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German doctor killed in Afghanistan

AFP · 7 Aug 2010, 15:10

Published: 07 Aug 2010 15:10 GMT+02:00

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The German government strongly condemned the murder of eight foreign medical aid workers, including a German woman, in northern Afghanistan.

"The federal government is indignant over the dreadful attack in northern Afghanistan, which according to the information available, included among its victims several foreign aid workers, including a German citizen," government spokeswoman Sabine Heimbach said in a statement.

The German government calls for a full inquiry into the attack and "the punishment of those responsible for the crime," she said.

"Five men, all American, and three women, an American, German and Brit were killed," said Dirk Frans, the executive director for the Christian charity International Assistance Mission (IAM).

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the killing, claiming the aid workers were "Christian missionaries" carrying Bibles.

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IAM, whose annual report says its headquarters are in Kabul, says it provides the majority of eye care available to Afghans, running eye hospitals in Kabul, Herat, Mazar and Kandahar.

The police chief said local villagers had warned the group not to enter the dangerous forested area, but they insisted they would be safe because they were doctors, according to Saifullah's statement.

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Your comments about this article

10:11 August 7, 2010 by Carax
"...Saifullah's testimony he had escaped death by reading verses of the Quran,"

a lesson here. all westerners should start learning verses of the quran. my sympathies to the surviving families of these doctors but westerners spending a few nights in the forest is asking for it. To believe you won't be shot in Afghanistan because you are a doctor shows a lack of common sense and an ignorance of the current culture that country.
12:08 August 7, 2010 by Meatman
Now I'm as confused as a newborn in a titty bar. One news article says it was 6 US doctors killed along with one German and one British doctor. Here's the link to the first story I read:


(copy/paste)... ya know!
12:46 August 7, 2010 by eveningstar
So many things in this story don't add up. I just hope the truth does eventually come to light.
17:13 August 7, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Time for everybody to get out and let the tribalists fight it out among themselves. Far too much blood and treasure wasted on a hopeless cause.
18:32 August 7, 2010 by wenddiver
Cavemen proving they will have to be wiped out.

@carex- Thanks for the advice, but I'll skip learning the caveman philosophy. The rest of the world has advanced a lot, since the year 500 AD, sorry you can't be part of the future.
19:22 August 7, 2010 by snorge

Learn the Koran? You gotta be kidding me... I personally believe in freeing the crap out of people through carpet bombing.
18:42 August 8, 2010 by wenddiver
@SNORGE- I see no problem with B-52 strikes. Maybe we could start a fire storm that wouldcause the Korans to burst into flames along with the Talliban, so we don't have to learn ay verses of caveman theology.

Or we could allow our Army to kill anybody who can't recite a beer commercial from memory if they want to play the memory game.
19:28 August 8, 2010 by Victor Scicluna
I can understand the sarcasim and anger regarding this topic, how can you cold bloodly execute medical personnel who are there to treat injured persons, maybe yourself.

The truth of the matter is that our culture has become too soft, most of these staff I can imagine grew up in a culture which has nothing to do with the Taliban culture, I wondered how many of them have ever actually been involved in a fight were fist and blows were exchange and suddenly they are dealing with people who would not think twice before they saw (yes saw) your head off.

Any ID card saying you are this or that ,is not worth the paper it is made of when you are in such territory.

If I have a problem with my neighbour in Munich, he/she will call her lawyer, if you meet a Taliban fighter, forget your lawyer and unless you have enough weapons start praying ....

These helpers need to wake up, I feel so sorry for them, they did not deserve such a barbaric act.
19:56 August 8, 2010 by ngwanem
I support Prufrock2010's view 100%

Pull out of Afghanistan and let the tribesmen sort out their problems...

It is rather unfortunate and sad that these doctors with noble intentions at heart dies, while trying to help...

As for those suggesting carpet bombing, it is rather sick.. it is like saying one western life worth many afghan lives. many more afghans have died in this conflict and the outrage was lesser...

Btw, most of the comments on this form also seem to suggest Afghanistan is a western territory and the Taliban is trespassing...

Let the Afghans themselves fight the Taliban... History has proven, people will always bring down a tyranny and they don't need external help to do that.... also it always beats my imagination about the access to arms by the Taliban and other terrorist groups. These groups don't manufacture stuff but possess state of the art weapons, so who sells these deadly toys to them and why do world governments not control or stop these sales if they wanted to solve the problems?
19:59 August 8, 2010 by dbert4
Too bad this happened BUT, they were somewhere that they didn't belong. Their killing, it isn't much of a surprise.
06:31 August 9, 2010 by wenddiver
Doctors belong where-ever these are people that need them. Barbarians who can't respect that need to be hunted down and brought to justice.

@ngwanem-"I agree with Prufoc 100%." OK you said that, we aren't putting words in your mouth right??? Maybe you guys could get together over some non-alcoholic beer and sing the international together sometime, rail about people making profits or just look at your old STASI photos together. Ok, OK I shouldn't be such a cynical shi23head, but you made me laugh so hard I blew Guiness Beer all over the screen of my computer, the dog thought I was going epileptic or something. Really, there couldn't be two of you left??? That would be too good, lets get together with the Talli-bums and sing the old Coca-cola comercial " I'd like to teach the world to sing" or better yet "it's a small, small world" by Disney World.

These people are trained killers operating with the intelligence of Cave-men who want us to convert to cave man thought and practices or behead/murder us. I don't think the Afgan Government or Allied Forces are the problem.

Hey why don't we just stop and let them kill us or behead us??? That's your plan? We could go home and let them cut the noses off the women of Afganistan (Take a good look at this months cover of Time magazine). My Sister has a kid in Kindergarden who is smart enough to know that's not the answer.
13:59 August 9, 2010 by Prufrock2010
The Guinness might explain your stupefaction as well as your revangist posturing. Only a person with the historical perspective of a kindergartner could possibly believe that invading forces could save Afghanistan from itself, tame the barbarians who run the place, create a functional Afghan government or protect the world from terrorists. There are not just two of us who know that, there are hundreds of millions of us. One doesn't have to bother studying the history of Afghanistan to know that; one has to just look at the last nine years. Even the American military understands that this war cannot be won militarily, which is the whole rationale for counterinsurgency and a hopeless "nation-building" exercise with arguably the most corrupt government on Earth at its center. No one in Afghanistan, or anywhere else, accepts the legitimacy of the Karzai government -- with the possible exception of you. So who's out of touch with reality here?

The Afghanis have been tribal barbarians for millennia. Nothing any outside force can do is going to change that. They have to work that out for themselves, without our unwanted intervention. If the Taliban or Al Qaeda or any other jihadists attempt to attack us on our soil, they should be interdicted by competent intelligence gathering and police work. If that fails, and their attacks succeed, they should be dealt with summarily and decisively with the military technology available. That does not include 200,000 ground troops trying to win their hearts and minds between firefights. As long as we are in their house we will be their enemy and we will suffer huge casualties for no good reason and with no conceivably beneficial outcome. If we're so afraid of a few Islamic crackpots that we have to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan (and soon Yemen and Somalia), we might as well just nuke 'em all, because that's where it's headed. It's a zero sum game. It's the Crusades redux.

And while I don't for a minute believe that the two radical cultures of militant Islam and militant Christianity can peacefully coexist, I say let the Islamic peoples fight their own battles among themselves. It is a very naïve person indeed who thinks that we can change them, educate them, liberate them or stop them from torturing, mutilating and killing one another in their own lands. It's not our responsibility and it's a suicidal fool's mission to try, as every other invading force has learned over the past two thousand years. They won't behead us if we're not there. Let them behead each other until enough of them get sick enough of it to do something about it on their own. Have another Guinness -- on me.
19:56 August 9, 2010 by wenddiver
@Prufoc-They haven't been beaten, because they have never fought us.

For the record the current United States was created when a foreign Army (France and Spain) intervened in a civil war.

The bigger of the two US Expeditionary Forces is in Iraq (another unwinnable war according toSocialist experts the world over) and since that war is over is now available for re-deployment to Afganistan. Expect a major push by the Allied nations.

As far as not being safe because we are in their country, last I saw the World Trade Center was n our country.
00:09 August 10, 2010 by Prufrock2010
The Iraqi war is over? Tell that to the thousands of US troops deployed there, or to the Iraquis. That war (the real war) hasn't even begun. Every heard of a power vacuum?

The World Trade Center was indeed in your country. It was destroyed by a bunch of jihadists from a friendly client state, Saudi Arabia. There was an immediate response to invade Afghanistan and to capture bin Ladin. That monumentally failed, even with the help of the Northern Alliance of the Taliban who had been temporarily bought off. The Taliban did not attack the World Trade Center; al Qaeda did. Now there are fewer than 100 al Qaeda in Afghanistan, but somehow the enemy has suddenly become the Taliban. Al Qaeda is spreading like a cancer all over the world, but more than 100,000 American troops and an equal number of mercenaries are on the ground in Afghanistan, while al Qaeda has moved on. So how's that working out for you?

For every Muslim killed in Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan, 100 militant Muslims rise up in their place. Do the math. If you're so benighted that you think you can "defeat" them on their own turf, join the frigging army or Blackwater and go kill them. Otherwise you're talking out of your nether orifice.

Put your money where your mouth is. Go fight to free Afghanistan in its own culture. Fight in Pakistan. Make the world safe for democracy. Be my guest, Mister Badass. Otherwise stop talking sh*t, which you don't know from shinola.
01:12 August 10, 2010 by whatzup
Prufrock you really are an idiot. Let the tribalists fight it out among themselves? The reason the allies are there is because we don't trust the good guys to win. Remember the little altercation called WWII? If we had let the rest of the world sort it out without us it would have been immeasurably harder to beat Nazi's later on. Are you suggesting in any way, shape or form the Taliban won't come gunning for the western world once they've had a bit of time to consolidate their gains after we leave over there? Lets all just roll over and maybe they won't want Turkey? Lets give Hitler Poland and maybe he won't want the rest of the world? Trying to reason with you is like trying to teach my 5 year old son. Apologies to my son, he's quicker than you and not as silly.
02:05 August 10, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Calling me an idiot doesn't advance your argument. There are no "good guys" to win. There is no logic, fact or history to inform or persuade you. Your ignorance is manifest. My condolences to your 5 year old son who had no benefit of a lifeguard in the family gene pool. If you ever want to get serious about a political debate, let me know.
00:25 August 11, 2010 by whatzup
While Prufrock is trying to come up with a halfway cogent rebuttle check out the pithy Danziger cartoon in todays NY Tmes everyone. Two Taliban fighters having a foxhole conversation - "What should we do when the Americans leave Afghanistan? First we kill everyone."
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