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Guttenberg calls for 'honesty' about Afghanistan mission at memorial

The Local · 15 Oct 2010, 16:03

Published: 15 Oct 2010 16:03 GMT+02:00

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The minister was among some 600 mourners at the memorial in the Lower Saxon city of Selsingen for 26-year-old medical Staff Sergeant Florian Pauli, who died in a Taliban suicide attack in Afghanistan on October 7.

Pauli, who was from Halle an der Salle, belonged to the Seedorf-based paratrooper Battalion 13. Fourteen of his fellow soldiers were also injured when a suicide bomber disguised as a farmer approached them in the Afghan province of Baghlan, blowing himself up.

Guttenberg addressed the mourners in a speech that was described as personal, condemning what he called “perfidious and cowardly violence” by the Taliban.

“He fell for our country,” Guttenberg said, standing in the same spot from which he gave another funeral address for three Bundeswehr soldiers killed in April. On that day he broke a German taboo, calling the Afghanistan conflict a “war.”

Germany needed to be “open and honest” about the real situation in Afghanistan, the minister said.

“We must readdress each day whether we are doing enough to protect our soldiers,” he added.

Guttenberg also called for the German public to offer more support and recognition for the sacrifices of Bundeswehr soldiers.

“Acceptance shouldn’t just begin here,” he said.

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Bundeswehr inspector Volker Wieker, centre-left Social Democrats party leader Sigmar Gabriel, and Lower Saxony’s conservative Christian Democratic state premier David McAllister were also among the mourners at the St. Lamberti Church ceremony, which was broadcast live for soldiers in both Germany and Afghanistan.

Since Germany joined the NATO operation in Afghanistan in 2002, 44 Bundeswehr soldiers have been killed. There are currently 4,885 German soldiers there, serving mainly in the northern part of the country.


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Your comments about this article

17:45 October 15, 2010 by supernova
German soldiers must be pulled back from Afghanistan. Why should they fight an American led war against their self produced weapon against Russia called Taliban. The presence of German troops in Afghanistan is waste of tax money paid by German people and it has cost Germany billions so far. Just cuz Germany is in NATO doesn't mean that US can use this obligation of member countries to fight their self started missions...
18:20 October 15, 2010 by ww77ww
If there was "honesty" Europeans would not be dying in this false war to begin with. This exists only to aid in profits for defense contractors and to try to make safer the region for Israel. Conscript some IDF and make them pay for it for once.
21:41 October 15, 2010 by 9900lawre
1st of all i would like to pay my respects to my fellow soldier in arms as i understand the sacrifice that is paid at home with family and away not just in afghanistan but also in unreported regions around the world.

Tax is money that the soldier pays too and so i like to think of it not being wasted. Our tax pays our wages. As members of NATO and equal in our part in making our beds we must also sleep with the fleas of making that bed wrong.

Before we go along with the theme of blame America we must remember that at the time the alternative was Russia.

Todays world has only been shaped by yesterdays fears and so we must standby our fellow countrymen and neighbours who try to change that.

Yes we are at war with our own creations but our true conflict is that we cant have it both ways.
02:01 October 16, 2010 by supernova
I do not see any point of copying Americans in every freaken thing and being their pets. As for as I know Germany is not an undeveloped country so it is quite capable of shaping it's own defense policy. What are you talking about "our own creations" you have gotta be an Ami to say that cuz Taliban are not German creation.

Troops pay less tax than they are paid as wages for unnecessary missions. They can clean German streets instead and I'd feel that they're contributing to German economy. By participating in a war driven by a 3rd country troops do not contribute to German economy. I do not see it as an honorable act....
05:16 October 16, 2010 by Eagle1
Condolances to the friends and families of the 44 Bundeswehr soldiers who have been killed. They are heroes and brothers in arms of those of us who do not sit idly by and allow the cancer of Muslim extremism to grow unchecked.

Unfortunately, cowards, isolationists, and those ignorant of history like supernova would prefer to stick their heads in the sand, cross their fingers, and hope that nothing happens to Germany. They employ poor reasoning to do so, convincing themselves that to do otherwise is bad because it consitutes "following the Amis." What idiocy. Do you think Americans like being over in that hellhole? These Muslim nuts are coming after you whether you like it or not. Have you forgotten the attempted 2006 train bombing in Cologne? Germany did nothing to the Lebanese, yet a Lebanese Muslim idiot came after you. Pull your collective head out of your ass, Germany. Either you go after these animals now, or they will eliminate you later.
08:58 October 16, 2010 by auniquecorn
Amen Eagle 1,

cowards, isolationists, and those ignorant of history like supernova don´t know that NATO forces are all volenteer countries, They are NOT told by America to go to these conflicts, They are sent by the very people that run their countries.

its amazing how easy the ignorant forget the past.
13:12 October 16, 2010 by tallady
Terrorism is a major threat to all industrial nations,,not only America.

It is better to meet this threat united and at the source .......
13:26 October 16, 2010 by raandy
It should be clear to all. When Pakistan yielded to the Taliban and gave them the Swat Valley,the Taliban were not satisfied with that and continued to expand beyond the agreement they made.

The Taliban ,Jihadist, will not stop until you adopt their rules and ways as they believe ours are false and it is there Islamic duty to continue until everyone does.
13:49 October 16, 2010 by 9900lawre
@supernova, Any country that had a contribution to the soviet Afghan conflict either directly or indirectly helped to shape the very people who now hate us. That includes Germany.

The sheltered and blinkered would have a pink & fluffy denial of the past and fix the economy and any other problem with a sweeping brush. Sweep streets? Get bent and sweep them yourself. We have enough mess to clean up after.
15:08 October 16, 2010 by Frenemy
@9900lawre: Post #2 was one of the most sober/level-headed comments I've ever read on here.

...But don't say too much about what we do in "unreported regions around the world" ;-) (Americans still have a lot to learn about CA/CI operations)
15:46 October 16, 2010 by 9900lawre
Noted! ;-)
18:35 October 16, 2010 by StrykerMike

Have you no concept of history over the past 65 years? the following are cold hard facts you may have missed in school...

-Marshall Plan: Billions of Dollars GIVEN to Germany by USA to rebuild its economy after Nazism killed thousand of US Soldiers dying on European soil.

-USA had 250,000 soldiers in West Germany for the past 6 decades protecting Germany from the Russians. Who stood at the Berlin wall, stopping the Russian hordes from pushing West? Because it sure was NOT the Bundeswehr. Without USA troops, you¦#39;d be speaking Russian right now.

-These US Soldiers in Germany pumped billions of dollars into your economy.

-When the debacle know as Bosnia happened in Europe¦#39;s own back yard, who was there to finally end the ethnic cleansing? You guessed it, USA.

-And finally, when Germany does get attacked (and mark my words it¦#39;ll happen), who will be the FIRST country they will come crying too?? You guessed it, AMERICA.

So any rational person can plainly see this has been a ONE SIDED ¦quot;alliance¦quot; over the past 65 years.. AMERICA GIVES….GERMANY TAKES, but don¦#39;t worry, as your country keeps shrinking (close to 80 million now ), and continues to lose power on the world stage and as the USA keeps growing, (to over 350 million by 2050 and our economy is about 5 times larger than Germany¦#39;s), you¦#39;ll come limping back for help…and we might just say no .

Deutschland, Deutschland unter alles :)
19:34 October 16, 2010 by supernova
As the wise man said, "Do not argue with a stupid person because he will bring zou down to his level."

@StrykerMike: Thanks for revealing your Texas oriented Bush indoctrinated opinions in this thread. At least you made it clear for Idiots who love to play American Pets up in this very same thread (like Frenemy, 9900lawre, raandy, Eagle1 etc) what Amis REALLY think of themselves and other nations such as Germany. For your kind info, Amis stole billions and benefited the most from 2nd world war. And your CIA secretly helped Nazis to move to the US and use their brains for scientific programs that has been initiated by them Germany. As it is nothing is what it looks like. I really hope Obama Hussain will remove Islamophobia indoctrinated by Bush in western heads because of political figures called Taliban. You stood at Berlin war cuz it always burns your Arsch if Russians get more power than you buggers so it was your own self interest...
20:47 October 16, 2010 by nepo77
@ 9900lawre

"Any country that had a contribution to the soviet Afghan conflict either directly or indirectly helped to shape the very people who now hate us. That includes Germany."

Nope, Germany received its sovereignty 1990 so everything before that was a result of allied occupation decision makers. Feel free to continue to be ignorant.
22:07 October 16, 2010 by 9900lawre
1. I dont remember 1990 changing EVERYONE who made the decissions overnight.

2. I don't favour American or any other influence, nor do i accept being a puppet if thats implied.

3. I stand by my statements from post #2 & #8.

4. Get out of your office and support those of us who believe that were doing the right thing to keep your offices safe.
22:59 October 16, 2010 by crm114
"Terrorism is a major threat to all industrial nations.."

Our respective governments would like us to believe that to be the case, counter terrorism generates growth in a beleaguered economy whilst simultaneously justifying the erosion of our civil liberties.
23:26 October 16, 2010 by ivette
amen !! eagle1.
03:55 October 17, 2010 by StrykerMike

I agree with you 100%.. arguing about this with someone who is ignorant is hopeless.. so this will be my response to you :)

You're correct.. the Marshall Plan NEVER happened.. it is probably the most well-documented case of selflessness ever displayed by a nation.. While France/Russia/UK want to carve up Germany into 3 different pieces, the US as the only country pushing to rebuild it.. as stated earlier.. I hope the leaders of the US in the future will remember how unappreciative Germany was for the 6 decades following WWII, and when they need us again.. we might just shrug.

You're correct.. Nazis fought for what is right.. the USA just raped and plundered

You're correct.. The USA was NOT the only country pouring thousand of soldiers into Germany protecting it from Russia after 1945.. I'm sure if there was not 1 US soldier in Germany, you could could have defended yourselves from the 2 million soldiers under Stalin waiting to push west..

And finally, whatever you think our reasons were for standing in Berlin.. the facts is.. we were the ONLY ones STANDING IN BERLIN...France/UK could give 2 shits about Germany... US had more soldiers in Germany than the entire Bundeswehr! But its ok.. we'll be out of Germany in another 2 decades so maybe you'll have to actually start building a real military in the distant future.
09:28 October 17, 2010 by tallady
"Whilst" the bombs go off in the London Tube,,Jihadist are manufacturing bombs in British Flats,,Trains are blown up in Madrid..Russian school children held hostage and killed and you want us to believe that our respective Governments are enjoying their new found wealth through "counter terror measures..wake up.
15:44 October 17, 2010 by Frenemy
@tallady: You think this is something new? Thats the status quo around here, buddy.

IRA, ETA, Baader-Meinhof, etc. (there is no such thing as a threat-free environment! We just have to deal with it)
18:22 October 17, 2010 by Major B
I read the above comments quickly but my count the comments of "supernova" were nullified by others who have a much more reasoned and pragmatic understanding of the common threat facing us all. That is heartening. Perhaps the U.S. made some mistakes when aiding the mujahadeen agains the "Soviets" in Afghanistan(those who say Russians reveal their ignorance) but a response was needed by the West short of direct intervention. Thank God for Pres Reagan(don't get feisty anyone; don't misinterpret my politics)

Much respect and honor for the sacrifice of the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan. Thank you Germany for resisting the usual "leftist" "leave it to someone else to take care of" response and at least for now standing your ground in Afghanistan. Guttenburg's call for honesty about Afghanistan should be accompanied by a hardness and toughness about the realities of war. It was about a year ago that he shamefully deserted Col Klein and fell back into the role of the apologist about supposed German excessess with the blow up of that oil tanker. Now, after being in office a year, he can justfiably STAND Up and be one of those that FINALLY drops the collective guilt about the past and LEAD the Bundeswehr into appropriate and yes hard winning military responses to the likes of the Taliban.
20:01 October 17, 2010 by tallady
Frenemy What ,did you just land from K-Pax ,what to hll does that have to do with what i said ,"Buddy"
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