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Bakery prompts ire using black baby to sell chocolate cake

The Local · 3 Apr 2011, 09:43

Published: 03 Apr 2011 09:43 GMT+02:00

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Shop workers at outlets of Raddatz bakery, which is based in Saxony, have faced furious customers. Posters featuring the baby next to a selection of chocolate cakes and brown bread have been torn up.

“Something went wrong with this offer, but despite this, one doesn’t have to criticise shop workers or destroy posters,” said Christoph Raddatzt, the company’s lawyer.

The posters have a photo of the baby next to chocolate-vanilla slices, chocolate and lemon cake slices and wholemeal bread which were on special last week.

The text says: “Only while stocks last. Subject to changes and errors. Image is only a serving suggestion.”

Raddatz said the number of visits to the company’s website has increased by 300 percent since talk began about the advert.

“Many people are shocked that we advertise with a black girl for chocolate cake,” he said, admitting that the attention it had attracted had not been planned.

A statement under his name on the company website was unapologetic. It says that as well as the 580 staff in Germany, the company has 50 staff in Namibia.

“The child which you see on the adverts is the little Sofiyha, whose mother Lina and father Timotheus are our staff. Because our connection with the people who work with us is very important and we are one of the most fecund companies of the region (an average of 17 births per year), the staff often make photos of their children, or the staff themselves, available for our weekly offers.”

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It says these photos are then used for adverts or on the side of delivery trucks with the aim of attracting attention, which it says is generally positive. “Sadly there is in Germany a small group of over-sensitive fellow men who accuse us of spreading racist thinking. This is expressly not the case,” the statement says.


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10:07 April 3, 2011 by Johnne
¦quot;The child which you see on the adverts is the little Sofiyha, whose mother Lina and father Timotheus are our staff. Because our connection with the people who work with us is very important and we are one of the most fecund companies of the region (an average of 17 births per year), the staff often make photos of their children or the staff themselves available for our weekly offers.¦quot;

So because the company "employs" Namibians in Namibia gives you the authority to level a Black child with chocolate?? this is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I think Germans are smart enough to know that you don´t give Namibians jobs because you love Black people or Black Africans so much, you do it for your company´s cheap labour profit so just hold it right there.
10:11 April 3, 2011 by Dizz
oh come on! i'm from a racial minority and even i think this reaction was over the top. "Germans are smart enough to know ... " but not smart enough to reckon that no company in Germany would be so stupid as to deliberately propagate racism? pick your battles people. this one's been one. there are bigger issues out there .
10:39 April 3, 2011 by Johnne

You are from a racial minority and you don´t know that it is wrong to level that baby with chocolate? "you´re from a racial minority" are you black?? I don´t think you would comment that way if you were, even though I don´t believe it was delibrately racist, I think this is not necessary at all. And maybe you don´t know that majority of those bigger issues you´re talking about can be solved once we start presenting each other to the public differently and with respect too. Are you aware that some seniors in this country (mostly above 60) read books about how Africans ate white people? and how they lived on the trees? I think that had more to do with mis-information about a race than racism but it promoted bad perception which results to hatred, then racism.
10:52 April 3, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Is this a Story for OUr Sud Afrikkka friends?

Lrkr Lkr!!mFF!!!
11:06 April 3, 2011 by Nina Williams
Okay, I'm Black and I don't get what the fuss is about. I think of it as the baby being as sweet and endearing as chocolate cake or brown as wholewheat bread. What is wrong with that? I don't get any connection with Africans eating white people...what???
11:14 April 3, 2011 by HANNIBAL-BARCA
That this advertisment is "racist" is simply without question. That some people would not have a problem with is a clear testament to the institutionalism of racism. Because many people have been educated thereby indoctrinated to propogate a certain level of eurocentrism they can't recogognize what is plain to the objective thinker. While "race" is a social construct used to divide the "human race" it has no intrinsic value as modern science doesn't divide the human race into sub-species.

Nevertheless for the majority of people trapped in the Matrix race is real. Therein we find Namibia a former German de jure German colony, now a de facto German colony at the center of this story. The warrior class of these people were killed by the barbaric Germans so that all which remains are the impotent subservient survivors. Now the Germans are able to claim that the Namibians love them. Now the Germans are able to say "buy our chocolate cake, look its on sell."
11:28 April 3, 2011 by Altdude
11:37 April 3, 2011 by ovalle3.14
If it was lemon pie and a white child, would there be so much trouble with the ad?
11:58 April 3, 2011 by gorongoza
One thing is clear and undeniable:the fact that you have this so-called advert in Germany (especially in Saxony) is clear testmony Raddatz know very well the target audience in Deutschland derive pleasure in this sort of thing.Yet they deny! Who is fooling who! Raddatz, may your profits multiply a hundredfold because of your advert ! God bless you and your Nats audience ! But one thing is certain: your days in Namibia are numbered.
12:09 April 3, 2011 by PawD
Chocolates are brown... but the Namibian baby is black! They should've put pictures of people from the Asian subcontinent... like me for example... I'm brown!
12:19 April 3, 2011 by Angry Ami
Sachsen, it figures, those racist ossies haven't learned a damn thing since reunification, if they had there way they still be calling those candies "neger küss", like back in the good old days, but this really shouldn't surprise anyone, considering the east is still behind the rest of the country at least 20 years, they're still wearing mullets and thinking it's hip.
12:33 April 3, 2011 by Nina Williams
Having lived in two countries, one with a majority Black population and one with a large black minority, I guess I have been blinded and indoctrinated into institutionalized racism. These countries used black babies to advertise everything from (yes) baked goods to the cover of rap albums without the local populations batting an eyelid. How silly of me, if an East German company does the same thing then it must be racism....
12:37 April 3, 2011 by iche
..."If it was lemon pie and a white child, would there be so much trouble with the ad?"


But if it was Lemon pie and a Chinese person, i would be firiglin furious !!
14:18 April 3, 2011 by HANNIBAL-BARCA
A State Attorney in Germany will be making a claim against said company in court.

To those of you who find this matter trivial I ask that you at least study an objective history of Germans in Namibia. Germans killed babies in Namibia as well!

Further I ask you, go to your local German stadt mitte set up a beer garden and then march with your arm at an 45° angle and shout hail Hitler. Then explain to the police that you meant nothing of it only wishing to draw "positive" attention to your new beer garden downtown.

Symbols are powerful images upon the human psyche and while space will not permit to elaborate on this I'm not blind to the attempts to poke fun at a serious subject.
14:54 April 3, 2011 by nashville
Symbols are powerful images, however the bakery wasn't trying to sell cow patties or firearms using the picture. The baby is absolutely darling, and it makes people smile when they see it. That good feeling translates into "let's buy a piece of cake," as the ad suggests. It does nothing to suggest that we should eat babies or that white people were eaten by Africans. Only sick minds could see that.

Please people, stop digging for some "hidden meaning" that isn't there. Political correctness is not only the death of creativity, but of common sense as well.
15:26 April 3, 2011 by Dizz
johnne, i'm brown. and muslim. and i wear a goatee. i'd love to have you come and talk to me about sweeping ethnic stereotyping as seen from my perspective!

i didn't say it was ok to advertise with that kid. because i have a 14 month old daughter and i wouldn't want a family pic of her to be used somewhere to advertise something. so for me the question has less to do with the colour of her skin than whether it was explained to her parents that the picture would be used for commerce and have they been compensated. and this only came to me after reading the article and learning that she's an employee's daughter in namibia. just how else anyone was able to infer a reference to the colonial attitudes of 19th century germany in namibia and to post colonial commercial exploitation, simply by looking at that picture, is beyond me.

frankly when i saw the ad the first thing to jump in to my mind was not "oh how racist". i just thought it was a crappy ad because i couldn't see the connection with cake; its not like she's eating it or fingerpainting with the icing or anything. maybe they wanted to imply their cocoa is from a warm sunny and green place with cutesy and safe association of being baby friendly. whatever. bottom line, its a dumb ad but that's all.

coming back to the more serious debate about instutionalised racism or how about all kinds discrimination and explotation in whatever guise, i agree it must be battled against and maybe that must be at a zero tolerance level. but i think this can also have a reverse effect, an end result subversive to the actual goals. because trivilaisation of the matter and all the "white noise" from issues like this tend to subtract from the attention and focus needed to tackle larger issues like fair pay, equal opportunities and even subtle things like teachers' attitudes in a classroom or doctors' attitudes in surgery. that's where you find ingrained racism that is hard to budge and can affect lives. or like that pregnant woman who was being stabbed to death in a courtroom in dresden last year where the guard rushed in and shot her unarmed brown husband who was trying to defend her against a white assailant.

anyway, guess everyone's been having a slow sunday. the point about what if it was a white baby and lemon pie is the perfect counterfoil imho.

enjoy the rest of your weekend folks, i'm going out for some air. :)
16:01 April 3, 2011 by Fi5ty5ive
Basically this is saying you can't use photographs of non-white people to advertise wholemeal or chocolate products.

Advertisement with a Black man enjoying a KitKat - RACIST

Photo of an German/African family enjoying brown bread - RACIST

Oh, Ok - lets just use 100% white people in German advertising from now on...

I doubt anybody would be offended if a white baby was used in an advertising campaign for white sliced bread in Zambia.
16:39 April 3, 2011 by melodyblues
racist or not, the advert doesn't make sense!

it feels like one needs to work their way into understanding the ad, ...so much for a piece of cake!

it's a pretty lame strategy coming from a German enterprise, ..and should I kid myself into believing 'what you see is not what you believe?'

...and for some of the comments above, well you don't need to proclaim your ethnicity/race in order to prove your point!

it's definitely a case of bad judgement/humor/taste.....whatever you make of it!
16:48 April 3, 2011 by Sarah Washington
by ovalle3.14

"lemon pie and a white child"

C'mon people, don't act so dumb. The specific problem with this ad is the German habit of calling black people 'chocolate' (Schoko). I have heard this many times. Whilst politically correct and incorrect words certainly vary from country to country, calling a person chocolate is akin to calling a German 'cabbage' - i.e. Kraut (from sauerkraut). We usually don't do it any more, out of something called politeness.

I think this old fashioned mode of thinking stems from the fact that there is not a significant immigrant population in Germany from Africa or the Caribbean. By the way, I am assured 'Schwarz' is currently a rude way to describe a black person in German. Perhaps this will change, or else another term will come into fashion. Either way, we don't need to use titles that seek to belittle the subject, such as Schoko or Kraut.

It is unlikely that the ad was designed to cause offense, but it certainly was not well thought through. I think it only sensible to point this out so that a wider understanding of the underlying problem can be reached.
18:43 April 3, 2011 by Gretl
I have to agree with Dizz - I saw no connection between a bad photo of an uncomfortable child and the chocolate cake unless the connection was supposed to be rascist. The baby eating the cake, wearing the cake, being served cake by a parent, that's advertising. Random snap shot of a dark-skinned baby next to chocolate cake advertisement, what are people supposed to conclude? Reminded me of old adevertising from the 1930s.
19:24 April 3, 2011 by stablemate
i see a german baby selling a german cake......vary cute ad......grow up people..its a baby from the bakerys family
19:25 April 3, 2011 by chicagolive
My problem is not so much the implication but how this is all used. Germany already has(well europe as a whole)problems with how people of darker colors are portraited, mostly anything that has to do with something being bad has some word black in its title. This right here already causes me issue. The other so called minorities don't get much of a play card from me either since they treated blacks(and still do in Africa till this day)just as bad if not worse then the European colonialist did.

The fact they could not even get a child that is smiling or some what happy annoys me more so how many little cake and cookie adverts do you see with smiling happy little white children, but the black has to look like he just got pulled from the fields
20:07 April 3, 2011 by worldcomingtoanend
aha people i dont see how this advert is racist??? the only thing i am against of is that its very poorly designed....the baby just stares the world and sits very far from the chocolate itself....at least they should hv made the child to smile and picture him or her throwing the whole bunch of chocolate in his or her mouth....
20:25 April 3, 2011 by Roxt
This is just hilarious... wow people, really? Look I don't know this company or the people who run it, but I agree the outrage is over the top. (my father is black my mother is white)

Someone probably related the child's fabulous skin color to the color of their product. Big deal!!! I'm not offended when my husband or Aunt calls me a Mocha goddess. Should I freak out and say, "OMFG! I can't believe you think my skin looks like mocha!!!!! You damn racists!"

Would people have gotten their knickers twisted if they had a beautiful lily white baby next to vanilla sweets? It's like the bread back in the states I used to buy. Can't remember the name at the moment, but there was a picture of a white girl with blonde hair. I don't recall anyone losing their cool about that. She resembled the bread in a sense...skin=bread, hair=crust.

Now, I may be able to understand if you had a black baby sitting next to a bucket of chicken wings & watermelon...I may question it. The difference is, that is a stereotype as to what "all" black people eat. Relating a baby's skin to chocolate is in no way a stereotype. It's a fact, little Sofiyha's skin resembles chocolate!
21:21 April 3, 2011 by trevzns
Regardless of the intentions at Bäckerei Raddaatz, the ad is insensitive and reflects the ignorance and envoy of many in the European Culture towards the African Culture.

Common in European Culture is to segregate National identity by region of birth as a Race. There is only one Human Race.

Africans have always inhabited the continent of Africa. Most Black people and their descendents have knowledge of their origins.

Europeans are the Colonist and Missionaries suffering from a God complex.
21:25 April 3, 2011 by el3ktro
To anyone saying that this ad "doesn't make sense": Raddatz is a local bakery that has a long tradition of featuring their employees - both German and Namibian - and/or their babies in their ads. The locals know that. Both German and Namibian employees and babies have been used - of course with their consent - in various ads, for several years now. It just so happened that this time they used the photo of one of the Namibian employer's babies together with a chocolate cake. So what? I really don't see a problem here.

If you ask me, it's the ones who have a problem with this who are the racists, because THEY come up with this strange "chocolate - black baby connection". I don't see a connection here.

@Johnne: So Raddatz has Namibian employees for "cheap profit"? Or may it be because chocolate actually grows in Africa, not in Germany? Ever thought about that? Also, Raddatz has a reputation of paying very good, over-the-average money and funding welfare projects in Namibia. How's that racist?
21:39 April 3, 2011 by DinhoPilot
@el3ktro spare me the BS of paying very good, over average money in Africa. Go live with it yourself then come and talk me about it. All companies do the same crap, explore. End.

Now about the ad, by itself I don't find it racist, BUT, looks more a photo of Help Africa campaign. Looks like if you buy the cake you will be helping the poor bastards...
22:02 April 3, 2011 by el3ktro
@DinhoPilot: Oh come on, of course their wages are still a lot lower than ours, but you realize that their cost of living is also much lower, don't you?

So every time you see a black baby in an ad campaign you're thinking "oh this must be for a welfare organization"? So you can't think about anything else when you see a black baby?
22:29 April 3, 2011 by Roxt

"BUT, looks more a photo of Help Africa campaign. Looks like if you buy the cake you will be helping the poor bastards..."

So, you are upset that people may misinterpret this as some sort of fundraising campaign for Africans?
06:29 April 4, 2011 by wood artist

Wrong! Their cost of living is much lower because their standard of living is abysmal. Poorly constructed shacks, without proper plumbing, electricity, sanitation, and heat. Cities surrounded by slums filled with disease and malnutrition.

Lower wages are a big part of that, coupled (often) with the lack of proper governance and opportunity.

At the very least, this ad is an example of very poor taste. I struggle to believe that any advertising person worth the name wouldn't see the images as insulting, and I'm not a member of a minority, unless you count "old white guys" as one.

Cost of living is an excuse for low wages, not a reason!

07:36 April 4, 2011 by Kayak
Insensitive. I agree with Altdude.

Has anyone noticed the advertising campaign for the Süddeutsche Zeitung that shows the blue-eyed blonde girl??? The burning desire for truth a purity with 20% of the population from immigrant families.

Change happens in some places faster than others. Who needs to invent a time machine? Just move to Bavaria!
08:14 April 4, 2011 by Tarheel Blue
It is all about sensitivities. You all who are not minorities, more specifically black, have no clue. Just the phrase "Image is Only a Serving Suggestion,¦quot; makes the whole advertising attempt disgusting. What are they promoting? What does a black child have to do with baked goods? The product should sell itself without exploiting the child whose parents are probably not reaping one cent from the sales. Wake up and smell the coffee! The company¦#39;s rationale they employee black employees, so this isn¦#39;t racist reminds me of the racist who claims he isn¦#39;t racist because he has a black acquaintance. There is direct and indirect racism - whether intended or not. This is just inappropriate in a world of sensitivities. Another truly half-baked idea.
09:50 April 4, 2011 by Angry Ami
@ Nina I'm black myself, but you sound like an apologist, I've been living in this country for 10 years, before I lived in the US, so I think I know a little bit about racism, be it subtle or overt, and this ad is racist period, and I you think that it's so cool in the east then take a trip to Rostock and see how much you're welcomed there.
10:15 April 4, 2011 by freerange
It seems only Blacks can acknowledge racism. I lived in England with my German mother and English (Ango Indian)father in the 1950s. For a young boy having to face up to taunts of my peers it was not a pleasant experience. However through this I learned how to fight. Now it seems any coloured person (and women of any origin) can winge about discrimination and has the full force of the law to back them up.
12:25 April 4, 2011 by michael4096
..the staff often make photos of their children, or the staff themselves, available for our weekly offers
Surely, if showing the pictures of employees' kids is a regular advertising feature and the shop didn't pick up on any problems before running the shot, it indicates that no institutional racism exists. Otherwise, it would have been pulled as bad for business.
14:06 April 4, 2011 by trevzns
by DinhoPilot.

You have made a valid point regarding the common worldwide practice of labor Exploitation.

The use of words poor bastards, did you mean the poor bastards relating to the Holocaust of slavery, Colonization and Exploitation of the African culture by Europeans as an expression of endearment?

Did you mean, the poor bastards relating to illegitimate children, inferior or offensive or mean people?

by Roxt.

By worldcomingtoanend.

As for ¦quot;poor Africans¦quot; and the ¦quot;Help African campaigns¦quot;, Africa and African peoples are not poor. The continent of African has what Germany and most of Europe lacks, resources, which includes sunshine.

In my opinion there are many problems within Africa. The first major problems and the conditions in Africa today are the African people.

The second major problems in Africa are the African peoples attitude towards each other.

The self-hatred and negative images that exist in African culture maybe due in part to ignorance?

The strategies of divide and conquer, the rewriting and masquerading of African history, achievements and contributions have greatly benefitted the Asia and European Cultures.

Unlike the Asian and European Cultures, African peoples the world over do not respect and trust each other or work together as a culture. There are some Black people whom have more respect, trust and view some white people as special or superior.

Maybe this is the aftereffect of slavery and colonization and not to mention the influence of western religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity?

by freerange.

by Dizz

by el3ktro

Common in European culture is to segregate each other by land or region of birth as a Race. There is only one Human Race.

Namibia is a region of land in Africa and making reference to German colonial attitudes of the 19th century or any other century involving European colonization should be open for discussions.

Colonization provided the natural resources and the exploitation of human labor that has contributed to the wealth of Europe and the United States.

From North Africa to South Africa, Europeans are the Colonist, Ad donors and Missionaries suffering from a God complex over the past 519 years.

519 years ago, is when the European explorer Christopher Columbus came in contact with the Arawaks living in the Bahamas, and to his disbelief, he also discovered African explorers in ships had been trading in the Americas, North and South long before his arrival.

As European Colonist usually do, Christopher Columbus expressed his gratitude to the Arawaks shortly after his arrival, by enslaving them and along with the Spanish exterminated the population of Arawaks in the Bahamas.

Africans have always inhabited the continent of Africa and most African peoples and their descendents have knowledge of their history and origins.
14:55 April 4, 2011 by Nina Williams
@Angry Ami, I don't understand the name calling and implied insults. I have a different opinion of the ad that is all. Reductio ad absurdum arguments like yours is what trivializes and renders intelligent discussions on race moot. eg. If I don't like President Obama's policies then I must either be a racist or in my case a house slave. Regardless, at no point did I imply that there was no racism in East Germany. Indeed, I merely remarked that because an ad from an East German company features a black baby does not mean that the ad itself is inherently racist. I suggest this theory only because I have seen similar, but perhaps better crafted ads in the US.
14:59 April 4, 2011 by Englishted
519 years ago, is when the European explorer Christopher Columbus came in contact with the Arawaks living in the Bahamas, and to his disbelief, he also discovered African explorers in ships had been trading in the Americas, North and South long before his arrival.

What ? is this history on drugs ?.

Back to the story I find it unhealthy to use children or babies of whatever creed/colour or age to promote cake.

The best advocate for cake was Marie Antoinette.
15:25 April 4, 2011 by Johnne

I´m mixed (black & white) myself. There are some things people will call you, relating to your skin colour that will be racist "even from your husband" my wife didn´t know that "neggerkuss" is wrong until she met me. She used schwarzfahren,schwarztag for a bad day, schwarzarbeit etc till she adjusted. My wife is white, German (Bavarian) to the core. She learnt a lot & couldn´t believe how ignorantly and indeed innocently one could be racist..so you see, that ad was not neccessary at all Sister.


Have you been to Africa/Namibia before? then you will know that I am right with what I´m saying about cheap labour. I go to Africa every half a year, I´m from an Oil producing country in Africa & I know what cheap labour and exploitation is :-)


Wrong! Their cost of living is much lower because their standard of living is abysmal. Poorly constructed shacks, without proper plumbing, electricity, sanitation, and heat. Cities surrounded by slums filled with disease and malnutrition.

Lower wages are a big part of that, coupled (often) with the lack of proper governance and opportunity.

At the very least, this ad is an example of very poor taste. I struggle to believe that any advertising person worth the name wouldn't see the images as insulting, and I'm not a member of a minority, unless you count "old white guys" as one.

Cost of living is an excuse for low wages, not a reason!

Seems too harsh for just making a point that Africans have lower standard of living bro. And actually, it not that terrible! I don´t which country you´ve been to or where you stayed but Africa is a huge continent an you can just as good or sometimes better than here. I for instance didn´t know so much poverty existed in Africa until I started seeing my country on ZDF, NTV, CNN & some Western Media-and of course seeing some uneducated Africans that come directly from villages to the West without living in any African city, without education & exposure. These people wouldn´t get decent jobs in our cities there as well so...what´s the big deal? I think you need to visit normal African countries, stop judging with what you see on CNN & BBC, don´t give your money to some "fraudulent save africa org", and take your time to go there & enjoy the beautiful beaches, cities, wonderful sunny hot weather, and some of the most beautiful women on this planet. I´m sure you won´t come back if you visit some countries in Africa.
16:04 April 4, 2011 by Ludinwolf
Where i live, we call the japanese friends 'japa', even on TV. We call black people 'nego', neguinho or negão'.

Some people condemn this action, but this ppl are certainly not those who are called like this.

It s not a big issue here. As you are referred to what you are ( within friends circle).

I lived by a big black community once, and they started to called me 'branquelo' that means directly 'whity' or 'white as a milk'. Never was a problem. I had never felt offended, neither traumas or social disturbances.

Of course it does not apply to any country. Country like the USA and many others in EU, with a long list of racism cases to extreme, touching the matters this way-- like this baby picture-- sure arises problem.

I agree that using this picture had the intention in show how cute the baby is. As i know not a couple, but many germans that love how black people are black ( what s wrong with that? Black people and babies can be also very beautiful)

but in a society marked by extreme racist facts and lots of s*** heads called neo-nazies ( yet!!!) anything of this nature arises this big mess.

By the way, i have really black friends in germany, they were born there and guess what? They seem to live pretty well and all of them have a career and dont stop in life to suck the tits from the government and neither to mourn about german society.

Although countries impose their restriction on ppl, we are still part of democratic countries, where restrictions takes place mainly from our own than anyother thing.
18:54 April 4, 2011 by DinhoPilot

"Country like the USA and many others in EU, with a long list of racism cases to extreme, touching the matters this way-- like this baby picture-- sure arises problem."

LOL! Now we have a brazilian telling that in Brasil is better. In Brasil to have a sucessfull black person anywhere "é o Deus me ajude" (for those who understand portuguese, for those who don't just think it's like 50 years ago.)


Was sarcam..


Good for you have a medal!


I am upset at people talking crap.
19:24 April 4, 2011 by dizzyblondefrau
I think the baby girl is so cute! I don't see anything racist about the ad. And I sure not offended to be called a kraut! Life is short, some people need to lighten up!
20:31 April 4, 2011 by Kayak

Way cool (wo)man!!! All these tensions, eh?

Look, I've been thinking; my wife's a bit uptight. Maybe the three of us can smoke some weed and you know- get her calm - together, eh??

Some people are just dumb.

20:33 April 4, 2011 by Tarheel Blue
@ dizzyblondefrau

Judging by your username, I do not expect you to be offended by someone calling you a Kraut nor do I expect you to get the point! This is not about a cute baby girl. It is about a bakery company in the former East using a baby of color to advertise and promote baked goods. I will lighten up when we all start to respect the sensitivities of all races.
01:02 April 5, 2011 by trevzns
by Englishted.

Yes history on drugs.

Do you have an allergy with reference to world history?

Creed and colour? Whatever your beliefs, there is one Human Race.
03:37 April 5, 2011 by stablemate
i agree with dizzy.....light up people.....a german baby selling german cakes......this race thing is much past in my part of world.....join the boat....
07:31 April 5, 2011 by Kayak
@stablemate : it's not a German baby. At least read the article.

The problem is that the management of the bakery and several commentators in this forum still can't comprehend that their position on the use of a black child to sell chocolates is defenseless.

It's way past time for you guys to "darken up" rather than lighten up!
10:37 April 5, 2011 by Angry Ami

Do you live in Germany? I do for 10 years, and you bet there's difference between east and west, here's a personal experience for you:

me the wife and kids @ an outdoor beer garden near Wannsee,

we're having a nice day out with the kids, but sitting nearby are a group of Germans giving us weird looks, my wife tells me they are ossies, back then I couldn't tell the difference, then I hear someone say in German, "schau mal die nigger an" meaning look at the niggers, referring to me and my mixed kids, so my wife furious said something to the effect of what are these a-hole ossies doing here, needless to say they got the message and left, so you still want to be an apologist for these people?

but of course if you don't live here and have to deal with it, then that makes commenting on thing that you have no direct experience of really easy doesn't it, but don't take my word for it, go visit Rostock, or Dresden, or Dessau, or some districts here in Berlin, like Hellersdorf and Köpenick, I'm sure they'll roll out the red carpet for ya.
10:53 April 5, 2011 by Katfre
Yes the add is in bad taste. If the child was eating some cake it may not have been such an up raw.

I find white people strange. You go to the beach to get brown. If you get to much sun you go red. Eat something bad and you go green. If you get sick you go yellow and if you can't breath anymore you go blue. And then you call black people colored.
13:03 April 5, 2011 by YellowBackDoor
If there is only one Human Race then it is impossible for this ad to be racist!
14:24 April 5, 2011 by Nina Williams
@Angry Ami...umm a simple check of my profile would have shown that I do currently live in Germany, and yes I have been to some parts of East Germany and Bavaria. (Always had a wonderful time in Bavaria though, absolutely love it.) I am unsure why you would choose to classify all Germans as "these people" since you yourself are married to a German woman and your children are half-German. By doing so you have fallen into the same poisoned well that you accuse others of drowning in...judging and sterotyping an entire group of people based on the actions of some. Again, if you had read and fully understood my response it was simply to state that not all East Germans or East German companies are inherently racist. That is all.
15:00 April 5, 2011 by brigand
HA HA HA!!! This is entertaining!
16:36 April 5, 2011 by MaKo
Why isn't there a "Vanille" baby in the ad, too?

If their aims are true, this ad has been poorly executed. The baby is gorgeous, and the cake looks amazing. It's the chocolate=dark-skinned human being equation that is problematic.

@AngryAmi, I live in Bavaria, too, where *Bavarians* find my insistence on "Schaumküsse" hilarious. So let's not pretend that the problem of racism only exists on one side of the previous divide. People here use the term 'Neger' freely. It's an offensive word, but in terms of nastiness, isn't on a par with its American cousin, either. And most of the Bavarian born people I know wouldn't find it objectionable to go to a Fasching party in blackface, something you'd never do in America. Again, it's offensive, but it's something most people here don't really take issue with, and are quite confused as to why I would.

On the other hand, some of the most intelligent, open, forward-thinking people I've met since my arrival here, many years ago now, are from the former East Germany. Which is to say, I don't think that all former East Germans have earned their Bemulleted Racist Boy Scout badges.
17:53 April 5, 2011 by Yael924
Honestly, the only thing that babies in diapers next to chocolate remind me of is ..... poop. So I just thought it was an unappetizing add.

So, am I a racist? Or just someone whose changed too many diapers?
18:04 April 5, 2011 by worldcomingtoanend
dear people, cant we just have fun with each other at least for once on this planet earth. i call u chocolate and u call me milk and we laugh and have fun. i mean whats wrong with me calling blacks chocolate and they calling me milk?? if its true that color aint nothing and that we r one race why cant we just have fun and take it easy....
18:26 April 5, 2011 by trevzns
By worldcomingtoanend.

Indeed. Ha, Ha, Ha, entertaining.

Ignorance breed¦#39;s contempt…Oops! Ha, Ha, not so entertaining.

By YellowBackDoor

I respect your opinion relating to one Human Race. The Ad still is insensitive and perpetuates a negative image.

There are many other images of African peoples whom have made contributions in Europe and to Germany¦#39;s history since the arrival of the Rome Empire.

There would be no Roman Empire or Holy Roman Empire, without with the contributions of Africans and the resources of Africa.

Maybe the people at Bäckerei Raddaatz and the Colonist Government of Germany, sincerely believe Namibian¦#39;s and Africans are not capable of self-governance?

If the European Colonial powers would stop supporting the conditions that exist and contribute to wars and religious conflict in African, maybe, the Africans would disengage from the circle of violence, ignorance and work together as a united Culture and avoid the strategies of divide and conquer that is plaguing the African continent.
19:03 April 5, 2011 by paulsgal
i really don't see anything racist in this ad. i'm a black african woman and my white bf calls me his chocolate dream, chocolate ice, Ms. Chocolate etc, i call him my white boy, vanilla ice etc and we've been happy these 4 years and counting! My only problem with the ad is the fact that the baby looks sad and rather detached from the products being advertised.
21:47 April 5, 2011 by trevzns
By paulsgal

It seems you and your boyfriend share a good relationship exchanging beverage flavors as pleasantries.

I also like Vanilla and chocolate flavors, no disrespect from me indented, smile.

I agree there are disconnects with the image of this child in the ad.

The European and Asian cultures have no desire or interest in a united African peoples or continent.

The world as we know it, would change if Africans ever decided to unite and work together. There will always be disagreements and territorial conflicts among human beings, unfortunately.

People are people regardless of Culture or Nationality. Africans and African descendents the world over are treated with contempt and despised for their features and color of skin.

I feel the European and Asian Cultures would have the most to loose from a united African continent.

The balance of power would change and so will the price of doing business. No more cheaply priced coffee and chocolate as an example, smile.

Sunshine and wind are abundant in African and there should be no logical reasons to burn oil or use nuclear energy in Africa.
10:51 April 6, 2011 by Angry Ami
@ Mako, oh so in other words German ignorance is OK, but American ignorance is not, if I'm to use your logic, and to try to compare societal racism of whites which is historically institutionalized to that of reactionary racism of blacks is a non starter, 2 wrongs don't make a right, but there's really no comparison.

@ Nina, my wife is not German, since you seem to know so much about me, and neither are my kids, and I "can" say those or these people when referring to Germans, just like they say "die Schwarzen" when referring to black folks, and I never said "all" in the east, I work with many "ossies who are cool people, but fact are facts, weather you wish to cop to them are not, and not to mention you can also find plenty of haters in the west as well, so this problem is not just confined to the east, but it's mostly in the east because that part of the country was cut off from the rest of the world for 40 years until the wall came down, so that was not just a physical isolation, but also a cultural isolation, so imagine what it must have been like to go west and see al those black GI's, walking around,

it'll take at least another generation or two for this stupid mentality to be put in the grave, hopefully by the time my kids have kids.
13:32 April 6, 2011 by ron1amr
What a beautiful baby. And I bet her parents are proud she is displayed. When she grows they will show this photo to her and I guess all the publicity. If people have a problem with this photo linked with the ads. I suggest consulting her parents and see what they say about the matter.
19:27 April 6, 2011 by Chicago1996
@ AngryAmi: I¦#39;m referring to comment #59… I could be wrong here, but I have never seen you post anything remotely nice or positive about Germans or Germany on this website. Every comment that I have seen of yours has always been hateful, mean spirited and derogatory towards my country.

So, my question to you is: Why are you living in Germany? If neither you and your wife or your children are German, why do you choose to live in a country you despise so much? To me that seems sadistic and emotionally draining on so many levels.

If you are truly that unhappy, wouldn¦#39;t it be healthier for you and your family to move back to the US? (I¦#39;m assuming that¦#39;s where you are from originally). I don¦#39;t know. I just don¦#39;t get it with you. I have been living in the US for the past 14 years, and if I were as unhappy with American culture and customs as you seem to be with Germans and Germany, I would have left a long time ago. ( And trust me, the US is far from perfect either). Life is too short to be full of hate.
19:33 April 6, 2011 by worldcomingtoanend
having lived here for almost three years i dont think many germans are racist.
23:15 April 6, 2011 by MaKo
Hey AngryAmi, you got it! There is no comparison. That's what I was getting at. 'Neger' is offensive, and at the same time, it isn't the same as that word you quoted from the other side of the pond, not linguistically, not historically. You painted a rather odd picture of "Ossis" being the racists in an episode that occurred in Bavaria. I didn't put a stamp of approval on any particular group's racist argot, but cited that cultural connotations are different. And that these problems aren't only present amongst East Germans. If you want to gripe about slurs and stereotypes, you should probably also refrain from aspersing them your own self. *pace*

It really isn't so bad here, is it?
01:02 April 7, 2011 by dizzyblondefrau
@Tarheel Blue, What is wrong with my username? I don't take offense at any name you would want to call me. Life is way too short, haven't you ever heard the "sticks and stones" saying?

I have met with racism myself. I am white, tall, blue-eyed blonde and have experienced racism from hispanics. I not care! Like water off a ducks back! I don't take myself seriously. Many people just take themselves too seriously.

REAL racism, not imagined, is never tolerable. Some people can see a problem with absolutely everything.

I agree with, ask the parents how they feel. Maybe they are proud to have their little girl choosen for ad, as article says, other workers families featured in ads too.

I don't see racism at all in ad. If you carry racism in your brain all the time, you will see racism everywhere.
11:37 April 7, 2011 by Angry Ami
@Mako, did you read my entire post? guess you missed it,

so here it is again:

"and not to mention you can also find plenty of haters in the west as well, so this problem is not just confined to the east" Just to clarify

@Chicago1996 oh it's your country, are we getting a little Nazionalistic

vielleicht se hat etwas mit wo ich wohne, Berlin, aber egal, ich habe deutsche Freunde schon, und Fakt dass meine Frau nicht Deutsche ist, das ist auch egal, wenn ich was habe positives zu schreiben dann mache ich dass, ich rede von meine eigene Erfahrung die leider in Berlin nicht so positiv ist, und falls du möchtest dass wir Deutschland verlassen würde dann du kannst unsere reise Finanzieren,

a couple hundred thousand will do, otherwise, don't tell me what to think or what to say or what to write, if you can't deal with the criticism then don't waste your time reading my posts, I would guess that there are a lot of Utopians here, lol, well I don't live in utopia, I live in Berlin, and there is one good thing I can say about Berliners, at least the tell it like it is, unlike folks from utopia, if you don't like it then get a new hobby.
13:28 April 7, 2011 by Chicago1996
You just reinforced the point I was trying to make - nasty, miserable and always a chip on your shoulder. Good job!
17:19 April 7, 2011 by trevzns
By dizzyblondefrau.

Yes dizzyblondefrau, what¦#39;s is with, all the name-calling? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me, is usually a good response.

In reference to some of your comments. You personally cannot find anything wrong with the ad. This is your right to express your opinion.

Regarding the parents of the child, have you considered perhaps they are not in the position to freely express their views and opinions as employees?

Regarding the issue of racism from Hispanics.

¦quot;I have met with racism myself. I am white, tall, blue-eyed blonde and have experienced racism from hispanics.¦quot;

What you may have experienced was discrimination?

Hispanics depending on their origins are Europeans or of European descendent and have the same or similar physical characteristics as you do.

The word race and racism along with many of the ideas now associated with the terms are products of European imperialism and colonization.

The standard for what is now considered beautiful has been set by European societies worldwide.

Your blue-eyes, blonde hair and I assume light skin color, are imitated and desired by many women in all cultures around the world.

Europeans sort themselves and others into groups associated with physical appearance. Most European women, notably blue-eyed, blondes are considered more attractive and receive more attention.

All peoples with light skin in all cultures cannot enjoy one of the most precious resources on earth, sunshine without serious risks to health.

As the sayings go, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and physical beauty is only skin deep. That is, until the beautiful skin ages or develops cancer.

¦quot;REAL racism, not imagined, is never tolerable. Some people can see a problem with absolutely everything.¦quot;

Yes, that¦#39;s your right of opinion. In my opinion the ad should have been given more thought regardless of the bakery¦#39;s good intentions.

Bäckerei Raddaatz could have promoted the ad of this child in a more professional manner, similar to all the ads with Europeans it promotes.

However, the ad of this child had been removed.

In the future, it¦#39;s important whenever these types of disrespectful and insensitive commercial ad campaigns are used, peoples of all cultures will continue to voice their opinions and opposition against cultural prejudice and discrimination.
11:37 April 8, 2011 by Angry Ami

What that's it, just a teeny tiny comment, man I'm disappointed, I was certainly waiting for a good lecture, oh well guess I have to wait for the next big debate ;-)
08:39 April 10, 2011 by Face68
A lot of fuzz about nothing really.

Don't we all use the toothpaste that is being sold to us in commercials where guys and girls have perfect white teeth?

Why am i not eligible for being the model in these commercials? Because my teeth are yellow, for a start...

Oversensitive cummunity it is!
09:50 April 11, 2011 by thomas.dahl
What exactly is racist about this advert? I am not saying it does not have racists undertones, but I am trying to understand the actual emotions involved that make it racist.

1. I help run a school in a slum in Nairobi and it is VERY common for find huge adverts there showing white people/children used in adverts. Presumably the advertising companies there see this as a form of "positive" racism to use whites in these adverts.

2. I can see that it may be considered upsetting to some if they felt that the advert was suggesting that "Brown" people should be eaten. Or that in some way the child is being exploited in some way - and perhaps it is - because it is "Brown". Would a white child used in a white bread advert be considered as racist in the same advert? I suspect not, so why is this advert so emotionally charged. What exactly is the message that makes it racist?

3. If the advert is racist, would the bakery expect to sell more or less chocolate cake? If it is anti-racist would they expect to sell more or less chocolate cake? What was their motive for placing this ad? Presumably the ad was placed to sell more bread products - I suspect that real racists would avoid buying the bread at this bakery as they appear pro-black.. so that would make this advert anti-racist. Right? Or is this wrong?

4. Is it possible that the advert is raising awareness of "Black/Brown" people in our society. Most Germans only see "Brown/Black" people on TV or pass them in the street without talking to them. Even if most Germans are not racist, they are certainly suspicious of "Brown/Black" people. Ask a German what he thinks of "Brown/Black" people and he will say that he has nothing against them, but ask if he would mind his daughter marrying one... or living next door to one... I am fairly certain, in my mind at least, that most people seeing this advert will have a positive reaction to "Black/Brown" babies as opposed to a negative one. After all, it is a very cute kid.

5. A couple of years ago we had 10 kids from the school in Nairobi on a 10 week road-trip through Germany where they performed dance and acrobatic routines in dozens of locations. The kids went home to Kenya and immediately their school grades went up dramatically and we all saw this as a very positive experience for them. Likewise, they people we introduced the kids to Germans we saw a positive reaction - but maybe not right away. On the whole, pushing our cute and intelligent kids onto German society was a highly positive experience for all involved.

One thing is for sure, the advert has raised a lot of interesting questions and as, in my mind at least, this advert is not intentionally racist this has been a good discussion.
19:56 April 14, 2011 by Coolruler
Has the Baby complained?
23:28 April 15, 2011 by Almeda11
To me this seems ridiculous, what is wrong with a black or brown baby being used to advertise a chocolate cake? There are plenty of white babies being used to advertise white cakes and pastries. lt`s pathetic, on the other hand some people would be moaning if a black child were NOT used, then they`d say it`s racial discrimination in a negative way,exclusion, it looks like with some people you just can`t win, you`re dammed if you do, and your dammed if you don`t, let ALL babbies, black, white and polka dot for all l care advertise ANYTHING, regardless of their, or the products, colour, in the grand scale of things it is SO unimportant. The world is mad.

On another note; the person who hates Berlin, l agree with the person who said " lf you don`t like it then leave, and you DON`T need a couple of hundred thou to get back to uncle Sam. lch spreche auch deutsch ( not fluently though) und ich habe vestehen was Sie gesagt habe.
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