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Most Germans reluctant to donate to Pakistan

DDP/The Local · 20 Aug 2010, 09:21

Published: 20 Aug 2010 09:21 GMT+02:00

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Some 58 percent said they didn’t plan to send money to help the more than 20 million people displaced by the disaster in the country, according to the survey taken by Infratest dimap for broadcaster ARD.

Just 12 percent of those questioned said they had already made a charitable contribution after getting word of the devastating floods that followed heavy monsoon rains. Another 24 percent said they planned to donate money soon.

These numbers are low compared to a similar poll taken following the 2005 tsunami, when 62 percent said they had already donated and 22 percent said they planned to do so.

When the current poll asked participants their reasons for not donating, 40 percent said it was because they didn’t have enough money themselves. Another 29 percent said they did not believe the money would make it to the right place. Eight percent said they never make charitable contributions, and seven percent said Pakistan was too culturally different to imagine making a donation there, ARD said.

Three percent said they felt Germany’s problems were more important, and two percent said lawmakers were responsible for taking care of the situation. Another two percent said they did not trust Pakistan.

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The poll questioned 1,000 representative citizens between August 17 and 18.

DDP/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

19:41 August 20, 2010 by Gretl
I was pretty apalled at the $150,000,000 the US gave. Pak is hiding al Qaida. Why would we want to help? Their nukes? China and India's problem. Also the two most populous countries in the world. I am sure Pak's population is high as well. Call it the will of Allah.
20:33 August 20, 2010 by EnglishSusi
Granted, this is a bad one but these floods occur every couple of years. You'd think they would have learned to plan for them and be able to take the appropriate steps.
21:25 August 20, 2010 by Kennneth Ingle
Anybody seeing the plight of ordinary people in Pakistan must be moved by their suffering. On the other hand why did the government of that country, for many weeks, refuse help from India while at the same time complaining that Europe was not doing enough to assist?

The Germans are a generous people who on the whole give (per head), much more to help those in need than many other nations, but they are not daft!

They want to know that what they give lands by the needy and not by the wealthy lords of the land. I am sure much more would be given, if Pakistan agreed to give up its atomic weapons as a gesture of thankfulness. The chance that these may one day be used, or that they fall into the hands of terrorists, frightens a great number of those who would otherwise be ready to give aid.
22:26 August 20, 2010 by twisted
My take on this is simply that Pakistan is very much anti-west, pro radical Islam, despite the claims of the government. People say, why should I donate money to a country that is supporting the Taliban and Al Qaida. Yes, I know, the average person in Pakistan probably couldn't give too hoots in hell about politics, but when one sees the mass demonstrations against the western powers, well, my money stays in my pocket.
00:02 August 21, 2010 by furious_angel
thinking that the money wont end up helping the people in need is a lame excuse for not donating. u can donate to any organization you trust like German Red Cross, UNHCR, UNICEF etc. These organizations are providing medicines, food and other relief items to the affected people.

@EnglishSusi: i think you are not aware of the scale of this natural disaster. this is the worst flood in the history of Pakistan. 20 million people have been affected!
02:02 August 21, 2010 by vonSchwerin
"40 percent said it was because they didn¦#39;t have enough money themselves."

I understand that, and I feel sorry for those people.

"Eight percent said they never make charitable contributions,"

Never? Who are these scrooges?

"and seven percent said Pakistan was too culturally different to imagine making a donation there"

So, people who are different from us don't merit charitable support from us Europeans? Wow.
03:42 August 21, 2010 by temanaroa
Call it the will of Allah. ..Yeah right!

Mother Earth´s way of dealing with over-population...thats all it is!
07:00 August 21, 2010 by wenddiver
Maybe the best use of the US money, would be having the US Army Corp of Engineers corp up with a flood planand system of levees and resiviors for this country??????

I despise Islam, but we shouldn't take it out on the poor people. We should imitate Christ's behavior towards other people, not Bin Laden's, so I have donated to the Red Cross.

The money they spent on the ISS and the nuke would have been better spent on disaster relief.
08:35 August 21, 2010 by toemag
I have never seen the point of donating any of my personal income when the government does that for me :-/
10:05 August 22, 2010 by adipk
Here at this point , i only want to say that most of above people are misguided by the media. Most of the people thought that Pakistani people are fertilizing Al qaida or taliban but its not true. If you look critically than you will find that these Al qaida and Talibans are blasting in Pakistan. if they are on Pakistan side than why they are conducting act of terrorism in Pakistan. If they are loyal to Pakistani People than why people are dying because of that sons of bitch. One more request to all above people, Please dont attach Pakistan and Alqaida+Taliban.

Intelligence agency is one of the most effective source of information for US and allied, Pakistan lost more than 4000 soldiers in this war and still we are terror. Oh God.

Please please please dont put Al Qaida and Pakistan+ islam together. Alqaida and Taliban has their own religon which is away from Islam. I condemn the statements , when people say Alqaida is radical islam. Infect they are not Muslim.

Please try to understand the situation instead of reading newspaper only.

Rest every thing is ok dont donate Pakistan. Local People are good enough to do all. Its Pakistani Government who want to robe this money on the name of Poor people. It would be good if they spent money on ISI but unfortunately politicians take this money to swiss accounts.
10:36 August 22, 2010 by Prufrock2010
"It would be good if they spent money on ISI but unfortunately politicians take this money to swiss accounts."

It seems that Pakistan spends plenty of money on ISI -- at least enough to keep bin Ladin and other al Qaeda operatives safe and to wage a proxy war against the Afghan people through the Taliban.
23:23 August 22, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, I do agree with Temanaora. This is something I'm trying to get people to understand. The universe naturally seeks total balance, both physically and morally.

There really is a pattern, look around.

Immorality and over-population seems to attract hurricanes, massive floods, tsunamis and earthquakes.

When will humans learn?
23:56 August 22, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Does that mean you are in favor of elective abortions?
03:16 August 23, 2010 by Bishopbayern
hang on a minute! is this the poverty striken country that can afford nuclear weapons!!!!
07:02 August 23, 2010 by b_raz
'It seems that Pakistan spends plenty of money on ISI -- at least enough to keep bin Ladin and other al Qaeda operatives safe and to wage a proxy war against the Afghan people through the Taliban'

That proxy war fully supported by US and Allies which was directed towards Soviet Union..and later the West left them (Alqaeda and Taliban ) on their own and this is the reason we see chaos in the region. Pakistan fought a War on the behest of US and Allies against Soviet Union in Afghanistan .. Alqaeda and Talian were trained by CIA and ISI to fight against the Soviets.. people should know that Al-Qaeda was made by CIA

Even today pakistani army is fighting a war for US and allies .. there has been thousands of civilian casualties In Pakistan.. hundreds of suicide bombings which has affected the economy v badly .. prior to war on terrorism the situation was completely different ..and the country was prospering

Yes, Pakistan has the nukes and they hav spent million of dollars on it which should have been spent on the country's development .. but rest assure they r in safe hands .. with the most sophisticated command and control system ..

It all started in 1974 when india tested their nuclear capabilities , it was then that the pakistani government decided that they will go nuclear given the history of pakistan and india relations..the latter was involved in dividing the country in 1971 and have never accepted the existence of Pakistan..

But i think we have gone astray from the main topic which to donate for the flood victims and we should stick to that ..but one should have their facts correct..the Germans are reluctant because of the negative image of the country which is quite evident from the above remarks .. and also because of the incapable government of Pakistan ..
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