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Tacheles demonstrations to continue at least once a week

The Local · 8 May 2011, 14:30

Published: 08 May 2011 14:30 GMT+02:00

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Around 500 people showed up on Saturday to demonstrate their dedication to the project, which has been running in the former department store since 1990.

Prominent figures of the semi-underground culture scene such as Love Parade founder Dr Motte, have become active supporters of Tacheles in its current incarnation.

But although countless positive meetings have been held with prominent Berlin politicians as well as officials, neither current mayor Klaus Wowereit nor Green Party challenger Renate Künast turned up at the demonstration.

“If the politicians don’t do something, we will simply continue,” said Linda Cerna, spokeswoman for the artists. She said Wowereit and Künast had been invited at the weekend.

The artists still fighting to try to save the famous ruined building from developers, want to present Wowereit with a petition which has at least 110,000 signatures gathered over the last 18 months.

The former squat, which features in practically every tour guide of Berlin, and which is known around the globe as a centre for alternative, free, art and culture, was supposed to be auctioned off last month.

The sale was cancelled at the last minute after creditor HSH Nordbank said a number of crucial details were still not settled.

A day later, one group of artists accepted payment of €1 million to leave their workshops and a bar on the ground floor, although it has not yet been revealed where the money came from. Shortly afterwards, the entrance to the open ground behind the building was walled off by administrators.

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Your comments about this article

14:47 May 8, 2011 by derExDeutsche
'110,000 signatures gathered over the last 18 months. '

if everyone had 10 euro instead of a signature, this would not be an issue.
18:17 May 8, 2011 by Al uk
Lol, the first sentence of the last paragraph sums it up nicely. The so called alternative types soon become pretty mainstream when cash is offered.
19:32 May 8, 2011 by George 5
Make a survey in the artworld in Berlin, the established collectors, institutional leaders, major galleries and artists who are bringing the income to Berlin, who deal with this term "art" and "artists communities" and even alternative-scenes, and also very catered to by the mayor, see if they think this is actually something to do with "art"! Of course they do not. I mean, a direct line to anything in fact, having to do with contemporary issues of art - rather than lumpen nostalgia of long-past-its-due-date "alternative" kitsch selling to tourists from fried out hippies/punks/alternatives. We all know with one visit, nothing serious comes out of Tacheles, everyone knows that but doesn't want to say it for hearing all the crap from the kitsch-army there. Let me guess, a postcard stand with the baby and a mohawk? Giving the finger? There's nothing "alternative" in Tacheles. Nothing art. Nothing good. It's just tourism which is no proof of anything. No tourists ever attend a serious art exhibit either -- not museums, normal contemporary galleries that are known, established, not hole-in-the-walls on every corner here in Mitte. So should Berlin give all experimentation up for only the things that tourists deem interesting? Tourists going to an "alternative" place is THE definition of kitsch, not some value. Give it up already.
19:54 May 8, 2011 by tallady
hey lets all go down and give our support and fraternize with the cool people until the high rise is erected .
00:26 May 9, 2011 by JPaul
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
01:21 May 9, 2011 by P01N
Ich habe meine Missbrauch melden reports whaiting for analysis or will post my kommentare over the abuse & distortion of JPaul - tallady - George 5 - Al uk - derExDeutsche: by the way if you are Ex German why do you comment at all? you ar ex- you dont care you are allready "aus".

For being abusive there is a note that say´s -Note: that comments should only be reported if they contain A. highly objectionable content, & B. puts on EXAMPLE "such as": hate speech, excessive swearing, or pornography. Tallady you are on B. for sure, you can get erected or want to get erected by reading, thinking and quoting youre erected desire, that is not apropiate at all, you are following some kid response text, which should not be here asweel.

And for A. all the others, because it´s a highly objectionable content, to say nothing good comes out from there, get confused about "who wants to pay what" if you want to say something about money so the you should first be informed instead of object a journalist press published, that actually is a great note to publish and open rich moderated discutions.

So to object alternative issues you must understand the context... if we read "and which is known around the globe as a centre for alternative" that doen´t mean KHTacheles is alternative, is just a social behabiour reference as for the tourist point of view - actually not the buyers kid!

Deadbeat artist: is abusive.

You all are under my Missbrauch melden report, i would say my interest over The Local is going to be further published on other sites if this comments remain here.

They are all abusive.

110,000 signatures is a cultural movement knowbody is asking coins to Mr Klaus Wowerit, please derexDeutsche read my kommentare on Bansky photo posted to open minds as yourse.



08:20 May 9, 2011 by MrJones321
I'm sorry but I have to add to this, the commenter who wants to misuse censor controls (missbrauch melden) to blatantly enforce that the opinions of others do not dare to go against his "movement" is a scary proposition to read in Germany. So THAT'S what represents the "movement" at TACHELE? It's always a sign when the "good" liberal, cultural social what-evers are so "frustrated" that the rest of the society can't see their OBVIOUS beautiful worldview, that they edge closer to take the familiar road of mis-using control to make sure it is only seen the way the "good" wants it to be seen. As for 110,000 anything -- signatures in Berlin are easy, and we also cynically know this by now. Internet is about amassing numbers.
09:57 May 9, 2011 by iche
@Miguel (P01N) I think you should take your medicine before you write here.
11:04 May 9, 2011 by dacarch
I visited Tacheles first in 2001, as part of a group of multinational architecture students that had this block as a project to "develop" during a semester. Our solutions were then presented to the "developer" for review and critique.

Developers have money and want more... they were only there ready to take advantage of the site because it had aroused interest not only of the tourist but also of the local kind. The original squatters were artists for the most part that used the abandoned building to create something out of nothing, art in this case. They brought the building back to life and in the process, inadvertedly caught the greedy attention of the money men.

As an architect, my particular solution was to do as little as possible to preserve what was already there, and actually enhance it. Needless to say it is not what the money wanted and it will never be. Tacheles should remain untouched by these greedy hands that are quick to turn a buck and quicker to turn this building into just one more of many.
15:19 May 9, 2011 by Al uk
Looks like P01N got out of the alternate side of the bed this morning.
16:44 May 13, 2011 by P01N
Al uk man:

Did you grow up? It´s not about money. PUNKT.

Read dacarch who SUMS IT NICELY.

at:Tacheles should remain untouched by these greedy hands that are quick to turn a buck and quicker to turn this building into just one more of many.

"Alternative" is how Tacheles is named in regard the tourist atention. That is the meaning, dont be ambiguos man.

Tacheles is not an alternative art center.

PLEASE CHECK OUT WHO WANTS TO BUY before making a quote.



110,000 signatures is culture and social it´s not money. Money dont solove the problem anywhere not in society not at youre own house aswell. Money is not the discussion kid.


"which is known around the globe as a centre for alternative" SAYS! what do you read Al uk?

What sums up it nicely? KHTacheles is not alternative, read again kid! "which is known around the globe as a centre for alternative".-


As you say there's nothing "alternative!

Kunst House Tacheles is called for the tourist media like an alternative pace to visit. And as you say kid.

Gorge_5 you write:

"Tourists going to an "alternative" place is THE definition of kitsch, not some value!!!" & that doesn´t HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE DISCUSSION KID,again: Kunst house is not alternative.

RESPONDE TO tallady:

hey lets all go down and give our support and fraternize with the cool people until the high rise is erected. TALLADY MAN you have been reading 100% "kid stuff" too much! & it affected youre thougth and got influenced by sex on youre opinion, and it´s not good.


It´s not about buying - PLEASE CHECK OUT WHO WANTS TO BUY before making a quote.


19:28 June 2, 2011 by shandane
We ALL need to understand that artists/culture supply the reasons for living AND shopping centers, office buildings, luxury apartments raise property value so cost of living within the surrounding area gets way more expensive. It rarely, if ever, benefits the locals for a project development to sweep in. Everyone, even non art folk, should fight to keep the Tacheles open if you like cheap food and rent.
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