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Brazilian busted driving 291 kph on autobahn

The Local · 29 Mar 2011, 13:27

Published: 29 Mar 2011 13:27 GMT+02:00

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Many stretches of Germany's extensive motorway network have no speed limit but the area near Hamburg in the north where the man was caught had a 100-kph restriction.

Police attempted to give chase in an unmarked patrol car but the seven-series BMW with Polish number plates was too fast. He was eventually caught further on with the help of several police cars.

"Searching the boot of the car, police also recovered a small volume of drugs," a statement said. "The 22-year-old is now facing four points (on his licence), a three-month driving ban and an €1,800 ($2,545) fine."

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The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

14:06 March 29, 2011 by freechoice
BMW, the ultimate devil, i mean driving machine!
14:18 March 29, 2011 by Altdude
By highlighting his nationality The Local is showing obvious bias against Brazilians. What does being Brazilian have to do with speeding? I guess if he were discovered to be a Brazilian Muslim, the headline would have read "Islamist busted. . ." instead, since the editors are even more biased against Islamists than Brazilians. And God help him in the German press if it were discovered he was a Scientologist! (Tongue in cheek, folks, tongue in cheek).
14:24 March 29, 2011 by pftgu0
it has nothing to do with his specific nationality, it is just meant to show that foreigners come here, with the picture in mind of the autobahn being a limitless racing track. Thats not true.
15:01 March 29, 2011 by fryintl
Now, if he had a bomb in his trunk (Boot) that would be soemthing...and who said he wasnt a brazillian Islamist..maybe he was doing a test run to see how people would react...OR, maybe the Flux Capacitor didnt work and he got stuck back in time.

Who knew a 7 Series could do 181MPH...I had an older 735 and the fastes I could go was about 200KPH befor ethe limiter on the Distributor shut the engine down....

NOt many people get to go that fast so he is lucky
15:01 March 29, 2011 by Altdude
Ah, thanks for the clarification pftgu0! So kind of you to help me better understand.
15:05 March 29, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
is it too much to ask to go to an unrestricted stretch of the Autobahn to feed your speed addiction?
15:12 March 29, 2011 by freechoice
if you lust for speed, fly a jet...
15:22 March 29, 2011 by auniquecorn
yeah, those dam Brazilians. Luckly only one person b!tched about his nationality. Just think if it were an American....
15:22 March 29, 2011 by fryintl
is it too much to ask? Hey, I remember the days when the greens didnt rule everything and every space (or almost so) on teh AB was Speed limit free....those were the days. We had ruskies running around, Stasi trying to do bad things, and there were those losers the Red Army Faction (RAF)..I truly miss them
16:43 March 29, 2011 by jamano
This is what they use in Italy to capture Brazilians - http://bit.ly/gIrD5Z
19:34 March 29, 2011 by jmj1096
As a former Police Dispatcher in the US (and soon to be one again!) I offer my Congratulations to the police for catching this guy! Good Job! The drugs are a bonus! It takes alot of coordination and hard work to pull off a stop like this with no injuries!
19:36 March 29, 2011 by marcelomalcher
"those dam Brazilians"? tsc tsc...what a shame to read comments like these...what a shame
19:49 March 29, 2011 by gustavoviolento
I would be faster
20:16 March 29, 2011 by iseedaftpeople
@ fryintl

yes, but that was back when Germany wasn't a major thoroughfare and traffic hub for all of Europe. The country was right on the edge of the Iron Curtain, and foreign long distance traffic was far less, as was car ownership in general. I drive on the Autobahn a lot, and it just isn't like back in the old days anymore, traffic density wise. I have no problem with sections having a speed limit where you can't possibly go faster than 140 anyway because it's only two lanes per direction, the right lane is crammed with heavy trucks, and in the other lane you have traffic as far as the eye can see... I do believe that that improves safety.

But on those straight-as-an-arrow rural three-lane stretches where you don't have many other cars around, hey, they are built for speed... I always floor it when I am driving on a road like that. With my car, that means "only" 180 kph, but I am soon going to get a new one that can go 220 according to the spec sheet... and yes, the possibility that the Greens might manage to impose a blanket speed limit on the Autobahns is a consideration in deciding to buy a fast car like that. The days of carefree Autobahn racing just might be coming to an end in the near future.
22:50 March 29, 2011 by Nemo2010
Bet he had a big h@rd-on all the way! :)
22:53 March 29, 2011 by zeddriver
While I don't condone someone saying what a persons race is. Especially in regards to a speeding ticket. I do think people go a little overboard with the hurt feelings anytime race or Ethnicity is mentioned.

But, I can see the writing on the wall for the future. A person goes crazy and kills fifty people. We can't say where it happened for fear of upsetting any future tourist business in that location. But, If you have seen this murderer whom we can't describe for fear of offending someone of similar race or wearing similar clothing. Please call the police.
01:32 March 30, 2011 by piper1
I thought this was a Brazillian.. http://www.theage.com.au/ffxImage/urlpicture_id_1046826540078_2003/03/07/08BRAZILIAN,0.jpg
06:29 March 30, 2011 by parografik
Maybe the article is not referring to Nationality at all, but to the driver's style of grooming.
07:55 March 30, 2011 by auniquecorn

Calm down, I meant those dam South Americans
10:30 March 30, 2011 by Ami-in-Germany
One foot on the brake and one on the gas, hey!

Well, there's too much traffic, I can't pass, no!

So I tried my best illegal move, A big black and white come and crushed my groove again!

Go on & write me up for 195

Post my face, wanted dead or alive

Take my license n' all that jive

I can't drive 55! -Sammy Hagar
16:51 March 30, 2011 by roboni
Altdue you are so right. It's no wonder foreigners can's intergrate into the German society. Their race is also pointed out no matter what. Why couldn't The Local just say, "man caught driving.....
00:51 March 31, 2011 by Redwing
I am just wondering how a 22-year-old young man can afford a seven-series BMW. Perhaps the drugs in the boot are a clue.
16:01 March 31, 2011 by RobertoW
Redwing, you are thinking like a naive by suggesting he is a drug dealer. Brazilian drug dealers are more like this http://tinyurl.com/4arptn6

Probably, he is just a Brazilian playboy - what explains being in Europe, having this car and the drugs.

As a Brazilian, I would like to mark some points about this news:

1) Most people in Brazil think Autobahn got no speed-limit. I have always been told that. People always say "I wish I coud drive there, just to see how fast I can go."

2) Brazilians love cars and races. We got a great history of racers in F1 and Indy.

The sum of the facts explain it all.
17:53 March 31, 2011 by freerange
The only country that still permits unlimited speed does so at enormous costs to the environment and peoples lives. The day will surely come when all European roads are limited by decree of Brussels. We can then hope for sensible economic cars.
18:07 April 1, 2011 by scoobydube
Let's see if I have this story RIGHT: 1. The car is being driven by a BRAZILIAN., 2. The car is of a GERMAN manufacture(to wit, a BMW)., and 3. It has POLISH number plates. Did I miss SOMETHING here, or WHAT?????? Only one thing to say, smart POLIZEI, by using what we would call here in the "STATES" a "ROLLING ROADBLOCK", they were able to catch this 'SPEED DEMON'. Nice Job ............
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