Kachelmann won’t work as TV weatherman after trial

Kachelmann won't work as TV weatherman after trial
Photo: DPA
Germany's high-profile TV weatherman Jörg Kachelmann said Wednesday he will not return to television after his trial concludes next month. He stands accused of threatening his long-time girlfriend with a knife and raping her.

“After everything I won’t be able to host the weather report any longer,” he said in an interview with daily Bild.

“After the state prosecutors and the media have violently opened my supposed private life to the public, it would be difficult to do the fluffy cloud nice guy bit,” he added, referring to his whimsical approach to weather reporting.

“The television chapter is therefore over for me,” he said.

Kachelmann is currently on trial in Mannheim following his long-time ex-girlfriend’s accusation that he threatened her with a knife and raped her on February 9.

The Swiss-born weather expert and founder of Meteomedia weather service faces up to 15 years in prison if he is found guilty of charges he denies.

He told the paper that he had laid out two principles for his future after the trial – to have only monogamous relationships and “to avoid situations in which one could accuse me of something I haven’t done.”

Kachelmann was arrested at the Frankfurt airport on March 20, 2010 and held on remand for four months until late July. A Mannheim court had said they had insufficient evidence to continue holding him.

A verdict in the trial is expected on December 21.