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The Local's English-language movie listings for southern Germany

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14:35 CEST+02:00
Find the latest movies in English playing in Munich and southern Germany with The Local's cinema guide.


Lichtspiel Kino

Untere Königsstr. 34, 960 52 Bamberg

Tel. 0951 – 267 85


When You're Strange (minimum age: 12)

Tue-Sun 10:55pm

Odeon Kino

Lultpoldstr. 25, 960 52 Bamberg

Tel. 09 51 – 270 24


American History (minimum age: 12)

Tue 6:15pm



Marienstraße 16, 76137 Karlsruhe

Tel. 0721 – 35 000 18


Despicable Me (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Wed 5pm (except Mon & Wed), 9pm


CinemaxX Mannheim

P4 13, 68161 Mannheim

Tel. 01805 – 62 54 66


The Social Network (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Tue 5pm, 7:45pm, 10:45pm

Despicable Me (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Tue 4pm, 8:30pm, 9:15pm, 10pm


Cinema München

Nymphenburger Str. 31, 803 35 Munich


Tel. 089 – 55 52 55


The Social Network (minimum age: 12)

Thu 2:45pm

Fri 8:30pm

Sat 2:50pm

Sun 7:40pm

Tue 7:50pm

Wed 5:15pm

Despicable Me in 3D (minimum age: n/a)

Fri 3:35pm

Sat 8pm

Sun 12:35pm

Mon 1:30pm

Tue 5:35pm

Wed 8pm

The Other Guys (minimum age: 12)

Thu 5:15pm

Fri 1:30pm

Sat 5:25pm

Mon 5:45pm

Tue 5:15pm

Piranha (minimum age: 12)

Thu 10:25pm

Sat 10:30pm

Sun 10:25pm

Mon 8:15pm

Tue 10:30pm

Wed 10:15pm

Twelve (minimum age: 12)

Sat 11am

Mon 10:20pm

Legend of the Guardians (minimum age: n/a)

Sat 1pm

Sun 2:30pm

Tue 1:30pm

NT: Disappearing Number (minimum age: n/a)

Thu 8pm

Eat, Pray & Love (minimum age: n/a)

Thu & Sun 10:30pm

Mon 5pm

Tue 10:15pm

Sneak Preview (minimum age: 12)

Fri 11:15pm

Museum Lichtspiele

Lilienstraße 2, 81669 München

Tel. 0180 – 5867 0777 67


The Town (minimum age: 16)

Thu 11:15pm

Sun 11:05pm

Tue 11:15pm

Eat, Pray, Love (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Wed 8:40pm

The American (minimum age: 12)

Thu, Tue & Wed 11pm

Fri-Mon 9pm

Despicable Me (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Wed 5:05pm, 7pm

Dinner for Schmucks (minimum age: 12)

Fri, Sun & Wed 4:15pm

The Other Guys (minimum age: 12)

Thu 6:10pm (except Fri), 8:20pm, 10:30pm

The Social Network (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Wed 6:15pm, 8:45pm, 11:15pm (except Thu, Mon & Tue)

Twelve (minimum age: 16)

Thu 9pm

Fri 6:10pm

Tue 9pm

Wed 10:30pm

Charlie St. Cloud (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Wed 6:30pm

Furry Vengeance (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Wed 4:25pm

Inception (minimum age: 12)

Fri & Sat 11:05pm

Mon 11:15pm

Inglorious Basterds (minimum age: 16)

Mon 11:05pm

Life As We Know It (minimum age: n/a)

Wed 8:20pm


Roxy Fremdsprachenkino

Julius Loßmann-Str. 116, 904 69 Nuremberg


Tel. 09 11 – 488 40


Vampires Suck (minimum age: 12)

Fri & Tue 6:15pm

Sat & Sun 3:45pm

The Other Guys (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Tue 8:30pm

Sat & Sun also at 3:45pm

Wed 6:15pm

Inception (minimum age: 12)

Sat & Sun 6pm

Wed 8:30pm

Eat, Pray, Love (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Sun & Wed 6pm

Tue 8:15pm

The American (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Mon & Wed 8:45pm

Tue 6:15pm

The Town (minimum age: 12)

Thu & Mon 6pm

Cine Citta

Gewerbemuseumsplatz 3, 9 04 03 Nuremberg


Tel. 09 11 – 20 66 66


Despicable Me (3D; minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Tue 3pm

Filmhaus um Künstlerhaus

Känigstr. 93, 90402 Nuremberg

Tel. 0911 – 231 5823


(no current English listings)


Corso Cinema International

Hauptstr. 6, 705 36 Stuttgart


Tel. 07 11 – 73 49 16


Despicable Me (3D; minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Tue 4:25pm

Sat also at 7:50pm

Veronika Decides to Die (minimum age: 12)

Thu & Mon 5pm

Fri, Sat & Tue 4:40pm

Sun 2pm

Piranha (3D; minimum age: 18)

Thu-Tue 7:50pm, 9:35pm

Legend of the Guardians (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Tue 6:10pm

Fri, Sat, Sun & Tue also at 2:45pm

The Road (minimum age: 16)

Thu-Tue 9pm

Thu & Mon also at 7pm

Fri & Tue also at 2:40pm

Sat also at 12:05pm

Eat, Pray, Love (minimum age: n/a)

Fri-Sun & Tue 6:45pm

Sat 2pm

Inception (minimum age: 12)

Sun 4pm

Toy Story 3 (3D; minimum age: 0)

Sat 11pm

Sun 12:45pm

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