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Germany provokes more tensions over Libya

The Local · 25 Mar 2011, 14:19

Published: 25 Mar 2011 14:19 GMT+01:00

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Development Minister Dirk Niebel told broadcaster ZDF on Thursday night that in effect Britain, France and the US were hypocritical for not supporting a complete embargo on Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi’s oil.

"It is notable that exactly those countries which are blithely dropping bombs in Libya are still drawing oil from Libya," he said – remarks that are hardly likely to ease tensions with key allies angered over the country's refusal to take part in the military operation.

Meanwhile Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle on Friday criticized French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s broad threat to Arab rulers that they faced Libya-style intervention if they violently repressed their own people.

"Every ruler should understand, and especially every Arab ruler should understand that the reaction of the international community and of Europe will from this moment on each time be the same," Sarkozy said in Brussels on Thursday night, according to online news source EUobserver. "We will be on the side of peaceful protesters who must not be repressed with violence."

Westerwelle responded on Friday by telling broadcaster rbb-Inforadio: “I actually see here a very dangerous discussion with very difficult consequences for the region and the Arab world as a whole.”

Sarkozy took a leading role in the decision to use military force against Qaddafi but annoyed the German government by apparently not consulting them first.

Westerwelle, who abstained from the United Nations Security Council vote last week to enforce a "no-fly zone" in Libya, said military means alone could not solve the Libyan crisis but that political solutions were also needed.

“What we need is a political process – this must now be prepared,” he said.

He also reiterated his call for a complete oil embargo against Libya and welcomed plans by the European Union to widen sanctions.

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Merkel herself also called for an oil embargo in Brussels on Thursday. Both she and Westerwelle have insisted they wholeheartedly support the aims of the intervention.

It has been widely reported that NATO allies – France in particular – are deeply annoyed by Germany’s refusal to participate in enforcing the no-fly zone and bombing Libyan military targets, as well as its abstention in the vote to approve the measures in the Security Council.

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Your comments about this article

15:31 March 25, 2011 by wenddiver
Aren't you guys supposed to be combining your Militaries, joint Brigades and all?

I predict your really going to enjoy being part of a European Union with that pile of craziness the world calls France.
15:39 March 25, 2011 by Beachrider
Major fact problem for the esteemed Development Minister.

The USA has an embargo on Libyan oil. We don't buy it. Please shut up on that.
15:53 March 25, 2011 by freechoice
awe! come on! with a population of 80 million surely you have some men to spare in the name of freedom and democracy?
16:26 March 25, 2011 by reallybigdog
The US is there for the oil and control nothing more. Its not a humanitarian mission or have you forgotten the other far more dire humanitarian crises that the US has also ignored with substantially more casualties. Still hypocrites any way you want to paint it? You can't and wont get away with being a selective savior in oil/resource rich nations and then try to convince anyone but perhaps some of the ignorant posters here that its all for humanitarian reasons, awe come on! The evidence glaringly contradicts your claims!


Afghanistan=Opium & Natural Gas, with a pipeline to the Balkans




All US targets for regime change and resource grabbing.

Where were the British, US, French, Canadians when the Rwandan genocide took place?

Or Dar fur, Sierra Leone, Congo. What no OIL? Sorry no help from the UN or NATO?
16:41 March 25, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@big dog,

just the US is there for Oil now? haha

Get off the High Horse, theloco.de

the gig is up.

The Crusader's War is a war for OIL nothing more, nothing less.

If you think this war won't be remembered as Europe's Iraq, think again. the voices are forming.
16:45 March 25, 2011 by freechoice
it's once in a life time opportunity that there are rebel fighting on the grounds, that will relieve the coalition troops of sending their men to die for their cause.

well at least give them some firepower and coordinate with them for God sake!
17:01 March 25, 2011 by derExDeutsche
once in a lifetime opportunity? of Rebels fighting on the grounds In the Middle East? hahahahaha
17:22 March 25, 2011 by Beachrider
bigdog has fact problems again...

Just have fun with it. Some of these threads a packed with amusement...
17:28 March 25, 2011 by tallady
The US gets almost no oil from Libya Germany is the big importer of Libya's oil.

Most likely the reason THE GERMANS are not helping their allies . Gaddafi praised Germany and said he would increase the amount if asked..

Who cares if other nato members are getting his oil ,,all his assest are froze anyway..

reallybigdog...with your off the chart IQ you should know that,,being a card carrying member of the master race.
17:54 March 25, 2011 by DinhoPilot
@tallady & Beachrider

Call the man crazy but at least he holds a point true. I never saw countries acting so fast when other conflicts arised in the world. e.g last riots in China 200 people where killed... no was crying out loud let's invade them.

Of course Kadafi/Gadafi has to go out, but no need to turn it into another Iraq. Is all game of power... N.Korea and Iran are still standing (fear perhaps?)...
18:03 March 25, 2011 by reallybigdog

bigdog has fact problems again...

Just have fun with it. Some of these threads a packed with amusement...

Beachrider perhaps your comment would have actually make some sense if you added the missed facts but nice FAIL. Better to amuse then to make a fool Beachfront.
18:06 March 25, 2011 by tallady
DinhoPilot,,for sure there are many inequities in the world order,, But this is different than Iraq,,half if not more of Libya is in rebellion and he is slaughtering his own people,,Sadam was a personnel thing with that idiot Bush,,,and really a total US affair.

To me this is very different,I do not want any ground forces on there soil, and hope that the Nato countries only use force to protect civilians.

I am mildly gratified that this is a Nato operation and not a US one.but mostly I find that democratic countries are working together to get a dictator out..

No two conflicts or interventions are the same.
18:12 March 25, 2011 by derExDeutsche
'Sadam was a personnel thing with that idiot Bush,,,and really a total US affair. '

as opposed to the 'Intelligent' thing between you and Gaddafhi? More than Half of Iraq was in Opposition to Saddam Hussein.

18:32 March 25, 2011 by tallady
derExDeutsche what kind of cryptic dribble is this?
18:35 March 25, 2011 by ajcberlin
derExDeutsche,,, was there a rebellion???? what kind of dumb a--s remark is that...
18:44 March 25, 2011 by storymann
@exD as opposed to the intelligent thing between you and Gaddafihi,,are you saying your intelligent or that all those people in Benghazi should have been slaughtered??
18:57 March 25, 2011 by reallybigdog
Looks like one dumb comment deserves another or two as above.

Personal differences aside these so called evil villains who stay in power for 1,2, 5 or cough 40 years lets say makes me wonder how its all possible to have these synergistic relationships with Allied countries to this point where the leader becomes an immediate threat and CONVICTED mass murderer overnight even when pre-confessed crimes of that same murderer have been ignored historically?? They really need to find a better story lie.

That whole region is now a melting pot ripe for an Islamic revolution and that's what is headed are way thanks to the Three stooges.
19:00 March 25, 2011 by storymann
reallybigdog you need to enroll in an ENGLISH course asap.
19:09 March 25, 2011 by tallady
reallybigdog,,let me help you out with a little English slang " your a glutten for punishment "
19:33 March 25, 2011 by Landmine
Uhhh, hellooooo, USA does not buy oil from Libya... Check your facts Merkel and The Local...
19:34 March 25, 2011 by reallybigdog
I didn't realize I was in English class this is just quick texting for me folks!

My point is clear and valid that all that matters.
19:35 March 25, 2011 by Gussy

"Where were the British, US, French, Canadians when the Rwandan genocide took place"

Where were the Germans?

Where were you?
19:35 March 25, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@ tallady

'derExDeutsche what kind of cryptic dribble is this?' and

'reallybigdog,,let me help you out with a little English slang " your a glutten for

punishment "'

wow. I was a sceptic but you've convinced me, you're right. Great arguments, all of them!

@ Storymann

Are you saying that all of those people killed by Gov't forces all over the world on a daily basis should ALL BE SLAUGHTERED? Where is NATO then?

'reallybigdog you need to enroll in an ENGLISH course asap. '

another persuasive argument.
20:16 March 25, 2011 by brigand

American soldiers stationed in Germany (and other US military) were in Rwanda during the genocide. I know this for a fact, because I was one of them. It was a humanitarian mission.

Also, for all the US "bashers" commenting here, don't think for a minute that Germany is the Perfect "peace & love" country you try to make it out to be.

Your country may not be "directly" involved in military action, but I'll bet somehow, German companies are making a profit out of this Mid-East fiasco and the Government is funding something to assist.

Lastly, Germany is one of the biggest weapon and arms manufacturers in the world...no one has a clean hand in any of this.
20:22 March 25, 2011 by storymann
ExD there is dumb and then there is dumber and last but buy no means least there is YOU.
20:27 March 25, 2011 by Gussy

Crossed wires here...

My quote came from an earlier post by reallybigdog (#4). I am far from being a US basher - I just don´t like armchair politicians who critisize the Brits, US and others for selective intervention when they do nothing themselves.

This clearly doesn´t apply to yourself.
20:30 March 25, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@ storymann

wow! Great argument!!! You are sooo intelligent!!! Wau !!!
21:22 March 25, 2011 by Ducano
@ 16:26 March 25, 2011 by reallybigdog,

Very well defined.I totally agree with your assessment of the situation.Are all the European Union countries now also following the dictates of the Zionists?They clearly manipulate the US foreign policy and Europe still seems burdened by the collective guilt for what happened during WWII and its ugly Holocaust.But is it not about time to stand up against this manipulation?Has Israel not proven itself capable of those atrocities as well,by creating the worlds largest and longest lasting concentration camp,called 'the Gaza strip' and indiscriminately killing innocent men,women and children?Where is the world`s outrage about that,especially after that Goldstone report?You are right reallybigdog,there is no oil or other natural resources to steal.What a loathsome lot of vile brigands.Thank you Germany for doing the right thing.
21:26 March 25, 2011 by brigand

My apology. I didn't see that. However, some points I would like to make is that the militay does so many other things that are not reported.

In 1987, the US Army rebuilt roads and bridges for Panama to improve their infrastructure...no oil there!

The navigation system so many people enjoy world-wide run on US military sattelites. Granted, Europe may have (or has) launched their own, but for many years people have used this technology for free...and for no oil!

No one talks about the medical research and advances done at US military hospitals and clinics...no oil in hospitals!

Oh, and for the German US bashers, just in Kaiserslautern alone, the US Airforce pumps 1.76 BILLION USD into the local economy (www.ramstein.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-061023-013.doc)...no oil (or really anything else) to be found in K-town!

I am sure a large number of German families have jobs and benefits from their "ugly American neighbors".

I'm not saying America is a perfect country but I think people should look a little deeper before making such hateful comments.
21:33 March 25, 2011 by Expat IV
What a slugfest on the TL Comments page! Do we need NATO intervention and a no fly zone here? I love the enthusiasm and vigor I am reading here from both sides. Creative use of language as well! This ole guy is staying out and enjoying watching the fur fly.
22:21 March 25, 2011 by ngwanem
@landmine: of course the US imports about 3% oil from libya of about 3% of libyan oil import. Ireland, Italy, austria, switzerland and france (in order of importance) are the big importers of libyan oil (well above 15%). source : iea 2010


truly the army does build stuff, but not out of its pockets. the us military is well funded and if i can remember correctly there was a report in 2004 about 2 billion dollars being spent monthly to maintain their bases in iraq and afgahnistan. well, imagine for the rest of the above 700 US military bases worldwide and you will guess how much is spent to keep them functioning.... and that beggars the question where does the money come from?

... yeah we can say the US army has brought in a lot of innovation but that is because of the way the US economy works. The research done at the DARPA and other defense institutes in the US are blessed with budgets allocated by the US congress. Of course the funds are taxpayer's money and thus the US taxpayer is indirectly responsible for the advancement in technology. when the pentagon pals have been approved to create a new tech toy, they subcontract the job to private defense companies and select the company with the best results. this winning prototyped is then produced for military applications and the scaled version is filtered to commercial companies.

yeah.. the US may be pumping money in kasieralutern but there is a simple rule in business: you can't operate if you have running losses. this explains why the british govt is closing down its bases in germany because of lack of funds but it appears the americans are either richer or they have sustainable sources of income :)))
22:37 March 25, 2011 by JDee
"We will be on the side of peaceful protesters who must not be repressed with violence." Wow, so Sarkozky could intervene on behalf of the Stuttgart-21 protestors

22:46 March 25, 2011 by reallybigdog
Gussy said:


"Where were the British, US, French, Canadians when the Rwandan genocide took place" Where were the Germans? Where were you?

Yes good point Gussy! Look at poor Palestinians as noted above as another David vs Goliath humanitarian crisis far larger than Libya. We all know its NOT about the humanitarian crisis. All they want is control of the entire region and the most valued shipping route in the word and that's where the war is coming from. Thank you!

PS and yes lets not forget the poor Palestinians forced off there land with a gun and a bible and sentenced to live behind a caged compound after living peacefully for thousands of years on THEIR land! But i guess there just yesterdays trash and Israel is such a good friend of the allies... so they all look the other way like they did for Qaddafi over 40 years. Times are changing very fast and most definitely in the wrong direction.
22:47 March 25, 2011 by brigand
@NGWANEM - Wow. That was way over my head. I'm more on a "Sesame Street" level, but what you say is convincing (I think). Sorry, don't know what DARPA is...Dumb A$$ Republican Protestant Anarchists?? Sorry, bad joke.

The real point I was trying to make is that not EVERYTHING the US does is based on its lust for oil and world dominance. Western culture is deeply tied together and there are no "innocent" players....Cheers!
23:48 March 25, 2011 by ngwanem

I agree with you brigand. Not everything US does is based on lust for oil and dominance. In fact i think most American citizens would love their government to get less-involved with foreign issues and concentrate on domestic issues. i have heard from many people who have been recently to the US and complained of crumbling infrastructures in some cities, some even citing New York city!

however, wars and dominance lie as the central points of the us foreign policy. the US govt "needs" them to survive. it is the nature of any military power to spend much to maintain and upgrade its bases, even at the neglect of its home citizens. this fact haunted the British, who were "wise" enough to dismantle their empire after WWII - they had anticipated the quagmire they would find themselves in, if their colonies could not support their vast empire, notwithstanding the debts they incurred during the war.

since Kennedy, the problem of corporatism in US politics has grown worse.since then corporate guys have gradually shifted from meddling in politics to become actively involved in the process as decision-makers. thus while our fellow Reagan initiated financial deregulation with the advice of his "cronies", he is also the first US president in the 20th century, who started using the term terrorism (bush is therefore not the inventor of that word :)) and fast-forward to today we have an Obama govt essentially packed with wall street guys. Moreover he has successfully demonstrated to be the first democrat war president since Kennedy(despite his noble Nobel Peace Prize).

therefore how can we expect a different US policy, when the circles of power may be interested in making profits?

yep! i also agree with you, there is no innocent player and it is even hypocritical that merkel is performing theatrics now to accuse the other western powers of complicit wrongdoing in libya. she is js just playing antics to counteract the prospects of losing in the upcoming state elections in germany. CHEERS!


oh i forgot germany also imports about 7% of crude libyan oil, slight less than britain's imports. she stands also guilty of trading with Gaddafi 's govt, which lately has gained the "prestigious" title of "the evil regime" :P i do wonder about the silence of merkel & co on the human rights situation in bahrain and saudi arabia - are those other regimes better?
03:32 March 26, 2011 by DOZ
NATO has become such a Joke, that it even handed Coalition Control of the Mission to Canada. Canada has no Government, because the Conservative Government was kicked out of Power for being in Contempt of it's own Parliment. In other words, a Dictatorial Government was given control of a Military Machine with Weapons Of Mass Destruction for the purpose of overthrowing another Dictator. Germany wake up and get out of this side show Organization called NATO and stop being a USA/Britian/Canada/NATO Patsy.
04:10 March 26, 2011 by vonSchwerin
Dear Libya,

We Germans are grateful that the Western allies liberated us from a tyrannical, self-absorbed, delusional dictator who was determined to fight a losing war against a larger, better equipped army until the bitter end -- even if it meant the destruction of his country. Then the Western allies helped us establish a democracy. It's very nice.

But you don't get to have this. Because of instinctual, reflexive, unreflective pacifism, we reject all this for you. Enjoy your fate.

Yours truly,

06:42 March 26, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Dear Libya,

We Europeans cherry pick what we support and what we don't support. If there happens to be a Republican in the White House, who is invariably an idiot in our estimation, we will align with you in the streets to wage war against the Crusader until the last man.

If there is an ineffectual Democrat in the White House, we will run over your countries with social bulldozers, loot your oil, and the world shall thank us for it. Kiss our bare as_ses. The fact that you are a sovereign country makes no difference to us, we are on a mission from Obama. the President of Peace.

JFK and Bill Clinton Jon Kerry. Peace be with you.
07:03 March 26, 2011 by tallady
Dear Gaddai, we Germans are an exception to the rest of Europe, our leader is a flip flopper and we refused to side with our Nato allies ,so please give us the exclusive right to your oil.
08:15 March 26, 2011 by storymann
derExDeutsche,,You Germans are so vain now you think you are Europe,,,correction..

We Germans cherry pick not We Europeans,, The rest of Europe during the last century had to put up with and suffer from grandiose German actions ,I doubt that they will tolerate it this century.
08:19 March 26, 2011 by LiberalGuy
Dear Germany,

As you may know, my beloved Libya is under attacked by imperialist crusaders. I was hoping to reach out to world leaders in this time of crisis, but after spending an hour on the phone with Ms Merkel I have no idea what your position is on anything.

May I suggest you go lie down, you seem a bit confussed.


Mr Qaddafi

Leader of Lybia. Wait am I?? Who's asking?? I better check...

P.S. In the interest of firendship I have dispatched a team of the worlds best psychiatrists to help with the insanity that is rife amoung the Local's readership.

I hope this helps.
10:07 March 26, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Tallady Storymann LiberalGuy are all the same people

don't believe me? tell that these 3 comments were made by different people, then.

19. reallybigdog,,let me help you out with a little English slang " your a glutten for punishment "

25. @exD as opposed to the intelligent thing between you and Gaddafihi,,are you saying your intelligent or that all those people in Benghazi should have been slaughtered??

41. Leader of Lybia. Wait am I?? Who's asking?? I better check...

see all the double ,, ??
11:00 March 26, 2011 by ProgandaLady
It isn't just Tallady, Storymann and Liberalguy

its also, ngwanem, brigand, landmine. They are all the same people.

Prufock2010, the same troll.

There are a slew more. Its all the same anti-semite.

90% of the posters on here are the same DoucheBag.
11:27 March 26, 2011 by LiberalGuy
Blast! You foiled my plan!!

I thought it was fool proof!!

Who would of thought you would see through my ruse by my use of double??

Wow Scooby you really nailed that one..

On a sensible note,, It would be nice if Germany had the strength to take a position and stick to it instead of trying to sit on the fence..

I really like this use of double periods.. If only it fooled the Scooby gang.. To the Mystery Van!!
12:29 March 26, 2011 by brigand
Dear Mr. Gaddafi,

I would like to thank you, as the leader of Libya, for your numerous contributions to a better, more peaceful world.. :-P

Firstly, thank you for your announcement on 11 June 1972, stating that any Arab wishing to volunteer for Palestinian armed groups "can register his name at any Libyan embassy will be given adequate training for combat". Also promising financial support for attacks´.

On 7 October 1972, you praised the Lod Airport massacre, carried out by the Japanese Red Army, and demanded Palestinian terrorist groups to carry out similar attacks to improve western security practices and make air travel more inconvenient for travellers.

Thank you, Mr.Gaddafi for creating the Islamic Legion, a mercenary group associated with Arab supremacism. With your help, the entire world may one day bow towards Mecca several times a day!

Your key role in promoting oil embargoes as a political weapon, hoping that an oil price rise and embargo in 1973 would persuade the West to end support for Israel and create war in the Middle-East, creating more jobs in the weapons manufacturing industry.

You created a better world by being a close supporter of Ugandan President Idi Amin and improved the lives of Ugandans. Also, Your contributions with Moscow and Fidel Castro, supported Soviet protege Haile Mariam Mengistu, who was later convicted for a genocide that killed thousands at a minimum, which led to reduced emissions there because of fewer cars on the road.

Thank you again Mr. Gaddafi for training and supporting Charles Taylor, who was indicted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the conflict in Sierra Leone and you assisted improving the lives of others by supporting Sudan's President Omar al-Beshir despite charges of a genocide in Darfur.

In 1986 you announced that Libya was training suicide squads to attack American and European interests. This created jobs and income for many unemployed Libyans. But then you went on to fuel a number of Islamist and communist terrorist groups in the Philippines. The country still struggles with their murders and kidnappings and keeps a large number of police officers employed.

On 5 April 1986, Libyan agents bombed the "La Belle" nightclub in West Berlin, killing three people and injuring 229 people who were spending the evening there. Your actions may have directly contributed to the new beverage called the Jäger Bomb.

Lastly, thank you Germany for staying out of a such a horrible military action that could possibly remove Mr. Gaddafi and erase all the wonderful contributions he has made to others in the world and unemploy terrorists who have dedicated so much of their lives to develop their skill sets.
13:00 March 26, 2011 by tallady
brigand nice,,thankyou
13:25 March 26, 2011 by Major B
@ Brigand,

Just when I was going to comment on the idiotic(especially that "idiot" commenter), mindless and childish schoolyard posts the last few days, I read your piece of art. Had to reread because I missed the sarcasm first time.

The back and forths and taunts on the Libyan stories detract from this serious issue.

Again, Westerwelle has got to be the worst foreign minister Germany has ever had. To abstain from the military intervention is one thing. But the "self-righteous" talk from Germany reveals itself for what it is...."showboating" and it is embarassing. To put Germany in the same club with China(Tianamen Square and Tibet) and Russia(Chechenya and Georgia) is unforgiveable. Unforgiveable--countries who "WIL" practice the same brutality against their populations that Quaddafi employs against his. Will Germany suppress the hordes that will now protest nuclear power in Germany. No!!!!! You are trully a disgrace and the criticisms from former German officials is telling. Go home man. Go home. And the elections today may do that for you!!!!

Am still pissed that the U.S. got involved in this despite my love and admiration for Sec. Clinton, who they say convinced Pres Obama to get involved. Even with this under NATO now other Arab countries should be pushed to get involved.

I am sad to say that Germany has lost credibility over its handling of the Libyan affair. There is a way to not get involved militarily with "HONOR". But with warped minds like Westerwelle leading your foreign policy and an Iron Chancellor with her stuck head in the North African sand, this is what you get. This conduct is not fitting for a great nation, yes a great nation, sitting on the UNSC!!!
13:45 March 26, 2011 by abgsheen
It was not about people it always about oil and who control it this is new system to conquer a nation while UN been a puppet to be use the way they like it.

History in the end will mark all this as an aggression against a weak nation in the end i do not know when all of this will end why the double standard while the Israels day by days killing women and children everyday with nothing been done.

I think USA , Britain and France will be remember as an enemy to the Libyan people.

They always be remember as Bullies to the small countries and if they think the people in the gulf will support them later on when they have a new government they are wrong.

People now are not stupid they knows what is right and wrong and people are sick with the unnecessary killing and personally i think UN are not relevant anymore since they are controlled and not a free body than can uphold justice and fairness.
14:17 March 26, 2011 by Sastry.M
Dear Onkel Kurt,

Representing Germany situated at the heart of Europe and as hub of European economy do not lose your hard earned wisdom of democratic governance for over sixty years.Let the enduring patience and penitence learned through national disasters of last century stay to good stead under present peer pressures of turbulent world beset with greed and exploitation.Thick as the European population high is your responsibility to defend the hard learned virtue of democracy and toil earned economy. Jealousy,hate and abuse need not deter you from the path to behold the truth because unethical comradeship with many under the guise of democracy does not exonerate the hurtful experiences of your past history under allied rained bombings of national holocaust and self abused concentrations of forced labor. Attesting to the past miracle of economic recovery and national reconstruction and the fact of reunification with not a drop of blood shed stay high with the ingrained virtue of wisdom and true to the spirit of your national anthem. With true sympathy to all human misery--M.S.
14:48 March 26, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Look at the Punctuation for ALL the COMMENTERS HERE

90% of the POSTERS are all the SAME DOUCHEBG

Sastry.M doesn't know how to use a space with Punctuation either. LiberalGuy Tallady Major B. Prufock2010.

Its all the same A_shole.
15:17 March 26, 2011 by tallady
derExDeutsche,,,firstly thank you for considering my rants as worthy as those of Liberal Guy,Major B, and Prufrock2010,all of whom have much more intelligent and informative information and style than you will ever have..but that is a bit unfair as we are all the same people.

secondly,,you never contribute any thing of any substance or value.

Lastly your a looser.
15:36 March 26, 2011 by derExDeutsche
Go on, warmonger. Talk it up. You couldn't hurt me with a baseball bat, Idiot.

You're a piece of Sh!t.
15:52 March 26, 2011 by tallady
See what I mean about contributing I am amazed it took you this long to bring out the profanity.
15:57 March 26, 2011 by Sastry.M
Submitted my comment with spaces and punctuations but the web congested it to concentrate the essence. Sorry for my format if only sympathy can understand. Perhaps Herr von Schwerin may do that.

16:50 March 26, 2011 by derExDeutsche

The Jig is up.

You've been exposed as the Multi Accounting Masquerading Bully you are. Your OPINION IS A JOKE!

I am Exposing you at every opportunity, Idiot. Its Neues Jahr @ theLoco.de, Dummy
17:01 March 26, 2011 by LiberalGuy
Wow DerExDeutsche you just become the Local's equivilant of a 'birther'

I think therefore I am
21:31 March 26, 2011 by polecat
I find it humorous that the same type of people who became hysterical years ago when Germany was rearmed, afraid of a militaristic Germany, are now bent out of shape because that country is trying to stay out of wars.
22:49 March 26, 2011 by Major B

I really don't like getting into it with loonies or the cretins but you really are embarrassing. Is there a children's version of The Local where you can more appropriately communicate with those at your intelligence level?

And if you want to be taken seriously, which it appears you do, then demonstrate your intellect without resorting to profanity, and improve on your mumbo jumbo logic
03:14 March 27, 2011 by ngwanem
@ProgandaLady: did you mean to spell your nickname as "PropangdaLady"?

By the way, your wild paranoia on multiple personalities on the forum have haunted with you, because you are not comfortable with different views and respectful debate between some posters on this forum irks you. Probably you would have been pleased to see us jump on your bandwagon and display silly statements. Even the members of the Outer Party and the Proles in 1984 would have behaved better than you!,

it would be a service to give your point of views and avoid displaying some of your cretinism in comments.

Speaking of which, where is the anti-semitism in my comments? You can't obviously argue and you are trying to throw irrelevant mud on others, to dirty them with anti-semitism!

For your information anti-semitism is any racial or prejudicial behaviour towards the semites (arabs and jews!) and criticism to states does not amount to that.... i have jewish friends by the way and most of the best books i have come across have been written by the finest of jewish minds!

Final piece of advice, if you support stupid wars in the world, then get your lazy ass off the armchair and go fight. don't also be the first to complain of the increasing taxes, which your government would impose on you, or about senseless bailouts to banks after some economic crises have hit you... but be aware your government would spend millions of dollars for the missiles while announcing tight austerity packages.... if you enjoy being their common fool, be my guest.
05:39 March 27, 2011 by c12dat
@derExDeutsche and now @reallybigdog

Sir, an OIL WAR??? Really??? Show me where the US or any other countries that participated in any to the wars you listed getting any of that WAR OIL loot? Last time I checked, prices of oil and gas hasn't gone down any. You seriously think that we would go to a war spending million of dollars per day over OIL and not take any of it? Do you even know where the US purchase most of its oil? ... yeah, I used the word purchase ... Iraq produce less than 3 million gal of oil/day last year. Do you know what is the estimate oil consumption per day of the US? OIL WAR ... please give me a break.

As for going to war in Afghanistan over Opium and Natural Gas w/ a pipeline to the Balkans? Where the hell did you get these ideas? You sure you are not getting any of that opium with your daily medication? I have friends that spend their time in Helmand destroying the crops so it would not make their way out of there. Lastly, the only natural gas in Afghanistan are the one coming out of the goats hind-end.
17:40 March 27, 2011 by stablemate
yes germany just sit on fence and worry about power plants that have earthquakes and tidal waves
21:01 March 27, 2011 by erkan
I think Germany is doing enough by helping their "Deadbeat Neighbors"

the Portugese and Greeks . If France wants to help them fine , if Italy

and the rest of Europe does then , fine ! Please quit running to Germany everytime you need money or a tough Mother to pull your tails out of a crack !
03:43 March 28, 2011 by stablemate
good comment erkan.....as german wish to know more of what people in germany think.....as it is more close to middle east
04:02 March 28, 2011 by vonSchwerin

I have no idea what you are talking about. Not only do your contributions here make little sense because of your contorted English and incorrect grammar, but also I don't have any idea why I should be charged with correcting your grammar (as per you comment, no. 54). If you do care to reply, please explain in clear and comprehensible prose what are you trying to say -- as well as why it is relevant to me.
15:25 March 28, 2011 by Sastry.M
@von Schwerin

I am very much grateful to you for your comment which made me realize that any unwarranted reference without permission to any one in forum comments is an abuse. I apologize for my mistake. Also I may please be excused for my language deficiencies because I am an Indian and the exuberance of my narrations is because I am a Germanophile in great appreciation of German scholastic works on Indology esp.by Prof.Max Mueller.

I very much appreciated your acknowledgment of liberation by the western allies from the tyrannical rule of a delusional dictator and helped establish democratic rule. I could not,however, get to the intended meaning of the last sentence that unreflective pacifism rejected the Libyans liberation from dictatorship and left to suffer their fate.

It is the reference to fate and suffering that stirred up my past memories recorded since 1961 when I was 19Y recalling German sufferings due to partition,the Berlin Wall and the heroic escape attempts of east Germans to the west often paying with their lives.

I once again admit and apologize for my irrelevant reference and the unhappiness caused to you and yet retain my love for Germany and sympathetic understanding from you remaining,


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