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Petraeus to meet general hurt in Afghan attack

The Local · 29 May 2011, 11:52

Published: 29 May 2011 11:52 GMT+02:00

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Petraeus travelled to the regional military headquarters at Mazar-i-Sharif on Sunday to meet with Kneip, who is ISAF regional commander for northern Afghanistan. The German general was taken to the field hospital there after being wounded in the bombing.

A German army spokesperson said on Sunday that Kneip was in a stable condition.”He is not in mortal danger,” he said, adding that “considering the circumstances, he is doing well.”

The suicide bombing at the office of the governor of Takhar province killed six people, including the police chief for northern Afghanistan Gen. Mohammed Daud Daud and two German soldiers.

Daud had been attending a meeting about security with Kneip and the governor of Takhar province, Abdul Jabar Taqwa, who was also wounded in the attack.

The commander of the Afghan Army in the region, Gen. Salmai Wesa, told reporters on Sunday that the attacker was likely wearing a police uniform. Police spokesman Lal Mohammed Ahmadsai said that it was too early to tell exactly what caused the deadly blast, saying it was also possible that explosives had been hidden in the building.

However, those who were attending the meeting at the governor’s office in the provincial capital Taloqan, said that the attack was carried out by suicide bomber who had been dressed as a member of the security forces guarding the conference.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, told AFP, that the militants had carried out the bombing. "One of our mujahedeen carried out the attack inside the Takhar governor's complex during a meeting about security," he said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a statement she was "shocked and saddened by the deaths, and the injuries inflicted on German soldiers, as well as the Afghan victims."

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"This terrorist attack is a illustration of a murderous inhumanity," she said, adding that she hoped the Afghan authorities would lead a painstaking investigation so that those "responsible are held to account as quickly as possible."

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Your comments about this article

13:08 May 29, 2011 by hasanhusin
the Afghans consider Nato soldiers as invaders and occupiers of their land, same as the humiliated and defeated British and Russians before this. They will never stop fighting foreigners to free their land and ready to make sacrifice even blowing themselves to death. That made the world called their land as 'graveyard of empires'. Leave now...
13:40 May 29, 2011 by ChrisRea
Saturday it was also that a coalition airstrike in southern Afghanistan killed a dozen children and two women (as reported by CNN citing a spokesman for the provincial governor). It is a real mess what it is happening there. The current way of fighting Talibans gives more reasons for the local population to join their side. As hasanhusin wrote, it is easier for Afgans to see the ISAF forces as the bigger evil when compared to Talibans.
16:17 May 29, 2011 by Sastry.M
War on Terror is an absurd Wild West pursuit because war is waged with weapons of physical destruction . Terror is inspired by subtle mind conviction purported by an erroneously interpreted age old religious faith. War on Terror superficially enacted with a missionary zeal supported by modern weapons and advanced technology does not correct or erase contentions of subtle mind wrongly inculcated using mass and implicit faith of religious dictates but only increases that conviction against an alien virtue seeking to educate with physical fight.

It is quite obvious that forcing good on people with war would only increase the need for defence of terrorist convictions by a determined few and lead to un necessary death of uncommitted commoners by bombings among whom the defenders duck in.

There is, presently, a dark and sinister force which is gripping and permeating all civilized human minds falling prey to its spell of greedy and deluded character of superficial and ephemeral desires. It revels in itself causing confusion with diversely created events both as ground realities as well self serving censored reportage. This state of affairs lead to destruction of discriminating intellectual clarity directing minds to deluded paths while seeking to concentrate on "What is at stake from dark behind" to analyse "What is making in open light" out at large.Known as "Kali Prabhav" or sinister influence of the present day, known as the 'Age of Kali' described in Indian Scriptures, all gentlemen around the world with a flair for ethics of human conduct and devotion for Divine Will of democracy and justice should wake up to realise and instil that peace of confidence in human minds by which humanity can extricate itself from the dark and deadly force of Kali by rooting it out of their minds with devotional sacrifice rather than falling prey to greedy and unethical big business of a chosen few but to the detriment of innocent at large.
17:41 May 29, 2011 by authun
The guy on the left is Petraeus, of course, no? Or is he on the right?
02:13 May 30, 2011 by Eric D
letting the Taliban disciples ***** on their own is OK by you??

the west is there and will stay there what ever you like it or not

you are faced with a fact that is too real and uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead it's a copout
00:14 June 1, 2011 by Major B
@ Sastry

Disagree with the ultimate idea in your first paragraph. I agree that the "War on Terror" is crazy and that title has been changed.

In a previous post I asked you this. Does a country that was attacked by a known terrorist organization have a right to take military action against the country that allowed that terrorist organization to train, organize and attack it? You didn't answer.

The only reason NATO is in Afghanistan is because of the atrocity that took place on 9/11/01. The Taliban appears to represent the forces you talk about in paragraph three. To be fair, those same forces are certainly present in the West. I could go on but instead I will say that the "children of the light" understand this and also know how to combat this. The forces of Rome(am being symbolic here) of Babylon are the same that ensnare the modern world.

The shame is that the country that produced Rumi, and those beautiful statues of Buddha that the Taliban blew up will not allow its people to progress, preferring to keep them in darkness rather than allow progressive ideas to flourish, as they did in the Past. This is why civilizations, live, die and then move on to "where the light is".

As it is my country has done far more than it should have to try to help these people, despite the many many mistakes that have been made.

Is is time to now pack up and leave.

The likes of Karzai make further sacrifice of men and material pointless.

The time will come soon for the West to seriously begin withd
22:09 June 1, 2011 by whpmgr
Authun: Very good question, I think he is the guy in the middle.

Hasanhusin: You are as deluded as the crazy fools that blow up the young generations and hide behind them. Turn others into martyrs as they send more and more people off to die...why do they not do it themselves? It is because those that blow themselves have bought into the lies. HTey believe, and those that send them know that what they do is an abomination to Allah. They will burn much hotter in hell than the bomber will.

Sure we need to ge tout. We need to pull back to our borders, go back into isolation. Set highh tarriffs, keep everyone out so that we can heal ourselves. But the problem is that when we do this, the Muslim Extremists will take control of ever more land. We are on the verge of a huge war, that may trigger the apocalypse. You see, the cat is out of the bag. The bad people are in every corner of governments over the entire world. Russia, will they be bigger and better than any other government? DO they show restraint? Are they helping to pave the road for the downfall of their competition? China, are they any better? Feeding North Korea and Tehran with missiles and hardware? The US selling High Tech stuff to others? No one is without guilt, but I still say that hell in the USA with our type of government would be ten times better than any Heaven under an Iranian Mullah.

Choices. Each choice has a cost, but which is better? Relisious extremism that enslaves its followers. Keeps them ignorant of the true meaning of the word? Tells their followers that the book says one thing and only teachs that one thing, hate, destruction? where does it end? Who will stand in a say it is time to stop the violence and coem together, to not love the enemy but bring peace so that everyone will live and try to understand each other?

When the world sees the end of the American Dominance, and it is coming, you will all seek soemone to save you from the other ideologies. there is an ever present evil in this world that just wont let people rest. I see no peace, even if we stop sending people around the world.
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