Drinking culture: Oktoberfest gets odour-eating bacteria

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8 Sep, 2010 Updated Wed 8 Sep 2010 11:42 CEST
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A new smoking ban at Munich's Oktoberfest means visitors to the world-famous beer bash won't leave smelling like an ashtray, but what about the stink of sweat, roasted chicken and stale alcohol? One businessman has the answer: an odour-eating bacteria.

The Suddeutsche Zeitung reported on Tuesday there might be some relief from the overwhelming stench created by hundreds of thousands of drunk and sweaty revellers filling the beer tents later this month.

With the pungent odour no longer set to be masked by cigarettes, local entrepreneur Hubert Hackl, who normally supplies Oktoberfest organizers with dishwashers and cleaning products, saw the chance to cash in by also providing hungry bacteria cultures.

The paper said Hackl’s micro-organisms will be spread underneath the floors of the beer tents to break down stinky waste and fat, allowing other sweeter Oktoberfest smells to prevail above.

The proprietor of the Hofbräu tent, Günter Steinberg, is a bacteria booster after already using the micro-organisms in previous years “wherever smells build up, for example at the bars.” But other Oktoberfest organisers are choosing more conventional means of combating odours by investing in better tent ventilation.

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2010/09/08 11:42

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