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Integration official rejects call for school crucifix ban

DDP/The Local · 26 Apr 2010, 10:29

Published: 26 Apr 2010 10:29 GMT+02:00

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The conservative Christian Democrat Böhmer told broadcaster Deutschlandfunk that crucifixes are part of “centuries-old Christian traditions in Germany” and an “expression of our tradition and understanding of values.”

Böhmer’s remarks came in response to calls by Aygül Özkan – who will become Germany’s first woman Muslim minister at the state level this week. The minister-designate told Focus magazine over the weekend that schools should be secular areas.

“Christian symbols do not belong in state schools,” she said, adding that she also supported a ban on headscarves in educational institutions.

Özkan told the magazine she had negotiated with Lower Saxony's state premier Christian Wulff, also from the CDU, to incorporate responsibility for integration into her new job, taking it from the Interior Ministry.

Böhmer told Deutschlandfunk that she approved of Wulff’s decision to add Özkan to his cabinet, calling it “really trend-setting.”

The 38-year-old intends to shake things up in the state, and has also called for fellow Turkish-Germans to make more effort to integrate.

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A successful manager, Özkan joined the CDU in 2004 and quickly rose through the regional ranks of the party to reach the Hamburg city council in 2008.

The debate over religious symbols in schools came as federal and state integration officials planned to gather in Oldenburg on Monday.

DDP/The Local (news@thelocal.de)

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Your comments about this article

11:09 April 26, 2010 by William Thirteen
idiot brigade, forward march!
11:55 April 26, 2010 by michael4096
Beer gardens are also part of the national identity - it doesn't mean every school should have one.

Perhaps, there should be an age limit - say 16 - before which no religions or cults can target with such advertising
12:00 April 26, 2010 by William Thirteen
you are indeed on to something. who can we contact in order to get this whole 'Liquid Learning - A Beer Garden in Every School' project before the Bundestag this season?
13:35 April 26, 2010 by hanskarl
Very funny William. Here you see a government official defending the cross while on the other hand another government organization, the Jugendamt, seems to go out of its way to impose strict restrictions and persecute seemingly well meaning Christian and other families who desire to home school their children.
13:39 April 26, 2010 by Kayak
Standby, USA-NeoCon rave: Four, three, two-
14:23 April 26, 2010 by William Thirteen
let me start it off - 1.3 Children !!!
16:53 April 26, 2010 by Boban
The crucifix defines us. In Canada, we have gone too far, i.e. no Christian prayers in our schools. I love the fact that when I go to Austria & I see a cross in a Bank & in other public places. This is our heritage, don't come here & make us change our country to yours. Keep the changes where you came from, or go back to your country. I can't go to many of these countries & make a change to your culture etc, without severe consequences. Soon, I will be a foreigner in my own country. This may sound racist, but I am very open & have many different friends. Don't come to my house & tell me what to do.
17:34 April 26, 2010 by hanskarl
Good one Kayak!
19:04 April 26, 2010 by wmm208
Maria Böhmer is not obeying. She must obey the law and the rules. If she does not adhere to the new law, Maria Böhmer must be punished or be moved to a different post. Maria Böhmer is not being a good German. Maria Böhmer must be made an example.
20:27 April 26, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Boban --

Maybe the crucifix defines you, but it doesn't define me.

The only time I want to see a cross in a bank is when Lloyd Blankfein or John Paulson is literally hanging from it.
20:34 April 26, 2010 by wmm208
You can also put Josef Ackermann on the cross. Just make sure his has Swiss wood:

Here comes the next witchhunt: Citing two Deutsche Bank traders, reports that the German bank is guilty of an identical transgression that Goldman (and to a much lesser extent, John Paulson) is in hot water for currently: i.e., DB arranged a deal for IKB designed by JP. Look for DB's stock to drop as expectations for a Wells Notice hit fever pitch. The reason one has not come yet is because, as we reported this weekend, Robert Khuzami has recused himself from investigating Deutsche due to his long tenure there as a lawyer (presumably supervising CDO issuance). The reason one most likely is in the making, is that, as we also reported, Greg Lippmann, or the head Deutsche CDO trader mysteriously departed last week. Look for much more weakness in fins over the next few days.
23:59 April 26, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Quoting without attribution is called plagiarism, peschvogel. Oops, you've done it again.
00:31 April 27, 2010 by wmm208
This is not your poor school you went to where you are punished for copying. This is a comment section. Now, it seems that Deustche Bank is in big trouble.
00:35 April 27, 2010 by Prufrock2010
It's still copyright infringement, doofus.
00:41 April 27, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, I'm actually surprised that Maria Bohmer has taken this stance, because she had very liberal in the past. Perhaps she

is beginning to fell pressure from the Real Conservative Germans.

Take a look around everyone. The truth is, the principals of every nation on earth are based upon a particular religion.

And even though America has seperation from church and state, it is still nonetheless a very Christian nation.

You simply must be strong and stand for something, otherwise someone from the outside will come along and takeover.
00:48 April 27, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Mr. Logic,

If you read the Federalist Papers or any of Thomas Jefferson's writings, you just might get a clue that America was never meant to be a "very Christian nation." Quite the opposite, actually. Hence the ratification of the First Amendment, to protect the people FROM the establishment of religion. Any religion.

But as logic is not your strong suit (neither is American history, apparently), this concept might be difficult for you to wrap your head around.
01:19 April 27, 2010 by wmm208
Logic Guy : I hate to agree with Profrock2010, but he is correct. TJ was one of my favorite Presidents becuase of his vision and his theory. Yes, i admit to just this one posting. But thats all. The US is not "religious" but stands by its religious beliefs.
01:52 April 27, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Please don't condemn me by agreeing with me, peschvogel. In any case, you are incorrect. America does not have any institutional "religious beliefs" to stand by. That's precisely what the First Amendment is all about.

The evangelicals are now free to flame away.
06:03 April 27, 2010 by rebel4us
I guess if PEOPLE walked around wearing a CRUCIFIX on their heads it may be distracting.. Hanging one above a doorway..IN no way gets into anybodys way....

Maybe they should tack up a HEADSCARF on the wall as well..that way everyone is covered.. * or Not COVERED which ever... :0)
08:12 April 27, 2010 by LMB222
Keep the Krucifix at home, Boban. I don't care how far you have gone in Canada, this is Europe, where there are plenty of secular philosophers. We don't have to look towards any of the churches for tradition or sens of life. The church has oppressed, locked up, or killed people, and stood in the way of progress. I will not allow my son's school to hang crosses.

To paraphrase Einstein, "I am an atheist, and a militant one". I have all the rights to live away from religion.
00:21 April 28, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, obviously Peschvogel is the very emotional type. And while I'm here, I must ask "Why are you so anti-German, American and West in general? What wrong have we done to you?

Here is a message for all people. "The less emotional you are, the more logical and intelligent you will be." If all of humanity understood this, then surely we would an entirely different world.

If you were to look on our capital building in Washington DC, you would see sculptures of Christian religious symbols! And just in case you didn't know "In God we trust" is on is stamped all over the American currency. People may say one thing, their actions nonetheless represents the truth. And the fact is, you can't go far in this country without seeing a CHURCH!
00:50 April 28, 2010 by Prufrock2010
Well, Mr. Logic, "In God We Trust" wasn't printed on American paper currency before 1957. Jefferson and his founding brethren had an abhorrence for religious influence in a secular society, and specifically ratified the First Amendment to PROTECT people FROM religion.

There are churches all over the place in every country. That does not give any church the license to interfere with government. Your christian evangelism under the guise of the logic of a 16-year-old is -- shall we say -- both disingenuous and sophomoric.
02:43 April 28, 2010 by wmm208
CDU Turkish Minister Appointment 'Flops'

A Muslim woman's appointment as the first state minister with Turkish roots was meant to be a coup for Germany's conservative Christian Democrats. But Aygül ízkan ignited a firestorm by stating that crucifixes should be banned from classrooms. German commentators say the incident has damaged Chancellor Angela Merkel's party.
01:43 April 29, 2010 by Logic Guy
Well, liberlism is without a doubt the most dangerous way of thinking there is. It is causing serious problems for Germany, America and many other countries as well. "When an individual or nation, lacks high ethical and moral standards, then they are likely to be led down a very dark road."

Yes, it really is true. Anger is one letter from danger.

Humans can only reach the zenith through non-emotionalism.

Non-emotionalism is God and He is very conservative.
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