Gay German theologian lashes Catholic Church

Gay German theologian lashes Catholic Church
Photo: DPA
A leading German theologian has been barred from the prestigious papal academy of Saint Thomas Aquinas after admitting he was gay, media reported Wednesday.

David Berger, 42, a grammar school teacher and expert on the influential medieval philosopher Thomas Aquinas, told the daily Frankfurter Rundschau in April that he was a homosexual.

Now, the same paper has reported that the academy head, who is a member of the ultra-conservative Church group Opus Dei, has banned him from teaching at the academy.

Berger’s position on “a point of Church teaching” made it impossible for him to continue, academy president Lluis Clavell wrote in a letter of dismissal. Clavell wrote that he had learnt of Berger’s admission with “deep pain” and dismay.

When Berger came out in April, he accused the Catholic Church of having a “hypocritical, bigoted” position on homosexuality, and complained of a “growth in the homophobic tendencies within Catholicism.”

He also called on the Church to reassess its position on homosexuality.

Berger, considered a theological conservative, was previously editor of a leading conservative Church journal – a position from which he has already resigned.

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