Germans like their jobs, bosses

Germans like their jobs, bosses
Lars? Is that your hand on my po? Photo: DPA
The majority of Germans enjoy going to work each day, and even like their bosses, but one-third feel they are underpaid, a new poll revealed on Wednesday.

A whopping 86 percent of those who participated in the survey for news magazine Stern said they normally like going to work, while 85 percent said they were happy with their job. Two-thirds said they had never seriously thought about quitting.

Of those who answered questions, 74 percent said their job suited their capabilities. But young people weren’t quite as satisfied in this area, 29 percent said they were underwhelmed by their tasks.

Meanwhile 84 percent of Germans said they were happy with their employer, and 86 percent said their direct supervisors treated them fairly.

The majority of those polled also said they were satisfied with their work environment and relationships with colleagues.

But almost one-third – mainly women, labourers and those from eastern Germany – said deserve a bigger paycheque.

But government bureaucrats, or Beamten, known for their cushy benefits packages, had almost no complaints about their take home pay.

Just 14 percent said they felt underpaid.

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