Nuclear power licences could be auctioned off

Nuclear power licences could be auctioned off
Photo: DPA
The lifespan of Germany’s nuclear reactors would be extended by auctioning off licences to energy suppliers under a plan being considered by the federal government, according to a Tuesday media report.

As part of the coalition’s effort to retreat from the former centre-left government’s decision in 2000 to phase out nuclear power, major utilities firms who hold licences to operate atomic power plants would bid at auctions to extend the licences on their reactors, daily Financial Times Deutschland reported.

It would be similar to the auctioning of mobile phone licences, which earned the government more than €50 billion in 2000.

“It’s an interesting proposal that deserves serious consideration,” Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen told the paper.

Horst Meierhofer, energy spokesman for the pro-business Free Democrats, who are the junior partners in the centre-right coalition, said: “It is a good idea because it creates a competitive solution.

The government coalition parties have long been debating how to extend the lifespans of nuclear power stations. The government is expected to present its energy policy concept, and settle the question of nuclear power stations lifespans, by the end of August.

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