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Eight motorists dead after freak sandstorm

The Local · 8 Apr 2011, 19:06

Published: 08 Apr 2011 19:06 GMT+02:00

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Strong winds blew sand and earth onto the four-lane A19 autobahn near Rostock in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania state, severely hindering visibility for motorists and causing accidents in both directions.

Northbound, three lorries and 17 cars slammed into each other and were engulfed in flames, possibly caused by chemicals on one of the trucks catching fire, police said.

A spokesman said the toll could still rise, as rescue workers were still searching for bodies in the smoking, mangled wreckage.

On the other side of the road at least 30 cars crashed, but there were no fatalities. Strong winds impeded rescue workers and the road was closed in both directions until further notice.

More than 80 people were injured, some of them seriously.

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The Bild daily on its website put the death toll at at least 10.


The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

19:44 April 8, 2011 by Kayak
This accident is simultaneously very German and very Fukushima. :-(
21:10 April 8, 2011 by DinhoPilot
I bet now someone will show up and complain it is some auslanders fault e.g: truck drivers where foregneirs, the sand storm came from abroad, someone was driving a non german car, etc... Sad accident
21:15 April 8, 2011 by XFYRCHIEF
Interesting - more persons died in a crash on a German highway than have been killed by the nuclear emergency in Japan. Need to close the highways, I think.
21:39 April 8, 2011 by lordkorner
Frankly I find all of the three comments above ludicrous to say the least. I fail to see any connection whatsoever between what has happened in Japan and this, as for Dinhopilot,you're just on another planet mate.
21:42 April 8, 2011 by pseu
@DinhoPilot - You are the part of the problem. Don't complain about the thing you yourself are doing.
22:08 April 8, 2011 by wxman
I'm pretty sure that the point of some posters was not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Essential services and/or capabilities of an advanced society should not be adversely limited or removed simply because there is an occasional accident. Otherwise, let's just crawl back into our caves and regress, in the interest of safety. Life is not without risks.
23:15 April 8, 2011 by XFYRCHIEF
@lordkorner - apparently you are unfamiliar with satire. Obviously there is no connection between the two. @dinhopilot was trying to make the pint that there are people who will look to place the blame on some foreign source - satire, mate.

@wxman had it right, the point is that every "accident" has a root cause. The motorway accident was most likely the result of one or more drivers not slowing down and taking proper precautions.
23:50 April 8, 2011 by derExDeutsche
more PROOF of Global Warming , Krauts!...

Mutter Gaia is angry, you aren't bombing Libya into the paleolithic !

Time to raise the TAX RATE !
02:54 April 9, 2011 by MfromUSA
I never read this comment section without feeling quite disgusted by the arrogant "satire" and other crap that the regulars seem to always post.

What is it with some of the people who

seem to always have a need to run their moth? Didn't you get enough attention in elementary school? Or, better yet, are you simply a mouthy pain in the arse who always needs to be provocative in an attempt to demonstrate that you have sh!!!t (whit) for brains?

What a bunch of losers.
05:24 April 9, 2011 by Wrench

Sounds like you are describing politicians, both here and in the USA.

I may disagree with some of the regulars on this site, but, I will defend there right to express their views. Half the world has become to 'thin skinned'.

I'll even bet you are not originally from the US. Nobody would say 'arse'.
07:32 April 9, 2011 by searchsteel
see more photos:

11:47 April 9, 2011 by adipk
ya funny debate. Foreigner are doing this and probably they brought this.

To be very frank i saw a lo of German people are doing wrong things on road or else where but if some foreigner is found in something wrong than every body start shouting. On the roads, almost daily i noticed mistake by German people. But if you are little bit lazy on Trafic light, they start horn and giving gesture etc.....
11:51 April 9, 2011 by DinhoPilot
@lordkorner @pseu @MfromUSA

Welcome to the Local. I don't know if you ever been reading the comments on this page but if you had you would understand the sarcasm! Because it feels like have second comment points to a anti-immigrants, anti american or anti german feeling... What a said is not far from the truth, you just need to read more often and have a laugh. Cheers...
12:38 April 9, 2011 by lordkorner
I bet someone is going to write that it was a combination of ploughed fields ,dry weather and high winds!
16:18 April 9, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@ MfromUSA

'Or, better yet, are you simply a mouthy pain in the arse who always needs to be provocative in an attempt to demonstrate that you have sh!!!t (whit) for brains?'

haha. do you think I am so insecure that I care what you believe about my intelligence? rest assured that my post prove, I do not. The problem here is, if I wasn't here with my snarky comments, The comment section here would be a 4 way Conversation between Gore, Marx, Lenin, Hitler. And in the Vacuum that is the Internet, opinions would look universal. They are NOT. SO... I throw the OTHER side of the Argument out there. Some win, some lose.
12:32 April 10, 2011 by Sam Green
Not suprised! the speed some travel on the auotbahns!
13:38 April 11, 2011 by ron1amr
This is a tragic accident where people may have been burnt to death or from injuries. Were all the vehicles travelling at a safe distance behind the traffic in from of them? Were the truck drivers leaving a safe distance in case of an emergency situation? When I carry a load I leave an extra distance between myself and the vehicles in from of me. When someone pulls in front of me I back off to leave that same gap. I have seen traffic pile ups because of cars tail gaiting cars in front of them travelling at over 100 kph. And some truck drivers my goodness. I heard the freeway in U.K have some sort of system that indicates the distance you need to be behind the vehicle in front of you.
05:28 April 13, 2011 by MAark57
Alert: This is about the sand storm and crashes. Rather long, but the story is there at: http://nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online//



There are so many strange things happening these days. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ that the world awakens to His True Word in Scripture. My Prayers go out to you all. Mark Wisdom, from Lewiston, Idaho USA.
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