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Bin Laden personally ordered latest terror plot

The Local · 1 Oct 2010, 07:50

Published: 01 Oct 2010 07:50 GMT+02:00

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Several months ago, bin Laden sent a directive to al-Qaida affiliates and partners that he wanted a Mumbai-style attack on at least three European countries – Germany, Britain and France – National Public Radio in the US reported, citing intelligence officials and people familiar with the matter.

"We know that Osama bin Laden issued the directive," an unnamed official familiar with intelligence surrounding the plot told NPR.

The news is a stark reminder that the world’s most wanted man, who has eluded capture for more than nine years since the September 11 attacks on the US, is still closely involved in the operations of the global terrorist network.

Intelligence officials told NPR some of the operatives who had been due to participate in the shootings were already in Europe.

Some officials worried that members of the commando-style teams could be travelling to the West using European passports, thus complicating any effort to find and stop them.

NPR said gunmen had planned to fire on crowds at busy European tourist sites and take over hotels in a plot that would mark a new style of attack for al-Qaida, although details of the plans remain unclear for now.

In 2008, 10 heavily armed gunmen killed 166 people and wounded more than 300 in three luxury hotels, a railway station and restaurants in the Indian city.

The latest plot is thought to have been inspired by al-Qaida's fugitive leadership in Pakistan's lawless tribal regions, where a recent surge of US drone attacks sought to eliminate the plotters - and did kill some of them.

The initial intelligence came from Ahmad Siddiqui, a German national currently held at the US-run Bagram Air Base in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Siddiqui is said to have known Mohamed Atta, one of the hijackers in the September 11, 2001 attacks, and to have worshipped at the same mosque in Germany.

The United States may also have been in bin Laden's sights.

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"If he issued the directive, we just don't believe that the US wouldn't be on his short list of strategic targets. It has to be," the source told NPR.


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Your comments about this article

08:56 October 1, 2010 by JDee
please learn about these things and use your heads, another made up non-story, why publish this rubbish, what next, santa claus
09:14 October 1, 2010 by Simon_Kellett
I assume the "media report" had some sort of verification? Link?
09:19 October 1, 2010 by delvek
Get with the program you schmuck. We are at war, its us vs. them. Its what has been and what is, geez, accept it and enjoy your life.

These retarded posts are getting boring ...
09:27 October 1, 2010 by freechoice
a population with 300 million cannot find this one man after 10 years?

hallo!? anybody home?
09:33 October 1, 2010 by raandy
about the possible attack here in Europe.

This information they say comes from a German held in Afghanistan .

and this is the German retort:

The German government meanwhile said it was aware of Al-Qaeda's "long-term" aim to attack Western targets, but it had not changed its security assessment.

"At the moment there are no concrete indications of any imminent attacks on Germany resulting from this," an interior ministry statement said.
10:11 October 1, 2010 by freechoice
millions of human lives are slaughtered every year by non religious people...through abortions, far exceeded the lives lost from actual terrorism or anti-terror programmes.

are they terrorists too?
10:34 October 1, 2010 by delvek
I dont know what they are but what I do know is that people being killed is part of human history at least as far back as records go. I am not a betting man but based on this fact I would feel pretty confident that it will continue. The names and faces and topics change and at some point we all help and hinder these killings throughout our own individual lifetime.
10:35 October 1, 2010 by auniquecorn
Hi Bin, long time no see.
10:40 October 1, 2010 by elboertjie
Didn't the president Bhuto of Pakistan said that Bin Laden was already dead shortly before she was assasinated?

Al Queda is planted in people's minds so that there will always be an unseen enemy to have the excuse of invading other countries and oppressing people across the world.
11:23 October 1, 2010 by freechoice
the mother of all bombs!! be very afraid!!

11:28 October 1, 2010 by closeenough
This is real silliness. The only people who know anything about Bin Laden's whereabouts or directives are the Pakistani government and its intelligence services. And they aren't saying.
11:38 October 1, 2010 by Bushdiver
Maybe he can take out the Finanzamt.
12:19 October 1, 2010 by DinhoPilot
After the very sucessfull game and book series "Where is Waldo", the new, more thrilling and challenging game;

"Where is Bin Laden", and cartoon series "Where in the world is Bin Landen"
12:19 October 1, 2010 by mehta_p
attacks have been done by terrorists in many countries since years which can not be possible without help from locals.

Does any original inhabitant like to make several attacks in his/her country?

If yes, how many? (very less)

If no, then who can be the culprits for and behind terror??
13:54 October 1, 2010 by JDee
non person personally ordered non attack, how does one impersonally order something non existent that hasn't happened
15:38 October 1, 2010 by maakm
oooo come on

"In 2008, 10 heavily armed gunmen killed 166 people and wounded more than 300 in three luxury hotels, a railway station and restaurants in the Indian city."

It was proved that Indian government and CIA officials plot this attack to pressurize Pakistani officials. However, as usual they never accepted it.The person "Ajmal Kassab" that they claimed, was behind the Mumbai attack,lived in the village of Pakistan. But later reports came that he never lived in that area. Nobody ever knew him.

What I feel. If you remove these kind of news from the media than there would be no excitement of watching these news. Now most of the people open news website and expect that they will find news related to terrorists. That is how new agencies are earning there living.
16:28 October 1, 2010 by nicht verstehen
yeah, by Charlie the Unicorn himself... b.s.
17:50 October 1, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Bin Laden is the Wizard of Oz of terrorism. He farts and the whole world runs for cover. Jesus, pull back the curtain already!
19:09 October 1, 2010 by pantheratigris
@ elboertjie

Al Queda is planted in people's minds so that there will always be an unseen enemy to have the excuse of invading other countries and oppressing people across the world.

20:03 October 1, 2010 by michael4096
no one will out the wizard while the mention of his name increases budgets and appropriations by billions - pork, lovely pork

and, of course, once you have bought your kiloton toys, failing to use them is just plain silly
20:22 October 1, 2010 by Prufrock2010
I agree with you on that. He's the gift that keeps on giving to the Pentagon and the arms contractors. I didn't think ol' George W. was being totally sincere when he announced he was going to "smoke him out of his cave." There have been plenty of chances to do that since he slipped away 9 years ago. He makes Richard Kimball look like a piker. But of course we have to admit that it is very difficult to spot a 6 foot 7 inch guy with a beard down to his balls living on dialysis in a village populated by Lilliputians.
21:50 October 1, 2010 by wxman
Yes, I'm sure Bin Laden did indeed issue this order himself, from the walls of his Tora Bora cave where his DNA has been drying for the last 8 years, 10 months.
01:47 October 2, 2010 by Prufrock2010
The photograph of bin Laden has to be at least 20 years old, taken when he was on the payroll of the CIA.
10:38 October 2, 2010 by ebermannstadt
The Local should know better to publish this unsubstantiated American propaganda.
02:50 October 3, 2010 by Prowler
I would not hesitate to invade another nation if it ensures the security of another country.

Ohh... but you are oppressing the people -- BULL CRAP! - WE TOOK THEM OUT OF OPPRESSION. We sacrifice our lives so they wont be oppressed, where they have a freedom to choose what to wear, what religion and what to learn.

If you ask, why do we do it --- because we can - never will we stand by idly while the world crumbles, you guys should know that about 65 years ago
02:55 October 3, 2010 by Prufrock2010
What nation are you referring to? Iraq? Afghanistan? What the hell are you smoking? I want some.
07:10 October 3, 2010 by Atomiclock
"The news is a stark reminder that the world¦#39;s most wanted man, who has eluded capture for more than nine years since the September 11 attacks on the US, is still closely involved in the operations of the global terrorist network."

Why is the Local blindly stepping into News Agency vomit?

"because we can" - a selfish, delusional and discredited political philosophy in the grown up world.

If you see any other members of the CIA prowling around, let us know won't you?
01:19 October 4, 2010 by Prufrock2010
"because we can"

Well, actually you can't anymore. You haven't succeeded at anything militarily since the end of World War II. All you've done is f*ck up the world with your "exceptionalism," hubris, hegemony and perpetual warfare. Your chickens are coming home to roost. Good luck with that.
02:41 October 4, 2010 by closeenough
The US "can't anymore" Prufrock? Good luck trying to convince us of that. At the moment the US is doing a pretty good imitation keeping the Arabs off off Israel's jugular and it succeeded in countering Russia's ambitions in europe and the Chinese thru their proxy in N. Korea in asia in the sixties. Not to mention Saddam's Kuwait grab a few years ago. Congenital US haters like yourself just have to wince and bear the cold water of reality. Exceptionalism? America is doing exceptionally well and will continue to do well if past is prologue. And with exceptional leaders like Obama the americans will continue to lead the way despite the disingenuous snipping from envious malcontents like yourself.
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