Airport worker fired for filming women on the toilet

Airport worker fired for filming women on the toilet
Photo: DPA
A Frankfurt Airport employee has been fired after being caught secretly filming women in the public toilets, a media report said Wednesday.

The 50-year-old driver for the airport’s transport operator Fraport allegedly spied on thousands of women with two miniature cameras stowed behind toilet paper rolls, daily Bild reported.

Thomas L. used motion-sensor cameras that filmed the intimate activities of his victims for two minutes each, then periodically collected the data cards and uploaded the film onto his home computer.

He did this for at least three weeks before one of the cameras fell at the feet of a 42-year-old woman when she picked up a replacement roll of toilet paper, the paper reported.

Airport security confiscated the cameras and immediately discovered footage of Thomas L. as he was secretly installing one.

Police later stormed his apartment, taking his computer, cameras and memory cards. All of the bathrooms at the country’s largest airport have also been searched for further cameras.

“One can hardly describe what kind of affect something like this has on the women who are victims,” police spokesman Alexander Kießling told the paper. “It can lead to significant trauma.”

Officers are investigating whether the suspect disseminated the films.

Fraport fired Thomas L., but has asked other employees to sign an agreement not to talk about the scandal.

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