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Terrorism suspects arrested in Germany

The Local · 23 Nov 2010, 15:38

Published: 23 Nov 2010 15:38 GMT+01:00

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The arrests were part of "an inquiry into international jihadist terror," a spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecution office said. The alleged extremists were plotting an attack in Belgium, the prosecutor's office said.

"In total 10 people suspected of preparing an attack in Belgium were arrested in Belgium, Holland and Germany," he said.

The target of the plot had "not been determined yet" when the raids took place, the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

The suspects are from Belgium, the Netherlands, Morocco and Chechnya, the statement said. Most live in Antwerp.

The arrests came as Germany remained on high alert amid fears of a terrorist attack. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière stressed that authorities were watching the “potentially dangerous people.”

“We know rather a lot,” he said on Monday night to broadcaster ARD. Authorities were “not so naïve” as was the case at the time of the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, he added.

However security services are now particularly worried about what they call the “quiet observers” among Islamists in Germany, sources told news agency DAPD.

“They could exploit our security gaps and therefore, despite all our efforts at defence, hit us with attacks,” a security source said.

Among the hundreds of people regarded as “dangerous” are “experienced observers” who “are the best informed about the weak points in our security architecture,” unnamed security specialists said.

In the Belgian led arrests, the alleged extremists used the website Ansar Al Mujahideen as part of its plot. The arrests followed a months-long investigation that was launched by authorities in the northern Belgian city of Antwerp in late 2009, the statement said.

The investigation focused on recruiters, would-be "jihadists" and the financing of a Chechen "terrorist organisation," it said.

Several other people have already been arrested in Spain, Morocco and Saudi Arabia as part of the probe, the Belgian authorities said.

The investigation was conducted in collaboration with several countries and the European Union's judicial cooperation unit Eurojust.

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Europe has been on high alert for several weeks over heightened fears of terrorist attacks. Western security officials have warned that al-Qaida may be planning attacks in Europe similar to those in the Indian city of Mumbai in 2008.

The United States issued a travel alert on October 3 for its citizens travelling in Europe, citing the risk of potential terrorist attacks on transportation systems and tourist attractions.

Similar alerts were issued by Japan, Sweden, Britain and France. A plot to blow up cargo planes was uncovered at the end of last month after booby-trapped parcels were found at airports in Dubai and Britain.

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The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

16:30 November 23, 2010 by leciat
wow and they didn't have to take nude photos or grope thousands of innocent people to do it?
21:42 November 23, 2010 by Al Davis
"We know rather a lot" we are "Not so naive" Ha! Ha! Ha! 911 was an inside job as we all know. Have these people not seen Zeitgeist. Have you seen Zeitgeist?
23:06 November 23, 2010 by Lachner
Fantastic news! I'm very pleased how several European countries cooperated to bring arrests of several terrorist suspects and prevented a potential attack on European citizens and tourists. These arrests will surely provide security forces in Europe with great Intel to continue dismantling terror cells. Nonetheless, all countries should stay on high alert and beef up security.
03:38 November 24, 2010 by belladons
Good job German authorities. Arrest and detain for life these pieces of trash dirtbags. These type of people are the strangest people on the land.
06:16 November 24, 2010 by asian123
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
08:27 November 24, 2010 by VMan
"We know rather a lot" we are "Not so naive" Ha! Ha! Ha! 911 was an inside job as we all know. Have these people not seen Zeitgeist. Have you seen Zeitgeist?

Thank you for being the ever thinking idiot!
10:19 November 24, 2010 by zaly

Hello, have you been to Asian Country?

There are more than 2 billion muslims around the world including the late Michael Jackson, Swiss Politician Daniel Stretch, Tony Blair's sister -in-law Lauren Booth, do you think they are problematic peoples and carrying a bomb everyday to blowup people?

You were so funny!

If you don't know anything about Islam, its better for you don't blame for religious, that is the attitude problem.
12:27 November 24, 2010 by asian123
@ zaly

99 percent muslims are nothing to do with terrorism in those 2 billion(breeding so fast , thanks to the shariaw rules to have more wife and children)

99 percent terrorists in RECENT YEARS are are MUSLIMS.

i think you got the point.
12:38 November 24, 2010 by Al Davis
@ asain 123 & VMan.

I've been working for the last 6 years within Germany and in the middle east fighting the war against terrorism and have lost many good friends (soldiers) I will not condem Muslems as a whole but I do condem the minority that are terrorists and will do whatever is in my power to delete them, so Mr asain 123 I am not a terrorist supporter.

As for you Mr Vman, I was mearly stating that 911 was an inside job that killed thousands of innocent people. If you look at ALL the facts on 911 not only in Zeitgeist you will have to aggree. you F. IDIOT.
12:44 November 24, 2010 by asian123
@Al Davis

i support you but unfortunately most of the muslims and leaders in muslim countries are not like that. they use terrorism as tool to terrify other countries buy randomly killing people on stations , streets, markets.
13:14 November 24, 2010 by Al Davis

Thanks for your support. You are correct in what you say.

It's great that several suspected terrorists were arrested, as Lachner said to continue dismantling these terror cells will make Europe a safer place

Excellent work by combined European forces.
14:33 November 24, 2010 by XFYRCHIEF
@Al Davis - its wonderful that you are one of the "conspiracy theory" people who maintain the 9-11 was "an inside job", but the only proof you have is garbage produced by other idiots. I know this is falling on deaf ears, but if it was an "inside job" how come not a single person involved in the operation has come forth with hard evidence? Not one person has talked. Given the scope of the event, at least one person would have cracked under the strain of the guilt and opened up. Of course, your answer is they were assassinated before they could talk. But then they had to kill the assassin to keep him from talking. And then they killed the assassin's killer...
17:28 November 24, 2010 by mixxim
Wait for them to be acquitted after defence by top lawyers and left leaning judges, compensation? Everyone in Guantanamo was innocent. Terrorism is in our imagination. (and if they really exist, should be taken out!)
21:28 November 24, 2010 by tianju
Comment removed by The Local for breach of our terms.
02:48 November 25, 2010 by AusHessen
I believe the American government has some involvement in the 9/11 attacks. Building (W7) the third building was blown up but not by terrorists nor by fire.

Of course the American ruthless government has nothing better to do take illegally over third world countries resources. Not to mention the US government staging terror attacks around the globe. Also I believe occupied countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and other have the right to protect and defend themselves. Naturally a resentment grows against a world police i.e. USA.

Who ever believes otherwise I would advise them to get the facts first.

PS: 17 cave dwellers attacked the biggest military installation on planet earth. My name is Santa Claus nice to meet you.
05:48 November 25, 2010 by zaly

Are you doing your "homework" why they behave like this?

Do you know, most of them originally from Palestine, their original father land has been "hijack" and their grandfather/mother/relative have been kill?

Do you think after 30yrs, once they grow up their son/kids will smile what had done to their ancestor?

BTW I'm not supporting what they have done to kill innocent people but their revenge never ever ending.

This is the fact, they MUST return back what they took from them.
15:56 November 25, 2010 by Viva Melita
Diversity puts us all in danger.
17:36 November 25, 2010 by wenddiver
@Zaly- What has Palestine got to do with Muslim's murdering non-muslims??? Historically very little.

From the very begining of this Religion/Political movement we see Muslim's attacking their neighbors Militarily. The US Navy was literally started up again after the American Revolution to protect the infant nation's citizens from being attacked by Muslims and killed/sold as slaves or ransomed. The Muslim Turks were literally stopped at the gates of Vienna trying to enslave Europe, etc, etc.

What year did Israel become independent????
00:39 November 26, 2010 by ErickDDiaz
They'll be released in 5 months. The German authorities need to find a more serious crimes suchas, not paying taxes. Then the crime will be serious.
16:50 November 26, 2010 by zencv

"99 percent muslims are nothing to do with terrorism in those 2 billion(breeding so fast , thanks to the shariaw rules to have more wife and children)"

Do Hindus and Buddhists have Shariah law? Hinduism is only predominant in one country and still it accounts for around 1 billion - almost one sixth of humanity. Chinese account for another 1.5 billion.

Muslims on the other hand are predominant in 57 countries, so 1.3 billion is not so much.

First implement some breeding control for "asians" as most of them are too poor to have a meal per day and then open your bigmouth you hypocrite.
00:37 November 27, 2010 by surj
Viva Melita, " Diversity puts us all in danger" How very true. Since diversity and multiculturalism as creeped into Western world by liberals and do gooders, is going to be the cause of our demise. www.thereligionofpeace.com and www.islam-watch.org
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