Pensioner shoots dead teen intruder

Pensioner shoots dead teen intruder
Photo: Polizeiinspektion Rotenburg
A 77-year-old pensioner shot and killed one of five masked intruders in his Lower Saxony home, police said on Tuesday. The other four burglars remain on the loose.

The elderly man from the town of Sittensen was walking to a dog kennel in his garden around 10 pm on Monday when he was approached by the group, who forced him back inside his home, police spokesman Detlev Kaldinski said in a statement.

There they stole his wallet and moved on to search the rest of the house.

But when they set off an alarm trying to open a safe, the pensioner decided to defend himself.

“The retiree, who as a hunter is also a gun owner, was able to get a pistol, shooting one offender dead,” the statement said.

Police await confirmation, but believe he was a 16-year-old German-Albanian boy with a long record of criminal activity. An autopsy is pending.

The other four burglars fled.

The suspects are reportedly between 20 and 30-years-old and speak broken German. They were of average stature and wearing dark clothing.

Overnight authorities launched a widespread search for the suspects, sending some 30 officers out with scent dogs, infrared cameras and a helicopter.

Witnesses in the area have been asked to report any suspicious activity in the area, particularly any speeding vehicles headed towards Appel.

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