What’s on in Germany: September 23 – 29

What's on in Germany: September 23 - 29
Goldfrapp on stage with friends. Photo: DPA
This Week's Highlights: Goldfrapp comes to Cologne, Hamburg celebrates Paul Graham's photography, and a Bavarian Farmer's Market stretches for a mile in Munich.



By, With and Of – Exhibition Opening

Direktorenhaus sheltered artworks during World War II, but the 1939 building was originally part of the State Mint. Now it’s an art space in Berlin. This new exhibition, which opens Thursday, explores the textures of the house itself, and features a light installation by German artist Daniel Becker.

Price: Free

Location: Direktorenhaus, Am Krögel 2

Phone: 030 27 59 55 86

Times: Thursday, September 23, 7pm (opening); Monday – Saturday, 11am-7pm (regular hours); through November 9

More Information: www.direktorenhaus.com


The Tiger

Mailman kidnaps Long Island housewife. Love ensues. Kicking off the Play2C Theater Company’s new fall series “An Evening With a Play and a Drink,” “The Tiger” is forty minutes of comedy by American playwright Murray Schisgal.

Price: €9

Location: Play2C Theater Company, Schlesische Strasse 38

Times: Thursday, September 23 – Saturday, September 25, 8pm

Reservations: 0178 168 5222

More Information: www.play2c.com


Lord Zeppelin

Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John-Paul Jones and John Bonham were rock gods, and these guys know it. The Led Zeppelin cover band plays Berlin’s Liliput Saturday night. Has it been a long time since you rock and rolled?

Price: TBD

Location: Liliput, Haubachstrasse 18

Phone: 030 342 61 47

Times: Saturday, September 25

More Information: lord-zeppelin.de




Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory say their latest album Head First contains a “softness” and a “vulnerability” that their previous four records didn’t have. OK, but there’s still a whole lot of electro-lushness. Get ready for the duo’s space-tastic stage show Monday night in Cologne.

Price: €29.70

Location: Essigfabrik, Siegburgerstrasse 110

Times: Monday, September 29, 8pm

More Information: mct.tickets.de

Cologne Music Night

Josquin, Dufay, and other early music composers are the focus of this year’s Cologne Music Night, and the ensembles enlisted for the event are dedicated to authenticity. What’s it all mean? Performances, like The Punks Delight’s “A Night at Versailles” are done in the way they would have been in the time of Louis XVI.

Price: €15

Location: Various

Times: Saturday, September 25, 6pm-2am

Ticket Hotline: 0221 2801

More Information: www.koelner-musiknacht.de



Not in Fashion – Fashion and Photography From the 1990s

Remember the nineties? Waif-thin models like Kate Moss struck a pose in flannel shirts with cigarettes. Fashion took a turn away from seventies and eighties glamour and sauntered into an alternative world. This new exhibition at Frankfurt’s Museum of Modern Art takes a look at fashion and photography of the grunge era. Relive it at Friday night’s opening.

Price: €8

Location: MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Domstrasse 10

Times: Friday, September 24, 8pm (opening); Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday, 10am-6pm, Wednesday, 10am-8pm (regular hours); through January 9, 2011

Phone: 069 2123 0447

More Information: www.mmk-frankfurt.de

World Transformers – The Art of the Outsiders

The Schirn Kunsthalle’s website says this new exhibition will “inspire observers to venture outside the structures of certainty of their daily lives.” We could all benefit from a little escape from the safety of our day-to-day routines now couldn’t we? Be sure to check out works like August Walla’s “End-of-Eternities Land” and Judith Scott’s life-size woven cocoon this fall.

Price: €8

Location: Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Römerberg

Times: Tuesday, Friday – Sunday, 10am-7pm, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am-10pm; Friday, September 24 – January 9, 2011

Phone: 069 29 98 820

More Information: www.schirn-kunsthalle.de



Paul Graham – Photographs 1981-2006

Hugely influential in the history of photographic development, the British picture man documented things like the A1 Road, which connects London and Edinburgh. His series “New Europe” documents that continent’s recent history. And “American Night” forms an unsettling portrait of US society. Is it art or is it journalism? See for yourself Friday when this exhibition opens in Hamburg.

Price: €9

Location: Deichtorhallen, Deichtorstrasse 1-2

Times: Tuesday – Sunday, 11am-6pm, Thursday, 11am-9pm; Friday, September 24 – January 9, 2011

Phone: 040 32103 250

More Information: www.deichtorhallen.de


Songs and Social Movements

What do songs like “This Little Light of Mine” and Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” have to do with the Civil Rights Movement? Find out Monday when Barry Shank, a professor of comparative studies at Ohio State University, talks about the relationship between social movements and popular music.

Price: Free

Location: Amerikazentrum Hamburg, Am Sandtorkai 48

Times: Monday, September 27, 6pm

Phone: 040 70 38 36 88

Register: [email protected]

More Information: www.amerikazentrum.de



Ander Art 2010 & The Bavarian Farmer’s Market Mile

Don’t go to Munich this month just for the beer. Go for the music, literature, and art that will be flowing from the open-air stages of Odeonsplatz, Saturday. After a day full of culture, you’ll be hungry for some fresh garden goodness. Stroll along the Bavarian Farmer’s Market Mile that sets up Sunday.

Price: Free

Location: Odeonsplatz

Times: Saturday, September 25, noon-10pm (Ander Art) and Sunday, September 26, 11am-5pm (Farmer’s Market)

More Information: www.muenchen.de


London’s National Theatre

“Phèdre,” starring Helen Mirren, kicks off a series of London’s National Theatre productions, Thursday at Munich’s Cinema Filmtheater. Watch legendary dramas unfold on the big screen, including “Hamlet,” “Frankenstein,” and “The Cherry Orchard.”

Price: €7.50

Location: Cinema Filmtheater, Nymphenburger Strasse 31

Times: Thursday, September 23, 8pm

Phone: 089 55 52 55

More Information: www.cinema-muenchen.de