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The Local's English-language movie listings for Berlin

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17:43 CEST+02:00
Find the latest movies in English playing in Berlin with The Local's cinema guide.


CineStar Orignal Sony Center

Potsdamer Str. 4, 107 85 Berlin

Tel. 030 – 268: 06 64 00

Tel. 24h reservation hotline 01805-11 88 11 (14 ct./min, mobile eventl. more expansive)


Knight & Day (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Wed 2:20pm, 5pm, 7:45pm (except Wed), 10:30pm (except Mon)

Karate Kid (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Wed 2:15pm, 5:30pm (except Fri), 8:45pm

Marmaduke (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Wed 3:10pm

Moon (minimum age: 18)

Thu-Wed 5:30pm, 7:45pm, 10:15pm (except Mon)

Eclipse (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Wed 2:15pm, 3pm, 5:05pm (except Thu), 6pm, 8pm (except Mon), 9pm, 10:55pm (except Mon)

Predators (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Wed 5:25pm (except Thu), 8pm, 10:45pm (except Mon)

The Invention of Lying (minimum age: n/a)

Thu & Sun 8:30pm, 11pm

Mon & Tue 8:30pm

The Other Man (minimum age: n/a)

Mon-Wed 3pm

Shrek Forever After (3D; minimum age: n/a)

Thu 7:30pm

Fri-Wed 2:30pm, 5pm, 7:30pm

Easy Virtue (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Sat 3pm

Sex & the City 2 (minimum age: 12)

Thu-Wed 2:20pm, 5:25pm (except Tue)

Prince of Persia (minimum age: 12)

Tue 5:30pm, 11pm

Robin Hood (minimum age: 12)

Fri, Sat & Wed 8:30pm

A Single Man (minimum age: n/a)

Wed 2:40pm, 5:15pm

How to Train Your Dragon (minimum age: 6)

Sun 3pm

Avatar (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Sun & Tue 9:50pm

Sneak preview – mystery movie (minimum age: 18)

Thu 8pm

Central Kino – Berlin-Mitte

Rosenthaler Str. 39, 101 78 Berlin

Tel. 030 – 28 59 99 73


Crazy Heart (minimum age: 6)

Sat 12:45pm

The Fantastic Mr. Fox (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Wed 3pm (except Sat & Sun)

Sat & Sun 2:30pm

Mr. Nobody (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Wed 4:30pm, 7:15pm, 9:45pm

Bedways (German with English subtitles; minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Wed 12:45am

Nothing Personal (minimum age: 6)

Sun 12:30pm

Five Minutes of Heaven (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Wed 4:15pm

Up in the Air (no age restriction)

Sat 12:30pm

Herbstgold (English subtitles; minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Wed 2:30pm (except Sat & Sun), 5:45pm

Please Give (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Wed 7:30pm, 9:15pm, 11pm

Berlin Calling (original with English subtitles, minimum age: 12)

Thu-Wed 12:15 midnight

Lost in Translation (minimum age: n/a)

Thu 9:30pm

Walk the Line (minimum age: n/a)

Fri 9:30pm

The Lives of Others (minimum age: n/a)

Sun 9:15pm

Dr. No - James Bond 007 (minimum age: n/a)

Mon 9:15pm

The Pink Panther (minimum age: n/a)

Tue 9:15pm

Babylon – Berlin-Kreuzberg

Dresdener Straße 126, 10999 Berlin

Tel. 030 – 61 60 96 93


The Doors: When You're Strange (minimum age: n/a)

Thi-Wed 6pm, 8pm, 10pm

Rollberg Kinos

Rollbergstr. 70, 12053 Berlin

Tel. 030 – 61 70 46 45


The Fantastic Mr. Fox (minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Tue 6:30pm

Du Sollst Nicht Lieben (German with English subtitles; minimum age: n/a)

Thu-Sun 9pm

Easy Virtue (minimum age: 6)

Thu-Tue 6pm, 8:15pm

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