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Neo-Nazi candidate probed for web bomb tips

The Local · 15 Mar 2011, 16:51

Published: 15 Mar 2011 16:51 GMT+01:00

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Matthias Heyder, who hopes to lead the far-right party into the state legislature on March 20, is under suspicion of using an online forum to discuss possible terrorist attacks, bomb-making methods and the "defiling" of left-leaning women under the pseudonym "Junker Jörg."

The story, first broken by public broadcaster ARD, was confirmed by the Saxony-Anhalt Interior Ministry on Tuesday.

"According to the excerpts of this internet forum made available to us, it's very plausible that no one other than Mr. Heyder is behind these entries," said Martin Krems, a spokesman for the ministry.

The state police have now been asked to secure computer data and other information.

The forum itself is registered to Holger Apfel, the NPD parliamentary group leader in Saxony. Apfel, who is also heading the party's election campaign in Saxony-Anhalt, is a close confidante of Heyder.

Investigators have found hundreds of entries made by "Junker Jörg" since 2004 on the forum, including a good deal of insider information about the NPD such as detailed postings on campaign strategy, photographs to be used in campaign material and drafts of party brochures.

Entries which concern investigators were found under the subcategory "weapons" and explain in seven steps how an explosive device could be assembled. Experts believe the detailed description, which includes exactly how much of various substances should be used, is punishable by law.

In one entry, Junker Jörg wrote: "20 suitcases, 20 men, 20 train stations. The Federal Republic paralysed. Everything legal. Cost under €1,000. What's the problem?"

Heyder, when contacted by ARD, said he doubted he had ever written anything in the forum in question. He did tell reporters, however, that the forum was private and threatened to press charges for "data theft" if postings were made public.

According to recent polls, the NPD could get enough votes in Sunday's election to gain seats in the Saxony-Anhalt state parliament. It would be the third eastern German state to have members of the neo-Nazi party represented after Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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Heyder and the party have been careful to cultivate a moderate image in the election campaign, however, discussions in the internet forum where Junker Jörg often posted smirked at the efforts while concluding that they were necessary politically.

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The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

21:16 March 15, 2011 by fryintl
If this is true, then he should be in jail and not in politics. If it is not him, then he should cooperate, not try to obfuscate. The German Polizei are very good investigating. I have a few friends working there that can attest to that.

This is an interesting article, and I am surprised there are no other ocmments here. The resurgence of the Neo Nazi's are indicative of the state of mind of the German Citizen. They fear they have no more recourse. Along comes soemone to promise they will limit taxes, will stop immigration of the wrong people, they will lower debt, protect the country, they will make the trains run on time (Borroed from another era).

Of course every good German will tell you these are fringe. They will tell you that they do not feel these people are good fro Germany. BUt many of those same are secretly awaiting soemone that will come and fix things for the Deutsche Volk. THey want to believe in the integrity of someone who will promise and do.

My experience with Germany led me to believe many if not most believe the system is in charge. There is nothing they could do to change it and feel that they have no say. They just live with teh crap and feel hopelessly bound to a system that is killing them. They need something to believe in. Sad that it will probably copme from the fringe. The fringe can say things that no one else can. They can bring forth truths. They can talk about foreigners causing problems (even if the trouble isnt so important). They are on the fringe, they know it and tehy are at the bottom. They can speak soem sort of truth, or bring forth redical ideas and get small amounts of support. SOme people will think, "yeah, I think maybe they are right..." and will secretly vote for them. Then, one day that aren't so fringe. They have a voice, and grudgingly they get a foothold.

Happened once, can happen again. GERMAN POLITICIANS: WAKE UP. Fix the problems. Put your country first and stop working to ensure your job security over the needs of yoru country. DO what is right even if you lose the next election. PLEASE start doing what is right. If you want to get rid of the extreme political parties, move to the center, get a consensus, stop sepnding for nothing, control what you do, and bring Germany, and even Europe back from the precipice.
21:51 March 15, 2011 by LiberalGuy
They also believe that all foreigners are bad including Poles, French and every other member of the EU that doesn't speak German. Plus not recognizing Austria as a soverign nation Believe most of Poland is soverign German land, Still believe in still the most despicable brand of racism, support racial attacks on non whites, believes the USA is the worlds greatest menance, and that a dictator is the best form of governance.

I know, I get their crap in the mailbox all the time. Plus those silly rally's that put on in my neighbourhood.

What's most worrying of all. Is that they wish to go back to a form of government that is responisble for 50 million deaths, and destroyed most of Europe and their beloved Germany. Some idiots never learn from history.

Some may vote for them. But only the stupid ones
22:20 March 15, 2011 by derExDeutsche
after reading theLocal, I have become somewhat of an expert of the German Political Freakshow.

The ex-Stasi, the Cross-dressers, the neo-nazis, the Luddites, the Communists, the New World Order kooks, Bavarian Egoists, Honest Johns, Plagiarists etc.,

so nothing surprises me anymore. But, I do have to say, its fun to watch.

and well, its got me thinking, I've never been in trouble with anybody. I can count on one hand how many times I've even been pulled over for crying out loud. No angry ex-wives, etc.

I may have to throw my hat in the German Political ring one of these days;), you guys are making it look too easy!
23:41 March 15, 2011 by munchingmuschiinmünchen
@ the three comments above: You miserable lot! Just another bunch of foreigners slagging us off again, while you live comfortbaly in this country, eating our bratwürst and gobbling on our beer!

Of course, stories such as these do pop up once in a while, but to go to the extent of spewing vitriol to the extent that #fryintl and #LiberalGuy in particular have just makes the mind boggle!

Which Germany do you live in, who are these [many of those same are secretly awaiting soemone that will come and fix things for the Deutsche Volk]? Any numbers? Any dependable sources whatsoever?

00:26 March 16, 2011 by derExDeutsche
@ munchingmushiinmunchen

you forgot, ' and shagging our women'.

it should read, 'eating our bratwürstle and gobbling on our beerle'.. and shagging our women...

Grad nicht so schade.
02:43 March 16, 2011 by Alofat
@derExMensch: "after reading theLocal, I have become somewhat of an expert of the German Political Freakshow. "

This sentence alone shows how big of an idiot you really are.
04:05 March 16, 2011 by derExDeutsche
uh oh.

did I hurt sombodies feelings? aww.

Did I leave you out? You must be the clown.
07:47 March 16, 2011 by Sastry.M
Why do the Germans seem to be so 'scareworn' even after being ruled by democratic governments for more than sixty years? Even if a candidate has neo nazi leanings democracy cannot dictate terms to him and the elecorate doubting peoples' discretion of choice for well established democratic norms ingrained in their minds for more than three generations. Prove the virtue of democracy against the folly of autocratic dictatorship which cost europe by millions in the bygone era.
07:51 March 16, 2011 by LiberalGuy
@Mr Munchen

I live in Brabdenburg, which I dare suspect is alot different than Munchen. There is a big NPD pressence in this state, anyone who says different is lying. Now I was not slagging off Germany, as if you are a frequent reader of the local yo u would know I spent a great deal of efforts defending Germany. I was merely slagging off people who feel they in can any way defend the NDP (see comment #1) It's fine for people in more prosperous states to dismiss the NPD, but if you live in a state where 10% votes for them, (more in towns like Cottbus) then come talk to me. I really don't appreciate my students coming to class with bruises and cuts (which has happened on more than one occassion) because of some skin heads pieces of crap decide they don't belong here because they're black. Now everything I wrote up on my previous comments has been taken off NDP literature I have recieved in my mail box.
09:37 March 16, 2011 by stux
Maybe he just was not accepted by other Germans growing up?? That seems to be the excuse for a lot of other unacceptable behavior. I think people like Liberal Guy need to start being friends with these weirdo's so they do not go out and bomb things, or beat random people up at the train station.
09:52 March 16, 2011 by storymann
fryintl,,I agree with a lot you wrote,,and found what i didn't interesting. Politicians not just here in Germany but also in the USA and other countries all seem to vote for the poll of public opinion ,not the prudent and correct decision,they promised us when they ran for the office.There dose not appear to be as much voter apathy here in Germany as the USA ,however. I think Germany will concentrate more on keeping the EU healthy rather than trying to assert itself as any type of military power.
09:56 March 16, 2011 by LiberalGuy
I have no time for neo nazi's or the NPD. And I especially don't have time for people who sympathise with them. They're a black spot on history and should be treated as such. Unfortunately in the East they are making a comeback. They're are plenty of other ways to contribute to society and work towards solving societies problems than by hooking up with this lot. It really boggles the mind that anyone would want to take on a philosphy that destroyed your country and lead to it being divided for 50 odd years.
10:12 March 16, 2011 by stux
@Liberal Guy - Which political philosophy are you talking about, and what are the political philosophies that have not divided peoples and countries? I want to hear about this utopia on Earth.

Why do you think they are thriving in the East?

Why is it ok for you to be so anti some groups, yet understanding of the individual human being with others?

There are a lot of groups that are built on hate in operating in this country. I understand more people are afraid of the NDP, because they are street thugs that beat people up. There are much more powerful thugs than street thugs, especially when the street thugs are mainly in the East and paid no attention to by the mainstream.
10:35 March 16, 2011 by LiberalGuy

here we go again. Let's keep it short this time.

I am against all forms of radicalization. Be it extreme right wing thugs like the NPD, or radical islam that believe in blowing infidels up. It does not matter.

What i don't believe is that it's ok to find a scapegoat for your problems and then blaming everything on them. (note i don't believe that the NPD are responsible for my problems or societies, I do believe however that they seem to think that someone else is) It sort of dodges responsibility, and doesn't really solve anything.

I understand the frustrations of alot from the east, and elsewhere, but I don't see the NPD doing anything to tackle the problems. They would much rather blame someone else than fix anything.

The utopia you speak of doesn't exist, you right about that. But it doesn't mean i am going to stop striving for it.

Now, how are you? I need a coffee
11:29 March 16, 2011 by LecteurX
Oh my goodness, I'm falling off my chair! Does that mean that these neo-nazis are bad? Really? That they believe in violence? Could it be that they really murdered upwards of 140 people in Germany in the last 20 years without many people noticing?

And I naively thought that "terrorist" was a mere synonym for "muslim"... Where are all our xenophobic friends who come here screaming loudly and foaming with hatred on this very website whenever a story is remotely connected with anything Turkish, or Arab, or muslim, or, well, "non-white, non western"? I'm sure they would have A LOT to say if it had been, you know, "not a real German" who was suspected of frequenting the wrong forums and giving tips for bomb-building...

Did our supremacistic "friends" take a holiday, or have they thrown their own computers away for fear of being identified as well, now that the police is rounding up on neo-nazi networks?
11:45 March 16, 2011 by catjones
Nazi's just can't seem to get a break....

@fryintl - you should run for office and fix all these problems since, unlike other politicians, you seem to have all the answers.
12:21 March 16, 2011 by stux
Comment: @Liberal Guy - My allergies are killing me and could not sleep last night, other than that I am alright.

Not that it matters in the course of this discussion, but right wing, left wing, whatever those groups even are, the NPD is a socialist organization.

Everyone acknowledges that Eastern Germany faces troubles and has generations of disinfranchised brainwashed citizenry.

They probably should have just been made their own country after the wall came down, but isnt that essentially what happened after WWI?

Rather than just banning the NPD, or telling these people to fix it themselves (when history has shown us what that means to Germans).

As we have discussed under other topics, there are a lot of ideaologies that conflic and many of these people choose not to integrate and they also cannot be forced to integrate. What do you do? Ban them? Can we also ban the other idealogies that do not conform or integrate?

@LecteurX - These people are already in the country, more are not immigrating every day. It would be great if they could be deported. Quit calling everyone that is against bringing diversity racist. Wanting a stable homeogenic culture/belief system/morals is not a bad thing. Why do Western culture and Eastern culture need to mix?

"And I naively thought that "terrorist" was a mere synonym for "muslim"..." -Yes, you are naive if you think those that oppose true Muslims in the West think this way. There are a lot of socialist and environmental terrorist organizations full of White people.

What do all of you that are fine with Islam think about the old school Catholic Church? Inquisition anyone?

Maybe one religion evolved and the other did not. Hopefully Islam will break off into another faction of moderates that truely can integrate. Until then, I say keep them out.
12:34 March 16, 2011 by LiberalGuy

Yes I don't believe banning them is the answer. They will merely change their name to something else. But I do think that they should be discouraged at all cost, after all alot of the problems Germany face now stem from that ideology from 70 years ago.

One thing I have noticed in Brandenburg (other than Potsdam and Berlin) is alot of the talented people pack up and leave to greener pastures (mainly the west of the country) as soon as their education is complete. It would be good, if more of the educated and talented people stayed and help stimulate the area instead of packing up and moving on. Maybe that will stimulate the economy and society more so that groups like the NPD aren't as attractive. I dare suspect that's a similar problem in Saxony and elsewhere in the east.
12:40 March 16, 2011 by stux
I was reading something similar a couple weeks ago and someone from Turkey made an interesting comment about how it may be the Eastern Germans do not like immigrants because they cannot afford to hire them like the Western Germans while at the same time the Western Germans do not want to create jobs in the East. So rather than moving the work to East Germany they import people from somewhere else. If there were decent jobs in the East, maybe they could retain their talent.

Regardless a lot of this hate and ideology is built into them much like a religion.
12:45 March 16, 2011 by icecold
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
12:50 March 16, 2011 by LiberalGuy
I think we agree Stux. It's a shame to see towns in Brandenburg like Frankfurt (Oder) shrink by about 25% in the last 20 years due to the lack of jobs for people. It leaves alot of frustated young people who see the NPD with their cheap answers as a way out.

Nether the less I get really angry with groups like NPD, it's just plain wrong that we live in a world where this sort of group can flourish
12:59 March 16, 2011 by Angry Ami
LOL, now we've got a debate going, and to München-munchkin, STFU du Penner, if it weren't for wir Ausländer, you'd all be eating borscht and playing balalaikas, but in spite of all that, many of you and your Volk still are haters, and funny thing is I woulnt mind if the stupid coward crapzis would go and kick some arab ars, but instead it takes 5 to beat down one poor Kofi who's just minding his business waiting for the train, and that's the whole problem with the right, they still get drunk and sing old 3rd reich songs, and praise der Führer and march, instead of "really" taking the fight where they should, only the Bikers have balls in this place, but then theyre about making money and killing their rivals, and least one of 'em stood up to those immigrant punks who robbed and beat down the painter in the U-bahn here in Berlin, those punks ran for their live when the Biker stood up to them and saved the other painter from getting done in, I think Münchi boy is just jealous like most German guys, with his "shagging our women" comment, "your" women, what you own them? Yo Münchi, if you don't have game that's your problem, but don't blame us for your lack of skills, and BTW, many of us Ausländer agree that many immigrants are here just to get a free ride, and could give a S*** about Germany and German culture

put 'em out, oh but you can't, I forgot, here's my tip Deutshcland:

if newcomers don't want to learn the language and respect the people and and their culture, and play by the rules, then throw the bums out, that's what we do in the US, and enough of this old-school nazi crap, it's over, you lost, deal with it, now do something that works, and stop blaming we foreigners who are trying to make your country a better place.
13:14 March 16, 2011 by stux
We do agree, I was not arguing with you before. I was just hoping to make a point that much of the same arguments that are made "for" and "against" Muslim immigration into the West apply to something like this also.

It would be great if we could just deport, or ban everything we have a problem with,but we can't. We just should not import problems.

There are many angry groups like the NPD. The only difference is the only thing the NPD can do is physically assault people at train stations and such. Terrorism is an act of weakness. If you were stronger than your opponent you could force them to do what you want. If you are weaker you have to try to scare them into letting you influence them.

You get angry about the NPD can exist, I get angry that something like Islamism is still around in the 21st Century.

The only difference is people like me get called a racist for it. If they just gave up their religious extremism I would have no problems with them. I assume you feel the same way about the NPD.
14:43 March 16, 2011 by LecteurX
Errr no, Stux, I don't consider people who oppose Islamism to be racists and I never wrote that anywhere. I didn't say anything about my opinion on Islam, I just noticed that on ANY given article where it's possible to make the thinnest connection with the Muslim world, you get the same old dreadful platitudes. Even on such topics like "should Nefertiti be returned to Egypt" you had people going Pavlovian and ranting madly about Islamists and the Talibans and blah blah blah, for heaven's sake. I guess it's some new disease or something. And now, oh miracle, how silent they are! It wasn't directed at you.

"Wanting a stable homeogenic culture/belief system/morals is not a bad thing" - LOL. Great statement in the light of all that has been achieved in the name of "stable homogenic cultures/belief systems" in the whole history of mankind.

"Why do Western culture and Eastern culture need to mix?" Well they don't NEED to mix, they just happen to do so. They have always been, even in the Middle Ages.

"Yes, you are naive if you think those that oppose true Muslims in the West think this way.

-> What do you call "true muslims" exactly? Saudis imams and the Talibans or what?

"There are a lot of socialist and environmental terrorist organizations full of White people."

-> First, cool that you're aware of it; it seems a great many people posting here aren't. Second, Funny you choose to pick on this political side. I can't remember Timothy McVeigh was a socialist or an environmentalist, I can't remember that those guys who still blow up abortion clinics and shoot doctors in the US Midwest have anything to do with socialism, and I can't remember any socialist or environmentalist organisation who murdered 150 innocent people in Germany only in the last 20 years, including one pregnant woman in a court of justice in Dresden just 18 months ago.

But hey, they did want hell of a "stable, homogenic culture", all of them. Sure they're all for it.

"Hopefully Islam will break off into another faction of moderates that truely can integrate" - You really sound like you've only seen Muslims on TV in your life.

Still, man, I've read your other posts and I don't have anything against you personally. There are things you wrote and with which I agree. You have your own opinion, I have a different one and I respect that.

I repeat I wasn't having you in mind in the 1st place and I still don't.
16:07 March 16, 2011 by stux
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
17:16 March 16, 2011 by Sastry.M
Among all Europeans who visited

India since global geographic explorations began with Columbus the

Germans showed exceptional qualities of dedication to all studies

relating to Indian scriptural wisdom and cultural glory. Coupled with

rational European methodology and an innate German flair for

thoroughness in any undertaking they founded Indology departments at

European Universities and made Germany the second home of Sanskrit and

scriptural studies. They remained true to their quest for Oriental

knowledge by enrolling themselves individually in foreign European

expeditions but never earnestly indulged in any colonial aspirations.

What I gather from web browsing the Germans were employed as "Technical

Merceneries" by fellow Europeans in westward American colonializations

and resources utilization due to their fertile mind prowess and even as attested with post ww2 NASA space programmes. They were not indulged in slave trade but fought on side Washington for U.S independence. Then what really turned out all hatred against them is more than any rationally minded Indian could imagine inspite of 60 years of rule under democratic federal govts. .
20:35 March 16, 2011 by polecat
@LiberalGuy. Halve of the alleged fifty million dead of WWII happened in Asia. Why are you blaming Germany for all of them?
20:49 March 16, 2011 by LiberalGuy

depending which source you use (wikipedia lists the total deaths in WW2 at 67-72 million, others 50-55 million) it doesn't really matter. I am not blaming 'Germany' I'm blaming Nazism for starting a war which resulted in (depending on the figures) 50 million deaths. And besides how can you defend 25 million deaths (based on your estimate)

I love Germany, I really do and if you read alot of my other comments you would notice that. But I do not like Nazism.

Now I'm wondering if you would question the figures if I mentioned radical Islam....
20:59 March 16, 2011 by wxman
The guy looks curiously like Reichsmarshall Heinrich Himmler. Resembling slimy little weasels must be a job requirement. I wonder if he raises chickens too.
23:12 March 16, 2011 by polecat
@LiberalGuy. I am not defending anything, buy I value accurate facts. The European figure is based on Stalin's claim at Yalta to get concessions from Churchill and Roosevelt.
02:21 March 17, 2011 by derExDeutsche
for anybody to associate themselves by name with Nazis, in this day and age, is just an attention seeking idiot. like this guy, with a head like a bowling ball.

Neo-Nazis often are a gang/family unit that replaces a traditional family for troubled youth. that is why they are often associated with juvenile offenses and crimes.

just another group that prays on youth too young to know any better.
17:24 March 21, 2011 by Chicago1996
Angry Ami said: "if newcomers don't want to learn the language and respect the people and their culture, and play by the rules, then throw the bums out, that's what we do in the US...."

With that statement, it's clear to me that Angry Ami hasn't been to the US for a while. The immigration debate ( both legal and illegal) has been a really hot and polarizing topic for the past 18-24 months, especially along the southern border states of Arizona and Texas.

One of the problems the US faces, like many other nations, is that some of the "newcomers" don't want to integrate into society by learning the local language and obeying the rules of the land.... and then when those "newcomers" also happen to be illegal immigrants that entered the country years and even decades earlier, you've got a real problem. What do you do with them, especially now that they've had "American born" children of their own. Do you deport them or give them a slap on the wrist and let them stay? This is exactly the debate that is going on all over the country. No one, starting from local municipalities to State legislatures to the Federal Goverment know how to properly handle the situation.
04:20 March 24, 2011 by Stepp
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
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