Father in court for castrating daughter’s older boyfriend

A Bielefeld man faced criminal charges in a court on Wednesday for violently castrating his 17-year-old daughter’s much older boyfriend. He could be jailed for at least three years.

Father in court for castrating daughter's older boyfriend
Photo: DPA

The accused has confessed to cutting off the 58-year-old’s testicles last November.

According to police investigation, it was a desperate attempt to end the half-year relationship between the man and his teenage daughter.

After the deed, the 47-year-old told his wife to alarm emergency services, and his heavily bleeding, severely injured victim survived.

The plaintiff is now seeking damages of €150,000.

The father had repeatedly tried to end the unconventional relationship between his daughter and the older man, even taking the case to police – to no avail.

In Germany such a relationship is not illegal as long as the elder party is not taking advantage in a difficult situation or paying for sexual favours, according to state prosecutors.

On November 2, 2010, the father and two accomplices allegedly overpowered the boyfriend in his apartment, subduing him with handcuffs and tape. The father then removed his testicles with a scalpel or a knife.

The man’s lawyer claims he is now impotent.


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German police probe fatal knife attack on schoolgirl

On Tuesday, investigators continued to look for clues behind a knife attack on two schoolgirls in Baden-Württemberg on Monday in which one died from her injuries.

German police probe fatal knife attack on schoolgirl

According to police, a 27-year-old man attacked two girls on the street with a knife as they walked to school Monday morning in the small town of Illerkirchberg near Ulm.

A 14-year-old had to be resuscitated at the scene before she was taken to a hospital and died hours later. A 13-year-old was seriously hurt, but not with life-threatening injuries.

Google Maps shows the town of Illerkirchberg, which has a little over 5,000 residents, and sits on the border with Bavaria.

A police spokesman said the man had probably injured himself with the knife – although it remains unclear if it was intentional – before fleeing back to the refugee home where he was staying.

He was taken to a hospital where he remains under police monitoring.

“We will fully investigate this terrible act,” announced Thomas Strobl, Baden-Württemberg’s Interior Minister on Monday. “We are deeply affected…when the life of an innocent child is so brutally taken.”

The crime has taken on a political dimension because the suspect is an asylum seeker from Eritrea. Several politicians from Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) used the crime to question the country’s immigration policies. 

In the statement, a police spokesperson asked people “not to harbour general suspicions against strangers, or asylum seekers in general, or to encourage or support such suspicions.”

She said she was aware “that events of this kind stir up fears and emotions.”

Authorities say they continue investigating why the attack occurred and if the suspect knew the two girls beforehand.