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Father in court for castrating daughter's older boyfriend

The Local · 30 Mar 2011, 10:12

Published: 30 Mar 2011 10:12 GMT+02:00

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The accused has confessed to cutting off the 58-year-old’s testicles last November.

According to police investigation, it was a desperate attempt to end the half-year relationship between the man and his teenage daughter.

After the deed, the 47-year-old told his wife to alarm emergency services, and his heavily bleeding, severely injured victim survived.

The plaintiff is now seeking damages of €150,000.

The father had repeatedly tried to end the unconventional relationship between his daughter and the older man, even taking the case to police – to no avail.

In Germany such a relationship is not illegal as long as the elder party is not taking advantage in a difficult situation or paying for sexual favours, according to state prosecutors.

On November 2, 2010, the father and two accomplices allegedly overpowered the boyfriend in his apartment, subduing him with handcuffs and tape. The father then removed his testicles with a scalpel or a knife.

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The man’s lawyer claims he is now impotent.


The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

11:04 March 30, 2011 by Heinrich der Zweite
Bet he can sing like never before.
11:10 March 30, 2011 by moistvelvet
3 years jail, is that all? What a load of...
11:13 March 30, 2011 by Angry Ami
LOL, shoulda wacked him,

at least he wouldn't have had to pay the medical bill.
11:42 March 30, 2011 by Bryan Conner
"The man¦#39;s lawyer claims he is now impotent. ".....Duh!
12:45 March 30, 2011 by Gretl
Yay, Dad! He tried to go the law-abiding route and received no support so took the problem into his own hands, so to speak. ;)

Sounds like Germany needs a better statutory rape law.
14:37 March 30, 2011 by Dogs_Gonads

What planet are you on. 'Sounds like Germany needs a better statutory rape law'.

Are you really that stupid to think that a 58 year old male should be punished for having a consensual sexual relationship with a 17 year old woman.

'Law-abiding route and received no support'. No German laws were broken , so no support given. Dead easy to understand that one.

And you gave a text wink ;) after your first statement ,which I take it you are very pleased with the fathers decision.

Unless her father is self employed , he will find it very difficult to find better payed employment after leaving prison.

If your not happy with German laws, well there is only one route to take then.
14:54 March 30, 2011 by Gretl
Dogs_Gonads - aptly named. Did I hit too close to home?

Yes, I think the pedophile should be punished for having sex with a minor. I would argue that a man old enough to be her grandfather is, "taking advantage in a difficult situation." I applaude the father for standing up and doing what is right to protect his daughter, whatever the cost. He is a brave man.

Maybe it is hard for you to fathom, being male, that while girls are sexually maturing, they are not mature. Sex is not just about sex at that age. They believe they are in love with "the one". They cannot see that they are being taken advantage of. Been there, done that.

As I discussed with my 13 year old daughter, who, at first, couldn't see an issue with it; if he was truly in love with her and wanted to marry her, he would have taken her family's feelings in to account. He could have waited a year. No, this was all about taking advantage of a girl who didn't know she prostituting herself out for dinner and show.
15:40 March 30, 2011 by iseedaftpeople

A 17-year-old is not a child. No matter how many inane laws are passed to the contrary, somebody who is attracted to a 17-year-old is not a pedophile. Any medical or psychiatric professional worth his salt will tell you that pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent or early-puberty children. Not having seen a picture of the 17-year-old in question, I doubt any girl that age today fits that description unless she suffers from a developmental disorder. The whole definition of pedophilia has been stretched and diluted to no end in recent years, I am aware of that, as I hope you are... and it is a staple of many a predator panic story. But you can not call somebody who is just one year (presumably even less) shy of turning 18 a child. Nor can you compare a 17-year-old girl to your 13-year-old daughter.

Now, I am well past that age group myself and frankly could not imagine getting it on with anybody under about 25. And if I had a 17-year-old daughter dating a guy more than three times her age, yes, I would be shocked. And I would very much attempt to dissuade the guy. The law would be on my side btw, §1632 of the German Civil Code (BGB) gives parents of minors the "power to determine association". But does it all constitute a sex offense on the man's part? No. Should society take an interest in prohibiting sexual liaisons like this? I doubt it. The girl was above the age of consent. And if a story like that takes a bad turn and abuse comes into play, there are enough laws in place for that already. Even in Germany.

Case closed.
16:27 March 30, 2011 by Gretl
@iseedaftpeople - if "§1632 of the German Civil Code (BGB) gives parents of minors the "power to determine association"." then why didn't the police get involved?

I have a daughter who is 22, who at 17, found herself the object of affection of a 25 year old. He was polite and waited until she both turned 18 and graduated from highschool. That her father was his squad leader didn't hurt.

I am sickened to see the men who are defending a 58 year olds "right" to have sex with a 17 year old. Obviously, none of you are parents and probably some of you are predators youselves. We have already seen how well German laws protect children from rape, incest, and prostitution. Perhaps this is an antiquated law leftover from earlier times when females were viewed as a commodity to be sold off into marriage at a young age.
17:00 March 30, 2011 by iseedaftpeople

"none of you are parents and probably some of you are predators youselves."

I resent that comment. That's all people like you ever do. Anybody who doesn't agree with you is by default a "predator" himself. Oh, and of course, I don't have children, so I don't know what I am talking about anyway.

Well, as I abundantly explained in my above comment, I too would very much object to my 17-year-old daughter going to bed with a 58-year-old. And because §1632 is in the civil code and not the penal code, it was no police matter, but you can still involve a family court that could ultimately order the guy to stay away from your daughter. Also, being in my mid-30s, as l also stated, I have no sexual interest in minors, and would find it hard to imagine having a fulfilling relationship, even purely sexual, with anybody under about 25. So now where do you get the notion that I'm a "predator"?

German penal law with regards to sexual offenses and age of consent is not antiquated. It provides room for sexual experimentation without fear for minors above the age of consent that is in line with their progressing mental development, while at the same time frowning greatly on any relations with and between minors that are abusive and not consensual.

What is harrowingly antiquated is your (presumably American) idea that any teenager who hasn't had their 18th birthday is an asexual, inept child, and boom, the day they turn 18, over night it all comes to them. The end result is that you have thousands of teenagers and young adults on U.S. public sex offender registries whose only crime is to have experimented with their peers or people barely a few years younger. Is that really the way forward?
18:08 March 30, 2011 by William Thirteen
could be that the father just wanted to keep the daughter for himself a la Josef Fritzl.
19:37 March 30, 2011 by xx.weirich.xx
"The man¦#39;s lawyer claims he is now impotent. " Ha ha wow, castration makes you impotent. Who knew? :]

I agree with Gretl on this one... The idea of a 58 year old with a 17 year old is utterly repulsive, and one has to wonder what EITHER of them was thinking. Being in my late teens myself, I get sick to the stomach thinking of having a sexual relationship with someone even ten years older than myself... I seriously doubt though that she wasn't coerced at all.

If I has been this girl's dad, I would have done the same thing myself...
20:25 March 30, 2011 by t-meister
iseedaftpeople and gretl

if you don't stop arguing, i will cut your balls off. :D
20:40 March 30, 2011 by rosebudnv
the 58 year old did not commit any crime. The criminal is the father. Yes, the relationship was somewhat different but nonetheless, the guy did not deserve to lose his jewels. The father should now lose his!
21:05 March 30, 2011 by Landmine
Good for the Dad, 58 year old deserved it -what a perv!
22:05 March 30, 2011 by fryintl
Iseedaftpeople: WOW, we agree on this one. You are dead right and 100% normal too (at least in this case).

Gretl, you need to put your Girl Colored glasses away and think outside of your BOX (meant in both ways). What you consider to be right, is not necessarily right. It may be for you, but German Law has been written and it is the law of the land. So whether you think it right or not, in your prudish way, is really nothing more than your own selfish opinion.

WEIRICH: As a young man, I was always dating older women, and not those of my age. When 25 in Spain, I dated a 50 year old. Many boys think that 30 is old so it is understandable that you may feel the way you wrote. There is nothing wrong with it. As you get older, you start to see women your age as desirable, then as you get older and they lose some vitality and firmness you look at someone a bit younger for pleasure. If you¦#39;re only into sex, as you age your taste may look backwards more and more, and the only thing that stops you is that no younger woman will sleep with you once you hit a certain physical look.

You see, God made women attractive to attract. It is too bad he didn¦#39;t turn off our sex clocks at a certain age and makes us suffer. Anna Nicole Smith is an example of a 90 YO man wanting more than he could handle. It is natural. Is the fact that the man was in his 90's and her in her 20's any different than an almost 18yo and a man of 58? To most, when they see the couple, they think, what is her deal? It was obvious he had money and people thought that was it. Suppose he was poor and they just clicked?

Who know why a 17 wanted a 58YO? Daddy Complex? Wise, mature, alluring exciting older man? Had a nice car? She needed to be taught? Why are so many girls and teachers, or nowadays vice versa, having this problem?

It wasn't against the law, he did not do anything except maybe breach the moral boundaries of some people. The DAD was 100% wrong for his act. But hey, if you do bodily harm to 21 people and kill 4, you only get 4 years in Germany....he should have been a doctor with his own clinic.
00:44 March 31, 2011 by xx.weirich.xx
What makes you think I'm interested in chicks? I'm not a dude...

I think most of the comments here go to prove that a lot of guys still view women as sex objects -.- Jesus Christ... After all, that is how God designed us :|
02:13 March 31, 2011 by bartschaff
How there can be people here defending the *father*???

He is a violent, dangerous criminal, who not only damaged a man for the rest of his life, but also most certainly seriously traumatized his own daughter with his deed.

"Pedophile"? Ridiculous. So, in a couple of months from now, in her birthday she is going suddenly to turn from a small baby girl into a fully formed woman, right? The average, heterosexual man does fell attracted to young women, and that's what most teenagers are by the time they are around 15 or younger. In any way, any 17-year-old, pubescent or not, is able to consent, if not mentally retarded -- and that's a fact recognized by German law.

Finally, what we see from the likes of Gretl, xx.weirich.xx, and Landmine are foolish rants, yes, but dangerous ones: they are supporting any actions, including violent, illegal ones to restrict people's freedom, to conform the world to their narrow, archaic moralist views.

People like that not only make the world worse, by threatening personal freedom, they are, as we can see from the influence of Tea Parties in the US, a direct danger to values that really matter, like tolerance and democracy.
07:34 March 31, 2011 by wood artist
There's a bunch of issues here, but one seems to be generally ignored.

The law must be written in some sort of relatively absolute language. Otherwise, it is too subject to interpretation. So, we generally use "age" as a measure of some things. We say that a minor is anyone under the age of "X" even though we know age is not a reliable measure of maturity.

In general we could say a girl of 17 not mature enough to make some decisions, and "in general" we would likely be correct. However, some might be mature enough at 17, and other might not be mature enough at 30. However, since we can't measure that in any other way, we use age.

We know nothing about this particular woman, so it's impossible for any of us to judge. Is this more about her making a decision that her father (or parents) just didn't agree with? Impossible to know, even if she is mature enough to make it.

What is pretty obvious is that the father, regardless of his age, made some pretty immature decisions, and three years actually seems a rather cheap price for the damage he allegedly did. His daughter's ability to make good decisions pales by comparison.

08:01 March 31, 2011 by msbeautifool
I would also not agree with the relationship of the young lady with the old granny man. Young ladies are very vulnerable to this thing called 'Love'. When they found men who can treat them like a princess or whatever will make their fairy tales come true, they will definitely fall into this trap. And as for an old man, he for sure knew this weakness.

BUT even if it there is an objection to this relationship, this doesn't give the father the right to do what he had just committed. It was more of a desperate move for the father to do such thing.

As for the young lady, either she needs a father-like attention or someone who cares for her more than anyone else. After this intensity of love faded, she will surely realize that it was just a phase of her life and not to be taken seriously at that moment.
08:26 March 31, 2011 by kenroth43
Current scientific finding is that the frontal lobes continue to be remodeled up to age

18, or by some 21. It is the frontal lobes that are responsible for critical thought; therefore, anyone who believes a 17 yr old is an adult or capable of adult judgment is totally wrong. Period!
08:40 March 31, 2011 by slawek
I've seen this many times in Berlin. The way I see it, she was overweight since her childhood and unhappy, because she couldn't get a boyfriend and boys only took advantage of her. Then finally she met someone who took her seriously and her father goes boll*cks (thelocal profanity filter) literally.

Btw, german girls and boys mature much earlier. They are way past the feeling of having found their first true love and all the disappointments that come with it at approx. age of 14 and I'm not even talking about first sexual experiences, which tend to happen much earlier.
09:06 March 31, 2011 by bartschaff
@kenroth43: "Current scientific finding is that" people just cherry pick 'data' like yours to try to 'prove' their point by authority argument.

Yes, the brain isn't completely mature in a 17-year-old, but the point is that it's *way* closer to that of an adult than of a child.

Anyone who believes a 17 yr old is totaly incapable of adult judgment is totally wrong. Period!
09:30 March 31, 2011 by ECSNatale
How about...they were all wrong.

Something does not have to be technically illegal to be wrong. What about the respect a daughter should show her family when they express wishes to guide her towards a stable life and relationship? What about the 58 year old man, who knew the family was not happy with the relationship, but kept at it anyway? What about the father not resorting to violence because his wishes were not obeyed?

Where is the words respect in any of this?

To me this sounds like one big white, trailer trash group of people. I wonder if they have teeth? =o)
10:06 March 31, 2011 by proclusian
Am I the only Medievalist in the house who can't help but notice the similarities here to the story of Abelard and Heloise? Really people ... let's talk about what's important. ;¬)
12:23 March 31, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
An important point was half-mentioned here by some people - maturity is not exclusively determined by chronological age. Society and a society's perception of youth and adolescence have a great impact on how mature a young person is at a given age.

Americans, for example, tend to wrap their kids in cotton wool and pretty much regard them as incapable, inept children who must be protected from any possible harm, however insignificant or even remotely likely, until the day they turn 18. I've seen it for myself many times in the U.S. Fueled by moral panics and fear-mongering media campaigns, "helicopter parenting", and not to mention a barrage of religious fundamentalism, teenagers aren't trusted to make even the most basic independent decisions, let alone engage in sexual relations responsibly. Of course, if you never give a young person the chance to mature by way of first-hand experience, what you get is a teenager who is really an overgrown child with no usable decision-making and judgement skills. Which, to stay on topic, is by the way glaringly evidenced by the fact that the U.S. has the highest percentage of teen pregnancies and teen STDs anywhere in the developed Western world. Americans look down on teenagers, they are not respected and valued as a future asset of society at large, but feared as a liability.

In most European societies, by stark contrast, a clear distinction has always been made between children and youths. Childhood is generally considered to be over by about age 14 or 15, and teenagers have a right to be treated according to their gradually evolving mental and emotional capacities (it even says so in the EU's Charter of Fundamental Rights). This is evident in many ways. Many teenagers, even in Germany, leave school at age 16, sometimes even 15 to learn a trade and earn their own money long before age 18. Likewise, ages of consent are low in the EU, with 17 of 27 member states having an age of consent below 16. Girls in Germany can get birth control pills on their health insurance without parental consent at age 14, and at 16 can have an abortion without asking their parents. There is no moral stigma associated with teen sexuality and experimentation, it is seen as a rite of passage, a young person's right. Sex, as long as it is enjoyed responsibly, is not considered hazardous or dangerous behavior, but a healthy form of self-expression. There are no abstinene or "just say no" campaigns that leave teens in the dark about their own bodies and are really just the result of adults' hangups about their kids growing into independent individuals.

What you end up with is indeed European teenagers who, on average, are two to four years ahead of their American peers in personal development and life skills. You have young individuals who are much closer to being a functioning member of adult society than they are to being, for lack of a better word, still children.
13:58 March 31, 2011 by satconcook
I can feel the father's pain. I too would want to rip his balls off, but that is just a thought and expression. To take it literally and assault someone like that is just insane and wrong. Those that say he deserved it might want to think about the little things in life that you get away with but someone else might take to this extreme. Let¦#39;s say your parent-in-laws don¦#39;t want you to marry their child, so they kill you instead.

As for the 58 year old, it is kind of wrong. He was 40 when she was born, but what old man doesn¦#39;t want a younger woman. She is well beyond the age of consent, and may have been misguided, but that is where the parents should have tried to resolve it. Look at her dad that is 30 years older than her, she is going to have an obvious affection for older men. Once the kids hit that age though, they are going to make their own decisions and you can only hope to influence them. But, to ruin a man¦#39;s life and emotionally scar your child like that, 3 years might not be long enough.
14:35 March 31, 2011 by Gretl
Everyone is quick to blame Americans for being prudish, and swaddling their children. Statutory rape laws make it illegal to have sex with someone greater than 3 or 4 years older than you (depending on the state), with the rationale of "the fact that minors are generally economically, socially, and legally unequal to adults. By making it illegal for an adult to have sex with a minor, statutory rape laws aim to give the minor some protection against adults." Sexual experimentation is fine but with someone your own age.

I told my oldest daughter she could have her boyfriend spend the night if she maintained her grades. She never took me up on it.

As for the maturing of the brain, the brain reaches full maturity at 25. The last thing to develop is impulse control. Hmmm, puts another light on preying on young adults doesn't it? Even when it comes to recruiting members of the military.

I understand many reactions of the men are a knee-jerk reaction to the battery. Yes, castration is the most feared thing a men can have happen to him. (Women are castrated by doctors all the time, so we don't make such a fuss about it. Maybe there's hormone replacement therapy out there he could take). Was it extreme? Yes. Maybe a good beating by the father and his friends would have been sufficient, or maybe a civil suit would have worked. Who knows? This is morally wrong whether it is legal or not and I am happy to see a father stand up to protect his daughter. Maybe if there were more fathers involved in their daughters lives, not afraid to act like a father, men would be more respectful towards women and stop viewing them as,"young, dumb and full of c*m."
15:10 March 31, 2011 by fryintl
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
16:04 March 31, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
16:52 March 31, 2011 by idiot
Lol nubs.

quote gretl:

>"§1632 of the German Civil Code (BGB) gives parents of minors the "power to determine association"." then why didn't the police get involved?

Because she was over 16 x.x
18:23 March 31, 2011 by brigand
Stupid old man...he should have tried to get the mother AND daughter. I mean, if you are going to lose the jewels, you might as well "shoot for the whole enchilada".

As for the father who cut off the "doo-dads"....a butter or plastic picnic knife would have been better to use.

Stupid civil case that will no doubt hit over 100 comments!
01:33 April 1, 2011 by ebbelwoiguy
The German media has omitted some key info...namely the chopping father and his helpers all being recent immigrants from Russia. Interesting to see how many here support this kind of "honour" attack on an older man but would not dream of defending an "honour killing" of someone's daughter.
06:52 April 1, 2011 by norkaalum
The problem here is that the father let the guy live. I have two 17 yr old daughters(twins) and if some guy 20 years older than me even thought about trying to have a relationship with one of them he would be looking down the barrell of an AK47. I have seen the american show "To catch a predator" where the police pose as young girls on the internet to catch men trying to meet them for sex. Jail is too good for these sick, twisted perverts. One question, What type of household does a 17yr old girl have to be raised in to think sex with an old man is okay?
07:44 April 1, 2011 by maplegrover
Three years for castrating someone? A one-year suspended sentence for carelessly allowing a pack of vicious dogs to have access to a young child, whom they killed? The question has to be asked, does Germany have any kind of judicial system worthy of the name?
09:49 April 1, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
@ norkaalum

"I have seen the american show "To catch a predator" where the police pose as young girls on the internet to catch men trying to meet them for sex. Jail is too good for these sick, twisted perverts. "

boy, you have been brainwashed by the fearmongering media beyond belief.

Once again, a 17-year-old is above the age of consent, by three years even according to German law. She is not some innocent child who is in danger of being corrupted by a "predator". A person that age has rights in this country, one of them being what the Penal Code calls sexual self-determination and therefore deciding for herself who she goes to bed with. Still doesn't mean sex with a man three times her age is good judgement, but if somebody's above the age of consent, they're above the age of consent, and that is that.
13:04 April 1, 2011 by dbert4
There is a definate poetic justice to Dad's actions. I guess Dieter Bohlen, Roberto Blanco, Lothar Matthäus and a host of other promis had better be careful.
15:42 April 1, 2011 by norkaalum
@iseedaftpeople Not a boy here. Can think for myself and make my own decisions. Just because they do not conform to your value system doesn't make them wrong. Keep your little mind and two cents to yourself.
16:35 April 1, 2011 by Heinrich-Hammler
I heil this father's judicious use of parental rights. If some senior citizen decided to mount my young daughter I would have removed his big head, as well as the little one. We should give this father a citizen's medal for outstanding service to the community. Well done Sir, well done!
17:12 April 1, 2011 by maplegrover
If memory serves me right, Charlie Chaplin was 53 and the young woman who was to become his last wife was 17 when they met. They married the next year, stayed married until his death some thirty or so years later, and had several children together. His wife was heartbroken when he died and never remarried. Yes, it's likely that the wife will outlive the husband by many years in such a situation, but may all marriages be as happy as theirs.
18:31 April 1, 2011 by ebbelwoiguy
Heinrich-Hammler: You have a very suitable and subtle moniker. "Parental rights" has no place outside of the feudal mindset you apparently hail from. If the daughter was 18 then all would be OK with you?
21:42 April 1, 2011 by MiriamSPia
The older man is probably a creep, but to do the situation justice would require proper understanding of both the 17 year old and the older man. It is possible that this was "OK but unconventional". Sometimes stuff like that does happen, but it is RARE.
13:08 April 2, 2011 by Gretl
@maplegrover - I checked out the Wiki on Chaplin, he married and had a series of affairs with very young women (between 16 and 19). I think that it says more about C. Chaplin than it does his last wife.
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