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Teen severely beaten as cyber-bullying escalates

The Local · 23 Mar 2011, 13:55

Published: 23 Mar 2011 13:55 GMT+01:00

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The young man suffered serious head trauma on Saturday after some 20 other teens beat him senseless following an attempt to end the bullying of his 18-year-old girlfriend by other girls on the forum Isharegossip.com, daily Der Tagesspiegel reported.

In response to the assault, Berlin's minister for education, Jürgen Zöllner, scheduled a meeting of police officials, school psychologists and administrators, and school boards for next week to discuss what Germans call online “mobbing,” the paper said.

Before the violent incident, the 17-year-old victim had failed to solve the conflict between his girlfriend and classmates from her former school. The girls had spent several days posting online threats that included physical violence, the paper said.

After the meeting the girls called on their boyfriends, who later accosted the teen victim in a parking lot near the Wedding district Osloer Strasse metro station as he made his way home, according to police. There they accused him of threatening their girlfriends and physically assaulted him with punches and kicks until long after he had collapsed on the ground, the paper said.

Police arrested six girls and boys between the ages 14 and 18 on Monday, and the investigation continues, they said.

The principal of the Carl-Bosch School, where the victim’s girlfriend attended class until recently, said that before the violent incident he had already been in contact with police over Isharegossip.com - only to discover that there was not much he could do to prevent online bullying.

The school tells its students not to take such things too seriously, he said.

But Berlin Senator Zöllner said that children need more help.

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“Young people need our support in showing them media competence and how to responsibly use computers, internet and mobile phones,” he told the paper.

Those who breach moral and legal limits under what they assume is online anonymity should know that they are operating with “false security,” he said.

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Your comments about this article

15:43 March 23, 2011 by tallady
it was a year or two ago that a girl in the US killed herself over remarks and bulling through a similar site.The person was actually the parent of another student.

This type of negative behavior needs to be addressed in a formal setting with parents, students and school officials.When students to not respond to this ,then police intervention is necessary,and criminal charges should be levied.

I do not think meetings about internet decorum with students in general over generalities will be effective. Young adults at that age are aware of what is and what is not proper behavior.This is a form of terrorism and should be treated as such.
15:55 March 23, 2011 by moistvelvet
Often hear about cyber bullying but I don't get it, why not just turn it off - bullying stopped!!

Of course if you use your real name then there is no anonymity, but I guess these are school kids using social networks amongst friends where the point is that they know each other personally, in which case these people will gang up on the weakest whether they are online or in the classroom.
16:14 March 23, 2011 by catjones
You can wring your hands over the motivation, but this is an assault case and should be treated as such; no different than the guy who got beaten into a coma in the bahn station.
17:10 March 23, 2011 by idiot
haha, what a bunch of noobs.
17:24 March 23, 2011 by Gaffers
Surely if there were threats of violence posted then that is a criminal offence? If not then it should be. Intimidation using violence whether cyber or otherwise should be punishable. Yes, it's possible to log off but she would still face these people at school and why should she have to stop using the site to have contact with her real friends?

I'm surprised no one has tried to blame this on immigration or multi culturalism yet. Seems the norm on The Local whenever something like this gets reported. Maybe, just maybe what I said before was valid. Violence is not limited to ethnic groups but is capable of being carried out by anyone. Sad but true....
17:28 March 23, 2011 by fryintl
This is all so rediculous. Tehse are adults. He is 17, the Girl 18. They are not kids. Germans need to be more like americans and learn how to defend themselves. Of course, against 20 is a bit much, not even Steven Segal can do that but, if these kids were taught that sometimes you need to crack a head, Hey anyone hear about the young Australian kid who beat up the bully? It is on You tube.

OK, so, tallady, come on, meetings, it doesn't take a village. Germans are generally sissies by nature. Never had a fight with a German in 14 years running the bars and drinking and whoring around. Turks, other foreigners, Russian/Germans, but generally the Real German guy doesnt fight. SO these kids are not typical, but are in a gang so they need their asses whipped.
17:47 March 23, 2011 by Zlik
I continue to believe those underground trains and stations are an arena to vent hostility. Only On Hermanplatz do you see some form of security w/ shepards. Oh yes control to fetch bucks.
17:48 March 23, 2011 by nolibs

What you call sissy, I call civilized. Let's hope that these thugs get the book thrown at them. There is no excuse for this behavior and it needs to be crushed before Germany becomes like Great Britain. Looks like Berlin is turning into a serious cesspool of crime.
18:16 March 23, 2011 by tallady
fryintl,,my good man,,this incident started in school, the system has a responsibility

to address the situation a PET or pupil evaluation team is usually the first step.

, Germans really are not sissies, they generally have mastered outward aggression and we all know fights are for mental morons anyway and even in our country,(I assume you are an American as myself) fighting is not cool anymore.

The bars I have patronized never had any brawls or even any thing close to that.

No these kids are not typical but they are out there,as the old saying goes Fryintl "if your looking for a fight there is one out there for you somewhere."

The days of running around and kicking ass are pretty much over for the main stream society in 1st world countries ,, only the mental morons are active in that arena anymore,so by all means get out there and kick some ass.
18:19 March 23, 2011 by iche
Yes. ..."Germans need to be more like Americans, and learn to defend themselves..."

We should equip the students with hand guns and assault rifles, (or at least make it easier to get them than say beer or cigarettes) and then put armed Police officers at the entrance to all the schools.

Oh sorry, where is my head?

Germans are a bit more civilized than that.
18:44 March 23, 2011 by Gaffers
Sorry Fryintl but your comment shares the same mentality as those that were involved in the attack. That violence is acceptable. You suggest that violence should be met with violence. Violence only leads to more. The last thing we need is for the rest of the world to be more like America....

Whatever the cause (system, poor parenting, whatever) they should be punished to the fullest extent. Remove them from society as they have no place in a civilised society.
22:32 March 23, 2011 by fryintl
1. Tallady, you called me a Moron twice, quite subtle but none-the-less....I am not a moron. When there is no Polizist in da nae, you have to be able to protect yourself. So your idea of civilization means that if the govt decides to protect you, then you will be ok, but if not, hope that the same govt will have a court system that does...only if it is in the interest of the govt.

2. The rest of you civilized people: I have met with Ambassadors, some of the top military Generals of the 90's to 2000. I have sat beside some of the most respected and powerful men of Europe. We have spoken, we took tea or coffee, or in my AMERICAN CASE (tallady - for you to let you know I am American) a can of Coke.... we spoke of peace, we spoke of how to reduce damage in certain attacks in Bosnia, we even spoke about wishing the conflict would come to an end. Then when we looked at pics of the mass graves, and we looked at the beatings Muslim women were taking from teh Serbs, or the Croats from the Serbs, or the few cases of the Serbs form teh other two, we decided that it would be better if those societies had the ability to let the civilians (you know , when the govt disappeared and couldn't protect them?) be able to protect themselves.

I am sick and GD tired of you liberal wussies who prefer to defer your protection to some higher authority. Who ever knew that Sarajevo would allow targeted death, or that Bijac would allow mass graves? Who could have foreseen that 20 kids would have beaten up one 17 year old hero trying to stick up for the woman he loves?

So while Americans do not go around with Hand Guns strapped on in most places, and certainly in almost all places you do not see assault rifles (Now who is the moron speaking about something they have no idea about) in the hands of many Americans as they do their neighborhood strolls, you know that this is one country that will not be beaten into submission. Of course I did not suggest that the kid get a gun and resolve his issues- that is something the liberals do when they are confronted with a determined peace loving conservative- they seek to kill what they disagree with and try to kill it because they cant stand to have a verbal intercourse without name calling.

People around the world need to protect themselves, with hands, sticks or guns. They need to be able to respond, not just respond without cause- but respond when the need arises to protect Life and Limb. You above have made comments about there being no police available, what do you do, bleed in a civilized fashion after being beaten and waiting for help that can't come? How many people need to be beaten up in Germany by thugs before you liberal peaceniks get the point? Or is it, since it hasn¦#39;t happened to you or your loved ones, we must act civilized. What happens when it is you. If I am there, I promise that I will come to your aid, but I am sure none of you would come to mine,
23:05 March 23, 2011 by KamiZ
ROFLMAO frintyl, you're weird to say the least. you've sat with European bigwigs and talked peace? Which 1980s song are you from LOL :D. Are you Bill Clinton or Bush Sr. or just plain high? :D
00:31 March 24, 2011 by ron1amr
There is a quick and easy way to avoid online bullying. Simple. You don't go onto a social network. If you want to speak with your friends online, only exchange details with the people you want to communicate with. The rest you don't speak to anyway don't allow them on your site. If you went to school, you would not hang around people that you don't talk to. The same is with online why speak to strangers and and people you don't normally associate with.
02:12 March 24, 2011 by Deutschguy
fryintl is way off the reservation.

In the context of this article, he attempts to bash liberals and "peaceniks", as if they are the ones at fault here.

His assumption that American Generals and Ambassadors are made of 'sterner stuff', than the public at large is a big joke. Generals get where they are because they work in an insulated bureaucracy and know how to ass kiss. Ambassadors get where they are because they raised money for political candidates. Period. I've met generals in Europe, and, all I can say, it's a wonder we ever won a war. Many are not even bright. They just know how to play the system and keep problems off their plate.

As for Bosnia, the intel from there was horrible. Even though other nations with experience in that part of the world knew the underlying ethnic hatreds, the US wouldn't believe it could ever deteriorate. Maybe if the US brass weren't such a cocky bunch, they could accept advice from people who actually know better.

Fryintl is full of himself, angry at his own nation's shortcomings, and wants desperately to believe in an America that never existed. So, he trots out all his cowboy swagger in an attempt to belittle citizens of other nations. Nice, fryintl.

This violent act among 17 yr olds can't be informed by American culture or values. And certainly not by a resentful, swaggering loudmouth, who sounds like a bully himself.
08:30 March 24, 2011 by OkieinBerlin
yes, fryintl, and all of us GD liberals are GD sick and tired of all you GD dumbass ex-military tough-guy know-it-alls solving all our problems by pointing a gun at them. You in particular keep putting your brainless gun-toting solutions up for public discussion -- America will never be invaded, blah blah blah, handguns solve all problems, blah blah blah, the world outside Amerika is a bunch of sissies --when will you see that the more heavily Americans arm themselves, the more they shoot each other. Again, I suggest therapy to help you get over this obsession with being bodily attacked in your home, on your street, or hanging out with all your important friends.
09:56 March 24, 2011 by freechoice
all convicted bullies should be subjected to 10 months compulsory military style boot camp training to wake the sense out of them!
10:00 March 24, 2011 by pseu
I think fryintl may have taken his point too far, but it makes sense that people should not be so reliant on a third party to resolve their issues.

This guy had already gone to the police and they could not do anything, which I do not think they should have. Otherwise you live in a police state where people intervene with everything posted on the internet.

For all of you that think just not looking on the internet solves this, you¦#39;re a moron. This problem was social networking among the kids at school making fun of this girl. Even if she did not log on they would have mentioned to her at school what was being talked about.

I am sure there is more to this bullying case than is being let on. I just find it funny that if this had to do with anyone of importance slander charges would have been filed in Germany, but since it is just some kid nobody cares. When you people call Germany civilized you are implying that lawyers suing everyone about everything is noble. If anything, lawyers and people with money become the upper class you all love to hate so much.

I have been in and seen enough fights to know they are very dangerous. There is no longer such thing as a good old fashion punch fest. In Germany you always have Turks and Russians that are willing to take the fight too far and bash someone in the head with a mug, or stab them in the back with a broken bottle.

I think Germans are generally wussies, but I also would not want to fight the crazies that are forcefully dominating your country.

On another note, give Germany a border with Mexico, North Africa, or Albania and see how well they do. They often forget that their position in the world gives them many advantages, not only economically.
10:11 March 24, 2011 by tallady
fryintl,,come on ,I did not call you a moron,, but as stated above you are way off the reservation on this one. Earth to Fryintl come in please..............
10:14 March 24, 2011 by Gaffers
Punishing the crime using the law is not liberal sissy stuff. Expecting the authorities to do their job is not liberal sissy stuff. Using violence to sort personal problems takes us back to the dark ages. Better to address the issues causing the problems than using violence after the event. The US is a great example of how this mentality only increases the problems.

I was hoping that we were evolving as a race but it seems we don't need to. we just need to carry big clubs around and hit people over the head who upset us. The neanderthals had it right all this time.

If the US is so great and powerful why have they never won a war on their own only when they had additional help ?
10:18 March 24, 2011 by idiot
>I have sat beside some of the most respected and powerful men of Europe.

10:49 March 24, 2011 by tallady
Gaffers,, in the 1st WW the US was only there near the end after the british allowed the Lusitania to be torpedoed by a U boat which we find out years later the English intel new about and did not tell us but hoped this would drag us in. We aided the French and mighty English with all there vast world recourses that could not defeat the Germans ,,only after they blockaded Germany and starved to death a million children did germany sign and armistice,which was draconian.

The2nd WW the French folded up and the English were on the brink of a disaster,until the US helped while conducting another war with Japan,I think we won that one.

Asian wars were Korea and Vietnam were fought with lines already drawn,an all out victory was not an option.
11:24 March 24, 2011 by LiberalGuy
It's amazing a story about a youth getting bashed (and it's link to social networks) can be twisted and turned into such a stupid debate.

Some of the silliest comments have included:

a) the pro's of gun ownership

b) semi biographical account of how mighty the USA is

c) how liberals are wussies because they believe the law should take care of this disturbing case ( I suppose you are suggesting we get a possie together and hunt them down. DUH...)

d) How the country is getting over run by crazies namely Russians and Turks.

You believe politicains are useless (most are) but it seems so are a lot of you. You really have a real hard time focusing on the issue.

I'm with Gaffers, I'm surprised no one tried to blame the 5% of Germany that is muslim.

Wow. Insanity seems to be an epidemic amoung the readers of the Local
12:15 March 24, 2011 by tallady
LiberalGuy,,if this isn't a case of the pot calling the kettle black...what differentiates you from the rest of us insanity pack.????
12:39 March 24, 2011 by LiberalGuy

I've accepted my insanity. I'm in a good place with that.
12:56 March 24, 2011 by Gaffers
I don't suffer from insanity....I enjoy it ....
16:20 March 24, 2011 by tallady
LiberalGuy,,that gratifies me that you are one of us (:
17:01 March 24, 2011 by LiberalGuy

I'm glad, cause my marbles and I decided to part ways a long time ago.

Now why can't we all (that means everyone) have a civilized conversation (with craziness in plentyiful supply) that doesn't turn into a xenyphobic rant?

I guess I'm just a dreamer....
18:50 March 24, 2011 by tallady
Liberal Guy,,maybe in a perfect world,, but the two schools of thought Liberalism vs Conservatism keeps most rants polarized, we all could be a little more ingenuous,however.
20:33 March 27, 2011 by shivnarc
as an American, and new to theLocal.de, i find this site very interesting. personally, i LOVE being an ex-pat, i feel at home here, moreso than i did in the States. that being said, i enjoy Germany a great deal, especially with the rules and lower violence rates. America has its good points and bad points as do all countries, at least 1st World Countries, usually 3rd World the good points are few and far between, but i digress. as a human we SHOULD learn to defend ourselves, you never know what will happen. if you are attacked by a gang, well not much you can do but if you can bust a FEW skulls then so be it. this bullying that is going on Cyber and otherwise may never stop but as a society we should be trying to do something about it. as for other violent crimes the murder, rape, etc. i am and have been a firm believer in the Death Penalty, they say it does not deter crime, but i am pretty sure THAT guy won't do commit that crime again.
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