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Central Council of Jews renews call for neo-Nazi NPD party ban

The Local · 22 Apr 2011, 12:09

Published: 22 Apr 2011 12:09 GMT+02:00

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Referring to expectations of far-right trouble across the country on May 1, Dieter Graumann, president of the council, warned of an increasing political and social acceptance of the party.

“Sadly, the announced actions of the neo-Nazi scene for May 1 already practically belong to the sad events calendar of any given year,” he said.

He called for society to never get used to such things and for politicians to take their duties more seriously – and try again for a ban of the NPD – “instead of barricading themselves over-cautiously behind legal sophistry and avoiding the confrontation.”

“Those who bury their heads in the sand too timidly can only gain an overview with great difficulty. A strategy against the rightwing charlatans and enemies of our democracy looks different to this,” he said.

Referring to an incident in Winterbach in Baden-Württemberg on April 10, when a group of neo-Nazis set fire to a house in which five foreigners were living, he said, “Such attacks plumb the tragic depths, but it is about more than single attacks against foreigners or other minorities. Far right extremism does not start when the first blood flows.”

Public discrimination and defamation are also not to be tolerated, he said, adding that he found some recent court decisions which seemed to give fascists the right to spread what he called their poison, unbelievably damaging to society.

“We have to draw a line here and make clear what we in our society, which has a broad consensus which overcomes political and religious differences of opinion, will not accept,” he said.

He called on churches and religious communities, in particular Muslim associations, to, “step up much more clearly and convincingly,” on the matter. The attack in Baden-Württemberg showed that, “xenophobia, racism and discrimination are problems for all of Germany and all of society,” he said.

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He added that a sense of citizenship and social engagement must be, “fostered and won every day and for every generation.”

Times of economic difficulties in particular meant that, “many people are obviously receptive to populist, defamatory and xenophobic theories,” he warned.


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Your comments about this article

15:18 April 22, 2011 by petenick
These hate groups, et al, should be disallowed as it was after WWII. The "NEW" Germany has NO place for them!
16:52 April 22, 2011 by Sam Green
The hate has been created by left wingers and communists! Enforced uncontrolled mass immigration that no one wanted or asked to for! To appease their left wing white European self-loathing! Politically correct policies followed to the point of self destruction to see Islam a majority in Europe within the next fifty years!"For those which the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad"(Google Enoch Powell -"Rivers of Blood" speech on You-tube) Fed by capitalists requiring "cheap workers" ,making the indigenous European populations un-employed, aided and abetted by left wing do-gooders!If any one is to blame for the rise of the Right it is surely the Left!
16:56 April 22, 2011 by storymann
Sam Green. wow Sam ,can't say I totally disagree with you but suspect there is a bit more to it than the left.
17:26 April 22, 2011 by Lachner
I think that Neo-Nazis have no place in modern day Germany. Nonetheless, the rise of such groups and political parties is the direct consequence of uncontrolled immigration and the unwillingness of the immigrants to fully integrate onto German society. The banning of these extremist groups is a start, but much needs to be done to put an end to other issues that are related.
18:41 April 22, 2011 by neunElf
If they break the law, prosecute them, otherwise banning their free association will only drive them underground and provide fertile ground for them to recruit and spread their venom.

Personally I like seeing who the people are that support various groups, right and left.

It is puzzling to me why we see these calls directed against ultra right native Germans, but I never see the left get as concerned about the far more dangerous Islamic extremists.
18:56 April 22, 2011 by Al uk
Sam Green just about has it covered in his/her very accurate post.
19:35 April 22, 2011 by Ludinwolf
Any sort of extremist should be banned. neo nazi, religious, public offences shouted to other ppl.

And democratic society allows ppl to speak is true, even though manipulation is present somehow, it s not acceptable to in the name of free speech to make other ppl feel ridiculous in public, by voice, by staring and by physical violence, thing that is a neo-nazi common practice.

well, any sort of violence isnt acceptable. That was something to regret in the past and shouldnt be carried out in our time.

but i still think that neo nazi are just victims of a society that cant offer balance, love and protection to all. victim of bullying in the school or worse, victim of parents that live worse than animals. . . thats when boys start to create their own army, the hate army. If hating was the best, those who practice it would be better off.
22:38 April 22, 2011 by charlenej
Um...aren't most of the people who read this foreigners? The very people that the NPD want to kick out? Like the foreigners whose house they set on fire? Oh wait, I forgot, you're not "those" foreigners, right? I mean, you probably have the "right" skin color and/or worship the "right" God? So no worries, you'll be fine. *eye roll*
23:00 April 22, 2011 by jmclewis
I would rather the NPD exist than not exist...... that way all the inbred morons are easy to see, and there warped beliefs can be challenged! By the way when you mom and dad are also your aunt and uncle it is hard to form rational thoughts!
02:18 April 23, 2011 by german99
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
04:11 April 23, 2011 by janreg58
When peoples country and culture is threatened, and no one is taking a stand to preserve it,people make a stand, whether it's right or wrong. NO ONE should have the right to invade another country and impose their beliefs and culture on that country. EVERYONE should have the right to preserve their country and their history. No one should be allowed to immigrate to another country and distroy it. They should abide by the laws of the land. I believe that if governments had the backbones to do this, alot of these radical groups would disappear.
04:48 April 23, 2011 by mike_1983
if it wasn't for mass immigration they groups wouldn't be so popular so it's actually the left wingers responsible in part for the popularity of the far right!
07:52 April 23, 2011 by charlenej
I take back my previous assumption that most people here are foreigners themselves. At least, native English-speaking foreigners because honestly the spelling and grammar on here make it hard to decipher exactly what people are saying. Or maybe there is a lot of auto-correct to blame?

We can talk about immigration all day long, but this article is about the racists. The NPD are a Neo-Nazi party and not for nothing, I was shocked when I moved here and found out they were even allowed to have a party. However I get that free speech is a complicated issue and taking rights away is a slippery slope, so I see how they can be here. But while I may reluctantly defend their right to exist, I will never ever ever defend what they do, say or stand for, and that's what it sounds like a lot of you are doing. All of this, "well, it's the Left's fault for not controlling immigration" or "it's the immigrants' fault". It is never okay to run around espousing Nazi speech because you assume every foreigner is a radical Muslim taking away your benefits, nor is it okay to set fire to homes of said foreigners. The NPD campaigns are always obviously racist and xenophobic. They can say what they say, but the fact that so many people on here seem to be defending it, astounds me, quite honestly.

As an African-American female, I will say this. The NPD doesn't give 2 sh*** that I come from a country of Western values, have a graduate degree from an Ivy League university, am employed and married to a German raising a family here with the intention to stay and contribute to society. When they see me, they want me out and that is entirely based on what I look like. I fear them and how what they do and say will affect my future here and that of my mixed race children. And although I'm well aware that there are many things being done wrong by other foreigners, I know for a fact what it's like to feel like Germany will never accept you no matter what you do or say, that you will never be good enough because you speak with an accent, worship differently, and God forbid, aren't white.
17:47 April 23, 2011 by So36
Well said, charlenej.
09:35 April 24, 2011 by Julienne Mylius
Charlene, I congratulate your perfect assessment of the REAL issues at hand here. You are completely correct in saying it has more to do with a persons appearance than an individuals nationality. As an American Indian living in Germany, we experience many of the same issues. Many people see us as Middle Easterners. It is true here as is in America, that every brown person is perceived as Mexican or Middle Eastern. The true issue here lies in the perceived threat of difference. Many immigrants that live here go through incredible hurdles to integrate with little or no success. 600 hours of integration classes and multiple tests can only acomplish instruction but, when a society is unwilling to fully accept their new citizens, than integration will never succeed.
14:42 April 24, 2011 by voltairean
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
16:12 May 2, 2011 by Katzerina
The NPD is a far left outfit, they are anti-capitalist socialists who just happen to be serious racists.
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