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Man found guilty of bashing Israeli teen

DDP/DPA/The Local · 31 Aug 2010, 16:26

Published: 31 Aug 2010 16:26 GMT+02:00

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Despite the accused man Alexander P.'s denial that the crime was anti-Semitic, Judge Martina Zufall found him guilty of assault and two counts of causing bodily harm. She gave him a suspended sentence of eight months’ jail.

Zufall accepted the prosecution’s case that Alexander P., who belonged to the far-right scene and had two previous convictions for causing bodily harm, had shouted ''Jewish swine'' during the assault on Noam Kohen, 17, at a bus stop on April 16.

She rejected Alexander P.'s claim that he was simply drunk and had been provoked.

“I flipped out in my severe state of drunkenness when I saw him because he offered my cousin drugs,” Alexander P. told the court in the town of Naumburg.

According to a June report in weekly newspaper Die Zeit, Alexander P. punched Kohen in the face without warning and yelled, “Go back where you came from, you Jewish pig!”

Kohen tried to flee but his attacker followed him, grabbed him by the jacket, threw him to the ground and continued punching and kicking him.

The case also appears to raise questions about whether bystanders did enough to intervene. Die Zeit reported that the police file recorded that six witnesses saw the attack and tried to stop Alexander P. “verbally” but did not physically intervene.

Alexander P. told the court that the crime had been seen by several witnesses and that he was acquainted with some of the people waiting at the bus stop.

“Of the others, no one dared approach me,” he said when asked whether anyone had intervened.

It was not until a driver stopped his car and intervened that Kohen, who moved from Israel to Laucha with his mother and brother eight years ago, escaped the assault.

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The court closed the trial to the public after the accused gave evidence to protect the identities of minors giving evidence, including the victim.

State prosecutor Gudrun Anacker said the crime was motivated by anti-Semitism and called for an eight-month suspended sentence in juvenile detention, while the defence asked for a six-month suspended sentence.

Anacker also demanded a monetary fine that would go towards the Buchenwald concentration camp memorial.

DDP/DPA/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

17:28 August 31, 2010 by Bushdiver
Nazi's are alive and well in Germany. The sentence this idiot got was a joke as well. A repeat offender and only a 8 month suspended sentence.That's the way to teach him a lesson. Maybe the next time he will kill the victim.
17:42 August 31, 2010 by gogo99
I agree with @Bushdiver. The punishment given to this neo-Nazi is a joke.
18:44 August 31, 2010 by Jibzy
How do you guys come to the conclusion that he was a Nazi? Just because he doesnt like Israel/Israelis or what?
18:45 August 31, 2010 by LMFAO
Read up on lex talionis. Revenge is not the point of law. Retributive justice doesn't work. This isn't the middle ages (or the US).
19:20 August 31, 2010 by wxman
Just because he wears a black uniform, jackboots, a black cap with a totenkopf emblem and hates Jews is no reason to jump to the conclusion he's a Nazi.
19:21 August 31, 2010 by mhdamro
i wonder if it would have made it to the headlines if " an Israeli teen bashed an Arab" ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one year ago .. a russian stabbed and killed a pregnant Muslim woman with her unborn child, she was a PhD researcher at Dresden university ... the police mistakenly shot her husband while he tried to save her ... it was on the news for 3 hours .. then disappeared somehow ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! biased media ...........
19:21 August 31, 2010 by frankiep

seriously? This waste of oxygen has had a history of violence. It is very likely that next time he will kill someone. But at least you can be content that your compassion for animals like this makes you oh so much more enlightened then everyone else.
19:57 August 31, 2010 by heathen
W.TF? How come they publish the vics full name but truncate the perps name? That is what is bullsheet in Europe that they protect the perps privacy but not the vics.
20:26 August 31, 2010 by gogo99
@Jibzy... you know what, I really don't care how you want to call the child. It's his actions that matter.

"Zufall accepted the prosecution¦#39;s case that Alexander P., who belonged to the far-right scene and had two previous convictions for causing bodily harm, had shouted ''Jewish swine''...."
23:13 August 31, 2010 by vonSchwerin
Welcome to Germany. You can do very bad things to other people . . . and get a suspended sentence. If you are a minor, you might not get any sentence at all.

The defendant "belonged to the far-right scene and had two previous convictions for causing bodily harm, had shouted ''Jewish swine''" as he beat the Israeli. And he can just go home? Why would we want this bloke on the street? At the very least, how about sentencing him to community service and some tolerance training courses?
00:18 September 1, 2010 by Prufrock2010
It seems that everything is trending toward the extreme right everywhere. While I find this alarming, I know there's nothing I can do about it but to wait for the chickens to come home to roost. They will.
04:12 September 1, 2010 by Raton Lveur
Immer das selbe !
10:28 September 1, 2010 by Legal E
Poor defense. Anti-Semite is incorrect. Why oh why do people say anti-semiteis anti-jewish. Nope. If the case was purely based on this clause then it should be thrown out (if the judge was hopefully not a 28yr one who just passed the exams) as any person with 2 brain cells knows a Semite is also an Arab (Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites, some Ethiopians, and Aramaean tribes including Hebrews.). Nothwithstanding the fact of violence, I get really annoyed when ant-semite is used purely anti-Jewish. You could also use it for Anti-ethiopian but then that means that you have to use some research into the history of the tribe of languages. It should have been down as anti-auslander then its watertight.
12:10 September 1, 2010 by alterjank
Regardless of the definition of Semite, this was a crime of violence motivated by racial/ethnic hatred. That should be punished with jail time anywhere in the world and this country in particular, considering its history, is making a mistake to appear lenient.
11:11 September 2, 2010 by tallady
Unbelievable,*8 months suspended sentence ,now that will scare the would be thugs...I think James Burnham who called the ideology of Western suicide - liberalism has a serious amount of truth ,save us from the bleeding heart liberals
16:32 September 2, 2010 by Prufrock2010
tallady --

Who said that this absurd sentence has anything to do with liberalism -- a socio/political philosophy which I seriously doubt you can define? Maybe the judge is sympathetic to people who like to commit hate crimes against Jews. Or maybe he's just stupid. Please try to temper your outrage (which I happen to share in my liberal heart) by refraining from resorting to bumper-sticker slogans that have no basis in fact.
02:15 September 3, 2010 by derExDeutsche
Probabaly had either Inge Höger or Annette Groth as the judge in this case;)

Those two (according to Prufrock) 'Far-Right'ers agree 100% with this young mans offer that he should '¦quot;Go back where you came from, you Jewish pig!¦quot;. too bad there weren't any boats around this time;.(.

Remember, Nazi's were Big Govt. Socialists! Not small govt. conservatives!
11:00 September 3, 2010 by tallady
Prufrock,,who said it didnt..??

Thanks for the advice. but I am going to stick to my bumper sticker slogans,and my undefinable non liberal views....as opposed to believing that the judge was stupid or he was sympathetic to people that commit hate crimes..
13:54 September 3, 2010 by derExDeutsche
What amazes me, is how Germans always think they are sooooo enlightened, that they have learned soooo much since the 'Old Days'. They say they should no longer be judged by the past that they have nothing to do with.

Then you look at the news.... Anti-Semites (You heard it right, Legal E) and borderline Communists, still in the majority. what has changed again, Germany? Coupled with that, a Superiority complex unrivaled in the western world. No wonder Prufrock feels right at home. The source of 2 world wars, seems the natural stomping ground of a Dictionary Definition Quizzler like Prufrock.

The US should send Obama back to Germany when they are done with him in 2012. He and him minions are shadows of the same Anti Semitic/ Communistic cast. They are meant for each other.
15:40 September 3, 2010 by tallady
prufrock,,I wish you would enlighten us all,(the unclean) as to your definition about the socio/political philosophy ,that we as mere mortals fail to grasp..
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