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Gabriel signals Sarrazin should leave SPD over xenophobic views

DDP/DPA/The Local · 25 Aug 2010, 11:13

Published: 25 Aug 2010 11:13 GMT+02:00

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While in the southwestern city of Worms on Tuesday, Gabriel told journalists that Sarrazin’s words against Germany’s immigrants and their ability to integrate have been “daft” and sometimes even “violent.”

He also said he planned to review whether his fellow party member had assigned particular characteristics to certain ethnic groups such as Muslims, Africans and Asians, saying that if he had, this would be “racist.”

“If you ask me why he still wants to be a member of our party – I don’t know,” Gabriel said.

But he did not directly demand that Sarrazin give up his party membership and said only a court battle could force him out of the SPD.

Gabriel also said he would like to engage Sarrazin in an “intellectual argument,” adding that in addition to his many inappropriate comments he has also said things worthy of contemplation.

Gabriel’s comments came after Sarrazin gave an interview at broadcaster Deutschlandradio Kultur to discuss a his new book on integration, to be released at the end of the month and entitled Deutschland schafft sich ab - Wie wir unser Land aufs Spiel setzen, or “Abolishing Germany - How we’re putting our country in jeopardy.”

During the radio interview he alleged that some 40 percent of immigrants of Muslim background live on welfare and are “spared” any kind of integration.

“For all Muslim immigrants in Germany this statistic reality is true: Overall they have cost us much more socially and financially than they have brought us economically,” he added, blaming the country’s policy of “unqualified immigration.”

The comments by the 65-year-old, who was Berlin’s finance minister before joining the central bank’s board, are just the latest in a series of remarks that have led to national outrage and even censure by the Bundesbank.

In September 2009 he made anti-immigrant remarks against Arabs and Turks in an interview with Lettre International magazine.

He claimed that "a great many Arabs and Turks in [Berlin], whose numbers have grown because of the wrong policies, have no productive function other than as fruit and vegetable grocers."

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Though he apologised for those remarks, Sarrazin refused to step down from the Bundesbank's board despite pressure to do so. He was however symbolically punished when the institution stripped him of some responsibilities after the incident, which caused widespread outrage.

In June of this year he alleged that Germany is becoming “dumber” because of its foreign population during an address of the Hesse business association on the theme of education, demography and societal trends.

Citing what he called ample statistics for proof, Sarrazin went on to say that in particular, immigrants from “Turkey, the Middle East and Africa” are less educated than those from other countries.

Additionally, immigrants have more children than Germans, he said, adding that this caused the “a different growth of population groups with different intelligence” because parents pass their intelligence on to their children.

DDP/DPA/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

12:04 August 25, 2010 by ngwanem
hey Sarrazin (your name even sounds foreign),

why don't you try an intelligence test with some of the immigrants? I'm pretty sure they would beat you in the scores!!!
12:07 August 25, 2010 by Johnne
Well, it shows how "intelligent & well educated" native Germans are when someone as ignorant,racist and misinformed as this guy, is an SPD member, I think he mistook SPD for NPD when he wanted to join the party. sorry bla!!!
12:19 August 25, 2010 by retprob
What exactly did he say that isn't true?
13:30 August 25, 2010 by auslanderus
Why is it that when someone speaks the truth, people want them to shut up. Why is so bad to speak the truth. I suppose it's better to hids from the facts than it is to accept them.
13:53 August 25, 2010 by trottercarriagehorse
some how Sarrazin seems to reflect the well meaning average german, who so much what to do well, but in the end can't help being a bigoted bastard. .
14:57 August 25, 2010 by Prufrock2010
auslanderus --

If you're an auslander you might just find yourself in the category of undesirables that this horse's ass Sarrazin is talking about.
15:25 August 25, 2010 by whatzup
@ auslanderus. People want to shut up someone who speaks the truth because they find him inconvenient. Germany rides on the back of the cheap labor provided by immigrant Arabs and Turks many of whom are indeed uneducated and socially troublesome. Folks like Sarrazin are now unwilling to pay the price that cheap labor demands of Germany. We are seeing the same thing in the US and France - its a question of post industrial era stress. What does it matter if you can afford all the toys while emergency rooms are jammed, the streets are unsafe and the future of your society is being mortgaged?
16:04 August 25, 2010 by freechoice
i think Neo Nazi's are more a threat than Germany than those Turkish who want to live their private lives alone without bothering anybody by 'integrating'...

welfare payments isn't that much when compared to getting a job with good pay, and you can spend more too to help the economy instead of saving it all up. what about work ethics and the joy of accomplishments?

well the truth hurts maybe I should keep quiet..
16:27 August 25, 2010 by Butterstulle
I like Sarrazin. He happiely dares to say what he thinks. And he is not generally against immigrants or foreign people. He just mentions immigration problems which german politician not risk to say. If the main parties wouldnt evade taboo topics and be more honest they could reach more trust of german folks. But what are they doing, they act as if there wouldnt exist any problems.
17:51 August 25, 2010 by romber58
I was going to say something like Sarrazin ist" auf der rechten Auge blind".That is obvious when you look at a photo of him.But having read Butterstulles Post i must say that i agree with him .To Hell with political correctnes and stupid bequeme Politikern who will do anything to keep the status quo and the bescheuerte idea von der Heiler Welt .They will spend any amount of other peoples money to facilitate an easy life for themselves and to keep the lid on the kettle of what is happening in this society.
17:56 August 25, 2010 by theMaggiSauce
Come on... if his teory would be true, Canada and Mexico ... should be the stupiest countries in the world as they are the biggest recipients of americans living abroad... wait a second .. damn they are stupid as hell LOL
19:00 August 25, 2010 by michael4096
Hmm. Lets see..

trottercarriagehorse thinks the average german is a "bigoted bastard" though what that statement makes him I'm not sure. Its true I know only a few thousand, but I've never met an 'average' german yet - nor have I met an average yank, brit or aussie.

auslanderus et al reckon that turks and other immigrants are less educated & intelligent than germans (as does sarrazin, according to the article). An interesting assertion given the fact that germany cannot find sufficiently educated workers, despite unemployment, without appealing for immigrants. Maybe they can back up their remarks with facts or admit that their comments are simply racist.

Butterstulle and romber think this guy is just being honest and we have a 'kettle' that only the honest can talk about. Question: would we have a kettle if idiots like this didn't keep creating one by inventing problems that don't really exist?
20:45 August 25, 2010 by romber58
hey michael4096

which problems did i and/or Butterstulle invent?

I really think that your uninformed knee-jerk comment shows that you have not read Sarrazins words with any care for language,in fact you didnt say anything about his article ,you only attacked other commentaters without offering any of your own arguments.That is a very easy and cheap thing to do,,,you should try for a job as tea.boy for"THE SUN" newspaper,i am sure that they are waiting with baited breath for someone of your intellect.
20:55 August 25, 2010 by ngwanem
well after reading most of the comments here, i'm no longer astonished.. in fact, i'm now refuting my earlier belief that most germans are not closet racists... they suppress their views for the sake of political correctness or fear of legal troubgle but patiently wait for an extremist to provide an escape vent!

this sarrazin fellow sounds more like like an NPD partisan than a socialist.. he brings in a mixture of racial overtones to describe immigration issues... left to him a country like the US (a melting pot of different cultures) could have never advanced because the "foreigners" who migrated there would have made it primitive and dumb! .. and by the way how many germans are willing to do the Reinigung jobs, sell groceries and perform other menial tasks? they want to butter their bread on both sides... trying to shun the less-comfortable jobs but still blame foreigners, who provide these services to them! Look even at their current young generation, who love to rock around in cars, dance in discos and think they are the americans of europe!!!

to those who appreciate sarrazin's lack of political correctness, should note his views are not about political correctness. he could be blunt but also provide facts and statistics to prove his point... simply surmising that dumbness is caused by outsiders or that they destroy the german society doesn't sound much different from the Nazis who blamed jews, arabs and blacks for decadence in germany in the 30's. I wouldn't be further surprised if one day he suggests no interbreeding between germans and foreigners... in fact to hell with sarrazin and his racist supporters!!!
21:14 August 25, 2010 by romber58
you are right ngwanem although i think that the original inhabitants of the USA would have an issue about what you say about those foreigners who invaded their homeland and with God on their side too...
21:34 August 25, 2010 by ngwanem
@romber58 i agree with you on the issue of the original inhabitants of the USA, who would complain about the invasion of their homeland by foreigners. but let us not compare the two: the immigrant Europeans who forcibly evicted the red indians and pushed them to so-called reservations(ghettos) are not the same in attitude to the modern-day foreigners who come to germany. It is not like foreigners are invading germany and pushing the germans to ghettos... even hypothetically we can't say the muslim immigrants are forcibly converting germans to islam. these guys are pretty living their insulated lives because it is a FACT germans don't easily open to foreigners, in comparison to other cultures who accept them...

you need to see the good treatment germans get when they visit the southern hemisphere....

and btw why does he blame the turks for having more babies - why not encourage germans to have more babies too? if immigration was a problem, germany could control the number of immigrants entering...

we can ramble on all day long but it doesn't change the fact sarazzin is racist in his views.. he even targets only a particular group of foreigners...

by this statement: [Sarrazin went on to say that in particular, immigrants from ¦quot;Turkey, the Middle East and Africa¦quot; are less educated than those from other countries], he says it all... what more proof is needed to whitewash his xenophobic statements?
22:08 August 25, 2010 by -GD-
Gabriel is the one(of many) who should step down for failing to represent Germans and Germany.
22:19 August 25, 2010 by ngwanem
@-GD- ... and Sarazzin should stay and be praised??? seriously why pretend to be SPD, NPD needs new membership, or should I say NPD is happy for its closet members, patiently waiting for a new Leiter to emerge and lead them? Fascism is not yet dead as it falsely seems to.. and i'm afraid supporters of Sarazzin are potential disciples. Verdammt!!!
00:14 August 26, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, I find it interesting in that after 3000 years of modern civilization, humans have yet to evolve psychologically. Yes, all sorts of technical innovations have improved our quality of life. But when it comes to thinking effectively, humans are in some ways stuck at zero.

Is it impossible for our species to understand, that it should think more along the lines of the universe? What's wrong with being moral and conservative?

I admit, Sarrazin comes across as being too extreme. However, according to the article, Sarrazin did attempt to speak the truth. Yet I know that there is a more practical way of preserving the German people and culture.

The purpose of human existence is to seek the truth. However, fear and other emotions prevents humans from being enthusiastic about honesty and the truth. And as a result, the world as we know it may just end around December 21, 2012.
01:33 August 26, 2010 by mhdamro
its not that Arabs and turks are stupid , the fact is that Germany takes only the Stupid ones, gives them asylum ... and when an educated and skilled Arab or turk comes to work .... they refuse to give him a permit ......... look at the US ... the average " joe " is so stupid to take any meaningful work there .. thats why they import all the skilled workers from indea, turkey, and the arab world .........

So........ he has some right .. but that because of Germany's own STUPID policies ... they filter out the Intelligent ... and only allow the stupid ones to enter the country .. AND LIVE ON THE SOCIAL WELFARE of others ................ change your POLICIES .............
04:10 August 26, 2010 by Gretl
mhdamro - you are right, they are not screening for useful immigrants. However, I do think that European countries should have the right to preserve their culture. The US is a country based on immigration, not Europeans, and specifically, not Germans. Why shouldn't they discriminate?
07:11 August 26, 2010 by abemarch
I read the article in "Der Spiegel" and find his comments thought provoking. He is challenging the status quo who turn a blind eye to reality. Integration into a society means learning the language. People who don't integrate should not enjoy the benefits. Who is paying for their welfare?
10:26 August 26, 2010 by michael4096
hi Romber

"idiots like this .. inventing problems" refers to sarrazin's comments in the article.

I rarely use words like 'idiot', but in his case the only alternative I see is 'dishonest and manipulative' so I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt.

As far as specific inventions, where do you start? From the general concept that germany has major problems assimilating immigrants to specifics like immigrants being less intelligent and educated - its all fabrication. He is even self contradictory when he sneers at immigrant tendencies for running small businesses 'no productive function .. fruit and vegetable grocers'. Apart from the obvious fact that small businesses are incredibly productive it takes intelligence to run a successful small business anywhere and in germany the administration takes reasonable education also.
13:46 August 26, 2010 by BR549
I think the real purpose of Sarrazin's (French name, BTW) comments is to market his book on integration and create notoriety for himself. This is nothing more than sensationalism and using a sensitive topic, stirring up emotions and splatting it through the media as a sure-fire way for him to pocket more money. Being a banker and a politician seems to dictate his motivation to me.

I read the comments posted here, both for and against his comments, and find that generally speaking, people make comments that they will no doubt contradict themselves with later.

Bashing Americans, bashing Muslims, bashing Germans, bashing Jews bashing those who disagree. To me it seems the majority of us are nothing more than "media sheep". Easily herded and guided into believing anything the media reports so they can increase their profit margin.

Sorry, but people are people regardless of country or ethnicity. Some are intelligent and driven, some are not. For the one person making comments about stupid americans, I am sure you are enjoying your i-phone the stupid Americans produced.

Lastly, try practicing being a HUMAN BEING instead of HOMO SAPIENS.
14:21 August 26, 2010 by trottercarriagehorse
germany, needs a turkish politician who writes books about germans the way sarrazin does about immigrants.

then maybe the germans would feel some of the disgust they are dishing out coming back in their direction. .I would voluteer to be his or her writer. .as I have no end of insults ready to throw out.
14:43 August 26, 2010 by mhdamro
its not that Arabs and turks are stupid , the fact is that Germany takes only the Stupid ones, gives them asylum ... and when an educated and skilled Arab or turk comes to work .... they refuse to give him a permit ......... look at the US ... the average " joe " is so stupid to take any meaningful work there .. thats why they import all the skilled workers from indea, turkey, and the arab world .........

So........ he has some right .. but that because of Germany's own STUPID policies ... they filter out the Intelligent ... and only allow the stupid ones to enter the country .. AND LIVE ON THE SOCIAL WELFARE of others ................ change your POLICIES .............
15:02 August 26, 2010 by BooRadley
Cultural preservation is often a reactionary endeavour. Every demagogue scapegoats the more disadvantaged classes in tough times. And considering that Germany is a patchwork of tribes, not homogeneous at all and certainly not unified, politicians and talking heads should REFRAIN from evoking the image/myth of a culturally threatened Fatherland. Try describing what is truly German. You can't. And even if we could, would we want to "preserve" that image? Maybe it'd be more beneficial to consider instead that we are ALL immigrants. This is sickening populism pure and simple. This guy should be beat with the Duden.
17:15 August 26, 2010 by michael4096
"germany, needs a turkish politician who writes books about germans the way sarrazin does about immigrants"

Yeah, lets fight stupidity with stupidity!

Nothing better than a 5 gallon can of gas for combating arsonists
22:56 August 26, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, what most people fail to understand is that identity is absolutely essential. Our species has been using language to identitfy and therefore communicate and exist altogehter.

Let's all be honest here. Humans are different physically and psychologically, always have been. And history has clearly proven that when there is a change in any equation, that quite often serious problems follow.

I will never claim to know evrything. But I will say that I understand the psychology of the entire universe extremely well. And I know that when human behavior is outside of the Efficient-Conservative Equation, that there will forever be disappointment, frustration and misery.
18:12 August 27, 2010 by Beachrider
The German immigration model certainly affects the kinds of immigrants Germany gets, no one can doubt that. If you want to change the model, get your elected representatives to do it.

However, bitching about the nature of immigrants is simply an indulgence unless it works out to useful changes in policy.

AFAIK, German policy is to bring in a labor-intensive underclass to do certain jobs that are not attractive to citizens. Complaining about who-you-got is only useful if it makes material changes to the laws. Ad hominem comments about these guest-workers (immigrants implies that these folks are working to become citizens, but Germany doesn't tend to grant citizenship so much) is gratuitous.
19:21 August 27, 2010 by Icarusty
"He claimed that "a great many Arabs and Turks in [Berlin], whose numbers have grown because of the wrong policies, have no productive function other than as fruit and vegetable grocers."

That's because when they apply for white collar and professional jobs they are routinely discriminated against, even if they have overwhelmingly superior qualifications. They are left with no choice in a society that actively blocks integration with hatred and segregation.
22:59 August 27, 2010 by Bishopbayern
Let him speak his mind! That is freedom of speech even if you don't agree. Or can only left wing views now be heard in 'free' europe!
00:36 August 31, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, as a devout Christian, I was taught to respect everyone. Yet I'm not required to agree with the opinons of others. With that being said, I must now say that America and

other Western nations such as Germany are in serious need of new ideas. I'm sure we all agree that there are unprecedented problems that could destroy our way of life.
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