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Man beats neighbour to death with snow shovel

The Local · 21 Dec 2010, 11:12

Published: 21 Dec 2010 09:01 GMT+01:00
Updated: 21 Dec 2010 11:12 GMT+01:00

In the town of Schnellenbach, a man named by daily Bild as Abdulbah I., 45, repeatedly hit his neighbour, 49-year-old Wolfgang K., with the shovel on Monday, according to police and the state prosecutor in Cologne.

Bild reported that the two men had repeatedly argued in recent days over whose responsibility it was to clear the snow on the common entrance to their properties. They were both shovelling snow yesterday afternoon when the attack happened about 1:30 pm Monday. A murder investigation has been established.

Abdulbah I. is married and a father of eight children, according to Bild. The victim was also a father.

The two men had been feuding for some time and had even gone before a court because of long-running disputes. The victim had to cross Abdulbah I.’s land to get to his own home, the Cologne daily Express reported. Wolfgang K. also reportedly often antagonized his murderer.

"Wolfgang provoked him frequently," a neighbour told Bild.

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09:42 December 21, 2010 by majura
"This is a great story that should be made into a film. There's love and romance (Abdullah and his 8 sons walking through the desert as tribal nomads), an enemy White German (refusing to shovel snow and trying to enslave the Abdullah into doing it) and the final rise-up against the White German. But it's the Abdullah whose the real enemy here! Murderer! RAUS RAUS RAUS RAUS RAUS RAUS RAUS!"

- Theo Sarranazi
09:44 December 21, 2010 by dcgi
The last laugh is on the murderer; it's now clearly his responsibility to clear the snow from common entrance :P
10:10 December 21, 2010 by great_warrior
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
10:18 December 21, 2010 by germinator
bunch of flakes, if you ask me
11:07 December 21, 2010 by raandy
This is a sad story,2 children with out a parent .It is also sad that this crazy will be out with his snow shovel in 3 years or less.
11:33 December 21, 2010 by catjones
You don't see anybody fighting to clear snow in Berlin.
12:18 December 21, 2010 by DinhoPilot
The more I read about snow stories/snow cleaning procedures in Germany the more fed up and stupified I stay.

First, although the comments had a "bit" of "humor" to the article is a very very sad event. The germans kids won't have a merry christmas and the other 8 kids won't be having arab christmas or something like that!

Second thing, why cleaning the snow when in the end people don't put freeking SALT (It's prohibited and suprisingly no one invented something for it) or sand?

I have to ice skate through the streets every single day. How badly could one get hurt in fluffy snow instead of cold hard pavement/ice?

Same crap everywhere, every year, stupid icy treacherous law!
12:59 December 21, 2010 by beeker
Never again will an unlicensed person be able to carry a snow shovel. To keep a shovel in a private residence we will have to join the local SSC (Snow Shoveling Club) and take classes in safe shoveling and have a handle lock to keep the shovel out of kids hands.

Serously, I'm real sorry to hear about all the kids though.
14:31 December 21, 2010 by Lisa Rusbridge
Maybe it was a day off from work due to the weather, but am I the only one wondering why two men with families to support were both home on a Monday afternoon with nothing better to do than shovel snow, or why the kids (presuming they're old enough and able) aren't doing a household chores like clearing the pathways at this common entrance. It's not like the snow is a big deal, and like was said above it's easier to walk on snow than ice if salt isn't put down afterward.

Overall a sad situation, and it probably wasn't even really about the snow...
14:57 December 21, 2010 by MonkeyMania
You have to hand it to them. In Germany what should be a civic duty performed in the interest of benefiting society becomes a weapon the beat each other with. In summer it is the garden houses where disputes erupt over hedge sizes. Isn't Germany full of small people with tiny peckers trying to flex their muscles! Glad I am leaving.
15:46 December 21, 2010 by Ron Gitschier
I was waiting for your "Dirty Harry" reply to be something to the effect of "Get off my lawn!!"

Hmm... your taxes MAY already be paying for the murderer's chlidrens upkeep... just sayin'.
17:27 December 21, 2010 by gaysteven
"you vill klear zis valkvay or else!"

"muhammad derka derka...."

"was sagen sie denn?" i vill kall ze ordnungsamt--you must do it sofort! hausbesitzer oder nicht....you are here as guest worker dont you know anysing?

"derka, jaja, jaja...." smack, bam, boom....
18:37 December 21, 2010 by auniquecorn
Use a good snow shovel. A good shovel has a long handle to allow you to work with minimal bending and is wide at the bottom. It should be constructed for snow removal, with a no-stick surface and of lightweight construction. Ergonomic shovels have a bend in the handle and are excellent for the job. Use garden or other shovels only in a pinch, as snow will tend to stick to these tools.

I still can´t find that it can be used as a weapon.

But I´m still lookin
20:34 December 21, 2010 by Biggseye
It is a sad story to be sure. I have to admit I am at a loss for words. Killing someone over shoveling snow? Goodness, I cleared 14 inches or for you metric folk, 36 CM of snow out of my walk and drive the other day, I also helped clean the neighbors as he has a pace maker installed. It is part of life here. I Have lived in snow country, Northern Michigan, USA, for 54 years and I have never heard of anyone killing someone over shoveling snow. We actually help one another, even in the worst blizzards, 1 inch of snow an hour, 45 mile per hour winds, temps in the -10 Degree F rand with wind chill in the -20 to 30 range, we still help one another. And Europeans think Americans have poor manners.

If some forecasts are correct and we are at the start of another mini ice age, snow shoveling is gonna be part of your life.
21:22 December 21, 2010 by ukpunk1
Perhaps Wolfgang had been calling Abdullah names, talking about his family, etc., and he just got tired of the bullshit and ended Wolfgang's life.
03:32 December 22, 2010 by Rolf - Seattle
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
05:31 December 22, 2010 by 1FCK_1FCK
. I hope you all realize that you, your country, and your proud German heritage is being taken over.

~1500 years ago it was "I hope you all realize that you, your country, and your proud Gaulish heritage is being taken over," referring to the Franks, Saxons, Vandals, Angles, Lombards, Burgundians and Goths moving in from the east.

Plus ça change...
08:20 December 22, 2010 by storymann
Come on,,,,,this was a tragic dispute with a snow shovel that ended with a person losing his life ,not an invasion of Germany and it's culture.
10:10 December 22, 2010 by edlancey
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
10:41 December 22, 2010 by ElleWoods
just a small clarification- he is not Turkish.. :)
10:58 December 22, 2010 by tallady
ediancey,,you know this as a fact... or is it a figment of your imagination ?
12:03 December 22, 2010 by edlancey

Which part ? Last time I looked Lebanon wasn't in the EU so what is he doing here ?

Other than that, I fail to see your point, although I understand your treasonous politics very well indeed.
12:07 December 22, 2010 by Mr Tourist
8 kids? Wolfgang is lucky Abdullahs wife didnt get involved!
19:12 December 22, 2010 by Swag2TZ
The end of civilazation as we know it. First it starts by killing your neighbor over

who is going to shovel the snow out in front of your house. Some name calling

thrown in for good measure. So this is it, eh?
21:30 December 22, 2010 by xx.weirich.xx
Yeah I doubt this was all over snow shoveling...

I agree with biggseye though. I live in Michigan too, and I don't see shoveling snow as a big deal either...
23:07 December 22, 2010 by Erwin Mahnke
Time to get back the death penalty in Europe. That's my opinion.
16:28 December 23, 2010 by mixxim
Ban the snow shovel!
17:29 December 23, 2010 by elnord
Sounds like the Turks are at your front door, Germany!!!
23:14 December 23, 2010 by fryintl
I am seeing all of these comments and I haven't laughed this hard in years, and then I think about the kids.....

I spent almost 21 years wearing an Ami uniform. 14 of them in Germany. There is so much Irony in these comments that most non-military people would not really understand. But those of us that have been there and done that understand.

I bought a house in a Small dorf, near Ramstein. My beloved Church bells are being drowned out by the calling to prayer of the mullahs. I think it is cool that a person can immigrate to a foreign country to better their lives, but to mandate that the society they are joining should be like them, and allow them to do as they wish is rediculous and the beginning of the end.

With the negative birth rate, soon Germany will have more non-german speaking folk then those that do. Teh politically correct are slowly taking over every corner of the world. Who would have thought the diversity spewing (unless your diversity is against their thoughts and beliefs) tolerance spouting idealogues of the world would make it in every country.


Keep up the great comments though, they are funny as hell.
00:54 December 24, 2010 by tommyt09
try living in england,my dear chap.schools where english is spoken by only 15% of the children.who,in hell,allowed these people in,gutless politicians.
17:26 December 24, 2010 by storymann
Some of these commenters want this to be" A Muslim beats a German to death",the article states they argued often and had been in court to settle a dispute ,I read this as a long on going feud between two neighbors The remark ..Wolfgang provoked him frequently," a neighbour told Bild.This impresses me as sad ,,maybe Wolfgang bit off more than he could chew.....
01:05 December 30, 2010 by realetybytes
oh, well, if he provoked him...

Ron Reale

19:49 December 30, 2010 by tomjack
The real question is what happend to the team work here was one shovel bigger than the other?

Nobody should die just for moving a bit of snow the stuff soon melts away but broken hearts don't. its sad
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