countries to follow.

PS.. to all those disgruntled and arrogant English blokes here England doesn't have the stones to go head to head with any of these top teams in both men's and women's so your best option if you have any brains is to shut up and stay out of the conversation altogether and save yourself any further embarrassment at you in FACT lack any football/soccer success on the international stage and you should all thank your lucky stars you avoided Germany and your exit from this event as well.

Enjoy the rest of the games folks and cheers from Canada.
20:15 July 6, 2011 by Englishted
When we have a club baby seals competition I am such Canada would win after all that practice you have.

By the way the Germans were booed off at the end of the game for all the time wasting they did .

We avoided Germany thankfully ,I agree but we are still there.
21:34 July 6, 2011 by reallybigdog
England is still there for now but not for long would be more precise.
17:14 July 7, 2011 by german-guardian
Germany will always win
15:19 July 8, 2011 by HistoryProffessor
If a God exists Germany will lose.
15:31 July 8, 2011 by Englishted

Sweden just beat your number 2


See 1914 to 1918 and 1939 to 1945 for details.


Does that mean if there is no god Germany will win?
15:46 July 8, 2011 by HistoryProffessor
it was more of a sarcastic yet hopeful remark. I recently had a bad experience at a pub here with some german soccer fans so now I dont care who wins the world cup as long as its not germany...I shouldnt have brought god into this.
18:07 July 8, 2011 by Englishted

Quick off to the doctors with you .Sounds like you may have caught german-guardian virus bringing god into things.

If you act fast you may not need a frontal lobotomy like he did.
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