Hot, humid weather to give way to mid-week rain

Hot, humid weather to give way to mid-week rain
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Sunshine will heat up most of Germany on Monday and Tuesday, but noticeably cooler and potentially stormy conditions are in store for the latter half of the week, the German Weather Service (DWD) said Monday.

A high pressure system over central Europe is driving the sunny, hot and dry weather early in the week, said DWD meteorologist Thomas Ruppert in a statement. Germany can expect temperatures reaching 24 degrees in coastal regions in the east and climbing to a sweltering 34 degrees in the southwest.

“Wednesday, a low pressure system from Iceland will bring showers and storms,” Ruppert said. “While brisk sea air will bring changing conditions and noticeably cooler temperatures starting Thursday.”

The west will see heavy cloud cover bringing showers on Wednesday, while in the east sunshine will gradually give way to storm clouds bringing heavy rain, winds and potentially hail to the region.

Temperatures in the east will reach between 26 and 31 degrees, while the cooler west will remain between 20 and 25 degrees. Moderate northerly winds could get stronger as evening approaches.

Wednesday night, eastern regions will see thunderstorms, while temperatures across Germany will hover between 12 and 16 degrees.

The rain in the east will continue into Thursday morning, while showers and brief storms could develop in the west in the afternoon. The air will be cooler at 19 to 21 degrees overall, cooled by brisk winds out of the northwest.

Thursday night, the showers will subside, but cloud cover will remain, with temperatures dropping to between 10 and 14 degrees.

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