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Germany bury England with 4-1 victory

AFP/The Local · 27 Jun 2010, 17:47

Published: 27 Jun 2010 17:47 GMT+02:00

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Germany took a 2-0 lead with goals in the first half through Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski before Matthew Upson reduced the deficit with a headed goal. The game was tighter at the start of the second half, before Germany finished it with two lethal counter-attacks that exposed England's aged, creaking defence.

The game's turning point came in the first half, when England should have gone in level after a Frank Lampard shot crossed the line coming down off the underside of the crossbar, only for the linesman to wave play on.

The irony was not lost on fans who remembered the controversial goal that Geoff Hurst scored in the 1966 World Cup final in London, when England won 4-2. Unlike Lampard's strike on Sunday, video evidence has never satisfactorily made clear whether Hurst's shot crossed the line.

Referee Jorge Larrionda's misjudgement was all the more inexplicable because he was well-placed to see the incident. Yet, after looking across at his linesman, he waved play on.

England coach Fabio Capello said that the Lampard moment changed the game. "The Lampard incident was one of the most important in the match," said Capello.

"The referee made one of the biggest mistakes, but Germany are a great team, we were caught out on the counter-attack. This is football. Little things make all the difference."

The controversy over the incident will rumble on but England will also have to ask themselves some hard questions after what was, at times, a shambolic display.

Needing to attack and pushing up the field in the second half, England's defence was shown up by two brilliant counter-attacking strikes from Thomas Müller, which finished off a struggling England.

Three-times champions Germany, whose speed and guile frequently bewildered a statuesque England backline, will now meet either Argentina or Mexico, who were facing off later Sunday in Johannesburg.

Lukas Podolski, who scored Germany's second goal, said after the match, "I think we deserved to win. Now we have to make sure we don't sit back like we did after the game against Australia."

Germany's instrumental midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger said, "I'm really proud of the team. What we did over the 90 minutes was great. We were all pitching in at the back. Of course, we were lucky with Lampard's goal, but we played really well."

Criticizing his own team's performance after taking the lead, Schweinsteiger said, "We should never have let a two-goal lead slip like that."

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Germany, a youthful side just coming to the boil under coach Joachim Löw, continue their record of having reached at least the last eight in every World Cup they have competed in since 1938.

"It was fun to watch," Löw said after the match. "We played with so much spark and vigour against a really experienced team."

England, having come to the tournament with high expectations under the experienced Capello, will head home with their reputations in shreds ahead of the customarily savage media post-mortem.

AFP/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

19:25 June 27, 2010 by JohnnesKönig
Was a good game! shoulda, woulda and coulda? Mach nix!
20:11 June 27, 2010 by lordkorner
From an Irish point of view,Karma is a wonderful thing,first the french and now this.....
20:16 June 27, 2010 by Nur Ainne Johar
Yes! The Germany players totally deserved the incredible winning. I'm so proud with them. They played with perseverance, confident, calm and well-controlled ego while rejoicing for the scores, attacking and defending. England could have erased the long-time karma if they work hard to understand these values.

Lastly, I enjoyed to see Ozil was extremely guarded by two british players after germany scored another two fatal goals after second half time, haaa! now they have agreed that Ozil is damn dangerous. I hope he will never stop reciting Quran and seek calmness through doa' for the rest of his career, and please find a better WIFE! who is not going to spend his money for her high lifesyle!..:p
20:26 June 27, 2010 by Raybat
Rregardless karma or not, I was so impressed by the Germany team. Wow 4-1, it's a 4-1 in the scoreboard! One of the youngest and inexperience teams in the competition has beaten the european powerhouse and old foe England. Congratulations!

Thumbs up for the young Germany assets T. Muller and Ozil. Klose and Podolski have still got it. Schwensteiger did excellent job. Defense was good apart from the first goal.

Have a good rest team! I hope and pray for Germany victory in the QF match. Germany FOR World Cup 2010 champion!
20:27 June 27, 2010 by Gussy
Dear pmach,

Your appalling email confirms all that is worst in German culture - gloating when a true sportsman would offer genuine commiserations.

I´ll tell you a difference between the Germans and the British - we won´t be crying over Lampard´s goal for the next 44 years waiting for some ludicrous "rache".

We take it on the chin and move on. If you care to read the emails and blogs currently making their way around the net you´ll notice that 99.9% agree that Germany fully deserved their victory - goal or no goal.

Learn some manners, boy, and grow up.
21:14 June 27, 2010 by gryphonberlin
Dear dear GUSSY ...

sorry to disilusion your 'ideal' of england "taking it on the chin"...

we'll bash the huns... daily star...?? i'm english - and i have lived thru so much german bashing in the u.k... any sporting event, and dissagreement - a germen gets shouted in his face "Two world wars and one world cup!" .. now that is not what i call gentlemanly sportmanship. from the BBC to the daily mail ... in the last 5 years i have been back and forth between berlin and london...it shames me sometimes to be british the way the press bashes or reports only bad stories cincerning germany... put a nazi in it and it sell like wildfire...

the german tam played better , and we're 'way more humble' than the english team. even alan schearer said the english team were crap!!
21:29 June 27, 2010 by Der Grenadier aus Aachen
I would love to show some sympathy for the English, but the truth is, they played like a pack of infants. They are definitely capable of more than they showed today, and they paid the price for it They will start winning matches again when they stop underestimating their opponents, shut up in general, and play good football.
21:39 June 27, 2010 by MunchingInMuenchen
I'm neither German or British, but I watched the match on German television, while listening to the coverage online on the BBC. Even the BBC's commentators were shocked by the performance of the British team. Among their comments:

1. "This is another example of a broken system - bad player development, bad training, bad strategy, & bad coaching."

2. "The British media and the Brit players are equally guilty of over-inflating their abilities. They feed each other's delusions."

3. "As long as the Premiership is all about buying the best international players vs. any focus on developing indigenous talent, this will be the outcome.

Germany played better and deserved to win - no doubt, but this was as much a commentary on a broken British football system as it was about a well-tuned German system.
21:45 June 27, 2010 by Gussy
Dear gryphonberlin,

1st - the gutter press of Fleet Street does not represent the views of some 60m British people - it certainly does not represent mine.

2nd - in the last ten years I have lived in Germany and I can confirm that everything I said in my first post about German culture and attitudes is correct - especially regarding foreign nationalities. You can check out the German media if you doubt that - there will be no bad luck England, better luck next time - only childish gloating. I will have to go to work tomorrow morning and get it all in my face - charming. Or, maybe, if you doubt my words simply re-read pmach´s first post...

Let me repeat myself again - 99,9% of posts on British web-sites congratulate the German team - myself included. The best team won!

Good luck to them in the next game!
22:18 June 27, 2010 by marimay
This was a great game. I did feel bad when England didn't get their second goal but I figured it wouldn't matter if Germany made a couple more goals. And they did so...
22:33 June 27, 2010 by harrylatour
I just knew that the GB team would lose (I am a 70 year old Brit) all the games have been lacklustre,,,,or indeed ''luckey'', there was no fire and no hunger in their play.Actually,nearly all the smaller teams while showing inexperience,,,still showed the fire and enthusiasm.Any other Brits writing in these 'blog's,,we were not enthusiastic enough,we were not hungry enough we were;nt good enough,,,and really,,let us be honest we (the Brits) did'nt deserve it,,,,I have seen some 11-15 sides with more determination!!
22:50 June 27, 2010 by mehta_p
For a few friends here......the decision from lineman has nothing to do with Karma. Karma is much beyond this. It was very clear that ball bounced inside the goalpost.

@the play

- will England keep discussing next 44 yrs abt this goal?

- will Mexiko keep discussing next 44 yrs abt wrong decision from refree?

like Germany has done - discussion, analysis, simulation etc etc....

about Football -

- plenty of money has been spent for this world cup but wht is the use of it when many decisions by refree were wrong, some poor performances from big teams, and having not a single boy to collect papers (garbage) from the field??

- football has been played in many countries arnd the world. I wonder, y still there is no use of technology in decision making? many cameramen are available there to shoot each and every mili-second of the game

- when will there b FAIR tournaments?? (not just matches)

about performance of Germany

despite wrong decision from lineman and ignorance from main refree, Germany played better so deserves win.
23:18 June 27, 2010 by froogler#1
@Gussi, I smell me some pussi here :) defeat is bitter huh hehehe!
23:30 June 27, 2010 by moccasynth
no one likes the english media and unfathomable arrogance. nearly every scot in the world was delighted at this result along with the worthy germans. i shouted so loud every time germany scored i regrettably woke up and scared a 6 month old baby. get it up you, you arrogant english inselaffen. home home home home!!!!!! nach hause!
00:39 June 28, 2010 by DepotCat
pmach language please. As an England fan watching todays match I and my fellow England fans could see that we were outclassed and quite frankly it was embarrassing. The team will come home to a very bad press. However, once the Premier league starts up again these players will be the heroes of their clubs and all will be forgotten...Until the next time. Now mabye we can have an English manager.

I for one would like to see the German side do well against the South Americans.
03:23 June 28, 2010 by lorus77
Go Germany!
05:42 June 28, 2010 by hanskarl
Be thankful you weren't the US playing and losing to Ghana. Now that is real embarrassment.
05:43 June 28, 2010 by wood artist
There are probably two realities in all of this. Germany was clearly the superior side today. I have no trouble believing that the outcome would have remained, regardless of the goal error.

On the other hand, I think it's time for FIFA to re-consider (or is it just "consider") the use of video for certain elements of the game. We've seen any number of bogus off-sides calls, many affecting goals. I think it would be reasonable to allow replay where a goal is challenged. It also seems obvious that any goal could be reviewed also, since it's clear to everyone that England got robbed. Match that against a goal disallowed for the American side, on a bogus off-sides call.

I'm not in favor of reviewing judgment calls, and things such as fouls and cards, but for disputed goals...yeah.

Congratulations to Germany, and England looks like it needs some work.

08:44 June 28, 2010 by Dogs_Gonads
England deserved to lose.They just didn't have the heart to go on and win.

German were hand's down the better team.And good luck to them.

And as a Jock I support any UK team.

Franz Bechenbaur .And you have the neck call us arrogant.

In all honesty maybe we should take a leaf out of the German book, and give the better foreign players in the Premiership UK citizenship.
09:23 June 28, 2010 by Gussy

Not remotely bitter at losing to the better team - but reading some of these posts leaves a lot to be desired - yours included
10:13 June 28, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Congratulations to Germany for a great effort. They played extremely well and thrashed England, notwithstanding the infamous English non-goal call. That play, as well as the first Argentinian offside goal, underscores why official challenges on critical plays are essential to the integrity of football, specifically on critical offside calls and disputed goals. In every match I've seen there have been blatant errors on the part of the referee and linesmen that could easily have been reversed if FIFA were to enter the 21st century. Sepp Blatter apparently is content in the 19th century, as his recent interview on CNN reveals.

Challenges are used routinely in tennis with the remarkable Skyhawk system, in American football (both collegiate and professional), in the NBA and the NHL. Why not soccer, particularly as FIFA is using "fair play" as a slogan?

With the ubiquitous high-definition television cameras that are already in use in every match, with close-ups that allow the viewer to read the fine print on the football, there is no rational excuse for not using this technology. A fifth official in the television booth could be responsible for the official review. Each trainer should be allowed three challenges per half. If the challenge is won, the call would be reversed. If the challenge is lost, the other side should be entitled to a corner kick. Such a procedure might prolong these matches by ten minutes, which is nothing compared to the time players writhe around on the turf feigning injury.

Such a procedure would only add integrity to the sport and help to ensure correct outcomes, and could be implemented for almost no cost as the technology is already in use by the broadcasters.
11:03 June 28, 2010 by moistvelvet
Well done to Germany, England were simply not good enough when it mattered. Now with the teams likely to stand in their way, could Germany sneak through and finally win their first World Cup?* ;-)

*because technically West Germany has won 3, not Germany :-p
12:05 June 28, 2010 by Billy Bantam
As a gutted Englishman, Well done to Germany, you gave us the bashing we deserved.

England got exactly what they deserved from Wrold Cup 2010 - NOTHING.

It saddens me to hear that some German supporters think the Lampard incident was "payback" for 1966, don't forget, the technology was not available back then. What is wrong with the 4th official having a monitor to watch a replay on??? How can that be bad for the game???Franz Beckenbauer for one has not stopped having a go at England since that day 44 years ago. Can't he just move on??

It also annoys me that the media in England keep going on about when we won the cup in 1966. IT WAS 44 YEARS AGO!!!! You dont hear Uruguay bleating on about when they won it in 1930!

Good luck to Germany, I think you did English football a huge favour yesterday, and the best team deservadly won.
12:45 June 28, 2010 by andthenme
yeah the fact is that in the second half england couldnt score even one goal. germany played better overall. they deserved the win.
13:51 June 28, 2010 by Woolly80
Yes Germany were what Germany always are, ruthlessly efficient and exposed our woeful lack of pace in defence but the fact is you hit us on the break in the second half as we were pressing for an equaliser we'd already got. That Assistant Ref should be sacked as he's ruined the game as the momentum was with us. Argentina vs you lot will be one to watch and I hope Germany win. We should swallow our pride and look at how football is run in Germany against ours, clearly your's works and ours doesn't. We will one day get our revenge though and it will be all the sweeter for what happened yesterday. Enjoy your supremacy whilst it lasts. England Till I die..alas!!!
13:52 June 28, 2010 by Flying Scot
Flash floods hit England ,after fans in Schottland wet themselves laughing:P
14:16 June 28, 2010 by marimay
@ Flying Scot

14:44 June 28, 2010 by bearded1
So I got it wrong the other day when I said England would win.I forgot that GERMANY plays with heart,and ENGLAND were a shambles now ROONEY should understand why ENGLAND fans BOOED him and the team(not) were they not a waste of time, only turned up to collect their money....They should be made to pay the bills for that showing,any other worker that showed that much disrespect for their firm would be sacked on the spot.No way should CAPPELLO be made a scapegoat the whole team that were on the field should never represent ENGLAND ever again.

14:57 June 28, 2010 by ashraf999
Go Germany!!!!. Next objective is to make Maradona weep in sadness!!!!. Go Germany Go!!!!
16:59 June 28, 2010 by chinablue1104
Well done, German team!

strangely enough Fab said today.. our players are tired. Wasn't that exactly what Franz Beckenbauer said? And he did get slated and called arrogant.. uhuh!

Aty least he did go to Specsavers before the WC.
00:48 June 29, 2010 by adampk17
I am an American who very much wants to love soccer (don't start on the whole Soccer vs Football name debate please) as much as many parts of the world do.

Watching the England vs Germany match I really did not have a favorite, I just expected to see a match that contained some of the best teams in Europe, both currently and historically.

After the match I can't help but feeling that I am more put off by the sport than when the match began. There is no logical way that any one can deny that the England goal that was disallowed drastically changed the remainder of the game.

FIFA should be ashamed of the job the refs are doing at this World Cup. It has certainly damaged the reputation of the sport.
01:48 June 29, 2010 by pmach
@ moistvelvet

Dear retarded little moistvelvet. Take a close look at the German shirts with 3 stars. Be it West Germany, East Germany, North,Germany and or South Germany are all German. .

But thanks for giving us another reason to laugh at your dramatic loss and now plain stupidity.
08:54 June 29, 2010 by erica cahill
I am so proud of my Bundes Babes!! ( nothing to do with the age ). I prefer to see it as a 4 - 2 win,as the ball went over.I do believe our team can and are magnanamous in their win and would themselves say 4 -2.I don't see that the game changed when the goal was disallowed. England came out in the second half ,just as determined and forthright as ever. however,when the two powerhouse runs resulted in goals by the boys,then one could see the wind had gone out of their sails. I enjoyed watching two great teams play for the love of the game and respect each other. the great grin on Lucas Podolski after he scored said it all.the relief he felt showed.and Miroslav kind of gave a take that! for his removal in an earlier game, with his goal. I do miss Michael though.I will age drastically however,now that they play the" dirty tactic and dive taking " teams of South America.
09:46 June 29, 2010 by Flying Scot
moistvelvet.thats like saying the 66 win over west germany didnt count either,you have a nice day now.the facts are there ,Germany are and always will have that over yous,you will never emulate it.you have a nice life now:)
10:14 June 29, 2010 by ashraf999

I am not German first of all. But you know what?..East Germany and West Germany were always Germany. It just happened that their enemies decided one day to divide them and make them "East" and "West". Get a clue :)
11:36 June 29, 2010 by moistvelvet
Oh dear, now thats me told isn't, alas the record books will always state West Germany and not a unified one, but here I am sat in the corner like a scolded child, smirking with a cheeky grin and raising the middle finger!

Now who says humour is lost on the Germans :-p
15:02 June 29, 2010 by Flying Scot
I feel your pain!:)hahahahahahahahahaha
02:56 June 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
pmach --

East Germany was a separate country for 40 years. During that time East Germany competed separately from West Germany in all international sporting competitions, including the Olympics. You couldn't get in there without a passport, and if you lived there you couldn't get out without an exit visa. You couldn't spend D-Marks in the DDR and you couldn't take East Marks out. Moistvelvet is correct, no matter how cretinous, vile and gratuitously insulting your uninformed response might be.
09:50 June 30, 2010 by moistvelvet
To be honest, as any right minded person knows you start to lose the argument once you resort to being abusive, which I guess makes you kinda unique pmach as you seem to do it so effortlessly, so well done you for standing out in an ensemble of vuvuzelas.

You're a WINNER!!
12:00 June 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
"standing out in an ensemble of vuvuzelas."

Brilliant!! The best description of that dork I've read on these threads.
17:07 June 30, 2010 by pmach
Only the truly ignorant can come up with a downer argument regarding the 3 STARS.

Then complain about the language like it matters after their inbred senseless argument of the three stars is NOT EVEN relevant but a completely irrelevant argument again presented in bitterness because they themselves are bitter losers of a soccer match and where tipped over the edge of sanity again by the GERMANS ha, ha, ha!! We hurt you so bad didn't we.

Then to top off there RANT they even try to back it up with completely useless or false facts not realizing IN THE REAL WORLD WHICH THEY DO NOT tolerate well cant fathom its all been mitigated and that's why the three stars stand.

So no matter what CONSPIRACY of false BS THEORY YOU TRY TO SPIN...

18:58 June 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Ordinarily I would be rooting for Germany to win the whole thing, as I wouldn't want my German wife to be disappointed. Besides, I've come to appreciate that the German team is showing energy and creativity that I've not seen before in a German national team. I like their youthful enthusiasm and their style.

However, come Saturday, I will be rooting for Argentina on the off chance that an Argentina victory will persuade pmach to do the right thing and commit hara kiri.
19:52 June 30, 2010 by pmach
Yea that pretty funny Prufrock ....NOT as usual. However the plastic doll comment I caught you in a while ago was priceless!! Do you still have her or am I mistaken and you still do but now refer to her as your German wife. Who would of thought Prufrock with his artificial intelligence of a rubber bride as the better half.

To bad your comments are just as lame as your comebacks.

To the German National Team: Good luck on Saturday boys and if you give it 110% any outcome will be a win in my book for this young squad after all CRUSHED England...need I ask for more.
20:42 June 30, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Now you want to insult my wife? Come on over to Frankfurt and say it to my face. Send me an email and I'll tell you the time and place.
10:00 July 1, 2010 by moistvelvet
Now now ladies, hand bags at dawn, lets have a clean fight here :-)

@Prufrock, don't stoop to their level of abuse, just report it and have it removed, eventually they'll realise their ignorant adolescent behaviour has no place here and that they're wasting their time frantically bashing knuckles on the keyboard to spew such rancid offal.
16:35 July 1, 2010 by pmach
Now that is hilarious the guy (moistvelvet) who started it all by dissing the 3 stars is calling others behavior adolescent and considers his remarks acceptable. Only the English can twist it around like that and think its ok.

Thanks kiddies and check mate!
17:09 July 1, 2010 by Prufrock2010
You're not only a troll, but a punk. I invited you nicely to come to see me so that I could buy you a beer and give you one chance to apologize to me, but you don't have the balls. You've contributed nothing but illiterate insults to everyone on every thread you've been on. From now on I'll ignore whatever idiotic drivel comes off your keyboard.
20:08 July 1, 2010 by pmach
If we met in a bar you would poop your depends diaper so why would I bother to even acknowledge your pathetic threat/offer....... god your desperate and brave behind that key board for a 85 year old. But you are a feisty old goat in words only.

My comments are always positive except for those DIRECTED at those of you who are clinically depressed, plain cynical or just German bashing losers without cause and in the end get exactly what they deserve.

Like dissing the standing German National Teams three stars case and point!!!!

Any German guilty of that deserves a smack upside the head and is simply looking for trouble as well as being a disgrace or worse... English like moistvelvet who is obviously cynical and depressed after the English burial 4-1 by Germany. So do us all a favor and keep your derogatory 3 star argument to yourself like you should have done in the first place.

As far as drivel please spare us yours as your rubber sex doll has a much better sense of humor.
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